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American Health Care Reform Act H.R. 3121

AMAC is pleased to announce our support for H.R. 3121, the “American Health Care Reform Act.”  This significant piece of legislation, introduced by Rep. Phil Roe, M.D. (R-TN) and endorsed by the Republican Study Committee, presents a free-market approach to health care reform.  Beginning with a full repeal of ObamaCare, H.R. 3121 is comprised of six basic components that work together to lower the overall costs of health care and to ensure quality access to care is expanded to millions of Americans.  This bill includes a number of concepts that AMAC members voted to support through our website polls, including interstate insurance competition, medical malpractice reform, and tax reform that standardizes a deduction for health insurance for all Americans.  Additionally, AMAC has publicly supported other aspects of the “American Health Care Reform Act” through legislation that repeals ObamaCare and restricts the federal funding of abortions.  Overall, AMAC commends Dr. Roe for his leadership as a medical professional on this issue.  AMAC is glad to support this responsible bill, which promises to place patients and doctors at the center of important health care decisions – not government.

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November 18th, 2013

The Honorable Phil Roe, M.D.
1st District, Tennessee
U.S. House of Representatives
407 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Roe,

On behalf of the 1,020,000 members of AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, I am writing to offer our strong support for your bill, H.R. 3121, the “American Health Care Reform Act.” This significant piece of legislation provides a road map for responsible health care reform that seeks to place individuals and doctors in control of important health care decisions – not government.

Comprised of six basic components, H.R. 3121 implements market-based reforms to lower the costs of health care and ensures that access to high-quality health care is expanded. First and foremost, H.R. 3121 begins by fully repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), known more commonly as “ObamaCare.” Secondly, H.R. 3121 allows Americans to purchase insurance across state lines, using interstate competition to drive down health care costs, while also reforming medical malpractice laws to help reduce unnecessary costs on both doctors and patients. Interestingly, AMAC recently conducted a poll focused on whether members would support interstate insurance competition and tort reform to reduce health care costs – an overwhelming 98% of AMAC members who participated in the poll supported these ideas!

This bill also looks to safeguard individuals with pre-existing conditions by bolstering state-based high risk pools, and it even protects the rights of the unborn by ensuring no federal funds support abortion procedures. H.R. 3121 also provides reform that allows families and businesses to deduct health care costs from their taxes, just like companies, in order to give all Americans a standard deduction for health insurance. Of note, this provision was supported by 90% of AMAC members, who were also recently polled on this concept as a way to reduce the overall cost of health care. Additionally, H.R. 3121 expands access to portable Health Savings Accounts (HSA), enabling individuals to set aside money to be used for health expenses that arise in the future.

Like most Americans, AMAC remains concerned about the harm ObamaCare will inflict on individuals, families, and seniors if it is not repealed. Instead of relying on mandates and increased taxes, this legislation takes a responsible, free-market approach to reducing health care costs and expanding access to care. Thanks to your unceasing concern for this issue and your leadership as a medical professional, AMAC is proud to support H.R. 3121, the “American Health Care Reform Act.”

Dan Weber
President and Founder of AMAC

Print AMAC Letter of Support                                                      Summary of the Bill

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