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AMAC’s Capitol Hill Valentine’s Day Reception Put The Spotlight On Social Security Reform

Dan Weber Resize SmallConservative lawmakers who attended the event showed they are ready, willing and able to reach across the aisle to find bipartisan solutions  – 

BOHEMIA, NY, Feb 15 – Conservative Congressmen expressed a desire to work with their liberal counterparts to save Social Security at a Capitol Hill Valentine’s Day reception yesterday.

“It wasn’t exactly a love fest, but perhaps Cupid’s arrow hit close enough to its mark to make it possible for the two sides to come together for the sake of preserving this endangered vital benefit,” said Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, which sponsored the event.

Weber said he believes that the “spirit of cooperation” on this issue in Congress is such that meaningful negotiations and that final passage of a bill ensuring the solvency of Social Security for the next 80 years are possible.

“The atmosphere among legislators who attended our reception was one of real concern and commitment.  They expressed to us a genuine desire to deal with Social Security reform sooner than later, echoing private conversations that AMAC has had with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle over a period of more than a year.”

He explained that AMAC has had the preservation of Social Security as a top issue since its founding.  “We have been consistently, diligently and personally pressing our case among lawmakers of both parties in D.C. in behalf of our members and all current and future benefit recipients.  In fact, we have even gone so far as to offer up a prototype bill that can be used as the basis of a common sense resolution to keep and improve Social Security.”

Weber said that his optimism is based on the association’s continuing, positive one-on-one meetings with Congressmen.  “We are particularly gratified by the Conservative representatives who attended AMAC’s Valentine’s Day reception to highlight that they care about the fate of Social Security and are ready, willing and able to reach across the aisle to find bipartisan solutions.”

He said that AMAC has studied the issue and polled its members who believe that Social Security reform should include protection for those individuals currently receiving benefits, fair and balanced age setbacks for future recipients, guaranteed modest, minimum, yearly cost of living increases and a provision for a new personal Social Security IRA.

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NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a chat.



The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.




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Why isn’t anyone addressing the issue of SS (disability) being used as a welfare program. There are thousands of entire law firms being supported solely by getting anyone with any imagined “disability” money for nothing! Just watch daytime TV commercials. This has to stop. For years, up to 2010, I receive a statement every year that illustrated what amount I had paid SS taxes on each year I worked and the amount I would get when I retire at a certain age. Much to my dismay, there was another illustrated amount which was higher than the others – if I quit now and collected SS disability. It was like an advertisement enticing people to apply for disability. We have worked and paid into this program which was designed for retired people (you have to work first before you can retire!) I am sure these statements were the brainchild of some… Read more »

Joe The Economist

Instead of polling your members, you ought to read the Trustees reports which clearly tell you that there is no way to protect those individuals currently receiving benefits. According to the Trustees anyone 64 or younger expects to outlive full benefits.

Gary Ross

Social Security reform? No way! The US government has had a contract with America for a very long time, and they need to honor it. Both Social Security and Medicare are special taxes for special purposes. They should not be taken from, borrowed, borrowed against, or reformed. All money that has been taken from these programs for other purposes should be returned immediately with penalties and interest, starting with the $716 billion Obama stole from Medicare. Eliminate fraud both by crooked doctors and scam artists, by imposing very stiff fines and put 100% of that money back into the programs. Then keep politician’s dirty little fingers out of those cookie jars, and the programs will be fine the way they were set up. No reform needed. Furthermore, keep the retirement age and tax rates the way they were. Again, this is a contract! If the government wants to raise the… Read more »

Ted Stute

Just wanted t know if the government is still using current social security payments by individuals and matched by employer are going into the general fund or into the SS fund.

Thank you


Concerned Compassionate, with interest rates at historic lows you are 97% invested in bonds????

Why? Don’t you realize that when interest rates rise your bond principle will drop? Bond principles have risen now, as interest rates have fallen. Your 6.8% interest average on muni bonds reflects the great mistrust of these bonds by the market. Think of how many state and local governments are near bankruptcy. My friend, you need to at least diversify – if not get out of bonds all together.


That’s 20% on income above 20K a year.


Except for the fact that we are no longer a nation of Americans, but a bunch of special interest groups with opposing desires, all of our problems could easily and quickly be fixed. Here’s a 30 day fix: 1. Everything coming into your pocket is income, personal or business. 2. All income is taxed. No exceptions, exemptions, or way to get out of it. 3. Personal income is taxed at 2 levels: 10% on the first 20K per person. 20% on all income above 100K. Buying a house, having kids, giving to charity, etc should have zero effect on your tax rate. This eliminates 90% of the IRS, tax attorneys, and tax accountants. There’s zero reason why we should have to “figure out” what we owe in taxes. 4. All buisiness pay a 1% or 2% tax on gross revenues. They can then dump the tens of millions they spend… Read more »


The idea of insurance is great – but social security is not insurance – it is an open checkbook which future generations are responsible pay so the checks can continue being cashed. I thought that people who ran Ponzi scheems were criminals and went to jail. A manditory 401K program would get the money out of the hands of the politicians. Let the government pay off the present social security debt as a compensation for the victims of their present scheme.


Social Security was never meant to be a total retirement fund. Many have used it as such and it will devastate them if it is taken away and will put another load on welfare. The main travesty is that each individual has paid into it and it is that money that is being literally stolen. I agree with Lita. Something needs to be done to stop the ruination of our nation–but what? I really don’t think Obama or his henchmen will care how many protests there are though. I couldn’t help but think the cartoon about Obama being offered the position of Pope was very apt when he answered, “I appreciate the offer, but I have been the Messiah the past several years and it would be a demotion.” We’re not dealing with the norm here. He really believes that. That coupled with “executive order” does not bode well for… Read more »

Paul Terry Stone

In light of Obama’s and the Democrats policies, the safest investments should be Dollar stores ( Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree) because more people will be forced to buy there due to continued harm of these policies on the economy.

Bernard Mayoux

I am sick of “Rino Conservatives” having to work with “Socialist Democrats” in a “Bi-partisan” way …… We need strong Real Conservative leadership and policies to get this country back on tract to prosperity … and tell these “democrats” to either get with us or go pound salt!!!! The Tea Party will be the major factor in the next round of elections …. especially in review of the GOP.

Ron Palmgren


ALL future Baseline budgets will use the the same CPI number that is used to calculate Social Security annual increases OR ALL Social Security increases will be calculated using the OMB Baseline budget percentage.

Richard Hand

I read your words but I don’t find any particular comfort in all the political “fluff as usual” from the Washington lip flappers. After all they are the ones who have taken money out of the trust fund and used it as tax incomoe leaving the people paying in with a stack of IOU’s which they not only will have to pay back but also with a rediculous interest rate on these IOU”s (special bonds) which also is charged to the taxpayer. It’s a totally bogus , corrupt arrangement. How in the world can anyone claim that the fund is collecting interest when the people having to pay the interest are the same people (Americans) who’s money SHOULD be in the fund. Normally when interest is added to a financial account you can go in anytime and withdraw that amount. Try doing that with the SS “trust fund”. It’s total… Read more »

Lita Z. Biejo

USA is almost a 3rd world country now. Wake up Americans! All of us has to do something if we want to take back America the way it was. How about a rally in every part of this country and simultaniously done. It will be nice if we can all go to DC but that will be too expensive and time consuming so let’s do it together in all parts of the country at the same time. Hopefully Obama can see our disatisfaction. I’m calling all these organizations like Tea Party, AMAC, Move America Forward, etc.

Ray Mason

Why is it always the conservatives that “have” to work with liberal democrats to get something done, usually in favor of the the liberals, who are in fact, the wolves guarding the henhouse? I’m sick of the citizens that paid into the social security system having to beg to get their money back. Thank you LBJ for screwing up a good thing. Along with that we have a big chunk of senior citizens who keep voting for the very liberals that are stealing from all of us. We are supposed to become more informed and “smarter” as we age——I guess not. Ray

Concerned Compassionate

If they don’t offer stable options like muni bonds, people with a private IRA will be ruined by any stock market crash. There have been at least three major crashes in the last 32 years, and many of my friends are ruined and unable to retire. I am currently 97% in muni bonds, averaging close to 6.8%, and in great shape (Thank God).

Concerned Compassionate

Any personal social security “IRA” must have the option to buy muni bonds or other stable investments. Way too many IRA’s treat people like they are too stupid to manage their own investments. Most of them are based upon limited selections managed by high paid fund managers who generate about the same average returns as a group of monkeys throwing darts at a target of selections. I know WAY too many seniors who have been destroyed by stock market crashes. There have been at least three disasterous crashes since I have been in the markets. One friend had a $1,000,000 IRA that went below $500,000 in a major crash and he now lives in poverty on the meager returns – it is his only income besides SSI. Any choices should include options like muni bonds. My self-managed IRA allows purchase of anything on the open market including tens of thousands… Read more »