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AMAC: Syria and Russia ‘Tweaked’ President Obama’s Nose

dan-weber‘President Obama made a speech, President Putin said ‘gotcha’ and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad simply smirked’ –

WASHINGTON, DC, Sept 13 – Syria, with the help of our former Soviet foes, “tweaked” President Obama’s nose this week, adding insult to injury, Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, concluded.

“The plan, offered by Russia’s President Putin, for an international lockdown of Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons may have temporarily postponed a new showdown in the Middle East, to the relief of most Americans. But it embarrassed the nation because it was exactly the kind of solution that has eluded the administration’s military brain trust ever since Mr. Obama declared that Syria crossed his personal Red Line when it used its weapons of mass destruction.”

Weber said the president was “apparently caught off-guard by the Russian solution and wasted no time making yet another flip-flopping course correction. Mr. Obama immediately took to the airwaves and made a speech while President Putin whispered ‘gotcha’ to himself and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad simply smirked.”

Pollsters report that the majority of Americans oppose military intervention in the Syrian crisis. A survey this week of more than 10,000 AMAC members and visitors to its Web site produced only 716 votes in favor of the president’s attack plans—barely 7% of respondents.

“Mr. Obama’s saber rattling scared the heck out of most war-weary Americans—not because we don’t have the right, the might or the will to win, but because it is the wrong fight at the wrong time. It is a tactic in search of a strategy,” Weber said.

He pointed out that very few people, including the experts, believe the Russian proposal is viable in the long-term for any number of reasons. But, he said, it may provide a respite.

“Certainly it offers President Obama a short-term, face-saving device. Realizing that he’d gone too far out on the limb of war, he quickly dispatched his spin doctors to claim ownership of the Russian solution. They insisted, with straight faces, that it was his threat of an ‘unbelievably small’ military action, as Secretary of State Kerry put it, which scared the Russians and the Syrians into making the proposal.”

Meanwhile, Weber added, instead of degrading al-Assad’s military capabilities, the president has degraded the standing of the U.S. in the global community.

“Throughout this whole affair, President Obama has shown indecision, hesitancy and a lack of self-confidence and leadership, so much so that all he could get from our allies was a statement condemning Syria’s use of gas against his own people. Even our closest ally, Britain, nixed military support. In the Arab world, the president is ‘seen as feckless and weak,’ a man whose ‘word cannot be trusted,’ according to Salman Shaikh, director of the highly regarded Brookings Institute’s Doha Center. And, the president’s performance in dealing with Syria was described as a ‘fiasco reminiscent of the Carter days’ by former Israeli UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman.”

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James M.

Well, he said he would fundamentally change America and they sill voted him in. His only kept campaign promise and I do not like the Muslim sympathizing White Houst we now have! Pray for Patriots to retake Washington before it is too late!!


I am not sure that there will ever be another free election in this country.


You know that there is place in the bible that says that Damascus will be destroyed. It will be reduced to a pile of rubble. There have been many times that battles have been fought in that area but none have destroyed the city. When and if the terrorists get hold of those chemical weapons. They will use them on Israel and Israel just might level Damascus. Will that be the beginning of world war three?


Our war monger of a president has taken the U.S. so far away. Now Russia is the peacemaker, the diplomat that is to stop American agression? What’s next? Will Russia become the sanctuary for American whistleblowers, the protector of the right of free speech? I miss the days when Russia was wrong and we were right.

Jacqueline Doty

Why, for pity sake, do we feel it necessary to protect, guard, arm and save the people who hate us the most?
Our soldiers n Afghanistan had to “eat” the rockets we used to arm the Muhajadeen against Russia.
All those poor “babies” dying from sarin gas were destined to become future terrorists and suicide bombers.
Haven’t we been played enough?
Another moronic President finds it necessary to save face by jumping into another war.
We are doomed.

Gary Ross

My grandson and I watched the movie Hugo over the weekend. In the movie there was a comment on how The Great War (WWI) had such a profound effect. “Youth and Hope were lost” it stated. It was a sobering line, with direct ties to what we are going through now. Why is it that our own past several presidents have glorified war and even sent us in to war? Don’t they know history, or do they think we don’t know any better? Obama is not my president. He never has been, and never will be. When I see or hear him on the internet or TV, I quickly change the channel. I do not trust anything that comes from the hole in his face. But the real problem is not obama or his administration. I believe the real problem is within Congress! They have had many chances to turn… Read more »


Too bad we have been “declared” no longer a Christian nation. Christians don’t have a “level playing-field” even in our historically wonderful United States, so logic says our president and his “cheering section” are certainly not going to take a stand for the torturing and killing of Christians either in Syria or many other places in the world for that matter. It’s very obvious from Scripture that we are in grave (literally) danger of losing our “world power” position since we have become morally depraved as our new “norm.” Let’s turn this country around before it’s eternally too late…our prayers are with you Mr. President!


Thanks Dan Weber. As usual, you are spot on, except for one thing. This clown is Jimmy Carter on steroids with one major difference. At least Carter did not hate our country.

Mike G.

STOP ALL FOREIGN AID, Take care of our own, let the other countries take care of themselves. Stop wasting our taxpayer dollars overseas. There are millions here who need help. And for the last time stop stealing from Social Security, to finance wasteful projects. despite what government claims, this country has an 83 trillion dollar deficit, which is almost as much as the net worth of every country on earth. If you don’t believe that, research it.


President Obama is supplying machine guns and anti-tank weapons (rocket propelled grenades) to the opposition in Syria. It is likely that some of those armaments will fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda or other jihadists, who are actively seeking the down fall of Israel and the United States of America. And if things work out well for the opposition, they may soon have at their disposal all the chemical weapons that are stockpiled in Syria. What do you suppose Al-Qaeda would do with such weapons? Isn’t there something wrong with this picture? To me this is an act of Treason (aiding and abetting the enemies of the US). Where is the Congress? Why is there no out cry? When are the American people going to wake up? Well if Al-Qaeda gets the chemical weapons there be a lot of Americans who never wake again!

Linda Zupan

The problem with impeachment is all the thousands of laws he has put in (illegally, by the way, just by excutive order) will remain law. Which we CANNOT HAVE! Obamacare is just one of the idiot laws he has bulldozed. He is NOT a US citizen, people. There has NEVER been a true birth certificate because there isn’t one. Even his own grandmother said she remembered when he was born in KENYA! How dumb are we and the idiot congress that they don’t see it? All they are concerned about is their next overpaid paycheck and all the rest of the perks they can get the american people to let them get by with. All the while laughing at us, because we are dumber than they are for letting them get by with it. He needs to be kicked out of office and tried for treason. Not impeached as we… Read more »


This administration has created more instability in the mid-east than ever ….


Even though the 2nd Amendment does not say so specifically, one popular interpretation is: “so that the citizens are able to defend themselves against an oppressive government”

Are we there yet?

In the case of the afirmative: When, how, where, against whom to do an armed uprising ????

Mar MB

So many great comments. This is by far the weakest President & Administration in my time (going back to Truman). As I watch this fiasco unfold I can’t help but think of F-Troop. This joke of an administration could only be enhanced by the addition of Barney Frank (Pink Cloud).

Ron Hirschkind

The truth on Syria is simple. While it is true that Americans may be war weary, we are tired of being involved where it is not essential for us to be. People are not about to support a war effort undertaken by this president who is dishonest, unAmerican,and without leadership skills. The aforementioned is just for starters. If we are in a “sequester” whatever that means, and have no money, why consider going to war. If kids can’t visit the White House, where does the money for Syria come from.
The United States elected this guy twice and we are paying a bitter price.Seniors of all stripes, no matter your party need to get together and remove all of the idiots we’ve sent to DC and to do it quickly, or trust me , none of this will matter.

AMAC MBR.who cares

Very good comments!! I just pray that this great nation survives our muzzel-prof. pinnochio!!! He is the worst EVER!
Wonder why he was never vetted?!! Impeachment sounds like a choice option!


Tweaked, ah, I would say they rubbed his nose in mud………………………..

Michael JK

Very good comments!
lets defund the ACA and then get at least 3 votes to side with each one of us in the 2014 elections. One step at a time!
And I don’t suggest easy votes but those may not understand the drastic situation the Unite States are in?
That name sounds miss leading under Obama. “United”??

Vic M

There is 2 sides in Syria. Bad and Badder. If one side is 100% bad and the other side is 98% bad, which side is which? Which side will you take? Answer: NO SIDE. LET THEM FIGHT AMONGST THEMSELVES. If you think that having Sharia Law govern Syria would be better, I suggest you look into Sharia Law.


Will Durant, in his Story Of Civilization, wrote years ago what should have been a warning to us. He said “A great civilization is not conquored from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”