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9/11: A Remembrance – American Patriotism Is Like None Other: What We Stand For, What We Fall For


Written September 18, 2001

United we stand; Divided we fall.

The Flag is our national symbol.  We rally around it in displays of Patriotism in the aftermath of threats to our country, our citizens, and our precious way of life.  Last week was no exception, as Americans in huge numbers bought up any Flag insight in a nearly unprecedented display of Patriotism.  Those Americans who in the past have trampled on it, spat upon it, wiped their filthy shoes on it, and burned it, are today cowering in company with the terrorists in their holes, nowhere to be seen.  Indeed, were they to do their dirty deeds at this time, they might not survive.  Last week, as we rallied around our national symbol . . .

We watched:  We watched as passenger planes driven by suicidal maniacs collide with the twin towering monuments to mankind’s achievements and other passenger planes driven by their equally depraved comrades dive into the landscape of geometric shape and open field, in each case ripping a gigantic hole in the fabric of civilized society everywhere.  We watched friendly Governments, and not-so-friendly Governments around the world react in diplomatic diatribes expressing the disgust of common humanity.  We watched and imagined, as our gut wrenched at the free fall of our fellow citizens and those entrusted with our protection, firemen and women, policemen and women, as they plummeted to earth and banged among the pulverized concrete and bent steel girders.  We gasped and staggered at the sight of our two financial icons literally destroying themselves as, one by one, in a matter of 15 seconds, one hundred and ten layers literally pancaked onto each other in an incredible flurry of destruction ending in a 100-foot high pile of mangled ruble and disbursed into the wind broken, dismembered, pulverized human bodies across city blocks.  We watched the Congressional leaders of our land elbow to elbow singing the same song from the same page on the Capitol steps – “God Bless America.”  We watched.  And we watched.  And we watched.  Over and over and over and over.  The hell never ended, as though someone had slipped a continuously repeating movie reel into the video recorders of our minds.  And we will never forget.

They spoke:  The President spoke eloquently of America’s resolve.  “America is peaceful, but fierce when stirred to anger.”  Does the average non-American really comprehend the magnificence and simple eloquence of the President’s promise?  The Reverend Nathan Baxter prayed:  “[May we have the] wisdom of the grace of God that, as we act, we not become the evil we deplore.”  Does the average non-American really believe that we can execute just punishment without descending into the evil that we attempt to eradicate?  The Reverend Billy Graham said: “Tragedies like this could have torn our country apart, but instead it has united us, and we are a family.”  United we stand.  Does the average non-American really comprehend the strength of our resolve in unified purpose?  I think not. 

Can any non-American truly “feel” the kind of Patriotism that wells up in every American when our brethren are made victims en masse by evil people, by evil incarnate.  I don’t think so. 

We remembered:  We remember the old images of the American Flag being trampled as it cleaned the soles of dirty Iranian boots and was burned by their brainwashed children, while our American brothers and sisters were paraded day after day, blindfolded and beleaguered, by Iranian “student” international criminals in front of a watchful world and an irate America with the American Embassy in the background.  We remembered the Iranian patriotic chants of laughable threats to America’s survival, the infidel nation of greedy warmongers who must be destroyed by these ants of idiocy.  America’s Patriotism reigned at near fever levels during those 444 days of indignation in 1979-81 through the failed rescue attempt of a victimized President and his exasperation at being deprived of victory January 21, 1981, as he handed over the reigns of Government to his successor at the very moment, the hostages were spitefully released so that neither President could claim victory and the outgoing President, an honorable man, must settle for a career unfairly characterized by weakness.  Between then and now, we remember countless similar images of our American citizens and our Flag subjected to similar indiscretions and indignities as Patriotism eroded incrementally with each successive incident because each was met with increasing indifference by a forgetful, apathetic public, and increasingly weak-kneed responses by the Government of the nineties.  Meanwhile, the perpetrators of these indiscretions against the hated Americans demonstrated their brand of shallow unity, their brand of false bravado, their brand of hollow patriotism. 

We also remember the one saving grace, an action by a President – the President who ended the cold war by bringing down the evil empire.  We remember his action to bomb a cowering Miramar Kadafi, whose blustering braggadocio thereafter became the silence of a bloodied bully and who has not been heard from since. 

We cried.  During all this, as we watched, they spoke, and we remembered, we also cried as our American brand of Patriotism again welled up when, this time, the bullies attacked the head and heart of our country – at our very existence as a nation – attempting to “decapitate our Government” and silence the pulse of our financial heartbeat.

Can any non-American truly feel and know of the kind of Patriotism that wells up in us – U.S. – when our American brethren are made victims?  When they put our existence in jeopardy?  I don’t think so!  No, I don’t think so!  Their brand of patriotism is foundationless, therefore shallow and empty.  The patriotism of terrorists is built on the false bravado of comradeship nourished by the selfish, individualistic pursuit of the conquest of eternal life through personal suicide.  Scripture describes the man a fool who builds his house on (shifting) sand because, when it is battered, the eroding sand causes his house to fall, but the man as wise who builds his house on a (solid) foundation of rock because when battered, his house is strengthened by the rock and does not fall.  Scripture calls this foundation – this rock – “God.”  Most every American, whether willing to admit it or not, has at least thought about that Rock in the past week, if not calling upon him at least once.  The haunting exclamation of the horror of the woman who, seeing the tower collapse straight down before her eyes, petitions in three short, increasingly horrified bursts:  “Oh, God! …. OH, GOD !!! …. OH  G hah-hah-hah-O D !!!! as, in an instant, her heart descends into three successively deeper levels of despair.  Her cry will pierce my memory and my heart forever.  The horror of an entire nation is captured in an instant in this woman’s eyewitness exclamation of sheer, naked, monstrous terror. 

From the beginning, whether or not some are willing to admit, our nation – our “house” – was founded on the solid ground of “truth.”  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [and women] are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator . . . .”

Our patriotism is not shallow, it is not hollow.  It was not founded on shifting sand.  It was founded on solid ground.  Our Patriotism rallies around the Flag, our symbol – the icon of America – that nourishes and flourishes and magnifies our Patriotism.  Contrasted with the empty patriotism of terrorist bullies, our Patriotism is built on Rock. 

Deep down inside, every American citizen knows subconsciously, if not consciously, that our Patriotism – the nationwide Patriotism of the kind seen this past week (to use an accurate sports cliché’) rises to the “next level.”  I have said for years, having participated, that the value of sports is the discipline we learn in pushing and pushing and pushing ourselves to greater and greater accomplishment.  We discover of what we are made.  Every championship team and every individual performer tells us over and over and over that victory on the field requires – requires – rising to the “next level” – a euphemism for pushing ourselves beyond our perceived limits to heights we did not know were possible;  to perform above and outside of ourselves.  THE NEXT LEVEL. 

In like manner, American Patriotism is not baseless bravado.  American Patriotism, when really “stirred to anger,” rises to that next level, a level known by few other nations.  What is that next level?  Simple.  Deep down inside, whether consciously or subconsciously, every citizen of America is comforted by the knowledge that what pulls us and pushes us and prods us and draws us Americans together to levels of unity far above the unity of any other nation is the gut knowledge that America was founded on and continues to stand on the side of RIGHT and GOOD.  I hold this truth to be self-evident, that deep down, every American, whether consciously or subconsciously, has the gut knowledge that to be on the side of RIGHT and GOOD is to be on the side of GOD.  God’s side;  the living God of the living Bible.  This is the foundation of American Patriotism.  Yes, United We Stand — for RIGHT and for GOOD and for GOD. 

Mohammed and Jesus Christ both lived.  Both are historical facts.  Both Mohammed and Jesus Christ died.  Both are historical facts.  Mohammed did not resurrect;   Jesus Christ did.   Both are historical facts. 

Both Islam and Radical Islam claim to derive from Mohammed.  Mohammed’s religion is based on mankind’s attempts to “achieve” entrance into Heaven.  Radical Islam has perverted even its own religion by declaring that, through some perversion of twisted logic, one’s eternal life can be achieved through killing another human being.  And the more, the better!

Jesus Christ’s religion of God declares that entrance into Heaven by achievement is prohibited.  Yes.  God prohibits you entering his Heavenly kingdom by “achieving” your way in.  Instead, God provided another way.  Mohammedanism and Radical Islam attempt to reach up to Heaven, just like mankind’s early attempt to climb to Heaven by building a gigantic tower – the Tower of Babel.  All mankind’s attempts to reach Heaven are miserable failures.  But God’s provision was to send Jesus Christ to us to do it for us;  to “achieve” it for us, His way;  to enter on His terms – not by us reaching up to Heaven, but by Him reaching DOWN to us. Remember Paul Harvey’s annual Christmas reading of the story of the confused birds?

If we today do not stand on the solid rock of our God – the FOUNDATION of our way of life – while rallying in unity around our Flag – merely the ICON of our way of life – we will fall to the evil of terrorism in all its forms.  We will fall!  The evil that infects our world stretches from the smallest act of road rage;  to the unforgivable act of declaring guilty by association all Muslims, all Israelis, all Arabs, all Blacks, all Orientals, all Germans, all Italians, all Yugoslavians, all Iranians, all Iraqi’s, etc;  to the horrific deed of our Towers of Babel disintegrating to dust.  We will fall!  WAKE UP, AMERICA!  A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND!  (also from the Bible).  We can never allow our American brand of Godly Patriotism to erode again. 

We stand on the side of the “truths” spoken of earlier that proclaim confidently for all the world to hear that “we were endowed by our Creator.”  We were endowed by our Creator with the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  All nations and peoples were intended by God to have these inalienable rights, but we are among the few who possess them.  We stand on the side of RIGHT, and GOOD, and GOD.  That is the next level where American Patriotism resides and unites us, and against this house, with God’s help, and with our fervent prayers of national repentance, shall no one prevail. 

Our American Patriotism is like none other.  Our Patriotism excels over all others, and we will continue to survive as long as we continue to stand on the side of RIGHT, and GOOD, and GOD. 

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1 year ago

It’s time for the commie Dems to stop the lying, cheating, hatred, jealousy, and also all the asinine policies being done. They are the ones who have divided the people. You cannot give up God and always fight for money and power. It doesn’t work. Socialism and Communism are evil. There is no freedom with either.

1 year ago

I wish our politicians believed and lived this doctrine. Unfortunately, America is running farther and farther away from basic truth. Faith in God is not understood anymore by so many people. Patriotism is now a dirty word on so many levels. Our culture has changed and may not return to former levels. Only in individual hearts can we keep what we once had. We need a spiritual revival in America.

1 year ago

Thank heaven that the Nation was not under the POTUS leadership of a DemocRat when the 9/11 attack was made. Had Obama or Biden been POTUS when the 9/11 attack was pulled off Obama and Biden would have probably asked Congress to send funds to the families of the attackers as well as the victims in NYC. I hope the clear majority of American citizens have become aware of the ineptitude of the Pallet Obama and Joe Hidin’ Biden in dealing with foreign enemies.

1 year ago

This article really touched my heart. I remember what America was like before the attack on the Twin Towers. In fact I rode up and down the elevator several times. I always fly an American flag on my car window. Since the attack, our country has slowly changed to not believing in GOD. I am surprised that more people do not know that our Constitution is our guiding principles, and don’t respect the law of the land. All I can say is GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

1 year ago

Please recognize your local law enforcement, First Responders, Firemen, And EMS…do something nice…bring them a cake or donuts, and… or fruit…I know it’s financially hard at this time…but you will be blessed…

Robert Zuccaro
1 year ago

20 years after “Let’s Roll!” we now have a POTUS whose motto is “Let’s Roll Over!”. Suprised Beau Bergdahl isn’t the guest speaker tonight at the WH.

1 year ago

America and its the majority of its Citizens DO believe in God,Freedom, and truth.
Believe and have faith in your fellow Americans despite the lies and misrepresentations of the political class.
We the People have in the past,and will continue in the future to respect, protect and strengthen this Country we love!

1 year ago
Reply to  Garye

I only wish your comments were true.

1 year ago

GB all those who died on American soil on 9/11 and GB all who went to the enemy and carried the battle flag of the USA, those who lost limbs and sustained injury in combat, those who gave their lives, they too are American heroes, we owe them the honor we pay to them….Never Forget…GB the USA……….

1 year ago
Reply to  ONTIME

I dontt think Biden and Obama in their tenures as POTUS have forgotten our 9/11 heroes … they just ignore them, especially if they are Communistic enough in their politics.

1 year ago

PTL, the truth is exposed. Jesus said, I died for your sins!!! Accept this and live for the One and only TRUE GOD!!! Muslims think they will go to Heaven and receive 72 virgins for their killing people!!! These are the people Obama and Biden are bringing to America!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Amen

Boy, are they in for a surprise !!!

1 year ago

We are at a dangerous point when wealth and power seem to have almost swallowed up the good of America. The spirit that outlasts all that is physical survives. God Bless America

1 year ago
Reply to  Myrna

If it brings you any comfort at all…God knows what’s going on…and he is allowing certain things to happen…I think he is giving Americans time to wake up…
Keep the faith…

1 year ago

Obviously, John Brennen became CIA Director thanks to Barack Obama (BO — yes, he stinks). BO is apparently the puppet master who is running the country behind the scenes through Valerie Jarret who, I understand, is living is BO’s home, and who probably works through Susan Rice who is in Biden’s White House. Biden’s fake presidency is really BO’s third term. If you think of Obama as the “Obama-Christ,” our future seems very scary. 

1 year ago

We are part of the Generation that experienced 9/11 firsthand and We the People WILL NEVER FORGET THE EVIL THAT WAS PERPETRATED AGAINST OUR COUNTRY! … But somehow Jackass Joe has either forgotten or chooses to ignore the evil mistakenly and forgets that HISTORY DOES REPEAT ITSELF! … So, fellow Americans, because of HIS FAILED ACTIONS I FEAR ANOTHER 9/11 HAPPENING AGAIN IN MY LIFETIME! And this time the BLAME WILL DIRECTLY FALL ON JACKASS JOE AND HIS ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION!!!


1 year ago
Reply to  Rik

Considering his purported dealings with China, as well as his son Hunter’s, I believe Joe Biden is a huge security risk. He appears to be beholden to China, who may very well have insisted (via threat) that Joe leave our military equipment behind in Afghanistan so they could acquire it and gain more of our technology. Just speculation, but sure seems likely, based on mainstream news stories. QUESTION: Why don’t presidents, i.e., presidential candidates, have to undergo the same security scrutiny as the rest of us? WHY?? If Joe were subjected to the same security reviews as the rest of us, he very likely, or I should say most certainly, would not have passed the review. Despite this, he has access to the nuclear codes AND THE COMMENSURATE AUTHORITY TO DIRECT THEIR USE! How scary is that? The definition of the misuse of the Top Secret clearance is that it would present a “GRAVE threat” to the US. Joe’s actions may fit that definition. And he has access to even more secretive information! WHY? . . . We live in insecure times. Congress . . . are you listening?

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

I’ve said it before & I will say it again…If we go back to the beginning & see who bypassed the people that refused to grant those Saudi Arabian terrorists passports to enter the United States in order to receive flight training in simulators, NOT to take off or land the planes, simply how to fly them, look no further than John Brennan, Brennan gave them a pass & allowed them into our country…
How this once REGISTERED to the Communist Party, anti-American ever became Director of the CIA is beyond my understanding… John Brennan has so much blood on his hands, he deserves nothing less than a slow, painful death & make no mistake about this EVIL monstrosity of a man, he will spit his vile venom right to the very end as his neck snaps at the end of a rope…
There will NEVER be any true closure to 911 until this evil monster is no more, amen…
Bill on the Hill…

Todd Jaffe
1 year ago

This is a great country. It is being diminished by politicians and unGodly people. They want to change this nation in to one where safety does not exist, where truth is made up by the ruling elite, and where those who love the Lord are once again the victims of persecution. Biden is senile, there is no doubt. As a physician I state that with no fear of reproach. Who his handlers are I know not. But their goal seems to be to destroy this country. If those who are on the Left are allowed to stay ignorant, or allowed to intimidate those with morality and good values with impunity, then this country will not recover. It is harsh, but we must search out those here illegally and send them home. Not slowly, but quickly. We must back up our police with real support and training, and reward. We must combat the fallacy that “bad” acts occur with frequency and make sure people know that bad “actors” attacking police occur at an almost 100 to 1 rate which causes a rare officer to overreact. We must cut spending by cutting entitlements. Yes, people will hurt for a while, but I know that over 50% of those who don’t work, could work. Teachers must become responsible for their failure to teach. And we must restore historical landmarks and statues, history is history. Will you tear down the Lincoln Memorial because he paid Black servants less than white servants?

1 year ago

Our US flag is our proud symbol of strength, freedom and goodwill towards All. Many have sacrificed to preserve its value and it’s hope for mankind. The believers must stand and let the world see they stand to support life. Now is the time for honest Americans to be seen

1 year ago

Joe Biden has forever stained the memory and meaning of 9-11 and destroyed any meaningful memorialization of its 20th anniversary.
We’ve got fake news. Joe Biden is a fake President!

1 year ago
Reply to  Paul

I agree…there is no way this man won…so why should we comply with this senile wannabe?…

1 year ago
Reply to  Raes

I will resist al the BS as much as I can and spread the word to my friends to do the same. I love AMERICA the way it was before the marxists arrived on the scene.

1 year ago

Thank you for this article. As stated, without God, this nation is lost. The foundation for God has been eroding and chipped away by the Left/Progressives since the mid 1960’s. Manmade laws have been passed that go against all Biblical principles in which this nation was founded. These laws need to be repealed and the nation repent whole heartily to have God come back into the picture. Right now this nation is going through punishment that will continue to get worse.

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