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America Works Together! Presidential Hashtag Highlights American Spirit During Pandemic

trumpPresident Trump unveiled a new hashtag today to highlight Americans helping one another during the coronavirus pandemic. President Trump will use the #AmericaWorksTogether hashtag to promote companies that are hiring employees in the middle of the economic turmoil caused by the virus and those who are donating food and other supplies to front line health care workers. The President will also encourage people to use the hashtag when posting examples of Americans helping others during the crisis.

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Eternity Beloved
2 years ago

I miss spelled a word I ment to thank the president for FATHERING a nation. I said gathering though both are true.I solute you all. Thank you.

Eternity Beloved
2 years ago

I would like to thank the president for gathering a nation. When I see his picture I remember the verse “for such a time as this”. Could you talk about what we’re doing to stop those who would take advantage of us in this time and as we begin to recover and celebrate. Thank you again for everything you are getting out of the way so things run smoothly. Can you tell us what questions to ask people running for office, so we can tell if they are of a communist agenda. Thank you for your time. Thank you for giving The People back their voice. God bless America.

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