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AMAC Warns of ‘Inappropriate Impact’ of Media On Our Kids

media children inappropriate impact kidsWASHINGTON, DC – America’s children are under attack by the entertainment industry, says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC].  He cites the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, which reports that a Netflix TV series, which premiered two years ago, 13 Reasons Why, is associated with a significant increase in suicides among adolescents.

Meanwhile, Weber expressed concern about the inappropriate impact of other teen accessible TV programming.  He says that much of that content can have negative influence on the lives of kids due to explicit content, including scenes of drug use and sex and rape.  He noted that Tim Winter, who heads up the Parents Television Council, recently said that what “Netflix is doing with ’13 Reasons Why,’ HBO, with its new high school centered show, ‘Euphoria,’ appears to be overtly, intentionally marketing extremely graphic adult content – sex, violence, profanity and drug use – to teens and preteens.”

Winter told Fox News that although the cable program company says Euphoria is a show intended for adults, “HBO is now internationally marketing this content to children.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics has long warned that kid-centric media content, whether on the big screen, on TV or in video games can be harmful to young minds.  The AAP has noted that even suggestive lyrics in the songs they listen to can put the health and welfare of children and adolescents at “significant” risk.

Weber says that there is plenty of evidence that “the right kinds video games” can have a positive impact on children.  He says there are many games that challenge kids brains to solve problems — electronic puzzles, games that can improve hand-eye coordination and that teach how to analyze complex situations and make quick decisions, for example.

According to a large scale study of adolescents conducted by Michigan State University, “the more kids played video games, the more creative they were in tasks such as drawing pictures and writing stories.”

However, Weber points out that many children are attracted to games with aggressively violent themes and that there are numerous studies showing these can have a negative effect on youngsters.  “It’s up to parents to monitor their children’s video gaming as well as the amount of time they are spending with these devices.  It is most important, however, that guardians make sure the games are age appropriate, a task that can be aided by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.  The ESRB rates games by age, offering six categories ranging from ‘Early Childhood’ to ‘Adult Only’.”

Weber also suggests that parents preview any such game that can be purchased for use in gaming systems and those that are downloaded via the Internet.


The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] [https://www.amac.us], with 2 million members, is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at https://amac.us/join-amac.

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Todd Taylor
1 year ago

I PLEAD WITH YOU ALL TO EXAMIN THE FOLLOWING QUOTE: “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” ― Vladimir Lenin as one who has worked with students for forty years, I have warned parents the negative impact of TV on their children. What is the FCC’s job? They regulate nothing anymore. TV’s objective is clear capture the hearts and minds of our youth and so they have; American youth have become pawns and ponies in their game to destroy America. Therefore, so many youths today cannot think for themselves; ignorance has become bliss. FCC standards are evident: anything goes. The unchecked, unrestrained media has taken control; these are dangerous times.

1 year ago

I treat teens and always ask the ones who were suicidal and made some type of attempt whether they had watched “13 Reasons Why.” Across the board the answer is Yes. I then educate the parents about exposure to damaging media. When First Amendment rights of companies like Netflix are doing statistically proven harm to minors, some kind of regulatory body needs to step in. Many parents are not aware of this dangerous series and here comes the followup, Euphoria. This problem should not rest alone on the shoulders of the parents.

1 year ago

I don’t see sex, porn, etc. as a problem for teens. The real problem that distorts the mind comes from the MSM. Propaganda, lies, not reporting what should be reported to manipulate is the real problem. In today’s world anything can be faked. When you can’t trust the news you have a crazy making situation for kids and adults. All social media and all private companies must be required to abide by the 1st amendment and stop the censoring. They can put up warning pages, but being allowed by law to control what we see and communicate is against our first amendment rights and must be stopped.

1 year ago

Much of the stuff to which we ALL are daily subjected is revolting, disgusting, violent, vulgar–all stuff of the Seven Deadly Sins, so named because these things are the worst of humankind and cause spiritual and moral rot. That they are so plenteous, and blithely broadcast during times children watch–with no care whatsoever–is a national disgrace. Hollywood and the “entertainment” industry are the authors of most of this overarching filth. We, the recipients, must reject their graphic violence training films force-fed to the kids, and to us, and see to it that it hits them hard in the financial loins.

1 year ago

I volunteer at an international organization that fights sex trafficking of minors. Hard core pornography and trafficking exploded in numbers with the introduction of the internet. Adults and children are exposed to “milder’ forms of porn and watch that until it no longer satisfies them. They begin to crave the more hard core videos and pictures. The longer they watch the worse it gets. If you know how, you can get anything you want on the internet. It is disgusting. Most people do not realize how serious the problem is in this country. Children are targeted by predators looking for children whose looks fit the demands of their depraved customers. Children in this country disappear every day, never to be heard from again. I think there should be stricter guidelines about what can and cannot be shown on TV. I’d like to hear a lot less foul language too.

Elisa des Groseilliers
1 year ago
Reply to  Mitzi

Many parents don’t know that Planned Parenthood has infiltrated our education system under the guise of teaching “health education” classes. These classes have nothing to do with health. They are pornographic and taught to our children at a very young age. Absolutely disgusting. Children are being sexualized at younger and younger ages more than ever. Parents should really look into what has been approved by their State school boards. Also check the books their children are told to read in class. Many of these books are not permitted to leave the classroom because the teachers don’t want the parents to know!

Dorothy Peterson
1 year ago

I subscribed to AMAC , check #1720 written and sent on April 17th and have NEVER received a single copy

1 year ago

I concur that the TV wasteland is corrupting the young peoples minds but this is secondary to what the socialist teachers are teaching in school or in some instances not teaching in school, History is being totally neglected. I doubt if many kids are even aware of the was if 1812 or that Washington crossed the Delaware in the Revolutionary war or that while slavery was a factor in the civil war, the biggest cause of the war was financial/industrial and the states rights to secede from the union if they objected to what DC was doing… Much like CA is threatening to do today over immigration. Economics is another area where the schools are failing . Students should be required to have a personal bookkeeping class and a home economics class. Students today cannot even make change at a cash register. Is it any wonder that bernie sanders can sell his socialism and cortex can preach climate change?

Pat R
1 year ago

The USA is pretty much following the same history as Israel has for millennia. About every 200 years Israel would so rebel against God that they suffered some drastic occurrence. Also in 190+ years the USA went from a Declaration of Independence and Constitution based on Godly principles to reinterpreting those principles to the point of taking all things God and the Bible out of public schools and as time goes on any images representative of God (10 Commandments, the Cross) removed from all places considered “public” (gov’t). Add to that Hollywood, in the last 60 years, representing all things anti-God, even satanistic, has been not only allowed on TV (no home without them) but actually promoted toward children. If you’ve ever wondered how bad things must have been in Noah’s day, I’d say we’re just about there, if not already.

1 year ago

The media is controlling this country! What we eat, where we go, what we think. They are not neutral in their reporting!

Greg Russell
1 year ago

For decades soft porn on commercial television has been ignored by the FCC. Same for radio, filthy content, and nothing done to keep our children from being exposed to this crap. Interestingly, the people who scream and pout at the mere sight of a religious image, tell conservatives when faced with filth on public media, “simply turn the channel”. Exposing children to all this immoral filth is but one part of the liberal agenda, along with the complete breakdown of the traditional family, and scrubbing God from the public square. Now, states are extracting your children from the home as early as possible, and under the guise of “All-day Pre-K”, sending your children to the state indoctrination camps called schools at such a young age, that, before they even have had a chance at all to absorb the values of the parent, the state will train them up to embrace abortion, sexual perversion, and despise your Natural Rights, such as the Second Amendment and the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Donald Hawkins
1 year ago
Reply to  Greg Russell

Gregg is 100% correct. Where there is no fear of God the people the people run wild.

Todd Taylor
1 year ago
Reply to  Greg Russell

I PLEAD WITH YOU ALL TO EXAMIN THE FOLLOWING QUOTE: “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” ― Vladimir Lenin as one who has worked with students for forty years, I have warned parents the negative impact of TV on their children. What is the FCC’s job? They regulate nothing anymore. TV’s objective is clear capture the hearts and minds of our youth and so they have; American youth have become pawns and ponies in their game to destroy America. Therefore, so many youths today cannot think for themselves; ignorance has become bliss. FCC standards are evident: anything goes. The unchecked, unrestrained media has taken control; these are dangerous times.

Todd Taylor
1 year ago
Reply to  Greg Russell

“In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes.” Judges 21:25 Just like the Israelites of old had no king so America have no God. Americans have placed themselves on His throne. They told God to “get the “H” out of our school, politics and personal lives” and God being gracious did exactly that. This opened Pandora’s box and created a horrific vacuum for sin to thrive; we have only ourselves to blame. In the words of John, the Baptist “Repent” America, the day of the Lord is here. If America is to be truly great again it will put God back on the throne of our politics, schools and personal lives.

darlene carter
1 year ago

our children & youth are being brain washed. especially the youth in the colleges

Annette Mennella
1 year ago

This is nothing new! I believe in the early 80s starting with MTV , which wasn’t too bad back then, was the start of our kids culture war! My husband and I were constantly calling Time Warner Cable threateningly to take MTV off our channel listing or we would surely cancel our TV cable and use basic. They finally blocked it ! But of course they rearranged the channel listing as they usually do from time to time, and there it was again!
Hollywood is a cesspool of hypocrisy! Those people are the first to cry more gun laws etc., but then to make their capitalist big bucks (which we are not allowed to have) they use our kids as experimental rats with the filth and violence they produce from day to day!
So if a kid gets a gun and shoots another or goes on a school rampage with a gun or other violent objects, it becomes all of societies fault!
Well I have news for you Hollywierdos, you people are the ones promoting this violence day in and day out! I’m sick of hearing it’s for adults only!! BS!
You are the ones that need to start acting like the adults! Most parents are doing their job! And literally as you liberals know , parents do have to work unlike you folks who have gobs of money and still complain the regular guy has too much!
The hypocrisy is so deep it’s gets scarier everyday! You are all blinded by the wealth you want to take from us!
The bottom line is you folks in Hollywood own how the kids are growing up today! You are the ones who don’t give a damn about anyone but yourselves and you millions and your fancy cribs as you call them!
Stop complaining and pointing fingers and wake up! But you won’t because YOU are the greedy ones who have no regard for human life!

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