2,500 Attend AMAC’s Tea Party at The Villages in Florida

An estimated 2,500 individuals joined AMAC in support of a Tax Payer Tea Party on July 4th.  The event, held at The Villages’ Polo Field in Lady Lake, Florida, located on Buena Vista Boulevard between Route 466 and Route 42, was an inspiration to all.

Those in attendance brought their own signs, and had a safe, fun, and peaceful day.  Our President has reminded us of the power of good, old-fashioned grassroots efforts.  Now AMAC is helping to make it work for us.

AMAC representatives also attended two events in New York on July 3rd and July 4th.

On April 15th, AMAC sponsored a successful Taxpayer Tea Party at The Villages.  The event drew an estimated 1,200 supporters.  Thanks to all of those who attended for making this event bigger and better.  We needed your support, and were happy to see you at the rally!

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