AMAC’s Petition to McCain Makes Waves

McCain petitionOn July 27, Senator John McCain of Arizona voted against the Health Care Freedom Act, also called the skinny repeal bill, effectively killing Senate Republicans’ seven-year dream of ridding our nation of Obamacare. For years, from the campaign trail to the halls of Senate, McCain had strongly advocated for repealing Obamacare, even voting “yes” on a clean repeal bill back in 2015. By changing his vote on the latest reincarnation of the repeal bill, many Americans feel that McCain has betrayed his party as well as his constituents’ trust (McCain’s past statements on why he supported the repeal of Obamacare can be found here). In voting against the Health Care Freedom Act, John McCain broke a major promise to his supporters.

AMAC was deeply disappointed in McCain and his unconscionable actions. AMAC founder Dan Weber spoke on the issue, saying, “One can only assume that his history of promising a repeal of the Affordable Care Act was sincere when he made it. So, I call on him to keep his promises and take the lead in an effort to fix health care for the American people now—before it is too late”. Weber has received media attention for calling out McCain on his broken promises, making it clear that McCain failed to uphold GOP values and that the senator’s act of political betrayal will not be condoned by AMAC.

Shortly after McCain surprised Senate Republicans by voting “no”, AMAC took action and created a petition urging McCain to change his vote. “We, the following citizens,” the petition states, “urge you to keep your word to repeal and replace Obamacare. We therefore request you to change your vote to support the progress in the Senate to rid us of Obamacare”.

AMAC would like to thank the dedicated patriots who have signed our petition so far — all 95,000 of you! By joining us at the forefront of the battle against Obamacare, you have made your voices heard and helped us advance in the fight for a better America. We are immensely appreciative of your support and proud to say that together, we are reclaiming our nation. As an organization, AMAC steadfastly stands for traditional American values, and has never, nor will ever support Obamacare. AMAC believes it is a serious mistake to have the federal government interfere and dictate how medical care is provided in our country.

Ultimately, AMAC feels that John McCain has let down the GOP as well as the American people, and urges him to change his vote. AMAC is grateful to all of our supporters who have signed the petition, but our fight is not over yet.

We, the people, believe in the values of a limited federal government with little interference, as laid out in the Constitution. We, the people, elected President Trump because he vowed to kill Obamacare, a disastrous socialist policy that has done more harm to this country than good. We, the people, want free market capitalism and not government subsidized health care.

We, the people, encourage John McCain to change his vote and finally repeal Obamacare.

To let your voice be heard, sign AMAC’s petition:

Sign Petition To Convince John McCain to Change his Vote

To learn more about Dan Weber’s stance on health care and his Obamacare alternative:

Click Here to Learn More

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McCain is angry at trump due to things trump said about him and he was biding his time to get his revenge. This was his revenge. Angry old dude getting his revenge, no care nor thought about anyone but himself.

He has become an angry & bitter old man – his great days are behind him…never to be president. It could be his PTSD from Vietnam as a POW. McCain needs to fade away as General MacArthur stated in his farewell speech on retirement.

JoIf you read his history, you will find out that he never really had “great days”…. he finished 894 out of his 899 Naval class….he hot shot a plane on a carrier that caused an explosion that killed 134 people and injured over a hundred more, but because he was the son of an Admiral, nothing was done except to transfer him. He was not tortured by the Viet Cong….he got his injuries from his plane crashing….and many vets say that he started squealing the moment they captured him, giving the enemy classified information. While he was serving out of the country, his first wife had a car accident and when he returned, he did not like the way she looked, so he began having affairs with other women….divorced her and left her and his children to bed and marry a woman whose family were millionaires and could help his… Read more »

Wanda, someone sent a message to a friend of ours, saying after his “NO” vote McCain was heard saying “let’s see how his (meaning Trump) “Make America Great Again” works now!
If so, this is very hateful to all Americans, who are hoping we can Make America Great Again. The country truly needs some fine tuning!!

I’d be interested in reading about his history as well. Sounds like someone got to the truth!

Wanda, where did you get this info? I would like to read it, too, and would pass the source around to my friends to read.

We remember! It is old news! I am 78 and we were a military family and around at the time of this history. Wanda is right!

I just received this 2 days ago: GETTING TO KNOW THE REAL JOHN MCCAIN By Burma Davis Posey This is John McCain’s home in Arizona. Not bad for a man who worked in the military, left the military, and then ran for Congress. He has been in Congress since 1983… for 34 years. McCain graduated 894th in his class of 899 students from the Naval Academy. He was known for being wild and it usually revolved around women. He was a member of a group of students who called themselves “The Bad Bunch”. He married Carol Shepp who was a successful swimsuit model. She had been married to one of his classmates and had two children from her first marriage. She and McCain became parents for a daughter one year later. He had been quite a playboy and was already becoming bored with the domesticated life. He requested active duty… Read more »

What are your sources for this info? I would like to read it.

Amen to that! My post was quite lengthy so I never got into the things that you mentioned, but they are true.

Don’t forget the part where he recorded over 30 propaganda ads for the Viet Cong.

I totally agree with Wanda’s remarks in that John McCain is just seeking revenge against our President’s remarks during the campaign. McCain needs to resign NOW.

Regarding Wanda’s post at the beginning of this discussion, did any of you take the time to investigate her allegation that McCain was responsible for the Forrestal carrier explosion? I have no use for McCain myself…. but he was in NO WAY responsible for this tragedy and those deaths. Read the lengthy description on Wikipedia yourself. Innuendo and falsehoods will not drive out the RINO’s. Let’s be truthful and honest critics.

While I can’t speak to the allegations about the carrier accident, I can suggest you use another source for your information. DO NOT trust Wikipedia for anything other than verifying a scientific fact or possibly geography. Do you imagine much of the info on there (that is publicly sourced, BTW) is remotely accurate? I can tell you for a fact that anyone can manipulate the info. My husband was a public figure with ties to a professional sports franchise and somebody made an entry on Wiki about him. It was complete BS! Not only that, it continually changed based on how well the team was doing and how pissed off the fans were.They would post some hateful lies about him. Use it to learn the morphology of scorpions, but trust me, it is NOT a source of truth when personalities are involved. If you believe a public figure like John… Read more »
Wanda some of your statements are grossly incorrect. I certainly am not a McCain supporter, but we don’t need to either create or disseminate “fake facts.” Leave that to the libs’ media. He did not cause the explosion and fire on FORRESTAL. In fact he was in his aircraft on the flight deck preparing to go on a mission when the incident occurred. He was fortunate in being able to exit his aircraft and jump clear before being engulfed in flames. All of the POW’s were tortured by the North Vietnamese who were their captors. The Viet Cong was their revolutionary arm in South Vietnam. I doubt your claim of “many vets say”. My roommate from school was a POW for 5 years. He doesn’t talk about it, and I respect him enough not to ask. Here is one source for info that is generally correct: http://www.factcheck.org/2008/09/mccains-plane-crashes/. Let’s make an… Read more »

Agree. Senile RINO McCain should retire and let his replacement make the rational decisions he doesn’t make. He loves the attention he gets from the media when he goes against his fellow Republicans (and the American people).

McCain campaigned on repeal and replace in order to win reelection. Now that he knows he is riding in his last rodeo, perhaps he feels there is no need to bamboozle his constituents any longer. I would say that he must now live with his conscience– if I believed he had one.

Yes Mike, McCain is getting revenge on President Trump, but……what about we the people. He is supposed to represent us and work for us. That seems to be a problem amongst many politicians. They make plenty of promises before elections, then get elected and immediately forget for whom they really work. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. McCain is a terrible representative for the people. No wonder the dims, progressives, and liberal wing-nuts love him. He a socialist in drag.

He doesnt care. bitter and angry he is.

Which means he’s a SELFISH , angry (I’ll add bitter) old dude. He could have confronted Pres. Trump anytime, instead , he takes a cowardly passive-aggressive approach and hurts millions of others in the process.

SELFISH is certainly right.
He seems to put vengeance ahead of principle.
I believe that was one reason Mr. Obama outmaneuvered McCain to the White House.
What a shame that he drug Sarah Palin into his cowardly campaign.

Agree, Sarah would have been better off never meeting the man.

trump responded to things mccain said…it was well known before mccains hate for trump!!! thumbs up!!!

Trump responded to McCain calling all of Trump’s supporters stupid and other words that I won’t wright down. So getting back at Trump he screwed all of us. Petty, isn’t he.

Dear Terry: Trump has very, very clearly shown that he is an inept, laud-mouth, self centered, arrogant di__ head who has NO RIGHT to be in any political office. His concern for the common man/woman is “0”. He got in office because he was the best of 2 pieces of garb_ _ _ _ !!!

Nothing new. Songbird McCain has been about himself his whole disgusting life.

President Trump is right. John McCain is a traitor, not a hero as broadcast! Do a little digging in the John McCain military and family past history! Horribly bad to say the least!! !!!

If you truly believe that it is a serious mistake to have the federal government interfere and dictate how medical care is provided in our country, why would you want a replacement bill? I voted for politicians who promised to repeal Obama care. No replacement!! No more bills that include mandates, subsidies for insurance companies, hospital corporations and pharmaceutical companies and no more new taxes . Every GOP bill included these goodies.

The question we should all be asking is this: What in the heck does government have to be in healthcare for? Its the power to control you. Healthcare like car insurance should be like ala arte, i need this but i dont need that, i cannot for the life of me find in the constitution, anywhere that healthcare is a right. Leave it to the private sector. They will do a better job by accident than government will ever do on purpose.

There will have to be some federal oversight to keep liberal states from making ridiculous mandates that keep insurers from being able to offer there coverage across state lines. Otherwise we will continue to see limited competition, limited access, and sky rocketing premiums. The feds will more than likely need to enforce tort reform as well, as a cost cutting measure.

I am reminded of something Mom’s mabley said:” if you do what you always did, you will get what you always got”. Time to break that cycle. government is to big to manage healthcare. You only have to look at the V-A to see that. It needs to get out of health care (education also and quite a few other things as well).

Why? Did someone take away some state’s right to recall elected representatives? If they did, what about the right to live where you want and moving companies to help you get there?

I like all of these comments! Good information. Would also like medical care out of hands of government and the drug companies who control the FDA. Also want the Dept. of Education done away with, so that children can be taught the truth about history and our nation under God, not socialism!

You are correct & I too, prefer repeal only…get the federal govn’t out of health insurance AND health care.

Douglas Smith 16770-15

I’m one who repeatedly phoned my senator on the initial socialized medicine bill. And I WANT -REPEAL NO REPLACEMENT-

Thank you, Douglas.
I think of it this way: If a limb is gangrenous, we don’t wait until there is a suitable replacement to remove the gangrene.

Repeal the fiasco! They passed it, and we saw what is in it, and it stinks! Remove it now!!!!

Hi Katheryn Dion. I agree with 100% repeal also. The quick & easy “replacement” would be reverting back to PRE-Obamacare plans with some tweaking to help prevent denial because of pre-existing conditions. Then there is the Medicaid issue. Senator Graham’s plan to give block grants so each state can do what is best for their people on Medicaid should be considered also. However I would think each state should implement a residency clause though. I read people moved to California because of their more Liberal welfare policies. I would think states would want to prevent that from happening but that would be up to the individual states to implement laws to prevent it. I also like Rand Paul’s idea of letting individuals purchase insurance through an organization to get the same advantage of purchasing group plans the same as employer plans. There can be problems with purchasing across state lines… Read more »

John McCain is what he has always been, a rino & Democrat. His stands on conservative values is “0”.
What a loser. The only reason he runs as a republican is because that is the only way he can get elected.
That is why Trump go elected to drain the swamp of people like him!

Election time he pulls far to right and upon reelection he reverts back to his true self….a bitter lefty. Sad really, he had the potential to be really effective but he let his bitterness get in the way. ego maniac? very likely. it is evident that this is all about mccain….and no one else.

Very perceptive and right!

McCain has always let the GOP down. I do not understand why the people of Arizona continue to elect a RINO?

a rino is one thing, but a traitor so beloved by the opposition is another!!! one thumb up!!!

gEE, Could it be that Arizona is mostly mexican?

Not yet, friend, not yet.

There is only one reason McCain voted “NO”, and that is to get back at President Trump for saying he isn’t a hero. He is just like a democrat and should be considered one. People call for term limits yet they continue to VOTE people like McCain in. Term after term.

But he ISN’T a hero! He’s a traitor who should have never been able to step foot on American soil without being in shackles.

There were several senators who wanted to vote “No” but for political reasons had to vote “Yes”. McCain covered for all of them by voting “No”. They couldn’t take the heat but he could because he will not be running for re-election. All of them knew his vote would defeat the bill. But I agree that he takes great pleasure in defeating Trump and will continue to undermine Trump’s agenda.

Mccain is a traitor to the country he has lived off a misguided record He is a lot more dem than conservative . Guess maybe they dont know what a conservative is in Az

Yeah we know….remember barry goldwater. That is a conservative and a man who spoke his mind about it. Mccain is a rino pure and simple.

There is a petition for his removal that I could not wait to sign…this man is a self-center politician who gleams when he is given the spot light. I find it very interesting that the House and Senate passed and sent to Obama'[s desk a total repeal of Obamacare four different times because they KNEW that Obama would veto it. Now that we have a president that would sign off on a total repeal, this charlatons can’t seem to bring themselves to total repeal….it was all a dog and pony show for the American voters so these irresponsible so-called representatives could get re-elected. This is just another reason for term limits….but Congress will not pass anything like this as they make their livelihood for a life time and fortunes off the backs of the tax payers….they come in with nothing and when they finally leave, they are worth millions. Obamacare… Read more »

Wanda, you’re so right. Hope the right people hear you. I’ve always thought there should be no health insurance law. Too much government reach.

SPOT ON, Wanda!

How do I find the petition for McCain’s removal and is there one for the Flake also?

First, if that’s how you really feel, then why aren’t you upset with all of the other Senators who voted FOR this bill? It wasn’t a ‘repeal’ bill.
Second, Roberts didn’t change the law. He only stated that it was a tax, which left the door wide open for Republicans to kill it since it didn’t start in the House where taxes must originate. Be mad at them! He gave them the opportunity of a lifetime to kill obamacare and have it take years and years for the Dems to have to work on something else, and the Republicans ignored it.

It is simple McCain has always been a democrat and he is 100% against President Trump just like his buddy Lindsey Graham that is McCain’s shadow.

John McCain stayed too long in Washington and has been corrupted by the money offered to all members of Congress by thousands of lobbyists of every stripe. John has become a poster child for the need for term limits.

McCain has many more issues than just this one. His betrayal of America and outright LIES about health care are evident. Worse, his hatred of Trump regarding Trump’s solid stance on North Korea is glaring.

But, perhaps he is just confused after his recent brain surgery. Maybe he is confusing North Korea with his buddies in North Vietnam. There’s no way he wants his pals in Hanoi taken down! McCain’s compass has no other directions on it.

Shame on you, Arizona, for not recalling this traitor! He is not and never was a “hero” of any kind and he continues his attack on America from the inside!

Not for lack of effort..He has a strong machine.

I wrote this letter to the editor of the Arizona Republic after the Healthcare “skinny” repeal vote was taken. Health care has a new name today! Senator Chuck Schumer, basking in the glow of the ACA “skinny” repeal defeated, said “ObamaCare was hardly perfect…it needs improving.” He saw no need need to blow the whole thing up and asked Republicans to join in to work it out. Mr. Schumer, where was this speech in 2009 when Obama did want to do more than just improve what we had at the time? He wanted to blow it up and he did, inviting government control. When the Republicans offered to help, he said the election was over. Basically, don’t call us. we will call you. And Senator McCain, do you remember your campaign ad back in May, 2016? You said “ObamaCare is failing Arizona. First a massive rate hike more than twice… Read more »

Did the editor decide to publish your letter in the newspaper or simply file it in the round file cabinet?

McCain may as well switch his party affiliation. He has burned his bridges with the Republican voters this time, hopefully Arizonans feel the same. But I believe he did this as a last sword in the back of President Trump because of his diagnosis of brain cancer. He won’t live to run for another term and he knows he’s done in Washington so he just doesn’t care to continue playing the game. His true colors are shining bright. The only recourse to stop him from doing this on every Trump agenda item is for Arizonans to recall him and remove him from office. Let’s hope they do.

Hi Kimberley W. I wish Arizonians
Would recall him but I don’t believe it will happen. Politicians in that state would be afraid their re-elections would be affected. It will take a petition of the people to get a vote to repeal to happen. If Arizonians have continued to reelect him they probably won’t bother. Also now there is the sympathy issue (don’t kick someone when they are down). I would love for Arizona citizens to prove my opinion wrong!!

sometimes a mans hate for our president, trumps his love for those who he represents…not a warhero to me!!!

McCain is a jerk. I wish his current wife would dump McCain like McCain dumped his first wife. He is a grandstanding pos.

McLame will NOT change his vote. He is, and always will be, a TRAITOROUS globalist RINO. The idiots in Arizona should be ashamed that they voted time and time again for this schmuck.

Heartily agree with Mark N and the others. Perhaps our comments should be to Arizona in big numbers of letters! There are also many retirees in Arizona from other states. I wonder if they are mostly Demorats and I didn’t misspell it either!!!

After my letter to the Arizona Republic regarding John McCain and the “skinny” repeal, I followed up with this letter. A letter writer commenting “If McCain is a Republican, he needs to act like a Republican,” is correct. In our two party system, criticism from one side to the other has always been sharp. But more so from the Democrats who own so many of the megaphones, as in the media, Hollywood, etc. When John McCain was more than a “Republican In Name Only” he received a lot of flack, but since his new found friendship with the Democrats, that seems to have slipped his memory. Even Republic political cartoonist, Steve benson, gave him a favorable cartoon as he shot down a plane representing “Trump Care.” But Senator, forget that the man in the imaginary jet was Donald Trump, and for the Democrats, supporting you is more about supporting your… Read more »

Same question as I asked above and if published did any others readers write to comment? Either agree or disagree.

Well the Republican Party of Arizona censured John McCain – but I am not sure what good that does since I doubt he will ever run for public office again!

Trump hurt McCain’s feelings during the election and now the only thing on John’s mind is to hurt Trump anyway he can, even if it means selling out the American people. He has now accomplished that.

I am not surprised about what McCain did, he has always been shallow. As Mike said he is either getting his revenge on Trump or he made a deal with the devil (Schumer) for something he wanted. That’s how it works in Washington, it’s all politics it’s not about what’s good for their local constituents and the nation. McCain is on his way out and he knows it so he just doesn’t care any more…if he ever did!

Doug does Chuck Schumer physically resemble classic artistic depictions of the devil ?

During that 7 year span i and many republican supporters donated a lot of money for Obamacare to be repealed i would like to know the total of the money sent to the republican party over that period of time.

We the people should NEVER donate to any of the political organizations and especially not to any candidates campaigns. NEVER! You are wasting your money. They never fail to disappoint; they almost always succeed at failure. Return their requests and surveys with no money and your comments about what you want to see from them – especially – Support President Trump’s agenda and do whats right for the people and the country.

Not going to happen Dan , now Mr. McCain can do America a great service again and retire and take care of his health . As for for some of your polls you must have CNN do them . What I am most concerned with are ALL of your points you brought up .

Steve, you are right about the polls: it’s never a single issue unless you list returning to Constitutional government and the further limits on the central government within the Bill of Rights.