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AMAC Trump Survey Results

Trump Travel ban speech immigration recoveryAs an organization deeply committed to traditional American values, the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), prides itself on fighting for the conservative principles of faith, family, and freedom. We take our marching orders from our 1.3 million members, and we make a persistent effort to listen to and represent their issues and concerns as mature Americans.

In early September 2017, AMAC conducted a ten-question survey of its membership regarding President Donald Trump’s performance since he assumed office in January. This poll was conducted via a secure online form and received over 48,000 responses.

The results of this poll reflect the thoughts, views, and judgements of a significant portion of America’s senior population.

Going forward, we plan to use these results to guide us as we continue advocating for our members.

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Haven’t taken the survey yet? Tell us what you think here: Trump Survey

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I hope these results are shared with both Republicans and Democrats to let them know how the American people feel. They need to get behind this President.

Candy Warren

I would LOVE to see this particular survey discussed on a prime time news network, but I doubt that will happen. Sadly, there are many in the Conservative ranks who secretly, (or not so secretly), hope that our President fails. I would not hope for such a thing for any POTUS, even if I disagree with them. If the POTUS FAILS, We ALL fail. We should ALL be praying for the success of anyone who is in the leadership positions of our nation. That being said, I am thrilled at the hugely POSITIVE response to the survey, even considering that the respondents are likely overwhelmingly Conservative to begin with. And, there were 65,000 respondents, FAR MORE than most of the polls citing displeasure with Donald Trump and his actions as POTUS. ROCK ON,, Donald!!! We have your Back!!

Eddie Gomez

I’m a democrat, and I voted for Donald Trump and will vote for him again! He is doing all he can as president, unfortunately, he does not have the support of congress. The congress only speaks for special interests and not the people, That’s President Trump speaks for the people. That’s the biggest reason I voted for him.


I would like to see commercials for AMAC on fox instead of AARP and showing results of survey.

Walt Kocubinski

I don’t care who the President deals with in order to achieve his campaign promises. Chuckie and Pelosi will do just fine if that is what it takes! And why, ‘HELLO”, because most of our current Senate and House Republicans have chosen NOT to support our president and his endeavors. Just look at the health care and immigration results. ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP NEED TO NOW SUPPORT BOTH REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATS WHO WILL SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT AND “REPUBLICANS” WHO FAIL TO SEE THIS ARE THE REAL LOSERS!


Color coded bar graphs very clear.
Thought the results on the question about the media treatment of Trump
Would score a complete 100 on the media biased negative coverage.
Thinking that there are way more lobbyist funded Republicans out to hinder the Trump agenda than the survey results indicate.


Now, how about a poll on the job congress is doing (or not doing)? Include a question “do you thing many members of congress will go against President Trump no matter what he does?

John W Gates

Drain the swamp, save America, God bless Donald Trump.

Norman Lawrence in York, PA

We, the American people, of this great experiment of a style of government, for the most part do not have access to ALL the security briefings that our president receives every morning. Please note that because BEFORE he was elected president he was not privy to the security briefings and now that he IS the President and has access to the intel, he has changed his stance somewhat on some of the issues he campaigned on. This is normal for anyone when they have ALL the facts about something. Sometimes it helps in making a decision, sometimes it doesn’t. Overall, a person’s true sense of character and moral standards will prevail. I was raised to believe that a man’s word and handshake and look someone directly in the eye when dealing with them was worth FAR MORE than some contract put down in writing. Yes, I have lost money over… Read more »

A.D. Roberts

Just a quick look shows that the same very small minority is basically anti-Trump. For them to be objective and even pretending not to be bigoted and prejudiced, they would need to show occasional positive support. These are the very people who probably would be called SOCIALISTS. They refuse to see all the good news coming JUST from the fact he is NOT HILLARY.
These people could easily be called evil.

Joan Rekosiewicz

Hit the GOP in the pocketbook. When I receive letters requesting donations to the party I say NO until they back our President!

Tony Green

I was once a Dem approx. 25 yrs. ago. I was the president of the largest United Auto Workers Union (affiliated with Caterpillar Inc) and had approx., 16,000 active workers. After two terms, I became very upset with the Democrat party and became a Republican because of their beliefs that government really should not play a significant role in American Peoples’ lives. They believed that everyone should work for a living and kept the “handouts” to as much as a minimum as they could. That was the past Republican party-one I tryly believed with all my heart. The G.O.P. today is so divided and the lack of leadership shown by McConnell and Ryan is pathetic and very embarrassing. My Democrat friends and neighbors are laughing and making jokes of them. “Best friends the Dems have had in years.” was just one of the many remarks i have heard and had… Read more »


I hope Trump is not colluding with the dems. His compromise on the debt with chuckie and nancy scare the hell out of me. Why do we have a debt ceiling if they do not follow it. Trump needs to gut govt and gut govt spending and then the faux debt ceiling would never be a factor.


We ha e a bunch of Republicans congressmen and Senators that will have give up a lavish lifestyle and ‘love/accolades from the media if they actually do something….The government ‘teet’ is going dry and they are not doing anything to help nourish the ‘cow’. They are a bunch of users and usurpers.. I say ‘Primary everyone of them…Start with McConnel and Ryan….they are doing nothing to help THEIR leader. They should not be governing. They got what they asked for from them people/voters but don’t listen….’Primary’ them all…get them out of office. Impeach them I don’t care but get them out of governmemt. Primary them….did I say ‘primary then enough?

Salwa ali

I believe the president doing a great job however he is not getting the help from the senator of his own party they lied to him about Obamacare and not working fast in his agenda he won on it I am independent but believe in the president he works very hard every day but not the congress republican and democratic they r heart ing the people who they represent

Ben Simpson

Please make sure President Trump and all his team see this asap. In the battle these people are going through for the heart and souls of all America, I’m sure they would welcome any good news we can bring them.


I am happy with the results of this survey as I was one of the strong supporters all the way! I want America to be Great again and it’s going to take all, if not most, of the leaders from both sides to get on the same page with President Trump and support him with the difficult task he has taken on to help our country. I hope the bi–partisan groups saw this survey and realize how strongly we feel about our president and that they should be ashamed of themselves if they’re part of the defiant ones or ” obstructionists.” There is no room for that in Washington with so much work to get done!


I’m glad to be among so many of the AMAC Army supporting this president. Although we don’t all think exactly alike on the issues facing this country, it is reassuring that Donald Trump has pulled us together and is determined to bring action on the most important ones. YOU RINOS BETTER PAY ATTENTION; IF YOU CONTINUE TO THWART HIS EFFORTS AND STAGNATE OUR PROGRESS, THINK ABOUT PACKING YOUR BAGS AND GETTING OUT OF WASHINGTON!
There have been precious few instances of this kind of cohesion (9/11 comes to mind), and it feels good.


You really need to show these results to “George S.”, one of the main hosts on Good Morning America. I used to watch GMA because I like most all of the people on the show, but GEORGE has single handed made me switch away from GMA. Wish that they would replace him. When he interviews someone with whom he disagrees, he hardly lets them get a word in edgewise and he argues with them. That’s not an interview in my book!

Jerry D Balvanz II

Pols on both sides of the isle had better take heed or there will be wholesale changes in 2018. McCain, McConnell, Graham, and Flake are a disgrace to their offices.