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AMAC’s Year-End Call to Action: ‘Get Involved’

dan-weberWe must ‘remain diligent and aware of the threats posed by those who rewrite and distort history’ 

by John Grimaldi – WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 27 – “Take the time in the New Year to do a good turn for your neighbor, for your community, for your country and for the sake of the freedoms we hold dear. That’s my New Year’s resolution and I encourage our members and friends to share these ambitions in 2014,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

He offered this year-end message to the more than one million members of AMAC and their families and friends, asking them to “get involved with the task of preserving the legacies of our Founding Fathers so that we can ensure the future for the next generations. This country was born for the purpose of providing refuge for those who had no shelter, for offering opportunity for those with little or no hope for the future and for affording individuals, whoever they are and wherever they come from, a chance to live, speak and worship as they please. And, of course, for helping each other to succeed so that we can promote growth and independence for ourselves and others.”

Weber said that AMAC is committed to preserving that heritage and noted that “we must not take these freedoms for granted. We need to actively protect them by being responsible citizens who participate in the process by exercising our right to petition our lawmakers, by using our votes to elect those who will steer us clear of murky ideologies and, of course, by looking out for one another.”

He cautioned that “the progressive principles that have been espoused in recent years threaten our political independence and the authority of ‘we, the people,’ that is guaranteed under our Constitution.

Whether a voter is a Democrat or a Republican is not the issue. The issue is the liberal influence that has made the nation dependent on the so-called largess of government in the form of indiscriminate hand-outs. Remember it was a Democrat, John Kennedy, who said, ‘ask not what your country can do for you,’ and it was a Republican, Ronald Reagan who said, ‘the greatness of America doesn’t begin in Washington; it begins with each of you—in the mighty spirit of free people under God.’ We have an obligation to ourselves and to our children and our grandchildren that can only be fulfilled if we remain diligent and aware of the threats posed by those who rewrite and distort history. And, AMAC stands ready to aid that cause.”

The Encyclopedia Britannica’s definition of a political Conservative is one who ‘favors institutions and practices that have evolved gradually and are manifestations of continuity and stability. Government’s responsibility is to be the servant, not the master, of existing ways of life, and politicians must therefore resist the temptation to transform society and politics.”

It defines a political Liberal as one who believes that “protecting and enhancing the freedom of the individual to be the central problem of politics. Liberals typically believe that government is necessary to protect individuals from being harmed by others.”

Weber concluded that if you ask Americans what their preference might be, “the great majority would opt for describing themselves as political Conservatives. And, that’s the key to winning back our country from Liberals who would impose greater government intrusion into our personal lives. We must oppose the Liberal demagogues – politicians “who make use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.”

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8 years ago

There are only four (4) great documents in the history of the world that matter:
1. The Holy Bible
2. The Declaration Of Independence
3. The United States Constitution
4. The Bill Of Rights

Everything else is just worthless garbage!

8 years ago

If Raymond D Aumack is an an example of the next generation, the future of this Country is in BIG trouble!! Unable to think for themselves. Get their info from MSNBC, New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC & all their affiliates who spout only what Obama & his Socialist/Communist friends want them to know. They only mimic with no original thoughts.

It has been proven that Obama & the Democrats have lied over and over but these followers continue to trot along behind him right over the cliff. They deserve what they will end up with if they continue to follow blindly, loss of the most precious thing this country has to offer – FREEDOM. He is leading his sheep down the path of other dictators. Hitler comes to
mind. The German people followed him blindly also and we know how that turned out.

8 years ago

Several commenters are correct. The only way to solve the problems and save freedom in this country is to elect intelligent constitutionalists to Congress, replacing enough of the socialists, communists, and dirtbags there so that we can start getting bad laws repealed. Always vote for the candidate most likely to vote in Congress for LOWER TAXES, LESS GOVERNMENT, and MORE INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY. Get the US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US. Otherwise, all liberty will be lost.

Raymond D. Aumack
8 years ago

If you are talking about the very wealthy oil companies receiving subsidies after they publicly advertise the $100 billion in annual profits; if you are talking about wealthy farmers receiving subsidies from the federal government that they surely do not need; if you are talking about pork barrel subsidies to select congressional districts; if you are talking about federal partiality in the form of tax breaks and subsidies to the gun control lobby or to the many lobbies that that are corrupting our government to garner votes;if you are talking about the millions poured into government by people like the Koch brothers to stifle minority votes (not a federal handout but the government is obviously looking the other way), then you have a case to present.

If you are talking about unemployment insurance, welfare, food stamps, medicare, or medicaid, the people of the US have already pre-paid for them. The cost is small especially when compared with the federal handouts already mentioned . Our social safeynet for indigent citizens is the envy of the world and is emulated now by most of the countries of the world. We have the most expensive heatlhcare system in the world and yet rank as 27th among the industrialized nations of the world according to the World Health Organization. Our problem is not that we are giving too much money to the poor. Our problem is that we are giving too much money to the already rich.

8 years ago

Thank you for demonstrating the typical mentality of the low-information voter and why it will be so difficult to save this country from imploding. I’m sure you have NO problem with the real tax subsidies for economically and technologically uncompetitive wind and solar. Those dwarf the normal depreciation schedules afforded the “evil oil companies” and virtually every other large manufacturing business in this country.. Also NO problem with groups like the Center for American Progress, Think Progress and other so-called progressive organizations funneling several times what the Koch brothers manage to contribute to push the progressive agenda and buy influence in Washington and elsewhere. By the way, drop the canard about stifling minority votes. If there were any truth that the left’s claims, this administration would have already arrested the Koch brothers and dragged them before one of the many liberal-appointed federal judges, in chains no less, for a massive show trial.

So again, thanks for stopping by to deliver the progressive view of the world. Now feel free to go back to watching MS-NBC, where no doubt you pick-up all this so-called “information”. If that’s not exciting today, try posting on Huffington Post or one of the many other liberal web sites, where you’ll encounter many like-minded individuals all upset that the United States isn’t Argentina or Zimbabwe yet.

8 years ago

Oh, Raymond. So sadly uninformed on most topics and misinformed on the others. You stated:

“Our problem is not that we are giving too much money to the poor. Our problem is that we are giving too much money to the already rich.”

Our problem is that our government spends more than it takes in and has been doing it for years. Our problem is that redistribution of wealth has never worked for any society in history. Our problem is that 50 years of “The War on Poverty” has only brought us more poverty, more people dependent on government and more government programs that don’t work.

Our problem is an eroding culture that cares more about Miley Cyrus and American Idol than they do about Iran and North Korea.

Our problem is poorly informed people like you who vote what makes them feel good and ignore knowledge and common sense. It’s not about right and left, it’s about right and wrong.

Ivan Berry
8 years ago

Raymond, what in hades are you talking about ? And if minority voting had been stifled, we wouldn’t be facing the socialist medical system known as obominational care. In fact, it’s pretty obvious that in the days of a more or less transparent ACORN, illegals were very much on the voter rolls. Probably are and will be for the future.

With the real war on fossil fuels of the left, why pick on big oil. They at least are keeping our engines running. Those engines are about all that still works in America. The lazy and over-conditioned idle who make more through SNAP, welfare subsidies, perpetual unemployment (as jobs keep disappearing),etc. are not under-served. Our poor are usually over-weight, not under fed. Get with the program or go fly your kite somewhere else.

Sorry if that hurts your feelings, but to the left feelings are everything. Maybe they (you) need a dose of reality.

Ray Breneman
8 years ago

I’m glad you are encouraging members to get involved and volunteer to help our communities. My wife and I have
been volunteering for years and conservatively have put in over 300 combined hours this year. We also do missing
trips with our church, which we love.

I try to spread the word about AMAC every chance I get. Is there a brochure or something I can give out that you
might suggest? Even something I can print out of download.

I’ll be praying for the continuing success of AMAC this coming year. I know the bible tells us that times will get hard
for Christians, but I doesn’t tell us to stop fighting. We still have soles to save.


Alicia B.
8 years ago
Reply to  Ray Breneman

Hi, Ray

Yes, I know where you can down load information. Go to website: ; you can find out about this project and get others to volunteer. This website has a free pamphlet you can download. Thank you for volunteering; may God watch over you and your family.

Alicia B.
8 years ago

I fear for my country. I see and listen to so much abuse, decadence and evil from ALL in D.C. I pray to God every day to deliver us from all this EVIL. I encourage all to vote this coming year for righteous, and honest individuals. The only way
to change this bloated and huge goverment of ours is by joining together and enforcing our rights by the Fifth Amendment of our Constitution. I urge ALL of you to get involved and support the Convention of States being organized right now. For the sake of our children and grand children let’s all get involved in this grass roots project. 2014 should be deemed “the year of the US citizen” for voting ALL the BUMS out of office in D.C. God bless you all and God bless the United States of America.

Gary Faust
8 years ago

Big government is here and we all are paying the price for being absence for the years not paying attention to the liberal big government agenda. It started with the Great Society under President Johnson in our attempt to correct the wrongs of racism in the United States. In an attempt to correct this wrong and any wrong that affected any minority the white middle class became the bad guys. In our attempts to reach equality among cultures we have created a multi cultural society that is destined to end America as we know it. The strength of America is taking immigrants and have them assimilate to become americans first. Protecting their culture is important but assimilating to the “melting pot” to become Americans is critical and liberals do not get this distinction.

When I mentioned big government is here to stay is not completely due to Congress but through the regulations and administrative rules that have drastically changed America. Congress has little opportunity to protect us from government agencies, departments and bureaus that change our lives daily without any congressional oversite. Administrative rules and regulations are transforming us into a big government that will be difficult to change.

The new rules in the Senate has now dropped one of the key argruements of the founding fathers between Federalists and Anti-Federalists. Their deep concern that the minority would be protected by the rules of the Senate. Now that rule has been changed to a simple majority that allows the liberals over the next three years to pad the federal courts with liberal judges that believe the constitution is living document that they can change not protect.

We are in real trouble creating a large percent of our population that have become “welfare citizens”. Our government in grabbing the power from the states (the individual citizen as the founding fathers thought were the same) creates a difficult change back away from centalizing power in Washington to the power moving back to the individual via the states having the power.

Ivan Berry
8 years ago
Reply to  Gary Faust

Don’t forget that it was Congress that created all those agencies and departments that pass regulations as law and promulgate all those rules that have been taking our liberties, property, etc. It still rests on Congress to either get it right and disenfranchize the administrative lawmaking, or keep on in this destructive direction.

Congress could also reign in the Supreme Court. Congress sets the limits for that courts appelate jurisdiction.

It all lays upon Congress. If we could over time change our Congress, then there could be hope for our land.

Maria Gregory
8 years ago

I am a new member to AMAC and I’m impressed with what this organization is striving to do…and that is to bring our country back to its fundamental values. It’s not an easy task but it’s got to happen or eventually all of our liberties, rights and freedom will be lost forever.
Our “uninformed citizens” need to be educated, and that is the key word here, so they can see what is happening to this
country and can make informed decisions when it comes time to vote for candidates who will work for us, and not be self-serving once they’re elected to office. We’ve got enough of those already in our current government and they need to go.
Fortunately, “sleepers” are slowly opening their eyes today and seeing the big picture finally, but they mustn’t take too long else we lose the fight. And they aren’t the uneducated folks either! We need “people power” to help win what AMAC is striving to achieve and I’m all for that!

Ivan Berry
8 years ago

If the fight for our Constutional government that has recently begun continues and the totalitarian big government progressives of both parties do not squelch it in the budding, we will be long gone before the battle is resolved. That means we must to the best of our abilities get out there and do our part to restore what has been a hic-up in history where we have lived better and happier lives than even kings in the past.

Our basic liberties are at great risk. Our system of government at the founding was based on natural law (the laws of nature and nature’s God). If we held our representatives to the limit of not voting for anything that abridged natural law there would be no redistribution of wealth, no super companies that through regulations starve out the little guy or gal, no foreign aid to government agents that rule their people with iron hands, no payments to the evil UN that is made up of nations opposed to ours (with few exceptions–like Israel), no small arms limitations through treaties or executive actions. You see, it’s a big fight and we should be in it to win. Take no quarter. Let’s get the bad guys and gals out of our national government and at the same time address our particular states’ mis-government.

I hope our heirs win. The United States is the world’s last best hope. Get going and get moral. Only a moral people are fit for self-government.

Concerned Citizen
8 years ago

I hope AMAC will help us out by posting a “Get involved” map of races with the candidates listed so we can get involved early in the process. One of the most effective grassroots actions we can take is walking precincts for/with our local candidates. The personal contact can really make the difference, but it involves time and effort. In small local elections, just a few more votes can make a huge difference, and if you can get someone out to vote for a local candidate with conservative principals, they just might vote for other conservatives on the ballot as well. If you can’t walk, volunteer to call.

Name recognition is also important. Though most of us aren’t crazy about election posters in the neighborhood, they do help make the candidate’s name more familiar. As you travel through your community, be alert to where the most traveled intersections are, and let your local campaign office/candidate know. Another great place would be areas leading up to churches or other community areas such as schools – not on the property, but leading up to it.

Check your local elections and be sure to get out volunteers in force again about 2 weeks before the absentee ballots go out, if absentee or vote-by-mail balloting is used heavily in your area. Mail voting helps in 2 ways – it gets their vote in and it saves your call volunteers time as those voters’ phone #s are deleted from the need to call database.

8 years ago

In my humble opinion the problem is ignorance. Most Americans have no idea what the constitution is or most importantly the personal liberties it contains. To long have we the parents and even our parents neglected the education of our children in the basic knowledge of what the Constitutional Republic of the United States is, or even what a Constitutional Republic stands for!
If the average American comprehended the depth of wisdom our forefathers displayed with the penning of this most amazing and timeless document, the socialists would never have gained the foot hold needed to progress the absolutely insane path to destruction we currently find ourselves on.
It’s kinda like drilling holes in the bottom of a sinking boat to let out the water!

8 years ago
Reply to  MartinW

Right on MartinW. Thanks to liberal government meddling in our schools education system, history of how this great nation of ours came to be, the founders, the Constitution, Bill Of Rights, etc.,etc., are being eliminated from their curriculum. The liberals do not what this kind stuff being taught to our children today. They want children today to learn of a new kind of world. Their world. The liberal world. The world of liberalism. By any other name would be called socialism, communism, fascism. Indoctrinate them while they are young and you can create a whole generation of good little Nazi’s.

Toni Olson
8 years ago

Time for some type of revolution.

Barbara Floyd
8 years ago

When I saw the lead in, “Call to Action” I was hopeful because I think it’s past time to take action. Many of us are worried about the organized Government action to disarm us and to take other rights away from us. And yet, nothing is being done by anyone. Is anyone working behind the scenes to protect us from our Government? We need some active protests and some concrete action to stop the deterioration of our rights.

Dick Jordan
8 years ago

I’m with Phil and get so amused at Boehner, McConnell, McCain & some others whose bark is far worse than their bite. I have specifically followed these RINO’s and have to laugh when I recall Boehner’s “this ain’t no damn game”. To me, that sums it up pretty well. It is a game to the elite Republicans. But, more people are wise to them and I believe if I read correctly, they all are in trouble in their home states. It could be the “best of times”, but we will have to see. Dick

8 years ago

Make it plain to your representatives that the day of reckoning is coming with the 2014 elections. Remind them that Leopards don’t change spots but we can change the Leopards. Make sure they understand that we will not buy into their suddenly seeing the light in order to get reelected and then back to business as usual.

The 2014 elections are especially important because there are over 400 seats up for grabs. This election will be a major breaking point for many. This election could change everything. If the Liberals, especially the Washington Dems were to gain complete control of the Senate and the House and with this President we have now……it would be a nightmare of disastrous proportions!

Glenda B
8 years ago

There is a movement afoot to teach us how to “take our nation back.” Go to and see how our local sheriff and commissioners are the keys. The laws are already written – they are ignored, but if we know them, we can retake our homeland. Elected officials whose jobs depend upon the people who elected them – what a concept!

8 years ago

I read many comments by many people on many subjects and or complaints about the way our government is handling our lives.
HOPEFULLY, each of you that has taken the time to read and put into words your thoughts on our problems is taking the EXTRA time to also write your congressman or senator with the same complaint(s) you write about in these forums.
Here for the most part you are preaching to the choir. Take the time to let them know how you feel, they do get emails and they do answer. Mostly they answer in politicaleze but they answer so they are reading.

8 years ago
Reply to  mcheck815

I’ve let every one of my representatives in Congress and at the state level know exactly what I expect from them on a regular basis, across a whole host of issues. Not only via e-mail, but also on conference calls when they have the guts to schedule them during Congressional recesses. I’m not shy about spelling out exactly where I think they’re doing well and where there is need for improvement or an alternate way to handle a subject. I’ll also tell them when I think they are just plain wrong and back it up with hard facts. Remember, they theoretically work for US. Although I’m sure many view it the opposite way.

8 years ago

Sneaky moves in Washington are rampant. I honestly believe Obama’s goal is to ruin our society and then pave the way for it to be totally restructured as a socialist non-Christian friendly society.

Although the Bill of Rights established that our government needed to stay out of the business of religion, Obama has set up a MUSLIM OUTREACH, federally funded, for K-12 starting in February. Apparently, even the atheists are ignoring it!

8 years ago

I agree with both PaulE & P.Coates. We all must be active in 2014 to turn this country away from the Socialist policies which are threatening our freedoms. We must continue this activism going toward the 2016 presidential election also. We must not become complacent after the 2014 election because it is just the beginning if the fight.

P. Coates
8 years ago

It is time for us to stand up for what we believe, get out and vote and pray that our country will return to freedom and God. We become too complacent when things in our lives are going well.
Socialism is not the answer, nor is big government.

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