American Maoists

For many on the left in America, Mao may be dead, but Maoism is not. Just look at the reaction of  these American Maoists on college campuses to speech that does not conform to their ideology.

Speakers are routinely shut down. Sometimes verbally, lately we have seen more physicality used to dissuade. There is less space allotted for open debate. There are however, increasingly more spaces set aside for safety. Safe spaces have sprung up in places we never expected. Universities and colleges were supposed to be spots for the free exchange of differing ideas. Today, they are increasingly riddled with incidents of opposition to free speech. Why?

Could it be the reason some speech is routinely being shut down is because the left is afraid faults will be exposed in their philosophy? They realize it is better to silence voices that are warning of the treacherous nature of the path towards the statist ends they are paving. Those that are pointing out that the road Mao put his people on lead to death for millions and poverty and serfdom to the government for the survivors must be muted.

There has also been a flurry of fear directed at Russia coming from the left in America these days. The flurry has picked up to Siberian fervor and is growing exponentially. The method being utilized is Alinsky-ite in tactic. The left has studied their rules for radicals ‒ probably in college. Saul Alinsky wrote up and published his blueprint for marginalizing those that oppose the views the left holds near and dear in 1971, in his book “Rules For Radicals.” These rules are alive and well in the 21st century, although Alinsky, like Mao, is not.

One rule that has been steadily employed since the election of Donald Trump is rule number 13:  “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”  The left has been using Russia as the hammer to bash President Trump and individual members of his administration repeatedly. (Note: repetition is another Alinsky rule.)  The left is also using the sickle, well, actually it’s more like a 21St century mowing apparatus, to mow down the Trump team.

But, if you noticed, all the fear mongering about Russia leaves out any condemnation of communism. Why?

If President Trump is so cozy with Russia, why has he been pushing policies that are strengthening American energy and our national defense? This is not beneficial to Russia or China. Those policies are what the American left knows it must prevent. That is why certain speech must be stopped…or at least twisted into something else.

The American left cannot let the future generation see that America’s way forward is to follow the US Constitution and capitalism. That is why college campuses are targeted and America’s youth and future leaders must not be allowed to see the best path towards a better world. They must not be exposed to the reality of the futile path the statists like Mao and other communists herded the masses on to and promised it would lead to Utopia, but instead led to death, starvation and serfdom to the state.

Diana Erbio is a freelance writer and author of “Coming to America: A Girl Struggles to Find her Way in a New World”. Read her new blog series “Statues: The People They Salute,” and more at www.dianaerbio.wordpress.com/blog .  

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3 years ago

Excellent article Diana. Yes, the contortions that the left in the mainstream media and the Democrat Party (virtually one and the same for decades) goes through to ensure their current condemnation of Russia doesn’t include any reference to condemning the communist ideology itself, which both of these groups fully support, is amazing to watch. That is why both the mainstream media and the various Democrat Party spokespeople keep emphasizing Putin personally to try and establish some sort of firewall between him and the ideology of communism he still fully supports and wants to spread. From taking with hundreds of college… Read more »

3 years ago

23 years ago we started homeschooling our 6 children knowing that “dumbing down” education was picking up momentum. Our biggest critics to our efforts were our conservative relatives thinking WE were going to ruin them. Now hindsight is 20/20. I did my part adding 6 educated Americans to the army of enlightened, conservative Americans. Maybe as older folk, we can encourage our young people to step out of the mold…..literally! Before it is too late!

Doug Stephenson
3 years ago

I am glad that people are beginning to see the real effort to under man our country. We are free but for how long? college youths are not learning the history of this country, why? I am concerned for our youth who will take over the leadership some day. Thank you Diana for your good observation.

3 years ago

The Left runs and hides behind the 1st Amendment when they want to have their say, however, the 1st Amendment magically disappears when anyone with opposing views would like to have equal time to air their viewpoints. Our colleges & universities are supposed to be turning out graduates with the ability to weigh and measure all sides of an argument, instead they are solidly reinforcing only ONE political point of view and marginalizing all others, and encouraging their students to anarchistic actions to prevent opposing political platforms. And sadly, We the Peoples’ taxes are supporting these academic political cesspools.

Bob L.
3 years ago

I wouldn’t label most of the young minds full of mush at our colleges Maoists, they are being duped into becoming a favorite tool of the far left and “useful idiots” is the correct term for them and is exactly what the hard core left calls them.

Diana Erbio
3 years ago

Some wonderful books to help spread the importance of individualism, capitalism and the US Constitution can be found at conservativechildrensbooks dot com.

3 years ago

Back in our little two bit, hick, hay seed country high school in the 1950s, we studied Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao in our world history class of 30+ students. I found “The Communist Manifesto” the most interesting. By the 1950s the Russian Revolution had created the USSR and WWI and WWII had passed. I had relatives that were in Korea and the Saturday movie matinees said it all. Then some of my friends and myself ended up in the “Nam conflict, a continuation of Korea and the fight for Freedom from communism around the world. So many third world… Read more »

3 years ago

HI Diana,

Posted a positive response, but AMAC censored it. Go figure.

richard miksell
3 years ago

I’ve watched talk show hosts go out in the street and on college campus’ to interview people and boy are they ignorant. They know nothing about the major wars even the civil war, who was in it, what it was about, and who won it. They are even ignorant about our government. Our government has destroyed our education system. They should know the good and bad points of all the various government systems. Don’t even think about asking them to do a simple math problem.

6 months ago

I have walked around in everyday life asking people two questions – #1 what are the bill of rights, #2 what does the theory of special relativity say. We all should know the correct answers to both. They are that simple. No one not even attorneys have correctly answered #1. Only 5 out of over a thousand have correctly answered #2 even engineers. Yet both literally define the limits of our perceived existence. Answers – first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution batch ratified in 1789. The speed of light is always a constant with regards to it’s media no… Read more »

Jim Henson
1 year ago

Do you ever just think about why there are so many educated people that are Maoists? Not all Maoists are “social justice warriors,” many look to achieve better standards for working class rural Americans in the South. Maoism is about anti-urbanism, so for many it is a better alternative to other forms of communism.

3 years ago

Well hell no, it’s not fascism when the left does it, it’s protecting ‘cherished progressive values’.

r h schmidt3
3 years ago

russia was vilely treated by the anglo-british establishment who imposed most of a century of communist oppression. the enemy is china and smaller dictatorships. the obsession/false claims about russia distract from the huge number of the political class who do china’s bidding including in government and the controlled media.
btw- china is openly threatening us. russia wants friends, needs alliances!

Steve D
3 years ago

Let a hundred flowers bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend.

Mao Tse Tung

3 years ago

Hypocrisy is not limited to the liberals. I have been “shouted down” by others in this forum for daring to express views opposite of the accepted norms for conservatives. When I joined this organization, I fully expected a rational, decent, and intelligent debate on many subjects. I have found however, that if your dare to say unconventional things about abortion, religion, equal rights, or any other subject that the far right thinks should be gospel truth, they jump on you like a pack of rabid dogs. Let’s not make believe we have the greatest tolerant followers on the planet.

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