Are you passionate about being an AMAC member? If you answered “yes”, then…

AMAC needs member-volunteers to spread the word about who we are and what we stand for. If you cherish our freedoms as guaranteed by the US Constitution and believe these freedoms are being threatened by the march of progressivism and special interest groups, please consider becoming an Ambassador and help us grow AMAC’s membership.

AMAC Ambassador Role

As an AMAC Ambassador, you will talk to prospective members about joining our association and help them to enroll. Ambassadors are encouraged to recruit members among their families and friends, church groups, civic groups, Veteran’s organizations, senior centers, Conservative clubs, and other social groups.

Ambassadors will receive all the materials they need to promote AMAC and will be fully supported by the Ambassador Program team.

There is STRENGTH in numbers! The more people that join AMAC, the louder our voice will be. Are you interested? Please call 888-262-2006, ext. 3014 or email at [email protected] to learn more!

Benefits of AMAC membership:

  • AMAC Action – the “tip of the spear” advocating on behalf of AMAC members as a strong voice on issues concerning Social Security, Healthcare, Immigration, Veterans, Retirement, and others, in Washington, DC and throughout the country
  • The opportunity to get involved with local Congressional offices as an AMAC Delegate and join local AMAC Chapters (where available)
  • Subscription to the popular and well-circulated AMAC Magazine, the official publication of the Association of Mature American Citizens
  • Daily Updates and a Weekly Newsletter dedicated to current issues of interest to AMAC members
  • A full complement of under-65 insurance products and Medicare products from multiple companies
  • Access to other products and services including:
    • Financial Services
    • Travel Discounts
    • Identity theft protection
    • Roadside Assistance
    • Mobile phone discounts
    • Lifestyle product discounts
    • Many other national discounts
    • And much more!

Become an AMAC Member

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