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AMAC’s Elevator Speech

by Andrew Mangione –

If you have ever been involved in sales or attended a sales training class you may have heard of the expression, “elevator speech”. The idea is to put together a summary that would introduce the prospect to a product or service that you could explain in the time it takes to share a short elevator ride.  Elevator speeches are usually 1 to 2 minutes long.

Dan Weber and I were in the Dirksen Senate Office Building last week in Washington, DC.  We had just wrapped up a meeting and were headed back to the office.  We grabbed an elevator and proceeded to make the descent down to the main lobby.  The elevator stopped before the main floor, doors opened and in walked Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) with some of his staff.  Dan Weber quickly announced himself as one of the Senator’s constituents and promptly shook Senator Rubio’s hand.  Mr. Rubio asked us who we were and what issues interested us.

Dan gave a brief overview of AMAC and our ideas to keep Social Security solvent.  As we exited the elevator, we presented the Senator with our Social Security outline and chatted with him for a few more minutes and left him with a commitment to follow up in the near future.

It was the consummate elevator speech; clear, concise and on point.  As AMAC increases its presence in Washington, we expect more encounters like this to occur and complement the other activity we already have on our schedules.  And rest assured I look forward to sharing all the details of every elevator speech we give on behalf of our members!

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Rod Cook

Amac is doomed the apparent goal is Grab the Money that the Insurance companies pay AARP. WHY IS NOT THERE A FUND SHARE FOR FOLKS THAT PROMOTE AMAC VENDORS.

Sounds like the same Money grab as AARP

I have 10 $million for an AARP attack program are you against or for revenue sharing for members?”

Rod Cook

Google: Rod Cook MLM

Rod Cook 210-495-1201
Secret Email

Bill G

Let me get this straight, you wrote this just to tell us you have an elevator speech and it works. Don’t you think it would make more sense to relate the actual speech. After nearly 40 years in sales and marketing, I would be very interested in how you phrase it. Could even help us new members pass the word.


Excellent work! Keep up the effort.

Bob D.

Good job. Keep riding the elevators in Washington. Whatever works. :))

Angela M. Rosati

Why are we funding our enemies with money that could be used for AMERICANS…old and young…and the young will soon enough be old. Look at us! We became SENIORS before we knew it!!!
KEEP AMERICAN MONEY FOR AMERICANS….sounds greedy, doesn’t it. But, as Professor Walter Williams said, sometimes GREED IS GOOD.

Joey Sims

How could Obama get away with using all that money from social security to fund his health care bill and no one yell
about it? Why was it that people and the media kept everything quiet because of him?

Al P.

Social Security and Medicare cannot be saved or reformed unless both are taken off budget and fully funded. In this way those who are retired and the “baby boomers” who will soon retire will receive what they were promised and when they were promised it. Then a serious debate as to how to reform those programs for the following generations can take place.

Elizabeth B

We should all be conducting elevator speeches to our famlies, friends, people in checkout lines, etc.

Neil Kosterman

Why not publish your “elevator pitch” in your newsletter and on your site. It would help us members to pitch our friends and colleagues as to why they should sign up, or, even better, why they should switch from the competition, i.e., the left wing rip off king.