Amazing Historical Photos

Submitted by AMAC Member Edgar Smith – American History in Black and White


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9 years ago

Photos from a Great American era ! A time when a liberal school official would have been locked up in a nut house for suspending children if they nibbled on a Pop Tart or spoke about a Hello Kitty bubble pistol.
Don’t you DARE buy that large soda !!

goober in colorado
9 years ago

i lived in chicago for man years and have been over the 12th st bridge over the cchicago river many time on the switch engine on the way to navy pier with news print for the chicago trib. nice photos.

Richard Crowley
9 years ago

Great Photos!!!!!!!!!! I am from Oregon and had completely forgotten about the USS Oregon. Is there a way to know more about the photographer: Edward H Hart? But, all the pictures are great. Remember, we are still the Greates Country in the World and we all need to stand up and be counted. NO TIME TO BE A QUITER. Our forefathers fought hard and did not quit!!! Yes, we do have a GREAT ENEMY AND IT IS OUR PRESENT PRESIDENT AND I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR SAYING THAT. WE WERE FOUNDED ON GODLY PRINCIPALS AND WE NEED TO RETURN TO THEM WHAT EVER IT COSTS!!!!!!!! Thanks for giving us the priviledge of seeing the great pictures….

shell holston
9 years ago

Great photos! Black and white is so very beautiful, sharp in detail, and will remain “timely” in that they will be with us longer than any color photo, plus they tell a time in history that is lost in color. Thanks so much for sharing.

Donald J. Guilfoil
9 years ago

The photos are great. They brought to mind what a great industrial powerhouse this nation was. All this power of
US industry was accomlished when America was not burdened and stymied by reams of regulations written
by some over educated jerk in a three piece suit. A jerk who does not live in the real world who has no idea
or care of the harm he has done to his country and the people employed in the industry they harm.
Sad state of affairs. Wake up America !!!!!

9 years ago

As a Detroiter myself, I saw with pain those wonderful pictures of more than a century ago from our city!
People lived in a civilized world, because they were civilized themselves by their schools, churches AND their families!
(But never by their governments!!!).
I am of a certain age to be a participant in the excursions down the Detroit River on the Boblo boats for many summers.
We were not dressed up in the fancy clothes shown in one of the pictures, but we were “civilized”.
By the time I tried to take MY kids on the same boats…the barbarians have taken over and I never made it on those fabulous ships with my children (1970’s).
It is sad to watch an once vibrant city go to ruins under the leadership of the Democrats, while its residents put all their faith and hopes in the hands of an ever growing, demanding and ineffective government!!

John Deaner
9 years ago

He said that he would “fundamentally change America” and he is doing it. This is a tragic period in our nation’s life. With the grace of God, we will return to the values that were once uniquely those of the United States of America, and once and for all we will disgard the socialist values that have been brought on by this president.

E. Marcus Stewart
9 years ago

Thank you. I am a retired USN Commander. These photos are wonderful reminders of the great nation that is the US. From being a colony of the greatest sea power which was England, to becoming the greatest sea power for over 150 years is quite an accomplishment. I look at these photos and think of the men that I’ve known and led, and I’m humbled. I look at the public today, and see men and women with their hands out waiting for the government to feed them, clothe them and shelter them, and I greatly fear for the future of this nation.
This administration has betrayed the values and ethics of our parents and their parents before them. The United States of America was built on the sweat of men and women who were willing to earn what they had, not expect others to give to them. The moral fibre of this great country was found in religious principles and a genuine concern for each other and a willingness to give without expecting in return.
I live in the northern Adirondacks of New York and see the Amish communities which surround me, and in them I see the founders of this great nation. When one is in trouble, everyone pitches in, when one is in need, everyone shares to help them.
What Mr. Obama and this administration will never understand is that there is a vast difference between being willing to share with each other, and being forced to give to the government and trust that they will administer properly. Every time the government has taken an interest in anything, they have mucked it up.
We don’t need more government, we need less! We don’t need the government to take care of us, we need to get back to taking care of each other.
Abraham Lincoln said that the duty of the government was to do for the people what they cannot do for themselves. We can accomplish a lot for ourselves and our communities, if the government will just kindly keep their noses out of it!

Mac MacKenzie
9 years ago

Building this great U.S.ofA. And look whose trying to destroy

9 years ago


9 years ago

Truly amazing what Hard-working Immigrants and Citizens accomplished
Without the Government being involved in every facet of their lives..
God Blessed THAT America !

9 years ago

Loved these great historical photos. Thank you for sharing.

Barclay Travis Cook
9 years ago

The photographs are wonderful. Yes, people are different…let me comment please. I am in my 80s and during my life time and my fathers…especially the last two decades, Americans in general have become so indoctrinated with socialist programs very little is left of a reason to learn, work hard, take a chance and respect this country. I see so much ignorance about our culture and history. It’s over and it can’t be changed. One opportunity perhaps is session from the union that will probably never happen. We were great and honorable and I saw some of it…finished!!

No faith in government
9 years ago

The quality…the detail…is just fantastic.

I have to chuckle looking closely at the enlarged photo of the “Group of Sailors” from the U.S.S. New York.

They look like they have just come back from shore leave….good for them.

No faith in government
9 years ago

As recently as 1950 Detroit’s per capita income was the highest or second highest in the country, right up there with New York City.

Detroit was the almost 3x times the size in population then that it is today.

Detroit had a wonderful reputation and was a shining city of America….and then?

Look at its history of democrats taking over the city. Enough said.

I would love to see side by side comparison photos of exact locations in Detroit in 1950 and take the same photo, in the same location today, and look at the difference.

Detroit, today, is just a microcosm of what our whole country is going to look like after our Messiah does us in over the next 4 years.

Greg McClintock
9 years ago

Love looking at old pic’s You can see how different we have become. Back when these were taken people would try and look noble now people try to look trashy

9 years ago

Standards then & now? What have we become?

9 years ago

Love all the old photos. Recently saw a story in the N.Y. Daily news about building the subway system. Amazing photos. I could sit for hours looking at the photos and reading about them. Pretty amazing what was accomplished so many years ago, when you think about it.

Dick Latimer
9 years ago

Great photos of a better time. Hope they returns soon.

Joan Mapes
9 years ago

These pictures are really historic. I enjoyed them immensely. I remember, as a child, sailing on the Tashmoo boat to Tashmoo Island.

Jim Prior
9 years ago

Michigan was rich in hard working men and woman back in the late 19th and 20th century when it was run by hard working people. With detroit and other cities being run by people who are only concerned with getting rich robbing the people that work in michigan, these people care nothing about the state or it;s cities they only care about them selfs and what they can steal.

9 years ago
Reply to  Jim Prior

Jim , I challenge your opinion ! Anne Arbour for one has much wealth among it’s residents and it has been shared immensly back into the community in the form of hospitals , theaters, museums and libraries. Foundations of the wealthy including the de Voss’s, van Andel’s, Ford’s and many more have returned much of their wealth to the state and local communities creating further economic growth and jobs.
I recall , as a boy, traveling to the Ford museum, in Dearborn.
I am afraid what has happened in Michigan, from an outside prospective, is the welfare state of the “moochers” have
overwhelmed the State’s coffures forcing the migration of industry to leave for lesser taxation states and countries. This unintended consequence of higher taxation for welfare , rising medical costs and pensions both private and public, leaves any large employer the only option left; to search for more profitable pastures.
The “people concerned with getting rich” have a fiduciary obligation to look out for the interests of the stock holders.
While they themselves may be stockholders, so are many institutional investers purchasing shares for the Teachers, Firemen,Police pension plans and many retirees around the nation.
What one should really be concerned with is the oppressive interference of governments and the federal and state regulation and costly mandated compliances that push ownership rights into the hands of bureaucrats by means of control.

Who is John Galt?

9 years ago
Reply to  Jim Prior

Now they have stolen all the money,by manipulating the markets.They have the power to create wars and the power to stop wars.Now they are controlling the people like puppets,threw the liberal press and media.Deprecating the dollar and manufacturing artificial crisis,like the fiscal cliff.Those power hungry moguls are godless.Some I imagine ,are always thinking of ways to making a fast billion threw some kind of deception.

9 years ago

Those ARE great photo’s

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