AMAC Was Founded to be Your Alternative to AARP

Looking for an alternative to AARP?  You’ve come to the right place.  The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) is a conservative, nonpartisan organization looking out for the interests of Americans 50 years of age and older.  We believe in the traditional values of Faith – Family – Freedom that have made the United States of America the greatest of nations.  We believe that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not empty words, but the fulfillment of the American dream.

AMAC will endeavor to be your advocate to promote commonsense government and to let you keep your hard-earned money in your pocket – not the government’s.

Our new organization continues to grow.  If you’re tired of the other senior organization’s liberal way of thinking, please join AMAC today.  If you like what we are trying to do to protect our way of life, refer your family, friends, and neighbors.  The more people who join AMAC, the more positive impact we can have, and the more discount products and services we’ll be able to negotiate for you.  Remember, there is strength in numbers.

AMAC can be found on Facebook under the name “Association of Mature American Citizens, AMAC”.

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AARP has outlived its usefulness by taking a liberal stand. Let’s make America great again!!!

I refused to join AARP when I was enlightened that the organization a strong and faithful contributor to the Democrat Party.

Do you actually think AMAC has anything good to offer? If you do you are seriously misguided.

AARP supporter Obamacare and cost us all a trillion dollars they will never get my or my wife’s vote.

It’s worth a try! But if all you care about is saving a dollar and not how your dollar is spent or who it supports stay with AARP.

My Dad is Hardcore behind Trump, however he is shrewd with the dollar and swears by AARP. Money does not have a political affiliation. Saving $$ is the bottom line. Its OK to do what your political compass has you focused on….:)

Does AARP have anything good to offer? If you think they do, you are seriously misguided. If you don’ think AMAC does, why are you here?

Put ur money where ur mouth is. PROVE IT INSTEAD OF JUST SPOUTING NONSENSE

I hear you. I saw no value in an AMAC membership. No discounts to be found. And then they had the audacity to tell me “place stamp here” on the return envelope for the survey they sent asking me why I did not renew. And have you noticed the lack of a Facebook page? What does AMAC have to hide?

They do have a FB Page.

AARP backed up Obamacare which eventually will be pushing for “mandatory chipping” & “counseling” for the elderly to take the easy way out. I have had nothing to do with aarp since.

Very interested in anything that isn’t AARP, keep up the good work!

I dumped AARP back when they first backed Obozocare!

Very glad to see an organization with conservative values, and truly geared to its Membership…..NOT beholding to government!

I do not wish to be associated with AARP but my stubborn attitude has coat me $ and kept me from some discounts that I wanted——–I think this group will get as powerful as AARP without supporting programs I feel are not in the best interest of our wonderful country.

I also would like to hear or see more information on this organization.

Good to know there is an alternative to AARP. I refuse to sign up with them…

Amac is the more conservative assoc. of mature citizens.Lucy

Such a pity how this once great nation has nothing but whiners, hypocrites and those that claim they are sickly remember it is when good men do nothing evil men rule. It Don’t Matter anymore because why, as soon as one stands up for their right somebody will be there to say that is wrong. Just as one time if one owned property beyond 20 years it was their home for life and no one could make them move not even the government, that has changed greatly. The IRS, the Medical Institutions, and other Corporational institutions can and have taken homes away from people who have lived not only a life time but generations in a home. We have become close to being a communistic state. All one has to do is say you are wrong and if this person has enough individuals backing them for get justice it ain’t… Read more »

So, what is the point? Roll over and die?

Remember a quote from the most evil leader, Hitler said, “if I can control the media, I can control the world” just like how the man in our White House is illegally there. Both his parents are required to be natural born USA citizens and the media and Democrats know the USA Law. I would never join AARP, I will become a member of AMAC only! God Bless us all. Char

That’s not true about both parents required to have been born in the U.S.! The person running for president MUST have been born in the U.S., or if born abroad, at least ONE parent must be an American citizen, such as the case of Ted Cruz. His father was born in Cuba. Cruz himself was born in Canada, but his mother, and possibly his father too by then, was an American citizen.


Thank you for doing the research. I am as conservative as they come, but we have to be truthful. As they say, the truth will set us free. COL JAMIE HOUSTON, FT JACKSON, SC

Col sir Thank you for your service to our country and your men. God Bless. ‘:-) salute

Sir COL Houston, thank you for serving our
country. My son Jonathan is a E/O Cadet in JROTC, he is a senior in HS. He is leading to go to college then serving our country and become an officer in the military. God bless.

Michael J. Eastman…. right you are! I don’t know why there has ever been a ‘birther’ question about Cruz unless it was started by someone afraid of his success.

Really? What part of the U.S. Code do you quote from? Are there any provisions in the Constitution or its Amendments that say that a “natural born citizen” only has to have ONE parent that was a natural born citizen to confer the natural born status to their children? I would like to see your proof. That way I will understand this mess.

Article 2 section 1 of the constitution shows the requirements to become president. The parents do not have to be citizens but the one running must be born on US soil or territory owned by the US. Must be 35 years of age.

just curious, but do all Americans really believe they are\have the greatest nation on earth and lead the world???? as indicated by the two” smilies “advertising at the top of this forum..


Troll alert!

Would like to receive information regarding amac.

I received an invite to AARP today. My disabled veteran husband said I need to look into AMAC. Please tell me more.

Suzanne Chaney

Suzanne, I encourage both you and your husband to investigate AMAC. They offer benefits identical to AARP and individuals like Guy Desrochers are attempting to dissuade you based on an issue that liberals, and Bernie Sanders in specific have no true answer for. I suggest you do your own due diligence and ignore the liberal trolls attempting to dissuade you from the political and personal beliefs you support.


Don’t be fooled by these boneheads at AMAC. They have no agenda to shore up social security. I’m starting an organization that is liberal and supports Bernie sanders for president. You should join.

Guy, There’s already an organization for liberal “boneheads” as you call it. The AARP. They definitely back a socialist agenda. AMAC is for thinking, intelligent people. And if a socialist lifestyle is what you want…please, move to France, Sweden or Norway where the elderly are afraid to go to the hospital, as they know they probably won’t come home.

REALLY? r u nuts or just stupid?

Please send information..

Please send information. Thank you!

Its clear that we should have a NO PARTY SYSTEM and we dont need left wing or right wings. We will always be divided. Our goverment will always be at odds and stalling, each party spending 80% of its time simply stonewalling each other. That said AARP has a definite agenda. They backed OBUMMERCARE. Anyone who voted for that fool should reflect on their decision. Obummer deliberately sets people up to become dependent on the government–then who are they going to vote for? Will they bite the hand that feeds them? Wake up people. He has bought the low income, program dependent, and alien votes for Dems of the future. DOnt think he wont be getting something for all that at the price of a world he leaves to his own children. Seriously—can you tie your shoes? If you have that much brainpower, you should know what a horrible position… Read more »

You tell people to Google your name, but Google is a far leftist organization that supports Zerocare, and all things that enable the invasion of privacy. Possibly you could use a company that does not advocate and practice so strongly the gathering of any and all personal information for use by the left (and anyone else who pays for it) in the future.

I support health care. However Obamacare does not come free. The government is Trillions of dollars in debt so who do you think is going to pay for it. As far as your privacy…. Obamacare has hired a committee of people with no qualifacations concerning medical issues to decide what medical procedures Your doctor can and can not prescribe for you. You can not ask the doctor questions about your husband’s health with out his permission but some stranger is going to know everything about your health. I hope it works for you. I personal am outraged.

Not very many options (if any) or alternatives to Google. If you worry about privacy there is duckduckgo (add the www and the dot com yourself). There is also Bing. The problem is, Bing is owned by Microsoft which I would call far from conservative. DuckDuckGo is in fact a great search tool if you value your privacy but if you look at some of their search results or their news search hits, like google, you see a lot of skewed results.

Do not forget about dogpile or webferret. They search the search engines

Maybe privatelee.

Oh, Putin, that’s right the Russian Tzar, is the biggest investor in DuckDuckGo, if you’re interested that is.

Try SmartPage


Email me with more info including how to join please.

I’m interested in your organization!

Please send information on AMAC. I am looking for Medicare supplemental insurance companies.

would like more info