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AMAC’s Position on First National Bank of Omaha Dropping the NRA

Dan Weber republicans recess tax death tax entitlement programs NRA bankDear Valued Members,

You may have heard the news that First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) announced they are discontinuing their relationship with the NRA’s VISA Card program. Because AMAC supports the NRA and the AMAC MasterCard program is managed by the FNBO, we strongly protested the Bank’s action. Our executive team met with FNBO’s executives to discuss the impact of the bank’s decision for AMAC’s members.

AMAC is currently under contract with FNBO to provide the MasterCard service and the bank has indicated our relationship will continue. When we searched for a bank to give our members the best deal on credit cards, we determined FNBO was an excellent option, especially since they had a relationship with the NRA. Interestingly, several large national banks turned us down using various excuses for not wanting to do business with AMAC. We suspect these national banks reviewed our website and discovered our conservative stance on issues that might not reflect their viewpoint. But AMAC chose FNBO because of their arrangement with the NRA.

Be assured, we will continue to press FNBO to reverse their decision on the NRA affiliation because we believe this is a serious error. If we are able to secure a replacement bank that offers better terms then the present FNBO, we will not hesitate to change. AMAC promises to continue to support conservative organizations, especially the NRA.

Dan Weber, President
AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens


In other AMAC and NRA related news

On March 7, 2018, Dan was a featured guest on the NRA TV Channel.  Click below and fast forward to 17:15 to see Dan Weber’s appearance.

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Change banks. We should not support organizations that do not support our values. I am sure the card holders will understand any change to the terms. Or the other option is to drop the credit card benefit. We will understand. But it is wrong to do nothing and accept the left mindset.


If you continue to do business with companies that discontinue relationships with the NRA, you will lose my membership and probably many others.

Steven Rogers

I must agree with Mike. I have discontinued my relationship with Life Lock after thirteen years, due to them dropping NRA support.


Drop FNBO. It’s more important to align with conservative organizations who can take pressure from the knee-jerk, left-winged reactionists.

Paul Parrish

We charged our FNBO NRA Visa to renew our NRA memberships and to donate $ to the NRA, right after they announced it, just to P them O!


AMAC needs to be actively searching for a replacement to FNBO and tell them that. members should be updated on search results monthly. this should be completed quickly. there should be no affiliations with organizations who do not have the back bone to stand up for the truth which is the NRA had nothing to do with Fla, Tx, etc. the NRA very effectively counters those who would take away our second amendment rights and that is what this is about.


I would urge you to quickly find an alternative to FNBO. I cannot abide by companies who try to manipulate and attempt to change people’s free rights of association through their virtue signaling. I hope FNBO’s attacks on the NRA and the US Constitution costs them dearly. Continuing Amac’s relationship with FNBO will show that your conservative roots are actually very shallow, and will result in my departure from this organization. When you lie down with dogs you are bound to get fleas.

Larry Nessler

Change Banks! The ONLY leverage we have on any matter, government or private enterprise, is to get in their wallet. Boycotting movie theaters, passing by discriminating retailers, ignoring politically correct politicians, these are simple yet effective methods of peaceful protest.


Dump the FNBO. If they don’t support us, why do we support them?

Paul Parrish

Yes, we also discontinued Lifelock.
Btw, an assault rifle is a rifle the military would use in a military assault…
No military on GOD’s green earth would use an AR-15 in a military assault.
Hence, not an assault rifle.


Folks – discontinuing your AMAC membership because of FNBO’s action hurts AMAC, not the bank. Please continue to support AMAC, just don’t use the FNBO card. Then start using the AMAC card once a new vendor is selected.

As an alternate, get an NRA charge card until AMAC has a new conservative vendor.

I agree with the other authors, continue the silent conservative boycotts by NOT shopping at the retailers that do not support us or our Founding Fathers’ principles.


Thank you for taking an aggressive position with FNB Omaha. Please keep up the pressure. Keep us advised. Find a new bank.

Cathy W

When did it become the right of big companies to try to interfere with our rights? Stand up America and do business with companies that mind their own affairs. Banks are some of the biggest cheats in the world. I don’t do business with companies that try to change the constitution.Americans remember it is not the gun that kills people, it is the person holding that gun.


I took over management of the credit card division at the largest bank in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We had a marketing agreement with a client that caused us to pay more out of pocket expenses than I determined was good for the bank. The client, of course, pointed to the contract which had 3 more years before it expired. However, I reviewed the contract and noticed that we could terminate it with 30 days notice. The client was not happy. In two years, our credit card division went from losing money (surprise, surprise with deals like this on the books!), to contributing over $1 million to the bank’s profitability. If I were managing the relationship with First National Bank of Omaha, I would review the contract to see what the termination terms are and look to a new provider (a new provider will look at the contract for you, too!).… Read more »

Martin Meyer

It seems that the First National Bank of Omaha has fallen for the lies offered up buy the progressives in the news media. With FNBO’s recent statement of their leftest leanings and non support of the US Constitution I would expect to see the hard working American Patriotic customers of FNBO to withdraw their support and funds and find a more appropriate bank for their investment.

Kent R

Take a stand that means something, drop the card even if there is no replacement. Enough talk.


I also will be leaving AMAC if your relationship continues with FNBO.


am I missing something here?….I’m quite sure I also saw on Fox News that Budget and Avis, who also provide discounts for AMAC members, were included on the list of corporate protests against the NRA. What is AMAC’s position with these providers…or, what is their current stance on the subject??

Mr. Marion M. Chiles

Do not continue to use First National Bank of Omaha to support our credit card accounts.


Who were the companies that refused to deal with AMAC?