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AMAC: It’s Time to Show Respect for President Trump

President Donald Trump speaks“It turns out that passing legislation has taken a back seat to a coordinated attempt to disrupt the legislative process as a means of attacking President Trump,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“Now, it appears, the hatred spreading among liberals in Congress who seek to sow discord and dissension against the duly elected president is spilling into the streets.  It was widely reported that a would-be killer might have been hunting Republicans when he attacked Congressmen at a baseball field in the DC suburb of Alexandria, VA on Wednesday.  Four people were wounded, including Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise, the Majority Whip of the House of Representatives.  He and his Republican colleagues were practicing for an annual Congressional baseball game when the shooter attacked,” Weber said in a statement

He said the recent spate of hearings seeking to find collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia is a “distraction” whose real purpose is to slow the administration’s agenda including a new health care law and tax reform.  The Alexandria shooting may have been “an unanticipated consequence of the hate with which Trump’s opponents are going about their mission.”

The latest hearing took place earlier this week and the focus was on Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  The AG became visibly annoyed at the manner in which he was being grilled.  One liberal Senator after another sought to link the campaign and Sessions to Russians.  Finally, he raised his voice and called the unfounded assertion that he had clandestine links to Russian officials an “appalling and detestable lie.”  It is interesting to note that not one of his detractors provided a shred of evidence to back up the allegation.

Weber said, “Democratic lawmakers are supposed to be the loyal opposition.  But on more than one occasion they have blatantly come clean about their deliberate attempts to undermine the Trump administration by any means at their disposal.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other liberals in Congress seem upset that the president is doing the job he was elected to do.  She was direct and to the point when she told her liberal colleagues that if he continues to do the will of the people who elected him ‘there is nothing Democrats can work with him on’.”

In other words, Rep. Pelosi issued a clarion call to “disrupt, disrupt and disrupt some more,” according to the AMAC chief.  He said that the Senate’s Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, is no better.  “Instead of compromise, he has repeatedly taken a ‘drop dead’ attitude toward his Republican colleagues in the upper house and the president.”

Weber admits that Republicans, in general, were not very fond of President Obama during his tenure.  But, he says, they treated him with the respect he was due although they disagreed with him on numerous issues.  “There was none of the spiteful and disruptive activity that we are seeing today.  It’s hostile and mean spirited at best and a show of absolute hatred at worst.”

Recently the Washington Examiner reported in an editorial that the Democrats are putting party politics ahead of the interests of the American people.  “It began when Rep. John Lewis [D-GA] and nearly 70 other Democrats boycotted President Trump’s inauguration.  Ever since, there’s been a steady stream of protests and posturing, outrage and obstruction, accompanied by incessant fundraising, by Democrats who claim Trump is, to quote Lewis, ‘not legitimate’ and has no right to govern.”

No one can argue that Donald Trump was not duly elected President of the United States last November, noted Weber.  “They can lament the fact that Hillary Clinton was shunned at the polls because ‘she had nothing to offer,’ as many pundits have argued.  But, once President Trump took up residence at the White House his opponents were duty bound – for the sake of the nation – to accept the fact that his administration would steer the ship of state and needs their help.  This does not mean they have to agree with his positions, but it does mean that they need to contain their personal animosities and let him get on with his duties.”

Warren Buffet, who backed Hillary Clinton last November, pointed out in an interview shortly after the election, that: “we need a country united.  He [Mr. Trump] deserves everybody’s respect.”

Weber praises Buffet’s attitude and calls on the American people to take his advice and put partisan politics aside.  “We live in dangerous times.  We need a united front if we are to confront terrorism and the threatening machinations of rogue nations such as Iran and North Korea.  We need to be undivided in purpose if we are to restore jobs, improve the economy and provide a rational approach to health care.  We need positive and productive input from both sides of the aisle to resolve the problems and issues the country faces; not hateful, disruptive speech.  And, no matter what party our lawmakers belong to, the opposition, if they are loyal, needs to show solidarity for the needs of the nation.”


The Association of Mature American Citizens [http://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at http://amac.us/join-amac.

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Nick Guerrera
5 years ago


Nick Guerrera
5 years ago


John Wirts
5 years ago

What is needed is elimination of congressional exemptions from U.S. law. Dianne Feinstein has introduced and had legislation passed to outlaw gun ownership,and carry. Yet she herself owns and carries guns and get CCW permits to carry in jurisdictions which are impossible for a citizen to get a permit, plus she is routinely assigned and sometimes hires armed security. She is ANTI_GUN, she should not be exempted from her own laws! She should not be able to own, possess, carry any firearm or get a CCW permit, nor should she be allowed t hire or be assigned armed security as long as those laws are on the books! O’Dumbshit care needs to be required of All Politicians with no provision for alternative coverage UNTIL O’Dumbshit care is repealed and replaced! Then whatever healthcare plan is approved it will be the plan for everyone no special deals for politicians! Their retirement should be moved into Social Security, then if they insist that benefits be cut or delayed, that would affect them too, if it goes bankrupt, then they have no retirement also!

5 years ago

Free market health care has worked great for decades. If it is failing, it is because the federal government has regulated it to death. Now they are saying the free market health care system is failing………………… Well of course it is failing. Regulations are the root cause of the problem. Get rid of the root cause (regulations) and let the free market flourish once again. How is this idea so difficult to see. I think the answer is……….. it is not difficult at all. Are they trying to make the free market system fail. What is going on……..are they corrupt or stupid. Don’t they care about us at all. The answer is NO. But, what do they care about. Are we all just a bunch of wallets to be emptied. When Obama care first came out, I had to pay $350/mo for health care and at the same time, I had a $6000 deductible. That means I would have to spend a total of $10,200 per year before the insurance company would pay anything at all. Where is the quality? We are just a bunch of wallets in the eyes of the federal government. Disgusting. On top of all this, the so called republicans are traitors who depend on the gullibility of those who want something for nothing. Well, news flash. I for one am getting nothing and paying a hell of a lot for it. We are left to hope and pray that the individuals
in government will take care of us. We shouldn’t need to hope and pray, we should be confident that the individuals we voted for will step up and actually represent us. I have been told that if I don’t like the situation, vote them out of office. OK, If I vote them out, what happens to the poisonous laws and regulations that they have imposed. The answer is, the poison stays after they have been voted out. The poison stays. THE POISON STAYS

5 years ago

we totally agree that the backlash of our president is without reason and fueled only by hate. Our good lord has given our country another chance, we need to all support preIdent Trump and be in prayer for him and our country.

5 years ago

To all the members of AMAC. I just wanted to let everyone know that the offer from Hillsdale College is great. I have been taking the study of the Constitution and also some other studies they offer. All they ask for is a donation and it is well worth it. I know I never had an in depth study in school. I wish they would include this in every high school in the Country.

5 years ago

I agree that the Democrats “were duty bound – for the sake of the nation – to accept the fact that his administration would steer the ship of state and needs their help.” But in all fairness to the Republicans and the Democrats, when did the latter ever truly perform their duty as it was placed upon them by swearing on the Bible to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States? I truly believe the preponderance of the members of Congress really lack a sound, clear and complete understanding of the Constitution and our rule of law.

5 years ago

The radical liberals and their fellow travelers just could not accept the electrical outcome. Hillary won the popular vote mainly due to several liberal counties in California and even then the validity of those votes is in question. So they whine and throw temper tantrums with vile name calling and claims. Activists like Soros call for radical, disruptive tactics. The Russian collusion claim has been a big clown nothing burger of silly dereism in the hope it will stick to the ceiling of supporter perceptions. They are making fools of themselves and the US Republic on the world stage.

Alice Crain
5 years ago

President Trump has done his level best to implement all but one of his campaign promises: to prosecute Hillary. I’d be willing to bet he is now regretting that. The fact that anything requiring Congressional approval has failed is due to both liberal democrats and moronic republicans, like McCain, have refused to support him even though he stands for a Constitutional Government, something his predecessor worked tirelessly to undermine. It is shocking that, from the day he was sworn in, and even before, liberal democrats and liberal media have been trying to impeach him. Don’ these idiots get that he has to have done something awful to be impeached. So they continue to spread lies about him Andy spend fortunes of our tax dollars “investigating” him. As hard as they have been trying to undermine him since the day he declared he was going to run for President (2 years), they would have found something long before now if there was anything to find. Why isn’t anyone questioning this massive spending spree and shutting it down? Where is the GAO when you need them?

It seems to me that the liberal democrats and press would fast be losing credibility with their recent attacks on victims: the brain dead kid released from North Korea that the press and democrats are implying he got what he deserved when he went to North Korea; and Scalise being responsible for being shot (because he had the unmitigated gall to practice for the Congressional baseball game?).What kind of mind comes up with this? Liberal hatred has demented their minds to the point that logic and the betterment of our country no longer exist. Their insane behavior is tearing this country apart. I would no longer be shocked if civil war broke out.

And to top it all off, Obama and Hillary, failed president and failed runner for president, are leading the charge. They both should be arrested for treason, prosecuted and hung. This is shocking, although Obama has proven over and over just how slimy he can be. But campaigning to undermine a sitting President for absolutely nothing at all is unspeakable.

President Trump has and will continue to have my solid support. I pray for the cessation of harassment. I also pray that the Republican Party will come to its senses and enthusiastically supports and defends the candidate they elected. McCain should be declared mentally incompetent and removed from office. His rantings are just as illogical and treasonous as the liberal democrats and media. Enough is enough!

God bless the United States and its President who is a good man.

5 years ago

I had no respect for O’Bama as our President. However I never (while he was in office) referred to him with anything but respect in pubic! I believe that is to be expected for any seated President! (Eat that you Trump haters)!

Bernie karlsen
5 years ago

I agree that we should show respect to President Don Trump!!!!! The disrespect will be filtered down to their children, and grand children and a host of friends,relatives, in business and will certainly cause violence!!

One of the 10 commandments found in the Bible and Torah is “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”…….Exodus 20:13.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and President Don Trump is our neighbor!!!

5 years ago

I agree with Richard L . We need to do away with political parties and let any person willing to run for office, run on their plans for the Country, State or City. All money contributed would go in one POT (AND CONGRESS WOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO GET THEIR HAND ON IT), and equal amounts of money would be doled out to each of the people running for President, Governor and Mayor, etc. The millions and millions of dollars spent on this last election was ridiculous and it seems like the one who can raise the most money, no matter where it comes from, is in reality trying to buying the Office. Only individuals who are US CITIZENS, American Businesses and American nonpolitical Organizations could donate to the POT. There would need to be an Oversight Committee organized with one person from each State chosen to oversee the distribution of the money. On the Federal level. Each State would need to do the same for each County and so on. That would eliminate spending obscene amounts of money and this would make each candidate equal and we could also limit the amount of time allowed for each election and could then get back to doing the Country’s business. We also need to put a stop to Congress digging into Social Security and then never replacing the money borrowed. There needs to be an accounting of the amount of money Congress has borrowed to date and a plan to start repaying that money should be put into law. NO PERSON WHO HASN’T PAID INTO SOCIAL SECURITY SHOULD BE COLLECTING IT and SS for the spouse should still be in effect. Then there would be no reason to talk about it running out of money. Think about all the people who may have paid into Social Security but died before collection, or just didn’t work long enough under Social Security (as I did) to collect from it.

5 years ago

When all this collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians was going on, why didn’t then-President Obama’s security agencies do anything about it? After all, the democrats were in office, and it was their primary responsibility to protect the American people and our institutions. Trump should sue THEM for dereliction of duty! There was a clear call across this nation for someone to lead us down the road of prosperity, not into the gutter of despair. Let President Trump get on with it.

Alma Le
5 years ago

Our Nation is in a downward spiral! For a supposedly sophisticated, intelligent, and civilizied society, we sometimes don’t use even Common-Sense!!! Why are we moving backward instead of forward?!!! Good and Evil will always exist while we’re here on earth, but so many conjure up & accept “WELL THESE HAPPENED IN PAST ERAS, WITH PEOPLE IN THE PAST, ” and use this for an excuse for what is happening in-the-now!!! It’s okay to have knowledge of the past, but we should learn from the past and not repeat it! We should be progressing, and not regressing! The far-left-liberals and beauracrats have given birth to these crybaby, give-me, give me, violent, corrupt and criminal monsters! And they need to own up to their responsibility! Children learn by example, just as we all do, & we become a reflection of our Leaders!!!…A BIT OF ADVICE TO YOU ON THE LEFT, AND THE LIKES OF YOU, GROW UP AND BE ADULTS!!!

5 years ago

Why hasn’t George Soros been deported? He is not a US citizen, hates America and all that it stands for. It has been reported that he financed Hillary and a lot of others running for office and has a lot of people in his pocket carrying out his agenda to help destroy America. Obama has been reportedly one of his cohorts so maybe he should be removed from the US also. I keep hearing that a lot of people on Capitol Hill are being funded by Soros. I first read about him years ago when he was causing all the trouble in Europe. When did he arrive in the US? I was surprised to hear that he was residing here but am not surprised as this was the next country he was targeting. It should be illegal to receive funding from any foreigner or foreign country and then running for office in the US. The vicious language and actions must stop, look what it caused this past week, the Congressman fighting for his life and all the others that were hurt. Thank God for the actions of the two Capitol Police officers who were able to bring that man down even though they were both injured. Our news media are also to blame, for their distorted and fake news reporting, the Hollywood gang who are such a sorry group.

As for the man shot the Congressman, I may be wrong but I thought that he had been a volunteer during Congressman Sanders run for President and not an employee of the Federal Government.

5 years ago

Why hasn’t anyone called for the deporting of George Soros? He is not a citizen of the US and has certainly interfered with our election. It has been known for years that his aim is to destroy America since he hates it. Why is it not a crime to accept money from him or any foreigner or foreign country when running for any public office in the United States? Hillary was certainly guilty, maybe enough people knew that and wouldn’t vote for her. Any loyal Democrats (there are a few) and Republicans should be working together to unite our Country and put a stop to all the vicious language and actions that is constantly in the news these days. We now have a President in the White House who is doing his best to restore our Country, create jobs and so many other things that seldom get into the news. Our news media have become so corrupt, and the newspaper in my hometown is one of them, some of the news people on TV are constantly spewing out things that incite the naysayers into doing acts such as the shooting of the Congressman this week. God help us.

John Wirts
5 years ago
Reply to  Norma

Why not charge him with sedition and incite to riot! I think there is enough evidence available to convict him of hiring “protesters” and “Black Lives Matter” members and busing them to where ever they can do the most damage! Anyone in a protest area with covered face should be checked for ID and to see where they live. If they are not local and are involved in “protesting” with any property damage, they need to be charged with vandalism and riot. They also should be subject to expulsion if they are attending any public school, and made to pay restitution for anything they have damaged!

5 years ago

I feel the recent shooting of the republican congressman should be blamed on the liberal news media as well as the liberals such as Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Al Franken, and the other haters like the women on the view. Until the news media stops its partisan news reports that make everything our President does appear illegal or wrong, our country will continue to be more and more divided.

John Wirts
5 years ago
Reply to  Mark

The Lame Stream Deamoncrat propaganda mill, and the socialist government control politicians need to be held accountable for their illegal actions. Anonymous sources are thinly veiled lies with no way to prove or disprove them. The lame stream media ought to be subject to libel and slander charges for any article with only an anonymous source cited! If their stories only or mainly cite anonymous sources, their media credentials need to be pulled and their management charges with sedition and if found guilty imprisoned!

Old Dutchman
5 years ago

Really want to know who Trump supporter are and help get rid of Trumps worst enemy at the same time? Call your Satellite or Cable subscriber and request CNN News Channel to be removed from you viewing list. We have to do something to show our support for Trump that the Drive By News Media can not ignore.

5 years ago

I am so tired of the hate mongering that is constantly being directed at the President. The media seems to be running the country these days. Their ridiculous tirades toward President Trump would never have been tolerated by Obama,Clinton, or any other Democrat. It is fine for those of us that know better to ignore them and filter out what is important but it concerns me greatly that their are so many others who can’t “read between the lines” and really know what is happening!

Craig Granchi
5 years ago

PaulE is right on the money. There comes a point where free speech such as what was done by Kathy Griffin and said by Madona and the like.should be considered criminal threat and prosecuted. The professional protesters and those that come from other towns or cities to partake in violence should be charged with incitement to riot and those that finance such should be held liable. Soros should have his sorry ass in prison. It is going to be a fight all the way for the Trump administration but we have to get back to small government, the constitution and family values. The middle class built this country and it’s the middle class that is going to have to help Trump in every way possible especially at the ballot box in 2020

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