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AMAC: You’re Invited to Attend Press Conference at the Capitol on 6/28/12

News Update – Show your Support for AMAC and our Fight to Replace ObamaCare!

ATTEND a Press Conference at the Capitol!! 

Dan Weber, AMAC’s president will be speaking at a news conference outside the US Capitol on Thursday, at 3 PM. The News Conference is being held by the “House GOP Doctor’s Caucus,” a group of 21 doctors and medical professionals who are Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives. These elected officials will be speaking on the Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare, and their plans to replace ObamaCare with positive improvements to our Health Care system.

If you can make it – your support will be much appreciated!

Date: 6/28/12

Time: 3 PM

Location: Right outside the Capitol building on the House of Representative’s side.  The spot is called “the Triangle” a small area between the building and the sidewalk.  Look for cameras to be set up and a lectern. Please feel free to bring folding chairs etc. as the event will last 30-45 minutes – but there will not likely be questions taken from the public.

Please send an email to if you expect to attend and we’ll keep you updated on any changes should they occur.


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Justice ROBERTS made a big mistake when he let Justice KAGAN vote on
Obama care . she was a part of helping to write Obama care . you wood think
that one of the other Justices wood have stop her . and also the other Justice
that Obama put on the bench should not have voted because of favors .

You said it!