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AMAC Takes Issue With Liberal Efforts to Undermine Health Care Reform

health care healthcare reformThe senior advocacy organization calls out rival AARP

WASHINGTON, DC – “There they go again, spouting the party line—the Democratic Party line, of course.  Back in 2010 AARP blindly, but staunchly, defended the secret machinations surrounding the concoction of Obamacare.  Now, they seek to undermine efforts to make healthcare truly affordable for those who need it.”

That’s how Dan Weber, president of AARP’s biggest Conservative alternative for senior citizens, the Association of Mature American Citizens, characterized the Liberal organization’s “meaningless attack on Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare, which is soon to become a full-scale catastrophe.”

There are few who can argue that President Obama’s Affordable Care Act works, says Weber.  “The law has forced some of the biggest insurers to quit the Obamacare exchanges, putting decent healthcare out of reach for millions of Americans.  Over the past seven years it has made life miserable and unaffordable for those seeking what was touted as Affordable coverage.  Pretty soon the common cold will be classified as a ‘catastrophic illness’ because the only remedy we have today will be too costly for many of us.”

Weber argues that what the Republican Congress and President Trump are trying to do is to make health care affordable and available.  And, he says, they are doing it in the light of day with everyone watching.  “Strangely, perhaps Nancy Pelosi was almost right when, in 2010, she famously told us, ‘We have to pass the bill [Obamacare] so that you can find out what is in it.’  So why can’t the cynical critics in Congress and organizations like AARP keep their traps shut while lawmakers try to craft a new law.”

Despite the fact that the Senate has yet to make a final legislative proposal regarding health care, AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond issued a statement denouncing the “phantom” bill.  She said, “This new Senate bill was crafted in secrecy behind closed doors without a single hearing or open debate—and it shows.  The Senate bill would hit millions of Americans with higher costs and result in less coverage for them.”

AMAC’s Weber is quick to note the double standard in that AARP was forceful in its support of the failed Affordable Care Act even after Nancy Pelosi told us that we wouldn’t find out what was in it until was the law was placed on President Obama’s desk.  Yet, he says, they are now ready to “jump the gun” before Republicans can show us how they plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, “a law that has caused nothing but frustration and grief for us all, to the point where it impeded the recovery from a Great Recession and caused too many people to become unemployed and underemployed.”

Weber cites a recent article by political observers Nancy Thorner and Ed Ingold who recently penned an article for the Illinois Review.  He says that it looks like they got it right when they wrote: “The (dis) loyal opposition, as to be expected, has raked the Republican Repeal Bill over the coals, claiming that 24 million people will lose their insurance under Trump’s AHCA.  This is nothing less than a lie promulgated for political purposes.”

Weber points out that the Association of Mature American Citizens was formed to support and defend American values.  “We have a Conservative bent because we wish to conserve the legacy of our Founding Fathers.  What the Liberals among us wish to do is to impose Socialist principles on us whether we like it or not.  Their aim is to preserve such ideological statutes as Obamacare to pave the way for a government-run, single-payer future in which we receive a one-size-fits-all health care system, among other things.  AMAC won’t let that happen.”


The Association of Mature American Citizens [http://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at http://amac.us/join-amac.

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4 years ago

That 24~25 million the CBO is claiming to lose their healthcare under the Republican version are those who will drop out once no longer mandated to sign up fore BO-care. If the Lee-Cruz amendment is adopted then they will most likely sign up for the custom care, as it was before BO-care, as the premiums will be affordable.

Theresa Rodriguez
4 years ago

Yo, Guys… hang in there. President Trump is a Very Savvy Businessman. I love watching him do the “Gotcha”… and he will on obamacare too. I’d take bets on it and I don’t bet. He’s let the Rino/Dems bluster and pontificate. But he’s the absolute Best Magician I’ve ever seen. While he’s got everyone screaming (especially the buffoon media) on the one hand, he’s quietly working Real magic with the other hand. Just you wait. It will be a thing of beauty.

4 years ago

go amac keeep us informed

Lee McQuillen
4 years ago

No matter where I go or who I write I’ve been unable to find out how many people have lost their insurance with Ocare because they can’t afford it anymore. Anyone have an idea? Why are they not giving out this number. I know several who have no insurance because of the cost and I haven’t asked for that info from them, they’ve brought it up.

Thomas H
4 years ago

The AARP, with the full knowledge that it literally contained death panels for senior citizens, publicly supported Obamacare. Of course, this was after ObeyMe promised them one billion dollars to be given over a ten year period for their support.

Rick B.
4 years ago

Get ready for another spike in AMAC membership, Dan. My wife and I dropped our AARP membership like a hot potato and joined AMAC back when Obamacare first came on the scene, with AARP backing the legislation to the hilt, despite it’s many obvious shortcomings.

4 years ago

I was very disappointed in AMACs support of the House’s healthcare plan–it was Obamacare with older citizens funding the cost for those getting Obamacare through the welfare system. Very disappointed that AMAC did not take a stand for Congress to completely repeal and replace Obamacare. The federal government has no place in determining what the people can have or have not in medical care. We have seen this week what happens when government tells parents that they must let their infant child die rather that seek out possible treatment in USA . all over Europe elder citizens are denied care because it is not cost effective based upon the age of the patient and the cost of therapy–eithansia dictated by government to cut costs. We need government out of medical care. The old healthcare system–Capitolism-did quite well with a few problems that could have been remedied quite simply–like pre-existing conditions. Large group plans for folks with pre-existing conditions and allowing small businesses to together form groups to bring the costs down for everyone. The Dems and now the Republicians are throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Richard Tremaine
4 years ago

Yes as a conservative organization you have our interest at heart, therefore, you need to offer ideas through your contacts with Congressional Republicans. you have a staff with ears to the ground and since 100% of your time is helping seniors give them something to consider or give them hell for not coming up with something to do to help Trump. We need to replace this Obamacare fiasco and we need to do it quick. It needs to be in place before the 2018 elections. If not the Dims will run us into the ground, run over us, and take seats in Congress. If we want Trumps agenda to proceed we need all the seats we can get.

Bill H
4 years ago

If you folks, AARP and the government really want to help people with medical expenses, why don’t you go after the real problem? Insurance premiums and co-pays and all the other tommyrot that goes along with it is only reflecting the COSTS of medical procedures, doctors fees, big pharma with their poison distributiion system, and government under socialist guidance.

Try going after all the graft, fancy and unnecessary vanity and cosmetic procedures, $60+ mucus removal kits (boxes of Kleenex), and the many other unnecessary hoops the socialist legal system forces doctors and hospitals to jump through to protect themselves from frivolous legal actions by litigation crazed patients; and then of course there is the issue of whether we should support every illegal alien who manages to migrate into our country and stub their toe or drop their baby.

THAT is where the problems begin, then the Educational System teaches the children and sheeple to USE THE SYSTEM BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT OWES IT TO THEM! The government owes them, or you and me, nothing but whatever we are capable of earning and providing for ourselves! Put the government back under the Constitutional limits as a Republic under limited capitalism, and get it out of the health insurance business and let the market solve the cost of medical care. Some people don’t need, nor want, medical insurance and they shouldn’t be forced to buy it. Others do need it, and if they have the ambition to work it is available, and can be tailored by the insurance companies to their mutual satisfaction and needs and what they can afford, else there is no incentive to work and improve your lot in life. Those who are TRULY unable to work due to disabilities should be taken care of without cost, or reduced costs, by local government funding or charitable organizations, not Federal government taxation. There is something seriously wrong with a welfare system that rewards a person more for being on welfare than on a salary.

4 years ago

If congress insists on passing another health bill and they were required to have the same coverage as us, you know our problems would be over.

4 years ago

I am sure that AMAC is aware that AARP receives hundreds of thousands of dollars of income from its various insurance offerings. Could that be having any affect on its position concerning the repeal of Obamacare and the replacement with a more affordable insurance program?

4 years ago
Reply to  Keith

I am assuming you meant to say that AARP receives several million dollars from them referring their members to the various insurance companies that advertise through AARP. Hundreds of thousands would be what they receive every week or two. You are of course correct that AARP has a vested financial interest in Obamacare’s continuation or some other form of government controlled, government managed health care insurance.

Rich Ganong
4 years ago

“The (dis) loyal opposition, as to be expected, has raked the Republican Repeal Bill over the coals, claiming that 24 million people will lose their insurance under Trump’s AHCA. This is nothing less than a lie promulgated for political purposes.”

According to the CBO this is a true statement…..what no one seems to want to discuss is, as Paul Harvey put it, the rest of the story. According to the CBO report approx 15M people will lose coverage because they CHOOSE to go without insurance……they aren’t losing anything…..they are voluntarily opting out of a failed, broken system

4 years ago

I ask you, does this sound like progressivism or regressivism? Because to me, it sounds like legal discrimination, based on “ethnicity”.
H. R. 3590—256
‘‘(3) COSTS.—For purposes of paragraph (1), costs shall
be evaluated, to the extent practicable, based on a composite
of appropriate measures of costs established by the Secretary
(such as the composite measure under the methodology established
under subsection (n)(9)(C)(iii)) that eliminate the effect
of geographic adjustments in payment rates (as described in
subsection (e)), and take into account risk factors (such as
socioeconomic and demographic characteristics, ethnicity, and
health status of individuals (such as to recognize that less
healthy individuals may require more intensive interventions)
and other factors determined appropriate by the Secretary.

GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF HEALTH CARE!! The only thing they’re doctoring is the books.

Libby Banthem
4 years ago

EXCELLENT!! expect to have a follow up as this proceeds!

Dee J
4 years ago

The new bill isn’t much better than the bill we have. They want to cut Medicaid which covers handicapped and SENIORS when they run out of funds in Nursing homes and Assisted Living. I know there are folks who should not be on it; take them off it. Refuse to cover anyone making ?? income. Medicare again will pay for Ryan Care. Tune of $400 Billion AFTER Obamacare stole $736 Billion from it. Then Ryan can send out his el cheapo vouchers to 100 year old people to get their own insurance. THERE IS NOTHING IN EITHER CONGRESS BILL THAT PROTECTS SENIORS AND THE HANDICAPPED. If the states don’t have the money for Medicaid; they will suffer. You have to go thru the GRINDER now to get it approved with entire savings of 1500-2000$$. 5 years back checking everything. Baby Boomers are of the age now that they are going into Nursing Homes and Assisted Livings and going with Dementia among other diseases. They cannot be allowed to live in a home where they can wander outside or burn the house down. Talking from experience here with Mom. These places have waiting lists now to get in. 8,000 to 18,000 a month depending on where it is.
and prices rise each year. The insurance companies must cover pre existing conditions as 85% of seniors have one.
They are living on very low social security, some at 1200 a month, one I know of gets 600 a month. What does that cover???? And these bills want Seniors to pay 5-8X more than others who also have pre existing conditions or have strokes, heart attacks, premature babies etc. The way these two bills are written is shitty. There is no protection in them.
Now the Millenniums are outnumbering the Baby Boomers. The scientific medical community is predicting that if they don’t find a cure or preventive for dementia (there are over 100 types) that by 2050 HALF THE WORLD WILL HAVE ONE OF THE FORMS. It seems to triple each year so far.

4 years ago

The AARP is an organization begun by the Left Wing union organizers to use elderly people as yet another minority hate group. Soros funds it as do a lot of government programs. It’s all about money.
Keeping Obamacare is not possible. Fixing it is not possible.
All those elderly people who see their contribution to Medicare rise slightly every year under Obamacare may not know that Obama raided Medicare to keep the broken Socialist National Health Insurance viable long enough for him to leave office. Weaponizing the IRS against the American public is cruel and punishing for grandma’s and grandpa’s grandkids, great grandkids, their children and all those young people who work part time as nurses and techs in hospitals because Obamacare made it too expensive for them to work full time. Remember, if they work more than 30 hours a week they have to be insured? Yeah.
Life the DNC the AARP has no values. Old people are big business and nobody really cares what happens to them because AARP blocks any ideas other than their own.

4 years ago

We have to wait and see what the ACA will do , that only makes sense to the nut jobs out on California . Frustration ?? You got to be kidding me . People have lost their doctors , their plans and healthcare all together period . I have a brother in law who was in the insurance side he lost his job and is now drifting around after 23 years it’s worse than a disaster . Dan you disagree ??? Everyone stop believing the nut job commercials of grandma being pushed off a cliff and the poor children and the poor moms and on and on , it does not get fixed ALL of us will have nothing . And who is paying for the fourths celebration of a hundred thugs shot celebrating ?? Let the nut jobs live in Detroit and Illinois where it’s going down the toilet .

Denis Ables
4 years ago

Krauthammer has it right We should begin arming, with nukes, the countries most threatened by NK, namely Japan and South Korea, both defensive and offensive.

China may not be concerned about NK threats, but it will have some concern about both SK and Japan being armed. That should focus its attention on the problem.

Denis Ables
4 years ago
Reply to  Denis Ables

oops, wrong subject matter response, but relevant to readers anyway

Deb K
4 years ago

Can’t say anymore than what has already been said! Bottom line, get government out of health care…and it should not be used as a tool by the democrats to illicit votes by promising “free stuff.”

4 years ago

I don’t know what we should do. Liberals glamorize socialized medicine. Cancer patients are allowed to die because they’re unaffordable. They get what chemo the plan can afford, not what they need. In the Netherlands, cervical cancer patients are on a 3 month waiting list even though it’s only curable in the first month.

4 years ago
Reply to  Denise

The government statistics on saving money via single-payer are based mainly on a couple of factors:

1) Everything beyond a simple check-up needs to be approved by some government bureaucrat. This introduces delay of treatment in the equation, but it also saves the government money by NOT spending any money to deliver actual medical care or medicines. The more expensive and elaborate the treatment of medication, the longer the typical delay time. Waiting weeks or months is NOT uncommon depending on specifically what the doctor is requesting.
2) In addition, expensive diagnostics and treatments, assuming they are already on the approved list for your particular illness as determined by a board of government doctors who determine what is and is NOT appropriate treatment or diagnostic procedure for your symptoms or illness, are then measured against your “value to society”. This is a fairly complex formula to determine essentially if it is worth spending the specific amount of money on you based on how the government determines what your value to society is. A younger, high taxpaying member of society, with many, many years of paying those high taxes, is worth more than an elderly patient living a fixed income and paying substantially less taxes and with few years left to pay those taxes.

There are other metrics that are employed to achieve “cost savings”, but the bottom line is such cost savings are largely statistical in nature and are achieved primarily through severe rationing of medical care. In any event, every country with single-payer and that has a decent size population is going broke because of it.

Someone with constant, pounding headaches may be scheduled by their doctor to get an MRI. However, that review and approval process for such a request may take several weeks or even months to be approved or denied. I won’t even get into what the appeal process for a denial of treatment entails should a doctor get that back from the government. In the meantime, the patient is sent home with a prescription for cheap pain pills. If the patient dies before the approval for an MRI is received, well then the government “saved” the cost of the scans and the cost of the doctors to analyze those scans. The government is out only the cost of some cheap pain pills, so in their view they saved big money. Win-win for the government bureaucrat who counts the pennies and not the bodies such a system racks up.

Here’s two questions for you:

If single-payer is so great, why do several thousand people a year fly from all those countries to come here for medical care?

Why isn’t there a massive number of Americans hopping aboard planes to fly to these countries for their medical care each year?

Do I really have to spell it out for you?

4 years ago
Reply to  Denise

Sorry Denise. I tried to answer your question but AMAC flagged by response. No bad language used. Just an explanation of how single-payer achieves its so-called cost savings. I guess it was too honest.

Ivan Berry
4 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Sometimes it’s best to use “Youth In Asia” to get past touchy feely political correctness.

4 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

I think the fact that I provided the specific criteria and time frames for approvals or denials used by the governments that have enacted single-payer might be construed by the AMAC censor as potentially worrisome for readers of these posts. Too much specific detail that spells out how the government bureaucrats determine who gets care and who doesn’t and why. Must remember AMAC likes to keep things vague and pleasant sounding. :-)

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