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AMAC: The Budget Wars in Washington Stress the Need to Save Medicare

AMAC Dan Weber The Association of Mature American Citizens AMAC‘This is not fodder for electioneering; it is a matter of life and death for millions of older citizens’ –

BOHEMIA, NY, Mar 15 – The budget wars began in earnest this week in Congress and Medicare, one of the most important issues for seniors, is finally getting the recognition it deserves in Congress, albeit as a “bone of contention” between Democrats and Republicans, Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, said.

The Republicans, fearing we’re going broke at an ever increasing pace, want to ensure Medicare survives the looming financial chaos.  So, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan has proposed that “Starting in 2024, we’ll offer eligible seniors a range of insurance plans from which they can choose–including traditional Medicare–and help them pay the premiums.”

Democrats, on the other hand, favor the status quo hoping they can get new taxes through to cover the ever increasing costs of health care.  “It’s a risky option because even new revenues will not be enough to keep Medicare solvent,” Weber noted.  “That would leave seniors without much coverage at all, putting older Americans and those who are growing older in a world of pain, both figuratively and literally.”

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that we face a crisis.  In fact, Weber pointed out, seniors view the threat of the country’s ultimate financial collapse as significantly more serious than the possibility of a terrorist attack or a rogue war such as the one threatened by North Korea.

“Ninety-five percent of respondents in a new survey we conducted on our Web site this week identified America’s fiscal mismanagement as their greatest concern,” the AMAC chief explained.

“That tells me that now is not the time to be playing partisan politics.  We need the President, the Senate and the House to sit down and address the future of Medicare in a fair and equitable manner.  Our lawmakers need also to recognize the plight of seniors, particularly those on low, fixed incomes who, nonetheless, paid their Medicare premiums diligently during their working years so that they would be ensured of health care coverage in their later years when they could work no longer,” Weber stated.

“This is not fodder for electioneering; it is a matter of life and death for millions of older citizens.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a call.



The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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For those of you on here commenting on articles from AMAC. President Weber made comments that the Sequestration will Create Havoc for seniors. The members comments section was nearly 100 % condemnation of his words…and most members were either canceling AMAC or not going to renew their membership. AMAC has already taken that article down before more members read it. I have informed them I intend to pound on AMAC for his comments until he is gone as the AMAC leader or until the membership drops so much that AMAC is no longer a viable alternative to AARP. The very fact they pulled this article this quickly shows how scared AMAC leadership is of the nearly 100 % condemnation that article was getting from the members. Now you know folks…until Weber is gone…AMAC can never be the conservative alternative to AARP. Demand Weber be replaced immediately. Demand the article be… Read more »
The terrorist can not take over this country be doing it head on. They must do it within. If I wanted to distroy the United States I would do exatly what Obama is doing. Obama’s main goal at this time is take over the house. He set the G.O.P. up to fail with the sequester. It appears that when a politician has to make a decision he first thinks if the decision will hurt his chances for reelection. With this thought process it is very easly to be manipulated your opposing party. All he seems to do is campaign. If he is able to take over the house, he will have the purse strings and can land us into bankrupcy. When this happens the terrorist can come in through our unprotected boarders. All it would take is a half dozen terroist to set off bombs in key locations at the… Read more »
I want to step back for a minute to the sequester, which we all hope leads to the budget, BUT….. My concern from the beginning of the sequester and then from the Republican ‘win’ has been what will the President do to get his grip back on an unchecked purse? I had little doubt that whatever the President could do to ‘support’ his national campaign to end the sequester, even though we know he is the one who signed it into law, he would do. He would do what was necessary to MAKE the doom & gloom come to life. Yesterday, talking to a friend who works for the FAA in New York, he told me that his union had made the comment that ‘they’ were going to make it difficult on the people to prove that the sequester was bad for the nation. Now, having had similar thoughts that… Read more »

Until we get rid of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and OBAMA this country is headed off the cliff. Face up to it — NOTHING will change. We’ll need to put in some new blood to beef up the GOP in 2014 – and hopefully, more Repubs to offset the idiocy of the Senate. Obama will be a lame duck after that, and hopefully, we can stop the massive bleeding to death of this nation.

If we have to pay more money for medicare,then the senators and congressman should also pay way more for their coverage in the house.I have yet to hear one senator say lets cut the pork to pay for the medicare!

I have heard your gripes and concerns. What are your solutions? Sticking to the subject, Medicare, I believe the best options are to first read ‘ObamaCare Survival Guide’. List your questions: 1. Doctor Qs 2. Senator’s Qs 3. Representative’s Qs 4. My Qs. Ask those questions of each person. Decide what is more important to you gripping or action. Action requires some time, interest, knowledge and some friends and family…to listen and talk with you. Make a plan to include 3 or 4 items about which you have some control and do them. Write letters make phone calls, have small group meetings, grow your group and take it to the streets. Your group may be your church, your community, your favorite organization, the Tea Party…Do something to help yourself and you then help others by sharing what you have learned. When lightening strikes (ObamaCare) you save yourself and others; call… Read more »

If the government whom spent our Medicare & Social Security fund on PORK and put worthless IOU’s out of General funds in those $$$$$$ place can sure as can heck find a way to put that $$$$$$$$$ back and keep hands off our hard earned money of which we paid taxes on while earning it. You all robbed Peter to pay Paul now it is time for you to put the, our money back and keep your hands off.


William L. Surbrook, SD CA Zip 92114
AGE 80+

Quite simply, the Democrats want seniors dead ASAP. The is the only way that ObamaCare will succeed is for seniors to be denied lifesaving and life enhancing care in order to cut costs and save money to fund the rest of the program.
Paul Krugman recently gave a speech in which he proclaimed that “death panels would be necessary.”
If this can’t be stopped, many seniors will be forced to die via Government sponsored euthanasia.

Medicare and Social Security would both be Finanicall halthy if Congress over the ears would not have touched any of thee money that belongs there. Now they BLAME every-one else for the short fall . Pay back what they ave stolen WITH Interest and there would never be a worry. Vote out the incumbents.

Hi Bernie,

Good thought, but where are “they” going to get the trillions (approximately $62 trillion to be exact) to pay back both programs? Remember, we’re already borrowing 46 cents of every dollar we spend, so we’re already effectively broke as a nation. Only the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency is preventing us from being exactly like Greece or Spain right now. That status, by the way, is under increasing pressure from other nations, that no longer have faith we’ll be able to continue to honor our debts long-term.

While the topic here is limited to Medicare, we have to be aware of the larger macro-economic issues this country is now facing, that were made significantly worse by Obama over the last four years. Our total unfunded liabilities for the United States now number well over $100 trillion dollars.

I know we are talking about medicare but PLEASE READ THIS it doesnt stop there my 12yr old granddaughter has to take growth harmone shots once a day she had menegitus at 2mo her dad has insurance through att which is good but because she just turned 12 she has to get on the phone and give her permission to the pharmacy to refill her parents cannot give their permiission asking why they were told because of OBAMACARE how outragous is that? Im sure theres much more this is designed to make goverment the parent, i blame Obama and anybody who voted for him everybody will suffer he does not care about anybodies health its a way to eventually control us ask the communist about rashioning health care

Yes, Obamacare is taking things well into the territory of the absurd. It is designed to be as painful as possible, so they can nudge us into singlepayer, which is what they wanted all along. The medical care will REALLY go downhill fast. Control of health care is always one of the first objectives of the socialist / communist playbook. Just look at history.

The problem could be easily solved. Give a percentage of the savings to anyone who uncovers fraud, overbilling, unnecessary tests and procedures being prescribed etc. Fine and jail those who are guilty of the abuse of Medicare. You’d have millions of retired people with great analytic skills getting the Medicare budget way down….for no expense except a percentage of what they saved the system.

AMEN! I just denounced, to my Medicare Complete Insurance, a doctor in St Mary Hospital, in Passaic, NJ., who prescribed two tests for me, which were in no means necessary, according two other doctors treating me for the same problem.
As I was left with a co-pay of $150.00, I told St.Mary hospital that I was not going to pay for unnecessary tests. I am waiting for their reaction before going to Trenton. If many senior citizens had the guts to fight back when they are ripped off by leeches, perhaps Medicare would save money.

I was forced to give up a perfectly good,affordable health plan when I became 62.Now I pay considerably more for about a quarter of the coverage.Medicare is great for those that never had any insurance or were under sub-par plans,for those of us who worked and had good coverage it is a travesty.I’m in reasonably good health at 67.I’m afraid to become ill because Medicare doesn’t provide enough coverage for a major illness and a lot of doctors no longer accept it.Medicare supplements are a joke because they only pay up to the amount Medicare would have paid had you not had a deductible.The government should not be in the health insurance or any other public business,they need to learn how to run a country.Medicare and Obama care are just another avenue down the slippery slope of socialism.

Yes, I agree. When I hear people talking about just putting everyone on Medicare or Medicaid, as if it was some magic panacea a la the left’s much loved “single payer system”, I have to laugh. These are people that usually have no idea what Medicare and Medicaid actually cover and more importantly don’t cover. They think you’re entitled to the best gold-plated, unlimited medical coverage for pennies on the dollar. In short, they are completely clueless. If they had to rely on such coverage themselves, they would quickly change their tune. Doctors and hospitals don’t want to accept any more Medicare or Medicaid patients, because the government nickel and dimes them to death, are slow to reimburse for services rendered, and bury you under a ton of needless paperwork. Now with Obamacare, not only do you get that, but you also have the government telling doctors what procedure or… Read more »
I grew up in a totally Democratic family but have now been a Republican for forty years. I have always thought that a third party would never be successful in America, but I believe now is the time. Neither party has the values ( or guts) to vote in Congress to help America and it’s people. We are giving BILLIONS of dollars to countries who do not need our money or want to destroy us, and programs for research, that a sane person would never vote for. WAKE UP AMERICA. IT IS TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. LET’S ELECT A PRESIDENT AND CONGRESS THAT WILL STAND UP FOR AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. If we do not change what is going on in our country now, every generation after us will be doomed. America as we have known it, as our forefathers meant for it to be, will… Read more »
2000 Years of Questioning Authority

Just how many seniors do you know with ZERO “preexisting” conditions that might actually qualify for a “private” medical insurance policy at a sane rate?

I don’t know any seniors my age (77) that would not have at least one preexisting health conditions. I could not begin what I wouls have to to get private insurance.
I am equally conserned with protecting our 2nd ammendment. If we allow any new restrictions to pass the pressure will not stop until all guns are confiscated. When this happens we will have lost all our freedon rights.

The problem of pre-existing conditions is an interesting one that I do believe a market would have been able to solve if not pre-empted by regulation and Medicare. Serious (and expensive) medical illnesses due to aging are somewhat like death except that instead of 100% the probabilities are say 90%. Most people can find an affordable life insurance policy with certain payout. I don’t see why a similar approach to serious illness cannot be calculated by actuaries. In fact, if regulations permitted, why not have life insurance policies cover or be convertible to cover these types of events? I am no expert, but I suspect 60+ years of heavy State and now Federal regulation of the health insurance market has made thinking outside the box nearly impossible. Our generation is locked in now and it is our own fault. We need to give our children a chance to create a… Read more »
Concerned Compassionate

And what about preexisting conditions?

“Private” Medicare policies will only be feasible for seniors in exellent condition with zero preexisting conditions.

Sounds like incentive for people to follow Michelle Obama’s advice and start a diet and exercise program.

Once the warm weather has arrived, we need to March on Washington and demand equal rights for seniors, incorporating all the points made in this blog!
1) all citizens receive same standard of healthcare as all Federal employees.
2) preferential care for those who paid into Medicare & Social Security system thru taxes
3) non-discrimination on seniors in employee
4) prescription drug benefit preferences to those who paid into system.

Medicare “welfare” is the same as any other government program. There’s no reason why wealthier folks should get a little less, why we should not raise the age for activation 1 year for every decade, and why we should pay for irresponsible behavior in older folks throughout theri lives. We conservatives talk a good game about personal responsibility in others, but when it comes to us older people, that goes out the window. In my many years of treating patients, I talked until I was blue in the face about lifestyle choices to middle aged and older folks. Drinking, smoking, overeating, and lack of any exercise was their mantra. Then when they get old enough to get Medicare, they want the best of everything at little to no cost to them. What’s the difference between that attiutde and the younger welfare crownd? We excuse far too much of what older… Read more »

Dr. JCA…..Why do you lump all seniors into the “irresponsible” category?There are many who have healthy life styles who have illness due to normal aging..You seem to paint all seniors with the same broad brush!

Well said DrJCA1. We all need to be more proactive in our lifestyle choices, so we can minimize the inevitable downside health risks later in life. It’s called personal responsibility. As for the other reforms you mention, they are all reasonable and given the increase in average lifespans from when the Medicare and Social Security programs were originally started, they are not out of line.

How very badly you are mistaken.I am 77 yrs.old.Have had eight surgeries that had nothing to do with my life style.I don’t drink,or some of the other things.Just because you have had a healthy life doesn’t mean every one else is so lucky..You are not my judge

Hi Ann,

I don’t think DrJCA1 was referring to medical issues that occur beyond our control, but rather to those that could be somewhat preventable through some of the better lifestyle choices he mentioned. At least that’s how I read it. Everyone needs medical care as they get older. However, if one abuses their body when they’re younger by say chronically over-eating or drinking way too much, as the doctor mentioned, then of course that person would likely need much more medical care later in life.

We never should have had Medicare or Medicaid or the like from the beginning. If you will look back when all this began you will find the cost increases are in direct relations to the initiation of all these social programs. We should not be adding to the problem by continally endorsing upward moving changes. There are two things you can bet on. 1. If the government initiates something it will continualy cost more and eventually fail. 2. If a union is in charge of employment, the business wil eventually be bankrupt. Why don’t we go the other way and start reducing the benefts and watch the cost start coming down?

A previous comment was made about the need for term limits. A good example of this was this week’s confrontation in the senate between Sen. Cruz and Sen. Feinstein. Feinstein made the statement that she had been on this particular committee for over 20 years. This is the reason why this nation needs term limits in congress. Many of these fossils have the belief that this is career instead of a service to the nation. A service that needs to have a limited number of years. I would venture to say that if this question were to be put before the voters on a national referendum, the issue of term limits would pass overwhelmingly.

Yes, the exchange between Cruz and Feinstein was classic. She couldn’t even answer his question. Her Response was all about “How dare you ask me such a question. I’ve been here 20 years.” There are lots in both the Senate and House that need to go and go urgently.

Can someone please tell me how we get older patients at our dental specialty office who speak NO English, come with a paid interpreter (not a family member), and are receiving state and federal funded Medicare medical/dental coverage and an SSDI check? My limited research is telling me that they have received legal residency through claiming refugee status. But aren’t Social Security and Medicare meant only for U.S. citizens? I have been told by a close friend from Chile who is a green card holder that to achieve citizenship you must speak English, read and write in English, and take a test in English. So if you are here legally but are a non-citizen, how is it that you get Medicare and SSDI benefits? Help me with more info please. I am a retiree with a part time job to make ends meet and I do not understand any of… Read more »

Yes Mari, this is yet another area of major abuse in both Medicare and Social Security, that needs to be reformed. Under the guise of “compassionate care”, lots of legal residents, who are not United States citizens, are legally entitled to payments from systems they have never contributed one dime to. Increasing the number of “eligible” participants in a system, while collecting NO contributions from those participants never ends well. Then people wonder why Medicare and Social Security are going broke. It’s ridiculous nonsense like this in the name “good intentions”.

After reading all the opinions, I don’t feel like the “LONE (RADICAL) RANGER. I feel that our country is heading down the road to Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Marxism, or any other Dictatorship! It’s certainly not the same country that back in 1967 that I raised my right hand and took an oath to protect even if it meant losing my life. If I knew back then that this was what I was protecting, I would have hauled @#s to Canada. I’m not optimistic that we’ll ever get back on track in my lifetime. I’m even considering relocating out of country. I’m tired of it!!

Ditto that !!! A sad but true fact is that alot of people our age who went off into the military to serve and protect our way of life and freedoms only to return home (the alive, lucky ones) to see the gross amount of damage being done on a wholesale basis to our country’s future and to the government that once stood for a whole different set of values than what we’re seeing coming out of Washington ( George would be blind with rage to see his name associated with that lot if he were still alive). Maybe N.Korea will bring some dicipline to the mess when they get here. What a sad state of affairs they’ve put us in, and then want to take away our guns, too! At least the first to go when they get here will be the west coast liberal lunitics that probably won’t… Read more »