AMAC vs. AARP – Battling for the Hearts and Minds of Seniors

fightsIf you haven’t chosen AMAC over AARP yet, here’s why you should.

During the first debate, President Obama touted the support of AARP for ObamaCare several times, clearly tying them together.

Further proof that they were working in concert can be found in recently released emails between the White House and AARP operatives. As the emails show, AARP threw their tremendous power behind the legislation despite the fact they were getting calls overwhelmingly against it.

In fact, on September 20, 2012, Kimberley A. Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote:

“Thanks to just-released emails from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, we now know that AARP worked through 2009-2010 as an extension of a Democratic White House, toiling daily to pass a health bill that slashes $716 billion from Medicare, strips seniors of choice, and sets the stage for rationing. We know that despite AARP’s awareness that its seniors overwhelmingly opposed the bill, the ‘nonpartisan organization’ chose to serve the president’s agenda.
The 71 pages of emails show an AARP management taking orders from the White House, scripting the president’s talking points, working to keep its board ‘in line’ and pledging a fealty to ‘the cause.’ Seniors deserve to know all this, as AARP seeks to present itself as neutral in this presidential election.”

AARP refuses to take a formal position on the Independent Payment Advisory Board (“rationing board”) portion of ObamaCare and even defends some aspects of the board. Given the negative impact that the IPAB will have on seniors, this is unbelievable (but sadly, not unexpected).

AMAC is against the harsh provisions in ObamaCare that gives the Federal government complete control of our healthcare. It destroys the best healthcare system in the world, takes 716 billion dollars out of Medicare, and has the power to restrict and ration our medical treatment.

AMAC is fighting to keep our right to receive treatment from our doctors without the interference of Federal bureaucrats.

Big government experiments like the “stimulus” and ObamaCare have only increased the uncertainty and instability, and are core reasons for the persistently high unemployment rate and why the household incomes of Mature Americans have declined so much.

AMAC, The Association of Mature American Citizens, believes we can do much better. As a steadily growing alternative to groups like AARP, and with an expanding influence in the Nation’s capital, we aim to champion the interests of Mature Americans, seniors, and prospective retirees. We believe in religious freedom, free enterprise, and support common sense solutions to our Nation’s largest challenges.

Bottom line – Our livelihoods, our families’ future prosperity and our standards of living should not be threatened by bad policies emanating from Washington, DC.

AMAC Fights for You!


AMAC, the leading Conservative Alternative to AARP
Dan Weber, President and Founder of AMAC, delivers remarks with the House GOP Doctors Caucus the day the Supreme Court decided to uphold ObamaCare. Standing with Dan are (from left to right) Representatives, Paul Broun (GA-10th), John Fleming (LA-4th), Phil Gingrey GA-11th), Joe Heck (NV-3rd), Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25th), and Tim Murphy (PA-18th).

As AMAC continues to grow and build a presence in DC, we’re able to stand up to the tremendous lobbying power of AARP on behalf of concerned conservative Americans like you.

A senator told us, “You have got to grow AMAC!” When we asked him why, he said, “You don’t understand, when AARP comes to our committees they say they represent older Americans. We know at times they really don’t, but because of their numbers we have got to listen to them. When AMAC has one million members we can tell them they are not the only one we will listen to.”

AMAC can do something AARP will not do – we’ll fight against the horror of big government “solutions” like Obamacare with common sense solutions. Now, more than ever, we need your help!

If you want to belong to an organization that will speak out for the conservative values you believe in,

For a limited time, a 5-year membership is available for less than $1 a month, and you’ll have access to exclusive AMAC benefits – such as the members-only auto and home insurance program, the AMAC Roadside Assistance Program, travel, and much more!


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AARP support of Obamacare is enough reason to cancel my AARP membership. Obamacare is turning into a monster with cancellation of thousands of current individual policies, disruption of many group plans deemed “Cadillac” plans by Obamacare, and a website that is atrocious. The unions complained, so they are now exempt. Millions of American citizens complain, and they are ignored. As citizens of this great country, we should be able to make our own decisions and own choices about what kind of health plan to get. Obamacare needs to be replaced by another “better way” initiative to help those unable to buy health insurance without imposing fees, policy change, policy cancellations, and more on the vast majority of U.S. citizens that have chosen their own form of health care coverage.


AMAC must be doing some serious harm to AARP or all these Obamabots would not be here spewing their hatred! I have discovered that the left uses the exact same technique every time they try to shut down someone or something that threatens their power…1) name calling and profanity 2) accuse the opposition of being greedy and only in it for the power, money etc. 3) claim THEY tried or supported it and had horrible things happen to them 4) start all over again with the name calling and try to find a way to slip the race card into it!

perien dudley

Why doesn’t amac advertise more, i heard from Herman Cain on radio prior to that i never heard of amac. However aarp consistently advertises.


I just want to know, why AMAC not AARP? Or why not AARP and not AMAC?

I don’t want to hear BS from Donkey’s or Elephant’s, just about services for me and my spouse.


To Cap’n Ron.. and too many others.. Despite your characterization of the ACA as being an “bipartisan” legislation, the fact that not a single Republican voted for it makes it clearly NOT “Bipartisan” at all. Just wondering how you came up with the idea that it was “bipartisan”? I also wonder just why you and others are so against another senior’s group being involved and only considering it as being a “hate” group or an “Republican” group?? Is there not room for more than one Organization to be representative of “Seniors” or are you people more interested in an totalitarian state where one one voice can speak? Statements like yours and other’s similar commentary speak loud and clear for your intolerance, your totalitarian philosophy, and your hate for others not like you or with differing viewpoints than yours. The Seniors of this Country deserve better than this. By your insinuation… Read more »

Mark J

Wow. So this is the state of discourse in America. “You belive this, you’re an idiot” “No I’m not, you’re an idiot” “No I’m not!” “Yes you are!”


Truth is, both of these groups represent certain idiologies. Pick the one that fits your beliefs, and stop calling those who chose otherwise names. You look like idiots.

Just make sure who it is that backs the org you are thinking of joining. If they fit your beliefs, great. If not, THEN DON’T JOIN! Just don’t attack those that do.

Man, this childish “We’re always right and your always wrong. Your an idiot. And your mother was a wildebeast.” BS is really tiresome and absolutely not helpful.

Charlie Holcomb

AARP took the side of a government take over of One Sixth of our economy putting the entire economy in jeopardy and every American under their thumb. Obamacare, the un-affordable care act, is the worst debacle in our times and AARP took the wrong side.
I could never signup with any organization that’s first thought is not about Seniors but about politics especially when they knew America was against it for good reason. Which I will add, their decision making also comes into question.

Allen Randall

I have been a member for about 10 years. AMAC truly represents senior. IMHO, AARP truly represents mostly itself and liberal issues. I left them in roughly 2002 because of that.

Lygia Pickett

Wow. I wish I had known about AMAC before I sent in my AARP app. I will be checking into an AMAC membership before too long.

dan moffett

This long list of COMMENTS in the discussion should be placed on a separate webpage. They should be divided inro categories also.


Thank You, Left Wing Wackos. I turn 62 in a few days and came to this site to check out if I should sign up with AARP or AMAC. After the Left’s Bla Bla Bla I will send my money to AMAC.
Thank You, for helping me decide.


Am hesitant about giving this org my phone number as I am swamped by solicitors

Barbara H. Bullock

Just joined AMAC ……glad to know about AARP and why NOT to join

Kenneth chabotte

How do I know amac isn’t just another aarp?


Personally, I am tired of people griping and griping. I am ready for people talking action and not leave aarp but real action. Turning Washington to being afraid of the people instead of the people being afraid of Washington. I am a veteran and proud of it but I am increasingly becoming ashamed of my country of what we the people have allowed to take place. I remember in 1956 Russian Premiere Kruskesf made the statement they would take over the U S with out firing a shot. Think about it folks, they are almost there and we just sit around griping. We have nothing else to loose if we just continue sitting around the U S as we have known it for all our lives will be GONE. I’d love to see a million or two of us old geezers march on Washington D C, we might even be… Read more »


I really mended to be convinced that AMAC is valid and not a fly by org. I have never heard of this orginazation but do agree with current Trump ideals. Why should I change my membership?

Debbie Wright

Im currently with aarp, but I’ve been told and recently read up on aarp. Im looking to switch so before I am eligible for mc I can find a reasonable supplement. I can’t afford alot because im.ssi disability. How do I locate supplements


Why all the venom directed against AMAC? I mean if all they are is gnat of an organization then why worry about it? The libs have either the shortest memory ever or they are deniers of the truth. Do any of you even remember when BO ripped 16 billion from Medicare and then do you remember when the AARP snooze paper came out in a panic and ask us all to write our congress person because Medicare was going broke! Major DUH moment here.

I can’t fathom AARP motivation unless they just wanted to sell us more insurance we will all need if this turd is not defunded.

El Duke

Mark J, you are doing exactly what you protest. You are pointing your finger at those that do not believe as you do and mocking them. Notice, when you point your finger at others that there are 3 more pointed back at you. It is very childish to attack an individual as you have and even insult someone by calling their mother a beast of the field. You are very typical of the average liberal. You shout “Nay, Nay. That is intolerant!!”, yet you are the most intolerant of all.

Tina R

Part of the problem of solidifying any one group is what I see here. Stop name calling and putting each other down and stick to finding solutions.