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AMAC Supports H.R. 3811 – The Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act of 2014

On Thursday, H.R. 3811, the “Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act of 2014,” was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.  AMAC – who has formally endorsed this important piece of legislation – is extremely pleased to see this measure move forward in the legislative process, as it addresses a critical need to protect mature Americans and seniors from potential security breaches in the ObamaCare exchanges. remains woefully vulnerable to exploitation, fraud, and other security breaches, demonstrating that the Federal government failed to conduct thorough testing of the website or establish proper security procedures prior to launch.  H.R. 3811, therefore, takes appropriate and necessary steps to ensure that personal health care information is protected.  Additionally, it requires the Department of Health and Human Services to notify individuals of any breach on the health care law exchanges that endangers sensitive data and information within two business days.  As continues to undergo construction and maintenance, AMAC believes H.R. 3811 will help to safeguard seniors from identity theft and exploitation.  As the fastest growing conservative seniors organization in America, AMAC is proud to support Representative Joe Pitts (R-PA) and his bill, the “Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act of 2014.”

Read AMAC Letter of Support                                                                                        Read H.R. 3811

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Kelli Sams
8 years ago

Not only will Harry Reid not let bill H.R. 3811 hit the Senate floor, but I am sure he will again betray the people and abuse the power and authority, which was granted to him from “We the People, By the People, and For the People”, as an elected civil servant, to make sure Nevada Citizens never even knows Bill H.R. 3811 exists.
Let’s look at the track record, does anyone in the State of Nevada know that Nevada received 2.5 Billion Dollars to assist in preventing foreclosures and was also funded money through the Nevada Hardest Hit Program? No!
So, where did this money go?
Why don’t United States Tax paying citizens receive an itemization / tracking / accounting of where every single penny of their tax dollars are being spent by local city, county, state, and the federal government?
It is not like the IRS does’t prepare these reports for the Presidents office, congress, the house and/or senate. I know the words should be capitalized, but I have no respect for our government.
I love the United State of America as a country, but as long as the People of the United States of America don’t take responsibility for being a United States of American Citizen and use the power and control that still exists to this day through the Founding Fathers who created the “CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS”, to ensure that the Government could not be more powerful than the people the government is to serve, then the U.S. Government will continue to create bill after bill, law after law, and rules and regulations after rules and regulations, to maneuver a U.S. Judicial and Government suffocation and permanent gag over the month of every single United States of American individual….. until every U.S. Citizen feels like they have been rapped up tight in a spun and corrupted web, by the “Black Widow Spider” of the existing United States of America government.
If the U.S. Government can take our tax dollars to pay for their monthly salaries, then they damn well should be not only expected to do the jobs which they were elected or appointed to do, but just like anyone else who does not work for the government……”THEY SHOULD BE FIRED / TERMINATED from their job. No resigning, no parachute paycheck, or vacating the position endowment…..Justice for All….should mean just what it clearly states….”JUSTICE FOR ALL”.


How you ask do people take back their power and control of being “We the People, For the People, and By the People….from the Government?

1) Every single person in this country needs to change their employer tax exemption to “EXEMPT” & NOW as of Jan 2014! At the end of the year is when, every person would have whoever prepares their tax returns inform them of what they needed to do in order to pay as little taxes as possible and then would pay whatever that final dollar amount would be.
Now, if the U.S. Government’s “Black American Express Card” (tax payer’s dollars) were to all of a sudden dry up, which the government uses like a “Mistress” with a never ending spending limit, then the Government would feel the “STING” and FLEX of muscle from “We the People, For the People, and By the People”. This would not only allow for U.S. Citizens to immediately have their voices heard in this country, they would be able to keep more of the money they make to use to take care of their families, but it would also send a message and put the United States of American government on alert and put them back in their place of who they actual are, which is being elected and appointed as “Civil Servants” to be entrusted to serve United States of American Citizens and to use tax payer’s dollars wisely and balancing the budget every year. The U.S. Government would also know what it feels like not to be able to pay the bills for the United States of America. Not to mention, as U.S. American Citizens….we have to balance the budgets in our households or we would be on the street, so America should also insist that the United States of America government either balance their budget with the taxes they receive from U.S. American Citizens or be kicked out onto the streets!

2) Every person in the United States of America needs to quit hiring lawyer’s, going into the hall’s of HELL (U.S. Court Rooms), and giving jurisdiction to the courts (control over you) to a judge (SATAN), who by the way thinks that their court rooms are there personal and private legal playgrounds where they get to make up the laws and rules as they go along and provide rulings base on their personal biases and beliefs….. and once a person raises their hand to take the oath of office to become a judge, that person “NEVER HAS TO TAKE CONTINUING EDUCATION CLASSES OR PROVE THROUGH THE TAKING OF YEARLY EXAMS, THAT THEY ARE KNOWLEDGEABLE OF ALL LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND TO ENSURE THEIR RULINGS ARE BASED ON THE “CURRENT LAWS, STATUTES, RULES, AND REGULATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!”

3) Every person needs to file their complaints and claims with the U.S. Government Agency, which is paid by U.S. tax dollars and demand they do their job/s. Instead of hiring a lawyer, going to the halls of HELL (courts), standing before a judge (Satan), which are all coercing you to again become a voluntary and deliberate victim, by being required to file a law suit against a person, entity, authority / official, and/or the government, who has already violated the law against you, to then becoming victimized a second time, with the Judicial rapping of the U.S. Judicial / Legal court system, when U.S. Citizens unknowingly allows, with the filing of a law suit, for the U.S. Court System to gain jurisdiction over you (like a parent gaining custody over a child) to having to pay to file your case, pay for filing fee’s, paying to amend your case, paying to hire a lawyer, taking time off from work, losing income from not being at work, to risking your job because you took time off from work to try and get justice against someone who violated your rights, to your employer retaliating against you by cutting your hours, because they don’t want someone working for them who is bringing the spot light down to bare upon the U.S. Citizen’s employer, simply because the U.S. Citizen is simply defending their right to stand up for their rights to defend themselves, by thinking if they file a law suit/s through the court system they will receive justice. However, what happens most of the time is that it puts the U.S. Citizens employer in direct site of the U.S. Court System, which then causes the person to lose their job and prevents them from being able to afford to get justice through the court systems.
Because it requires money to file a law suit to obtain justice, which is why the government tries to divert U.S. Citizens to file claims through the U.S. Judicial / Legal court system in the first place, because the U.S. Government knows and counts on U.S. Citizens using the U.S. Court System in the first place, instead of filing directly with the United States of America Government Agencies, which the U.S. Government Agencies were created in the first place to keep the peace and provide justice to american citizens in the first place, which should also not require and should prevent U.S. Citizens from having to go to court and give jurisdiction over their lives to the court to file law suit/s in the first place, etc….
If United States of American Citizens started talking to each other and shared their information and filed their complaints and flooded these U.S. government agencies and insisted that these tax paying agencies do the job/s they were hired for, then their would not be as demanding of need for lawyer’s, judges, courts, District Attorney’s, ect…..If lawyer’s, judges,courts, District Attorney’s were not being hired, utilized, and there was no need for them, because U.S. Citizens were getting the city,county,state,and Federal U.S. Agencies to do their jobs, then the Judicial and Legal system would start to dry up, because we all know as lawyer’s are in it for the money….just like AARP was backing Obama for the Insurance revenue / income they would make by the Obama medical bill passing, and as lawyer’s, judges, D.A.”s, ect…say, “It is going to cost you”. We might just be able to shine some light on the Government Corruption in the United States of America and finally receive the justice we have been looking for.

However, I want to remind every reader of this message, if we don’t understand conquer and divide and start living by the standards of “UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL”. I can guarantee the United States of America, that the U.S. Government understands the concept, just look around you!

Standing Strong and Proud Against United States of America “GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION”, but I can’t do it alone!!!

Kelli Jo Sams
[email protected]

8 years ago

This bill actually has a decent level of bi-partisan support. So it will be interesting to see if Harry Reid manages to file this one in the round filing container, otherwise know as the garbage can, in his office.

Given the fact that even the administration’s own technical people have testified before Congress to the effect that the security infrastructure of the Obamacare web site is nearly non-existent, it would be hard for the administration to spin that having an inadequate security infrastructure for the Obamacare web site, that would be serving tens of millions of people, would be a good thing. The time frames of between 2015 and 2017, to get the site 100 percent operational on all fronts, seems reasonable given the various problems outlined and the scope and complexity of the overall design of the Obamacare IT infrastructure. As someone who worked in the computer field, in both hardware and software, after reading the description of the problems that exist, I personally wouldn’t use the site for now. Far too easy for one’s personal data to be compromised in too many different ways. It would be tantamount to inviting wholesale identity theft and the government wouldn’t even be able to detect it.

I’m sure if they pour enough time and taxpayer money into redesigning the system and repairing the flaws, the site will work as they originally envisioned it. It’s just right now, there are too many gapping holes. So this legislation is sorely needed to protect the American people. Anyone want to call this “unintended consequences” or should be just call it want it is, bad project management resulting from a political “design by committee” approach?

8 years ago

Betcha ole Harry won’t let it reach the floor of the Senate. This is the most transparent administration in years. NOT!!! Another of Obama’s lies. Is anyone keeping count?

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