AMAC Takes Poll on Impeaching Ginsburg

The Association of Mature American Citizens has posted a poll on their website asking whether Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be impeached. In a recent interview for Egyptian TV, she said she would not use the U.S. Constitution as a model for emerging nations. Calling the Constitution “rather old” she said the constitution of South Africa and other countries were better suited to governing today.

Dan Weber, president of AMAC said the purpose of the poll was to find out if their members and other citizens felt her statements disqualified her from serving.

He said” AMAC is not calling for her impeachment, rather we want to find out what Americans think about her statements.”

Take the poll here:


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It really sad for all Americans who truely belive in our American system, an love this country, To listen to this constant bashing from our so called elected officals is so insulting. Im so frustrated, by the blood sacrifices so many people in this country made for our liberity an for the freedoms will have. It discussed me to see this woman represent this country, American we must remove this cancer at any cost. We must stand together an ward off all this treasonist scum that seek to destroy us. Our most powerful wepon right now is to vote.Please don’t fail us…….

Right on These crazy liberals are out of their minds,and they should leave this country.


Look at her you can tell she is a waked out Liberal, IE: UGLY as hell!

What wasn’t widely reported, was the fact that not only did she not recommend our Constitution be used as a model, but more importantly, she said she CONSIDERS FORIEGN LAWS, OTHER THAN OUR CONSTITUTION, WHEN RENDERING DECISISONS! That is why she should be impeached, AND prosecuted for treason.

Some things get better with age, some things don’t – impeah now!

This has been one of our(all of us in general) majior problems in dealing with some of the controversial topics that we face in this country.OUR FAILURE TO TAKE ACTION.We merely talk these problems out “ad nauseum”.The politicians spin the topics in other directions and we all get tired and bored and forget about the original problem.
The person above(DIENEKES) said “she renedered her personal opinion”.Well her personel opinion also gave us insight into her ‘IDEOLOGY”,HER OPINION OF THE CONSTITUTION SHOULD BE THE SAME AS YOURS AND MINE AND WE SHOULD NOT BE SURPRISED BY ANYTHING……….SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN IMPEACHED THE DAY AFTER THOSE REMARKS WERE REVEALED……..this is what has gotten us into trouble in the good old USA..the politicians DON’T FEAR THE PEOPLE…THET THINK THEIR SMARTER AND WISER THEN US…….IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!!!!!

I would say that Justice Ginsberg has a major problem in recognising her duty to uphold the constitution! Impeach her and be done with it!!

Lets see……Justice Ginsberg has at least a Juris Doctorate, most likely a Masters at Law, and she Swore to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution of The United States.

Looks to me, impeachment first, and at least a taste of Federal Penitentary for a while after, would be “justice”.

While our founders never expected anti-Americans would ever achieve high office, they certainly expected penalties to be imposed on officials that loudly violated their oaths of office. If there were no penalties imposed, the oath would not be of much meaning,

Same goes for the esteemed judges in the 9th Federal Judicial District.

The main differences are that the Articles of Confederation did not essialbth an executive branch and it did not create a tight union. The president was only the president of the Congress. States were more like individual countries rather than territories within a country.Their similarities are that a governing body, the Congress, was made of representatives from each of the States.Read them and compare for yourself.

No, I don’t think impeachment would do any good. The left are known for getting their foot in their mouths. We need to get a conservative president and a conservative majority in the House and the Senate. Then things will start changing for the better.

I agree, don’t impeach, especially now will a liberal is in office. You could get someone to replace her much worse.

You are forgetting the huge amount of power the Supreme Court holds. If they start ruling against the constitution and legislating from the bench (which of course they have already done) there is very little any other branch can or will do. Not even the people have any say. They are appointed by the ruling party and they are there for life. If we don’t use the power of impeachment on occasion when it is deserved then we are in big trouble.

Totally agree, wbliss, we have no recourse to remove a Justice who will use anything other than the US Constitution in her/his decisions than impeachment. As observed when our weak-willed congress approved Sotomayer when she directly said other influences should be used (such as ones gender and heritage) in judicial decisions, we can no longer depend on them to uphold our rights.

Terry Lotz, Collierville, Tennessee

Do not worry about impeachment – she will die eventually…. Just hope there is a “qualified” Republican in the WH to replace this complete idiot. How she ever secure appointment to the Supreme Court is a definite mystery. Certainly was not for her wisdom, brain power or legal accumen. Did she ever really practice law? I wonder where?

Supreme court justice’s are there to ” INTERPRET” the constitition not change it. If justice Ginsberg does not understand this concept she should be removed.

The constitution is never outdated, if thats the way she feels, she needs to do the right thing and step down. Likely chance.

Try Ginsburg as a traitor after the presidential election is over!!!

It is our responsibility to watch dog the government. Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America gives you the right to declare the government unfit. Socialism and Communism are not part of these documents. I is my belief, according to the oaths that this Judge and many more took, including the White House crew, they perjured themselves, they have no belief in God and should be charged with obstruction of Liberty and obstruction of Life, Liberty and The persuit of Happines. They are the prime example of Obstruction of Justice.

Just one more embarrassment in a long list of embarrassments perpetrated by the liberal politicians and judges who are chipping away at our Constitution attempting to invalidate it. That this was done in the presence of foreign dignitary by one who is sworn to uphold the Constitution is pitiful.

She is too old & feeble to know what is really going on. Time for her to retire. RSS

She should be impeached immediately – do not fool around – we have had ENOUGH of everything the liberals are doing to our beloved America – how can she rule properly sitting on the bench of our Supreme Court – she is a TRAITOR – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is sure doing in Africa anyway – on our tax dollar – we are paying her for traveling to Africa to downgrade our America — what the hell is wrong with us that we put up with this kind of arrogance!!!!!!!!!! How can she rule from the bench when she obviously does NOT believe in our Constitution – maybe she should stay in Africa and help them with their ruling……. Perhaps we should not pay for her return ticket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO ! NO ! NO ! Wait until Obama is gone. We do not want Obama appointing a more liberal Younger Judge to the Supreme court. Let us pray for all of the Judges to live until at least January 21 2013, the ends of this error.

Of course she should be impeached but she is only the tip of the ice berg.

Deport both ruth buzzi ginsburg and obama to whatever communist country will take them–soon!d

We are indeed in trouble! If you researched the quote rather than respond to a a quick snippet, you would find Ginsburg said that she would not look to the Constitution to model for an emerging country as our original Constitution did not support equal rights for women and minorities as well as it permitted slavery. She said “we are still forming the more perfect union” . She also praised the U.S. Constitution and the founders, saying, “we were just tremendously fortunate in the U.S. that the men that met in Philadelphia were very wise.”

We need to be more prudent in our examination of the medias attempt to dumb down our ability to think for ourselves.

I feel the comment was taken out of context and if you read the whole she is wise in her statements. After all our constitution has gone under some major revisions over the years. The orginial men who wrote and ratified our constitution were wise beyond their years or it would have been scrapped instead of amended–Things like women and blacks voting… So I understand Ginsburgs statement, but one must read the whole thing and not take a snippet.

I believe her statement was that she would not recommend they use our Constitution as a “model” for their Constitution, not that they should “copy” our Constitution. As a model they would not repeat any items in the original document that have since been changed by subsequent amendments. Your efforts to garner support for this radical member of our highest court fall far short of your goals. Most members of this organization are not that daft.

She is senile or suffering from dementia, time for her to be removed from her judgeship.

she is not my choice for a supreme court justice for many reasons. she seems to be a liberal progressive or at least does not uphold the constitution the way i read it.