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AMAC Supports the Promoting Free and Fair Elections Act


The bill would prohibit federal agencies from using taxpayer funds to implement or enter into agreements with partisan organizations that conduct voter mobilization activities.


September 13, 2022

The Honorable Ted Budd
13th Congressional District of North Carolina
103 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Congressman Budd,

On behalf of the 2.3 million members of AMAC – the Association of Mature American Citizens, including over 6,200 residing in NC-13, I write to offer our support for H.R. 8461, the Promoting Free and Fair Elections Act.

This bill substantially counters sections 3 & 4 of President Biden’s Executive Order 14019. The order constitutes an effort to influence our electoral process by the Biden Administration to employ “approved” third party non-governmental organizations with the power to influence voting choices by exploiting Americans whose hard-earned tax dollars would be used to pay for the effort. The very lack of definition for an “approved” organization, or who is charged with the “approval” of one, strongly calls into question the bias the administration intends to apply.

This Executive Order, left unchecked, will lead to undue and inappropriate influence on our election process resulting in the installation of candidates who do not represent the will of the people. In addition, the consequence of that misrepresentation would reverberate throughout any legislation or leadership these candidates may impose.

To prevent agencies from circumventing this bill, Section 3 includes a specific provision that would lead to accountability for agency heads in the form of a report to Congress regarding how the Executive Order was implemented; in this case highlighting efforts to avoid the law.

AMAC thanks you, Representative Budd, for your leadership to protect election integrity and ensure the accurate representation of the will of the people in our government. As an organization representing members who hold sacred their precious right to vote, AMAC is pleased to offer our full support for H.R. 8461, the Promoting Free and Fair Elections Act.

Bob Carlstrom
AMAC Action

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April Ford
6 months ago

I believe that there should be no drop boxes. If you are able go to the polls yourself. This is so important.

6 months ago
  1. Non-human supervised drop boxes should be illegal.
  2. Vote counting should be fully supervised and monitored by all registered parties. NO EXCUSES.
  3. No vote solicitations, or ballot harvesting.
  4. No voting by mail unless you are medically unable, or out of the country.
William Czincilla
6 months ago

Our elections have been corrupted by the demon-cRATs in many states. Election Day? No election weeks and mail in ballots from GOD knows who.

6 months ago

William Czincilla: Our elections have been corrupted not only by demon-cRATs, but also by RINOs who impede accountability. It would be absurd to consider ‘permission to corrupt’ and ‘the actual corruption’ as separate, Both are necessary for the corruption to have begun and to continue. I consider ALL members of “the Bigger-Government-is-better Uni-Party” as responsible.

6 months ago

I’m 100% in harmony with AMAC ‘s position on this item! The politicos (primarily and in great majority as applied to the DemocRats) tend to look out for their best interests instead of the tenets of the Constitutional Law when it directly applies to them.

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