AMAC vs. AARP – Battling for the Hearts and Minds of Seniors

AMAC vs AARP - AMAC Fights For You

If you haven’t chosen AMAC over AARP yet, you may want to reconsider.

During the first Presidential debate, President Obama touted the support of AARP for ObamaCare several times.  While AARP immediately responded by saying, “AARP is a nonpartisan organization and we do not endorse political candidates nor coordinate with any candidate or political party”, recently released emails between the White House and AARP operatives seem to indicate that AARP threw their tremendous lobbying power behind the legislation despite the fact they were getting calls overwhelmingly against it.

In fact, on September 20, 2012, Kimberley A. Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote:

“Thanks to just-released emails from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, we now know that AARP worked through 2009-2010 as an extension of a Democratic White House, toiling daily to pass a health bill that slashes $716 billion from Medicare, strips seniors of choice, and sets the stage for rationing. We know that despite AARP’s awareness that its seniors overwhelmingly opposed the bill, the ‘nonpartisan organization’ chose to serve the president’s agenda.
The 71 pages of emails show an AARP management taking orders from the White House, scripting the president’s talking points, working to keep its board ‘in line’ and pledging a fealty to ‘the cause.’ Seniors deserve to know all this, as AARP seeks to present itself as neutral in this presidential election.”

AARP refuses to take a formal position on the Independent Payment Advisory Board (“rationing board”) portion of ObamaCare and even defends some aspects of the board. Given the negative impact that the IPAB will have on seniors, this is unbelievable (but sadly, not unexpected).

AMAC is against the harsh provisions in ObamaCare that gives the Federal government complete control of our healthcare. It destroys the best healthcare system in the world, takes 716 billion dollars out of Medicare, and has the power to restrict and ration our medical treatment.

AMAC is fighting to keep our right to receive treatment from our doctors without the interference of Federal bureaucrats.

Big government experiments like the “stimulus” and ObamaCare have only increased the uncertainty and instability, and are core reasons for the persistently high unemployment rate and why the household incomes of Mature Americans have declined so much.

AMAC, The Association of Mature American Citizens, believes we can do much better. As a steadily growing alternative to groups like AARP, and with an expanding influence in the Nation’s capital, we aim to champion the interests of Mature Americans, seniors, and prospective retirees. We believe in religious freedom, free enterprise, and support common sense solutions to our Nation’s largest challenges.

Bottom line – Our livelihoods, our families’ future prosperity and our standards of living should not be threatened by bad policies emanating from Washington, DC.

AMAC Fights for You!

AMAC vs AARP - Dan Weber Petition

AMAC, the leading Conservative Alternative to AARP
Dan Weber, President and Founder of AMAC, delivers remarks with the House GOP Doctors Caucus the day the Supreme Court decided to uphold ObamaCare. Standing with Dan are (from left to right) Representatives, Paul Broun (GA-10th), John Fleming (LA-4th), Phil Gingrey GA-11th), Joe Heck (NV-3rd), Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25th), and Tim Murphy (PA-18th).

As AMAC continues to grow and build a presence in DC, we’re able to stand up to the tremendous lobbying power of AARP on behalf of concerned conservative Americans like you.

A senator told us, “You have got to grow AMAC!” When we asked him why, he said, “You don’t understand, when AARP comes to our committees they say they represent older Americans. We know at times they really don’t, but because of their numbers we have got to listen to them. When AMAC has one million members we can tell them they are not the only one we will listen to.”

AMAC can do something AARP will not do – we’ll fight against the horror of big government “solutions” like Obamacare with common sense solutions. But now, more than ever, AMAC needs your help!

If you want to belong to an organization that takes its marching orders from its members and speaks out for conservative values, JOIN AMAC!

For a limited time, a 5-year membership is available for less than $1 a month, and you’ll have access to exclusive AMAC benefits – such as the members-only auto and home insurance program, access to licensed Medicare counselors, the AMAC Roadside Assistance Program, travel, and much more!

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We purchased AARP for 2 years. Found out they backed Obama care 2 months into the policy. Called AARP and told them to cancel our policy as we did not want it. Were told they would not return the money for the other 22 months that we were not insured. Just another example of how the big companies rip off us nobodies. AMAC could not be any worse than AARP.

Yep, it’s all about the money!!!

no america does not have the best health care system in the world , check it out , health insurance payments are out of sight , the insurance co. make more money than ever , i have lived in two countries with national health insurance , and yes the care exceeds the care in america , if you want get better insurance get rid of special interest lobbies. influence on the congress and senate , but then you have to realize that people that sit in those in those bodies , are there not for you , but for the reason that benefits them and all special interest . i have absolutely no respect for congress and the senate , i my eyes they are political whores

That was why I switched to AMAC when we realized that they backed up the present presid.. . Got insurance for cars thru AARP for years and never ever did I pay so much. As the value of the car went down the payments got more higher until we just stop it and got our own. I agree they never really represented our interest.

Retired at 66, I’ve paid heavily for health insurance since I was 27. Now, with retirement monthly income much less than when working, I feel like I am “nickled and dimed) to death.

We may need a better source of health care, but ramming it down the throats of the country, to me, isn’t the answer. It is heading towards a single payer system. obama is a dangerous cat. The added burden of millions of undocumented aliens is crushing us. it’s the ploy of the dem’s to buy votes. Why do you think they don’t want positive proof of who you are when you vote? obama’s agenda is to stay in office permanently, he doesn’t want his term to end and he may just get his way. he circumvents the law at his whim. It’s only used when it serves him otherwise he’s doing the best thing for all us stupid people. Doesn’t anyone remember back in ’08 when michele obama called us ‘a nation of sloths?’ Well she predicted the future, we are a nation of unemployed. Where’s the jobs he states… Read more »

Donna… you hit the nail on the head.. one of the many reasons that some of the less politically educated populace scream so loudly when they encounter those who defy their lack of mental acuity. Keep speaking up for our rights, the Constitution and helping shed light upon the darkness promulgated by those who shy away from truth! Soon the Prevaricator in Chief will end his reign of treason over this country and receive his just reward along with his sympathizers!!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news… Election 2016 is one and a half weeks away and Hillary Clinton (a 3rd term Obama, a.k.a. Muslim Liar-In-Chief)) and Donald Trump are our candidates. People don’t get. Hillary and Obama are using people to further their agendas, meaning to “fundamentally change” our wonderful country.

Obama’s UNaffordable Care Act (Obamacare) is what he intended. And, if those who don’t buy insurance, their charged a penalty. Just another one of our freedoms taken away.

If a single payer system, which you advocate, had been passed as an alternative to ACA, would you think it had been “rammed down our throats? You hatred of President Obama is irrational and leads you into making ridiculous claims.

You are an idiot!

Pat to call someone an idiot because their view may not be in line with yours shows that you are one of those Liberals that have no tolerance for viewpoints other than their own. If that is the most intelligent comment you can make, I suggest you discontinue making comments at all.

And what point are you making, Pat? Can’t defend so throw an insult with nothing to back it up? Typical lib.

The Insurance company United Health Care literally owns AARP, AMAC is not owned by an insurance company. People used to challenge the status quo, I don’t know what has happened to America while I was working overtime to make my employer richer…

AARP was for the the Kenyan, danny glover & the other commie pos harry belefont’e

Sorry Donna you are full od S**t. A single payer system would be better for all. Jobs, wasn’t it also the republicans who ran on jobs? Ask them where the jobs are. They have had plenty of opportunities to vote and pass a number of job bills and did nothing. I know the huose has passed a number of job bills that are stalled in the Senate. I researched these bills and they are nothing more than deregulation bills not a jobs bill.

So in your mind a big governement solution is the obvious answer to all problems. All private companies are evil, greedy, destrcutive, etc. If you are able to think objectively, consider how broken and dysfunctional our Federal Government is, consider how utterly incapable it is of fixing a problem without making it worse, and creating numerous other equally catostrophic problems. For the most part, our Federal Goverment is never accountable, when it call falls apart they just come up with a new “solution” and confiscate more of our money. Sadly in our time, the goal of the Federal Government is not to serve the people as intended by the Constitution, its become an Oligarchy. They’ve played the game well, they’ve got most of us spun up in red vs. blue, left vs. right, repub vs. dem. Meanwhile the real ware is Washington DC vs. America, and America’s’ not engaged. Socialist… Read more »

You base your entire position on a lie! The ACXA shifted funds and DID NOT CUT MEDICARE! You are just an old Right Wing Nut willing to say anything instead of admitting you are a racially biased, ignorant bigot!

why is it that every time a conservative, rational individual opposes an Obama policy, we are called racists and ignorant??? Obamacare is a disgrace to this great nation, Obama himself is a Christian hating individual who has sided with the Muslim Brotherhood, allowed muslims from worn torn countries to enter our nation under UN supervision but denied that access to Christians. I believe you are the ignorant, racist, anti Christian in this debate

Neal: You should get some therapy for your delusions and anger issues.

You need to read Revelation in the Bible it is happening right now

Bill, read what you wrote (and nothing else) and see who sounds like a judgemental bigot now (race aside)

Is that all you Dems/Liberals can say when someone is critical concerning the present administration? Use the “R” word (racist). The only racists are those who elected a man into the highest position this country has who did not have any experience other than being a Senator for a very short while before planning his run for President. He was elected basically because of the color of his skin. Those who put him up for the position he now has knew that would be a factor. If you feel he is running this country in a positive manner than that is your opinion. Others have different opinions than you. I suggest you drop calling people racist because it’s the same as pointing a finger at someone. It points back to you.

So Bill–why does my husband suddenly have to pay $55/month in 2015 out of his own pocket for Medicare Complete coverage next year, on top of the Medicate tax he already has to pay monthly out of his meager Social Security check?

Well, actually many of them are starting to turn on him. Even NY Times has published critical articles.

So Bill …… Why is it my mom just lost her insurance coverage because like blue cross her insurance has drop Medicare ……. So now like me she has no affordable health insurance

AARP was for the the Kenyan, danny glover & the other commie pos harry belefont’e

So Bill, why is it that every time a conservative, rational individual opposes an Obama policy, we are called racists and ignorant??? Obamacare is a disgrace to this great nation, Obama himself is a Christian hating individual who has sided with the Muslim Brotherhood, allowed muslims from worn torn countries to enter our nation under UN supervision but denied that access to Christians. I believe you are the ignorant, racist, anti Christian in this debate.

My e-mail logo is, “Annoy a Liberal, use Facts & Logic. You can never convince a Liberal of anything that is factual or Logical, no matter how much data you produce. Concerning AMAC, They do not seem to have a way for you to compare the great United Health Insurance type F to their policy. I have never had the Insurance refused and rarely ever have to pay any doctor, hospital or equipment bills. I know that is not so for several other Suppliments and have seen notices in offices listing some that they do not accept. The Commissar’s monkey wrench in our health care is bad, but as I’m paid up for life with this Liberal AARP, I will not be contributing anything further to their efforts. I use the good insurance and file 13 the magazine and other papers. Pray to God that this time around we will… Read more »

Elaine. So you are not a racist! You are a religious bigot. NOW I see the difference..

Tom, Is Elaine attacking the color of his skin? or his culture? No! She is saying that his POLICIES and his decisions as cures are ignorant. The solutions the POTUS favors do not represent sound rational tested resolutions for the strength of our nation. He’s the bully at the school. He does not value the suggestions of smarter people than himself who have much more knowledge about most situations. He won’t listen to his generals, or his committees. You should only suggest that Elaine feels very strongly about her opinions and now you call her a bigot?? No, you don’t see the difference. lighten up!

Ahhh the sweet sound of defeat as the liberals race-bait because they cannot defend a failed president. Reminds me of the Jimmy Carter days!

BTW libs answer this: 1. Can we KEEP our doctors? 2. Can we KEEP our insurance? 3. Will we be getting a REDUCTION in healthcare costs of $2500/year?

How can YOU defend a serial liar?

Ahhhhhh David,

Excellent points!!! Democrats will never turn on their Messiah……they will continue to lie for him as needed. Whatever rainbow he paints, their pot of gold is surely at the other end. You can’t fix stupid!!!

The Democrats cannot admit their mistake in not vetting an incompetent rabble rouser before allowing him to be their standard bearer and then electing him twice. To admit it now would likely destroy the Democrat Party for decades to come even tho former President Lyndon Johnson said when passing the Civil Rights Act that “it would have the niggers voting Democrat for hundreds of years”. His words, not mine.

AARP was for the the Kenyan, danny glover & the other commie pos harry belefont’e

and neal is a smelly cunt

@James Fivdy: You couldn’t prove your absolute ignorance any better than posting your “smelly c_nt” comment. What a retard!!

James loves to smell Neal’s smelly cunt.

Elaine, your cunt is smelly, please, go use some soap with that water down there.

Checked out the discounts. Honestly, they suck, unless you eat Papa Johns pizzas without readily available other specials. This is basically a contribution to a lobby which, incidentally, I support. But don’t tell me I can save my membership dues on these pathetic discounts.

People,,,People,,,,People,,,,,, Please ,,, everything is going to be fine,,,, the Chip will solve and fix all !! And you guys think this is messed up,,,,

To the clear minded people who have called it like it is,remember elections have consequences.As long as the sheeple vote liberal we will never overcome the stupidity the is in Washington. I just retired from 25 years at Albertsons and I hope to be able to enjoy a few years before these fools tax me to death. Oh how I long for another Reagan.

Reagan, worst president EVER!!!

No not the worst but ranks high of being the worst. GWB was the worst.


*That is in Washington.

I joined AMAC and decided to rent a vehicle through their “Discount” Program. I was funneled OFF to one of their so-called Associates and the price I was given sounded a bit high. So, I called the same rental agency at the Air Port and their price was $105 CHEAPER. Needless to say I rented directly. Upon returning home I e-mailed AMAC and the response informed me they would IMMEDIATELY look into it and get back with me. After three follow up e-mails I’m still waiting for a reason as to why the inflated price to rent a vehicle. AMAC, just as AARP…, it’s all about the money so what’s the point? While it’s only $15.00 a year I find that through my veterans group I receive real discounts on vehicles, motels, etc. I now have them filed in the Rip Off folder.

Anxious to learn more about AMAC. Do they offer “perks” comparable to AARP. I just received a re-enrollment form from AARP last week and am hesitate complete the form. I am excited to learn more about AMAC.

please send me info on joining amac. eugene w wade 2641 swinehart rd akron ohio 44312

Nice writing , I learned a lot from the insight – Does anyone know if my business could grab a fillable IRS 1099-A example to fill in ?

All I know is I would be screwed if I did not have the supplemental insurance that AARP has for seniors on Medicare. They have picked up what ever Medicare did not pay. I’m a Tea Party leaning person. But until someone comes up with better insurance, I’m stuck to use AARP.

There are numerous options for the 20% that Medicare does not cover, and many are better than those endorsed by AARP. Options vary by state so be sure to check out both Medigap (supplement) and Advantage plans.

I did check Medigap and Advantage plans they are more expensive i chose AARP

AARP what? AARP offers I think both Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare part C) & Medicare Supplement plans (also called Medigap plans). They are designated by letters for the different types of supplement plans so that you can compare them w others. Medicare Advantage Plans replace regular Medicare. Medicare Supplement plans cost an additional premium to cover what Medicare does not cover. Generally Advantage plans seem to cover more things, generally more complete coverage. Some Medicare Advantage plans charge no additional plan premium above part B. Some do have additional monthly plan premiums. Do some research & find a good insurance agent who represents various Medicare Advantage & Medicare supplement plans. Check to see which plans include your current doctors, how much co-pays are, etc. & what it would cost to get different procedures & surgeries done. In S CA my Blue Shield HMO PLUS plan totally paid for my cataract… Read more »
Sounds like they have been misleading you. Of course it depends on where you live as to what is available. If you live out in a rural area w less providers there may be less plan options. You can go on the website & find info on plans in your area. In both OC S CA, & Portland, OR I found other Medicare Advantage Plans. I refuse to have anything to do w AARP. They make $ from lending their name to those plans & hey fool people into thinking that they offer something they can’t get elsewhere. AARP is NOT the only one to offer Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Supplement plans. When I was about to turn 65 of course. Was bombarded w literature & calls from those wanting my business. I waited but finally realized it was time to act. About that time, I got calls… Read more »
I happen to agree with Kathi. I also didn’t like the Liberal Bent of AARP so I checked out AMAC, however although I joined them for the next 3 years, they didn’t offer the Medicare plan that I wanted at the same price as I was able to get with the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, so I signed up there until I can get a more reasonable pricing from AMAC, hopefully next year. The thing that I have experienced from AARP is that they actually attempted to bill me, with an initial and a second notice for their membership, which I NEVER have applied for or requested. In my opinion that kind of dishonesty displays the kind of organization that they seem to be, unethical in not representing conservatives!! As far as I am concerned, both major political parties do not have the best interests of US Citizens at… Read more »
Find a good insurance agent who handles Medicare advantage plans as well as Medicare supplement plans. An agent can help sort thru the differences & find one that best fits your needs. I happen to have life & health insurance licenses, but I do not do health insurance. But. Know from what we do, that policies can sound very much alike w differences that might not be noticeable to the average person. Hit a trained agent can help make good recommendations. I was solicited by 2 different ones (after a bunch of not so good ones including 1 that kept confusing Medicare supplement w Medicare advantage). Choose one & she recommended 2 good plans but I opted for the HMO plan from Blue Shield that did not have any plan premiums. When. Moved to OR, I located an agent who also helped w recommendations. This time I am on a… Read more »

I am with AARP and I pretty much will have to stay with them. If it wasn’t for them and United Health Care, I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to all my doctors.

Check out other Medicare Advantage plans! They do vary by location, but I absolutely refuse to have anything to do w AARP that supports their socialist, big government agenda! In S CA I had a BlueShield 65 Plus HMO plan. I did have to change a dr or 2 but I had very good coverage. I had cataract surgery & paid nothing! Co-pays were low, about $5-10 & nothing for primary. Now in Portland, OR, w HealthNet Violet Option 2 KT& I don’t think I’m paying any additional plan premium above Medicare part B, or else only a very small one. Ths is a PPO plan that a far seems to be offering good coverage. It really helps to find a good ins agent wh knows the options & can help sort out the differences. It doesn’t cost any more to go thru an agent than trying to figure it… Read more »
First of all you start with a lie. The United States ranks 37th amongst all developed nations in health care. This is the same health care system that denied treatment for a severely herniated disc in my neck for 27 years. During that time the nerves in my neck were crushed and I now have permanent nerve damage and am in constant pain, because no insurance company available to me for all those years would pay for treatment. This is the same healthcare system in which doctors deny treatment to patients that would negatively effect their success rate as a surgeon. The same healthcare system that writes off those with pre-existing conditions and denies treatment for those they deem at risk even though the patient has been in remission for years. If you truly want to help you would address the rights of the patient to receive timely treatment and… Read more »
You are the liar!! I do not know who ranks it but find it hard to believe We are 37!! I have never had a problem with healthcare until this past May!! As to denial of treatment for the reason You gave ,I have never known anyone to have this happen!! I personally know of some that could afford it who came from Canada here to the USA for treatment! I dropped My membership in AARP 20 years ago because of their liberal agenda on gun control among other things!! They backed Obamascam because it means an extra BILLION *dollars for them over the next 10 years! I made the mistake of signing up for their MedicareComplete plan!! If You travel and need to see a DR which happened to Me in May (when I was in NB helping My son who lost His wife to cancer)and went to a… Read more »
The ranking comes from The World Health Organization ( WHO ). However it’s methodology has been disputed by many. There is a very good article by the Wall Street Journal from February 2013 about this topic. Our ranking in infant mortality is skewered because of what a particular country considers a “live birth”. What some countries may automatically consider a still born child may not by the US which will fight more often to have the child survive. So do we actually have a higher child mortality rate or is just a matter of maneuvering statistics? The number of surviving preterm births is 65% higher than Britian and double of many of those countries ranked higher. Our life expectancy rates are lower but factor in that the US has one has one of the highest automobile death rates and also a higher murder rate than many other countries. So how… Read more »

Dwain I agree with you totally, I cannot understand how they get away with what they do. Medicare is a farce, if you have no other plan the B, you are responsible for 20%, and if it is a serious condition, then you have a huge bill to pay, now if you get another plan to help, that is more money out of your savings, and with prices of everything going up, there is no way you can maintain the quality of life that is needed. I do not support AARP at all, they went up on their prices years ago, and hardly offer anything that is news worthy.

What I find with many people are their complaints about Medicare. You should be more concerned about the healthcare coverage that we the tax payers are paying for our elected officials. They make on average 3 to 4 time the amount of the average worker. They can afford to pay for their own coverage and that is not to mention all their other perks. They are our employees our taxes pay their salaries and health care. Do you know of any other employee that can vote themselves a pay raise or a COLA?

Dwain. Read something other than comic books . We ARE 37th in the world for health care and….hold on to your panties….. we are 57th in infant mortality!!!!! You have a computer, go online and check out the rankings.

Ken, You are a BS-er. You are confusing health care with health insurance. There is no way you would have been refused treatment. All you needed was a way to pay for it. I can believe you were refused insurance for the condition. I can believe that insurance would refuse to pay for it. But you said, you were refused treatment. Blatant BS. If it was that bad as you say, you could have (should have) taken out a loan to pay for the treatment, but you chose to blame insurance companies and to suffer because you were un-insurable. Your choice worked. You have succeeded. Insurance is not charity. It is a way of spreading UNEXPECTED costs among a group. You would never have been denied TREATMENT. Additionally, had you tried you may have found any number of organizations who would have paid for at least a portion of those… Read more »
Tony, you are exactly correct. The ignorance expressed on this board is astonishing. The mentality that something is owed to people, just because, is ridiculously pervasive. Being in the medical field, it was often the case that certain physicians were restricted as to what they personally could or would be able to do. That is so much worse now and getting to be even more of a problem. Anytime anyone wanted treatment in the past, it was simply a matter of finding someone who would treat it for some cost. That can put a surgeon in jail now, in some instances – will be more of a problem going forward. As for the whiners, hope you enjoy substandard insurance and treatment from substandard doctors – because that is 100% of what to expect until you are 75. After that, you will get no support as you have outlived your usefulness… Read more »

As a medical professional, I can tell you that if you don’t sign up for being a provider, you can not charge privately for services. So when you call for an appointment, you will not get one.

Tony, you’re wrong. Go to an emergency room with a problem and you’ll probably be fixed up enough for them to get you out of there and that’s about all. That isn’t treatment, that’s just getting rid of you. You’re not going to be treated and you’ll probably die if you can’t get to a county hospital. Even at a county hospital you’re probably just going to delay death for lack of treatment for a short while; those places are so busy that care is little better than you can get from your neighborhood bartender. Quit buying into the mindless babble that so-called conservatives today direct you to think.

I beg to differ with you on this ER issue. Due to donestic violence my daughter landed in ER with a ruptured kidney. They tried to save the kidney but ultimately it was too badly damaged. She spent a good amount of time in ICU and later in a regular room. After being discharged she was placed on a program for what they call indigents (uninsured and now unable to work through recovery). She didn’t pay a dime and had excellent care even though the waiting room time was often long. Of course we the taxpayers paid for it but please don’t tell me that health care was not available prior to obamacare. There are clinics all over where you can get help, they just may not be what you like. And if you didn’t like those low cost clinics before, you’re going to hate what’s coming down the road.

So Nancy, don’t you think we can figure out a better system than the one you described, where the taxpayer is paying for people like you because you don’t have, or won’t have, insurance?

I don’t see anywhere in Tony’s comment where he said just go to the ER for treatment. Where did you come up with that?

Good luck even finding a competent doc when rates are cut. The best ones will stop taking Medicare, or go completely concierge. Coverage is irrelevant when the care you’re getting is second-rate.

Everything I hear and see about AMAC is primarily health care related. AARP also does things like protect workers rights. If I wanted support against descrimination in the workplace, I might consider AARP over AMAC. If I want better health care as a retiree, I might consider AMAC.

Are you a full service protector of the 55+ crowd or focussed only on obamacare?

If full service, who would be my contact for a work discrimination case and please provide instances where you have actually gone in and done something.

Walter, if by “protect workers rights” you mean support unions, then count me out, AMAC doesn’t need to go there. Obamacare if the biggest threat to seniors in a generation (and probably ever). If what you suggest is true, I’d suggest AMAC has their priorities correct.

Finally, health care for the terminally retarded! Too bad the Muslim people are more dedicated to their religion than the christians to theirs. Either way, these seniors need to expire,

Laughing. Karl Marxs had it right religion is the opiate for the masses. Religion is all about power, money and control. I am a believer in a higher being not in religion.

Robert senior or not I would have to include you in that group of terminally retarded ! Your statement has nothing to do with discussion. Government controlled healthcare is bad anyway you cut it. Medicare has dictated what insurance companies will and wi not cover for years. Medicare sets the guidelines for what all private insurance companies pay. Since Obama stole money from Medicare to fund his Obamacare. With the cuts made to payments to Drs. And hospitals many Drs have left medicine all together. Now with the increase in illegal aliens have helped overwhelm our medical system and makes access to care even harder. To address the post about being refused treatment or possible surgery yes that is very possible especially if the case is considered high risk , your option there is to get a second opinion just because one Dr feels you are beyond his skill level… Read more »

Yes, remember the ‘death panels’ that conservatives tried to warn us about! It’s in there!!

RE Death Panels. My daughter was diagnosed with early breast cancer almost two years ago and I was with her in the surgeons office when he explained the procedures to her. He said since they caught it so early they would do a lumptectomy followed by radioation and close monitoring and on and on. He told her at her age they would be aggressive with it but with an older person it would be minimal. This was with me, 71 years old, sitting in the room. A rose by any other name smells the same and if you think I don’t deserve the same care as a 45 year old then you might want to explain the reasons to my 4 and 6 year old greatgrandsons in whose lives I am very much involved and my other 8 year old greatgrandson who knows I’ll throw him on the floor for… Read more »

Nancy, your story is BULLSHIT! No doctor in his right mind would ever say that. You may have misinterpreted his comments, but the story can’t be true. I’m pretty sure this and many other people posting on this site are working for this company, trying to scare good folks. You all doing this SUCK, and need a good arse whippin’

Cheryl you said it very true and I see too much about what they didn’t get or can’t have you are your own care taker and you have to go and get it don’t blame other s for your own short comings.

Thank you Cheryl! We as a nation DO need to wake up & look around at what is taking place in front of our very eyes.

Robert, I’m 68 and I would bet I could beat the hell out of you. I would like the opportunity if I knew where you were.

Jim M, what a man, you want to beat the hell out of someone! BIG EFFIN MAN, you’re a POS, whatever your political bent, but I think I know who u roll with.

Robert I wonder if you would be saying the same thing if it was referring to you or your loved ones? I find your comments to be very insulting and bigoted. And to set the record straight, many of us Christians are very dedicated to our Savior.

How does one reply to such bigoted stupidity?

Thanks so much for sharing your hatred … you’ve reaffirmed my opinion of Liberals.

If you like Obamacare, high insurance premiums for cars, homes, etc. Then by all means join AARP.

I found auto insurance 40% cheaper than the AARP Hartford.

If you want discounts, join AAA or any other organization. AARP does not do any of us favors. They are a big business making money of the back of seniors.

David South is right. AARP is a “protectionist organization” supposedly giving discounts and “lobbists” to it’s members, much like a labor union offers employment retention protection in return for Union dues. AARP is making over a quarter of a billion dollars, selling supplemental insurance each year. Obamacare opens up a whole new market for them. I mean really, is New York Life, The Hartford, United Health, and Super 8 really going to give us any more a discount, than can be obtained through AAA or any other group? Think about it, its really a racket taking advantage of Seniors. I, personally will not be renewing my membership in AARP.


im sick of aarp supporting obama

That’s why many of us cancelled our AARP memberships! They do not speak for seniors any more.
I hope more organizations crop up that will take them on.

King Obama Care….LOL…..Wait till ya all have to pay for it. To all you young folk who are gonna get stuck with this boondoggle, think of it as a monthly car payment for the rest of your life and you never get the car, and the payments go UP every year…… ROTFLMFAO…. The $6,500.00 up front HIGH deductible you have to pay before you EVEN get any kind of care, money out of YOUR pocket or taken out of your Tax return by the 16,000 newly hired IRS Agents, hired to ENFORCE this HIGHEST TAX INCREASE on the American people then all the past Presidents combine, that is “if you pay taxes, If your Doctor keeps you. If you can keep your plan….If, If, if”…..You ignorant King Obama Slaves crack me up…Best laugh I had since Jimmy the “Peanut” Carter…and your FOOL-in-Charge keeps putting things off till after the elections… Read more »

Health care costs have being going up long before the ACA. I am retired now but when I was working every year while under company paid insurance the cost went up every year. It is the greed of the providers that keep the premiums high. Harley, what conservative fed you this line of shit? I for one am lucky because I served for country for 20 years I don’t need a supplemental plan I have Tricare for life. What Medicare doesn’t pay, Tricare does. I pay $13 every 90 days for scripts shipped to my home.

stop calling folks fools — let their actions speak! otherwise you are in danger of ‘hell’ per JESUS! THANKS!+<3 —

W, what a FOOL!

Right on the money HM

we are paying for it, right now!. and the bill came through before Bush left office!

Neil are you kidding me? You are blaming Bush for ObamaCare? Just to make sure …you do know the subject of Harley Mikes comment was Obama’s utterly stupid unaffordable “Affordable Care” act …correct? If you think Bush was responsible for that you really have been drinking way too much of that liberal Kool-Aid.

AMAC has saved me a lot of money, is very helpful and polite. I’ve never heard anything political from them or been pressured in any way..

YOU, Sharon snell, Are Full of SHIT!


Mrs Sotgato, You seem to be a real lady. Your language gives you away. Learn some more English without the 4 letter ones.

Why speak with such vile hatred? Because you’re hiding behind a computer? Great that you’re trying to be an informed consumer and make your own decisions about how to spend your money. I did not vote for “O” and am beyond angry about what he’s done TO this country, so we are in agreement on that point – but can we at least be civil and avoid being obscene about it?

What do conservatives do for the middle class? Either there are a lot of rich republicans or a lot of stupid voters!

Ronald, there are a lot of stupid voters that vote against their own interests. I saw over the weekend a reporter who went to a district in Minn. First of all many of the people she spoke with didn’t know that there were mid term elections. She asked them who they would vote for, they responded anyone that had a R attached to their name. She then asked them the name of their congress person, they had no idea.

I’m not rich or stupid. I’m informed!!!!, not like you liberals. I suppose you have your hand out, right? Well, when the conservatives stop working, where are you gonna get your handouts then? Guess you’ll have to get a job and informed about the “real world” and realize, “Money does grow on trees”, you MORON!!!

it’s time to show aarp WE wont tolerate it any more

You want to see “Stupid voter”???…. If you voted for King Obama, then Look in the mirror…YOUR KING, Obama, just gave you the biggest Tax increase in the history of the USA than all other Presidents combined….Yes, voters are stupid as they Voted for a King instead of a President, a leader….I thought all you Libs and Democrats wanted to do away with [slavery] and here you all are now looking for the King to take care of you….Now you gave all the TRUE “We the People” a DICKtator….. Hitler started out to save his people the same way and you see where that got him…

The Democrats will do what ever it takes to bring down this Great nation and if you are a Democrat, you are part of the Destruction….

I agree with you