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Why AMAC Supports the House Plan to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

By – Parker Erickson

Since the GOP-controlled House introduced its plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (the ACA or Obamacare), there has been questions as to where the largest conservative seniors’ group stands on the issue.  The bill before the House this week is called the American Health Care Act, or the AHCA, and it’s received a mixed bag of responses from legislators in Washington.  Some conservatives have labeled the Republican proposal as Obamacare-light, and for 12 hours, the Democratic Caucus sought to rename the AHCA the Pay More for Less Act.

For years, AMAC has repeatedly called on Congress to repeal the Obama Administration’s failed health care law, and to put the power of health care choices back into the hands of patients.  AMAC’s ultimate goal has been and will continue to be the complete repeal and replacement of Obamacare.  As a first step, the AHCA lays the necessary foundation for more robust and necessary changes to repeal Obamacare in its entirety.

During our conversations with Freedom Caucus Republicans, House Leadership, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Trump Administration, AMAC has chosen to support the AHCA for the following reasons:

Obamacare is unsustainable

To our membership all over the country, this is not news.  Millions of seniors and millions of younger Americans have lost their coverage.  How often have we heard the promise, “if you like your plan you can keep your plan,” and “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor?”  Time has proven those promises false as millions of seniors and everyday Americans received insurance cancellation notices in the mail, and as doctors shuttered their doors to life-long patients.  Obamacare has failed.

While losing your doctor and plan should have been enough to discredit the law, Obamacare limped on for years, continuing to cause damage.  Anyone who’s watched the news (or listened to Democrats during the debates over the AHCA) has seen that in some states, premiums went up by over 100%.  Deductibles are through the roof, and even if you can afford to pay to be enrolled in insurance, you can’t afford your deductible and you can’t afford to see the doctor.

What good is health insurance if you can’t use it?  A plastic card that says you’re insured does not mean you have the health care you want, need, or can afford.  Something needs to be done before the entire system implodes.

Elimination of the individual and employer mandates imposed by the Federal Government

The AHCA eliminates the individual and employer mandates.  Last year alone, the IRS reported that 6.5 million people paid the individual mandate “penalty” for not having health insurance.  That’s 6.5 million people who would rather pay an annual, one-time penalty and go without insurance rather than pay the monthly premiums to enroll in insurance.  The Federal government should not be in the business of telling private citizens what they should or should not buy.

The repeal of the individual and employer mandates will save millions of dollars to individual Americans and stop the federal government’s obstruction of small business growth.  No matter what incentive, mandate, or fine the federal government imposes, some people do not want health insurance.  As freedom-loving conservatives, we understand that the government should have minimal (if any) input in how we live our day-to-day lives.  The AHCA rolls back the gross federal expansion of the individual and employer mandates.

Expanded use of Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

AMAC has long-supported the expansion of HSAs to improve individuals’ abilities to save for health care expenses.  While we feel this bill does not go far enough in expanding the use of HSAs, the raising of the cap on contributions to double what it is now is a good first step.

AMAC’s own HSA, the Trump HSA (named in honor of our president), would eliminate the cap on savings, allow patients to use their savings to pay premiums, and allow the HSA more portability and transferability.  Again, the operative word in the AHCA is first step.  While AMAC wants more out of HSA expansion, the AHCA opens the door to more robust expansion in the future.

It protects those who had no choice but to get on an Obamacare Exchange

While AMAC wants and calls for a complete repeal and replacement, the reality is that millions of Americans were forced off their private insurance plans and onto federally run exchanges.  We want the federal government out of health care.  We want the states to have more autonomy in determining what their constituencies need.  We need less bureaucracy in health care decisions.

But, we can’t kick millions of people off their plans when Obamacare forced them off their plans in the first place.  The AHCA slowly weens States off the bottomless pit of money Medicaid and other federally run exchanges have relied on.  As seniors know all-too-well, when spending someone else’s money (the taxpayers), governments are less careful than if they were spending their own money.

The AHCA protects those, who through no fault of their own, were forced into federally run exchanges and gives them an appropriate timetable to find alternative options.

It’s a first step

Repeatedly, we’ve heard from President Trump, Secretary Tom Price, M.D., and Republican House Leadership that this is the first step in the process to repeal and replace.  In fact, President Trump has said this bill is open to “negotiation,” and House Republicans are using “regular order” to get input from all sides of the political spectrum.

Already, the Republican House has devoted more time for debate than Obamacare did, and the open discussion is creating a blueprint for phases two and three of the Republican plan to Repeal, Replace, and Restore health care choices to patients.  AMAC is supporting this bill as a first step, and will be heavily involved in ensuring conservatives seniors have a seat at the table for phases two and three of the process.


AMAC has been and will continue to be the voice of conservative seniors.  Seniors mobilized in 2010 to take back the House of Representatives.  In 2014, seniors put Republicans in control of the Senate to stop President Obama in the final years of his presidency.  And, in 2016, seniors made America Great Again by electing President Donald J. Trump to be our 45th president.

Seniors have worked to take their country back and to ensure they leave a better, more prosperous future for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  This first step in repealing and replacing Obamacare isn’t about a single bill—it’s about returning power to the states, shrinking the federal government, and putting health care decisions back into the hands of the patients.

Just as seniors have done in the past, if this process does not lead to the results we want—well, our track-record is pretty strong.  We’ll hold our elected leaders accountable at the ballot box.

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That’s all good but congress has to be under the same plan and not pass a bill and they exempt their selfs from it they have the greatest healthcare and the same thing with social security

You’re exactly right Jim, if OUR wonderful RINO representatives and senators DON’T HAVE THE SAME HEALTHCARE INSURANCE AS “WE THE PEOPLE” then KILL IT, KILL IT, KILL IT!!! … Or “We The People” NEED TO TELL THEM that WE WILL KILL their Elected Careers in the next election!!!


You are absolutely right that we should let these RINO politicians know that we will kill their elected careers in the next election, then they will
really be feeling their lost .

Just to add to this conversation. Not only should lawmakers have to be a part of it but all union members and government employees as well. It is either for all or for none.
I do have to ask. Does anyone really expect Congress to follow through with the next steps? I have no trust for them and that is why FULL REPEAL must happen now. Then they will have to get the rest done.

I totally agree with you! I don’t trust them at all!!!

Great! You people seem more concerned about what 500 idiots get than the rest of us. Trash the whole thing!

KRS is exactly right about the “next steps.” There is absolutely NO guarantee that any future steps will be taken. Complete REPEAL must happen first! Then replacement can happen. Jim Jordan’s bill (that all the Republicans voted for when there was no chance of it being signed into law!) is the way to go. So why won’t the RINOs support it now?! H-m-m-m-m??

I say DEMAND that they cash in their Rolls Royce health plan, and unpaid for pensions. Roll them into whatever health plan they pass, and take their retirement plan and merge it with Social Security! Let them qualify like we have to 40 paid quarters to be eligible, and only one retirement no matter how many positions they have held!

All this plan does is make it easy for the next Democrat administration to implement Single Payer aka Universal Healthcare, their goal from the beginning. Is Trump selling out the people who put him in office? I hate to be think that but it’s either that or he has put his faith in the wrong people. Step 1 IS NOT very innovative. SAD

I agree. They need to live by the same standards (and as my cellphone prompts STUFF) they create for us.

Here here, Rik

Congress exempting themselves from their plans pretty much sums up the quality of their ideas.
Seems Orwellian

anytime congress excludes themselves from anything that the rest of us are REQUIRED to adhere to you know it’s a bad plan

Especially when the person behind Obamacare exempted all of his best buddies from it!

I remember a brave clear headed man named Newt,, The first promise on the Contract with America was… Congress will not exempt itself from any law it passes. Sadly there are No brave men left on the republican side of the isle.


Join the discussionso right…not only Congress, but also the Senate and ALL government t employees…notice I said ALLL

Vote No. Unless there is a dead line set in law to repeal all of OBAMA CARE, it is just a please all package, only to fail again. Everybody is afraid of the media and the left false news. Just set down with all the governors of the states and tell them to prepare for the repeal of OBAMA CARE in 12 months and turn it over to the states. If the democrats think it is so good they can prove themselves in their liberal states and show us how to do it. California and Ill. can lead the way. Hillary in new York and show us how to do it herself. Yes all congress and federal judges should be on same health care plan as the rest of the nation. The supreme court ruled OBAMA CARE was constitutional, but they do not have it ? Time to make it… Read more »

I agree 200%!! I was thinking give everyone 6 to 12 months and Obama care goes away PERIOD end of story!!

Our liberal Senator (then Representative), Benjamin Cardin, once crowed about how Obamacare was so great that he would personally enroll in it. After it passed, he stayed with the government plan. Remind him of this whenever he runs his mouth!


Right on Jim I can live with that. One plan for taxpayers & elected employees. Make it simple. What is good for goose is good for the gander.

I am very concerned that the part 2 and 3 will not get passed in timely way due to some Congress members. So pass the other one and tune it up in same way. At least we have Obama care gone totally.

I agreed Jim. This is what needs to stop. They pass laws that allowed the to deplete Social Security and pass laws for better benefits for themselves. Truly unconstitutional

Term limits for congress these people need to be held to a higher standard!

I at one time opposed term limits, unfortunately I have changed my position due to apathy of many Americans. When barely 50% turn out to vote for President and 25-35% for Congress it’s no wonder this country is where it’s at. We mush hold our elected officials accountable and responsible. Until this happens, things will barely change. Perhaps the time for only two political parties has past, we need new blood to reinvigorate our government. The present system is too mired in politics and partisan bickering to bring change unless we the people do with Congress what we did with the Presidency, go outside the traditional political incumbents and elect those outside.

We the people have asked for change to Obamacare since 2010. Thousands of Democrats have been fired in Local, State, and Federal elections. The Federal Government has shown that they are unable to perform the function of health insurer – the Veterans Administration is a good example and it only takes care of 1% of the population. Obamacare is falling into itself. If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. I have lost 2 doctors because of Obamacare. So now we have RyanMcConnellcare and unfortunately the GOP hasn’t learned anything over the last 8 years. The Elitist will never understand we the people. Repeal, Repeal, Repeal phase 1 – give me my liberty and let me find the insurance that I need. DON’T penalize me over insurance. I already pay taxes don’t need more.

Right you are!

My question is, does Medicare get back the 800 billion dollars stolen from it by the ACA?

You’re kidding, right?

That $750 billion dollars taken from Medicare has already all been spent. It’s gone, gone, gone Thomas and there is no “getting it back”. When was the last time the federal government repaid any money they have ever misappropriated for one of their many boondoggles? Answer: NEVER! Medicare is still scheduled to run out of money two years sooner (2031) than it was originally scheduled to (2033) before Obama and the Dems “transferred” those Medicare dollars.

It’s my understanding that Obama also took 130 billion out of Soc Sec to bribe Iran to sign his treaty.

Incorrect. The $150 billion that he gave to Iran was money the former Shah of Iran had in U.S. banks when he was over-thrown by the Islamic religious fanatics. So the U.S. froze those accounts when our embassy was seized as leverage to try and get our people back. Carter couldn’t even do a simple, behind the scenes hostage negotiation swap for the cash. Another totally worthless Democrat President.

Now Obama did pull billions money out of Social Security to replenish the almost depleted Social Security Disability Insurance fund. With the number of people collecting disability doubling under Obama due to his destructive economic policies, SSDI was on the verge of insolvency. That money will never be paid back to SS either.

Jon, great comment. The gop’s plan is a lie as it does nothing to allow us to exercise our Liberty. Instead it keeps us slaves to the government which is the problem to begin.

Somewhere, I think it was A Coulter, that there is an individual mandate in this bill. Says if you aren’t insured for 63 days then you have to pay a penalty to the insurer (let alone, instead of the government). In what world do I have to pay a private company for not buying their services? If this is true, these people are beyond insane.

The “penalty” has to be there to offset the requirement to cover “preexisting conditions.” Otherwise, everyone will wait until the house catches fire before they will buy fire insurance. (Will wait untill they get sick to buy health insurance. Insanity!)

Penalty for ignoring the mandate was changed to zero,, provision for a penalty is still there it can be reinstated later on,, like after the next midterm when the cowards lose the house and we have San Fran Nan back in the speaker’s seat.

Bill, the penalty applies to people who get insurance, drop it when they don’t need it and then get it later When they do need it. If they don’t have coverage for 63 or more days they are permanently charged a 30% higher premium than they originally paid. It’s called gaming the system. Obamacare allowed it. Dan’s analogy below is a fun way if referring to it.

Simple answer….no. First, we’ll still be forced to pay for those who can’t afford it….including the refugees AND illegals until we can get rid of them. The point is that you are guaranteed the right to the pursuit of happiness but not the right to ask others to pay for it. AND if anyone was paying attention, one of Congress, and I think it was Ryan, stated those on Medicare would be included in a “voucher” system without giving details…..that’s a feel good move to make it sound good. Voucher system for what and how much? Give details so we can see how bad we’ll be screwed. It’s just a maneuver to cover up their theft from Medicare and Social Security systems for which we and our employers paid. I don’t trust Ryan or McConnell or any other RINO any farther than I can throw an elephant.

Amen…..and they have lied to us so many times, I don’t trust that they will pass 2 more bills……they should repeal Obamacare now to start at a later date when the get the new plan ready….if it has to be in stages, they can put that in the original bill they pass and a date given for each new stage starting date……paul Ryan seems giddy about this, thus, I don’t like it……he is only interested in himself, lobbyists, power and money, as are many others……I love the freedom caucus….those guys have the balls to go against the establishment and do things for our best interest…..I called my congressman already to let him know what I don’t like about it…..and that starts with the entitlement of tax credits ………I don’t think anyone should be able to not have insurance, then get sick and start insurance then….that will keep our rates higher….someone… Read more »

So all of the votes to repeal were just for show, and they wasted years they could have used to craft a new healthcare plan. Like dogs chasing cars, they had no plan for what they would do if they caught one. If they cannot fully repeal and replace Obamacare in one bill, they should be repealed and replaced in one election!

In 2015 a bill to repeal was sent to Obama to completely repeal ObamaCare. That’s because they knew darn well he would not sign it. It was a ‘show’ to get them reelected. Now with Republicans in charge of all of Congress and a President that would/should sign the repeal, they have changed their tune. Just keep calling your Representatives and Senators and President and VP until they get the message. If they do not repeal, Republicans will lose control in 2018 and 2020!

I agree with you Debbie. And I believe they need a separate repeal act. And then another bill getting the Federal government out of healthcare. Get it done and focus on their real duties and jobs of protecting this country from illegal immigration and ISIS.

I agree. I wonder if they polled the members before they made this stance? At least the Tea Party Patriots polled their members before taking a position – and the result was an overwhelming NO and we want FULL repeal.

Of course they didn’t!

So if Republicans aren’t changing Obamacare fast enough, I hope you aren’t implying that we return the full government to the party which wrote it in the first place.

That’s what will happen if we let the RINOS continue their lies.

congress hasn’t changed much with this new administration. they are wimps. they are politicians. their votes are always for show. they will only do what is right if the pressure is increased.

Les—I like that one liner, but it’s not entirely the Republicans’ fault—The governors of Florida, Nebraska, and others who were bribed into passage of Obamacare for short term gain must have known how hard it would be to put a failed genie back into the bottle—

Cynical Skeptic, the Governor of Florida when
Obamacare was passed was Charlie Crist not the current Governor Rick Scott. Just wanted to clarify that. Crist is now a Democrat. His arm didn’t have to be twisted too much.

They didn’t need to craft a new plan–they just needed to repeal Obamacare, and let us get back to a free market! What qualifies politicians to create insurance plans? What qualifies politicians to determine who gets healthcare, and what healthcare they get, and when they get it, and from whom they get it? And all paying into a central pot to “help each other” is not liberty! People need to be learn to take care of themselves, and their neighbors. WHen you involve the govt., you involve govt. employees–which means more costs! Get Govt. out of this market!

I’ve looked and looked, the searched more. Nowhere is “health care” mentioned nor addressed in the Constitution! As a practicing physician having the opportunity to practice before Medicare, I assure you, the citizens of our community had medical care, just not to the level of Congress.
I say, get the Feds out of doctor patient relationship and get the Feds out of the Fed too.

Here here, Max. Would that we could.

Join the discussion

I am sorry that AMAC has bought the RHINO plan of Obamacare-lite, both houses and the President were elected to REPEAL Obamacare, now we get offered a plan to keep Obamacare (government run healthcare) with changes. AMAC’s position should be REPEAL OBAMACARE !!

This Ryan care is just a shell game to create another welfare program under the disguise of Medicaid and then shift the cost to the states. This will result in most states in the same financial mess as California. This is not getting the Fed out of our business. We need to get the govt. completely out of our business by complete repeal. open up the insurance market to competition, allow prescription drugs to be purchased from Canada when cheaper. The people that have insurance thru exchanges really don’t have insurance unless they are getting subsidies, which is welfare. The deductibles are so high that they really do not have insurance anyway. Govt. , get your noses out of our business, look at your record of healthcare management, Veterans Admin. , and Obama care.

Another thing needed is to bring back major-medical, based solely on actuarials. Say deductible in the $10k -50k range (and cheaper premiums with the higher deductible).

Middle class people (like AMAC members) do not need an entitlement. The free market provides normal healthcare at a reasonable price via competition (say trips to the pediatrician). They can easily afford premiums for major medical to protect them against an unlikely catastrophic occurrence. Which is cheap (as it should be because most people wont collect).

Middle class people thus dont need another entitlement. My guess is that benefits will get means tested. And that how much something costs is not based on the procedure and actuarials, but rather on what the system needs to fund non-payers. A sort of stealth socialism, you might say.

But, who pays when the uninsured go to the emergency room? Everyone who has insurance pays higher costs to make up the losses! How can we force everyone to pay?

Danny boy wake up….as a Board Member of a major hospital we NEVER demanded payment from those unable OR UNWILLING to pay PLUS there are numerous Charities that also perform Health Care for FREE.
ObamaCARE is and NEVER was needed by anyone….they even admitted it was based on lies/fraud. ACA must be defunded/closed/shut-down/eliminated/destroyed ASAP.

Has AMAC determined yet that you stepped in it by endorsing the RHINOs ? A large number of your members came from those, like me, leaving AARP because of their support for Obamacare and non-conservative ideas. An equal number can leave this organization if the same ideas prevail. Repeal Obamacare.

AMAC has turned into aarp Lite.

Wow, you are so right!! I did not renew AMAC membership for a while as they keep on asking me to renew but seems powerless or to do nothing. I just renewed now that this topic is up again. Now, this. I just want the benefit Congress has. I hear State of Florida(where I live)Congress has VERY affordable benefit for their REPUBLICAN-selves, too. There is no word to express what I think of them. OK, OK, there are, but would be too long and too uncivilized just like those politicians, if you get my drift…
Hey AMAC, why don’t you provide links to those HB or SB ( I don’t recall the number) so I don’t have to go look for it. Oh, believe me I will read it!!
Guess it’s time not to renew or cancel, again.
Guess this country is hopeless now…

Wow, AMAC just deleted both my posts. I certainly won’t be renewing my membership.

Same here; censorship a la communism for simple disagreement. I also will not renew with AMAC.

Hide K, here is the URL to the GOP’s American Health Care Act: It’s a PDF you have to download. And it refers to additions and deletions of specific parts of the ACA! It’s about as clear as mud to read without having the ACA open next to it. Here is Speaker Ryan’s Presentation on the American Health Care Act which he primarily wrote: He makes it sound good. But other conservative congresspeople are against it mainly because he is just shifting around a lot of things already in ACA like mandates currently imposed on the individual for not having insurance; the mandate is presently being collected by the IRS. Under Ryan’s AHCA a mandate of 30% increase of the insurance premium would be paid directly to the insurance company. WHAT!!?? No this is not right! Repeal ACA totally and pass a totally NEW health care bill. Personally,… Read more »

Pat, thank you!! Much appreciated. Back in days when Hillary Care was all the rage, I called the government printing office to no avail–oh, I was willing to pay for it, y’know, the press and all those attorneys up there get a copy free, I heard. Now this with Ryan Care. Truth is stranger than fiction for sure….jeeezzz….oh, I have no ACA either. I cannot afford it.

Repeal Obamacare in total then we can talk about what, if any, replacement is needed. This is going to be just like getting the wall built, amnesty is granted and the wall is never built. Paul Ryan is not our friend.

Aren’t the penalties higher to those without insurance (30% increase in premium) and the costs for seniors higher also? The promises that this is step one of 3 are weak and can in no way be construed as sincere.

Hi Dennis. The penalty kicks in if someone drops their healthcare plan and purchases a plan at a later date possibly after they get sick. The premium can be 30% higher than it was on the original plan. This premium is paid to the insurance company. This is supposed to prevent people from gaming the system and only purchase insurance after they get sick & then drops it after they are no longer sick. As far as I am aware this was not a problem until Obamacare. Prior to Obamacare people were able to purchase a low premium catastrophic policy. They were covered for a major healthcare issue and the premiums were affordable. A lot of healthy young people had these kinds of plans until they were not allowed after Obamacare kicked in. In my opinion this is not fair for people who lose their jobs or other uncontrollable issues… Read more »

There shouldn’t be any kind of penalties. The American people voted for a complete repeal, not Obamacare Lite. Eight year went by and this is the best they can come up with?

Mark, you got that correct. ObamaCare has to be repealed in it’s entirety. A one sentence bill would do it, “ObamaCare is hereby abolished in it’s entirety”. There should be no replacement,as a replacement will be ObamaCare Lite. Things should go back to how medicine was treated before Obama came on the scene. BTW, is there anyone out there who can show us which Section of the Constitution authorizes the Federal Government to get involved with medicine? It looks like AMAC is turning into aarp Lite. What we as citizens should do is write and call our Congressmen and demand that Ryan be removed as Speaker of the House. McConnell must also be removed as well as the rest of the RINO’s in the House and Senate.

I agree both Ryan and McConnell must be removed from their government duties (cleaning the swamp). It is not the right of the government to tell me what I must buy or sell. I am confident that our President is slowly cleaning up this corrupt system !!!!!!

Great question.

I guess AMAC is going to keep posting repetitive stories on this subject until they get one that doesn’t contain any comments critical of the Ryan plan. I count at least five stories since Tuesday that all cover the exact same topic in exactly the same manner. :-) As to the 30 percent penalty, it is applicable if you go without insurance for either 60 or 63 days (number of days seems to be under negotiation right now). The idea is to enforce the continuous insurance coverage mandate on everyone. Just change how the penalty mechanism works. So instead of paying a penalty to the government (IRS) for not having insurance, you would instead pay the penalty to the insurance company in the form of a permanent 30 percent bump in the cost of the policy premium over what it would have cost if one had maintained continuous insurance coverage.… Read more »
Ham and PaulE, after reading most comments up to now, it seems obvious that AMAC’s position has some serious opposition from us elders. That said, since it’s a distraction, the main reasons for my objections is that the central government should not and should never been in this power position, but should be responsibility of the States. Next, anything the Repubs do that keep national insurance oversight just means that when this latest rendition fails, the Repubs own it. Also, those who had major medical or catastropic coverage, through no fault of their own have lost that coverage and would have to start over per the prior illness exclusion to new policies. Their old policies are gone. It’s like what has occured with everyone who has been forced by government or influenced to become wards of the state. A bridge must be provided to turn it all around. Abrupt change… Read more »
Hi Ivan, What amazes me is that the AMAC plan is almost identical to the Ryan plan in the all the major areas. Mr. Weber and others have been lobbying their plan all over Capitol Hill since at least January 2016. Yet week after week, both HAM and I and several others were slammed for trying to point out even a few of the more glaring problems with the AMAC plan. So now Ryan comes out and does a whiteboard presentation to the American people and most people hate his plan. Rightfully calling it Obamacare-lite. Yet AMAC loves it, because it is essentially 90 to 95 percent of what the AMAC plan has been proposing for well over a year now. If you remember, AMAC laid out the whole plan about 12 months ago for everyone to read. It was a multi page presentation accessible via a link in the… Read more »

For anyone still around, let it be said loudly here that so far as keeping up with the healthcare debate, Ham and PaulE should be considered our resident experts. They have details that many cannot remember after having them explained.
Since I consider single issue politics the anathma of representative government with so many organizations (tax exempt, no less) that continue to ask for dollars on top of that which the government already takes (government is force) to promote their agendas.
Why is it that all do not realize that the culpret so for as executive, judicial or legislative over reaching their mandates rests on Congress alone. Replace unconstitutional Congressmen with Constitutionalists and over time change would be reversed to the direction needed.

Hey HAM, Reading through this morning’s posts is so interesting. Apparently the vast majority of those posting absolutely hate Ryan’s plan and recognize that it is essentially just Obamacare-lite. Some things moved around a bit. Other items kept the same, but paid for slightly differently. The end result being essentially Obamacare-lite with a HSA and some cost shifting. Then they slam AMAC for supporting this plan. However, it seems that almost none of them realize that the Ryan plan is at least 90 to 95 percent identical to what AMAC has been proposing both here and on Capitol Hill for well over a year now. Lots of these folks were slamming us for pointing out various flaws to the AMAC solution and the similarities to Obamacare, which is why we referred to it as Obamacare-lite ourselves. Go figure huh? I guess it took Paul Ryan doing his whiteboard presentation the… Read more »

Hi PAULE. I agree with you 100%. There is one other thing I hadn’t thought about in the Ryan plan that someone pointed out. There is no cap on insurance premiums so the insurance companies can increas premiums as they see fit!!

Also, you can bet the insurance companies have all lobbied Congress and influenced this plan. (We all know AMAC sells insurance so there is no surprise they lobbied for it also).

Hi HAM, There is nothing even remotely associated with cost containment or bending the cost curve downward in step I of Ryan’s plan. It is focused largely on preserving those tax subsidies to those already receiving them under Obamacare. They’re just re-classified as refundable tax credits, so those folks won’t have to spend one dime out of their own pockets to get a big taxpayer-funded refund every year. Any potential cost saving items few as they are, are largely in steps 2 and 3. Which as I said will likely never be passed. The GOP Congress will pass this step 1 and move on to the next item on their agenda, So that is why I told you earlier this week that I was already taking steps to prepare for the continued insurance premium hikes and deductibles we will be seeing even after Ryan’s plan is passed. Of course the… Read more »
PaulE, I respect your commentary more than any other person that posts here. I always agree 100% with you. I know my commentary is more inflammatory and maybe it’s because of living here in darkest blue California where I am outnumbered probably 10-1 that being in advertising, I constantly repeat myself because that’s what works in advertising, constant repetition, which is why the Progressively Communists have the success they have. They’ve repeated their “Progressively Communist mantra” so often, that’s why the general public and especially our young people have bought into it. We might go about things differently, but it’s with the same objective … 100% Conservatism!!! … the fight goes on, and I will fight the good fight as long as I breathe. So, I respect and agree with people like you, Ivan, and Ham and many others, I’m just not as refined in my commentary. But as Ronald… Read more »


Thanks and never give up the fight. Just because a 100 idiot Socialists say something doesn’t mean what they are saying is the truth. I have to be somewhat restrained on this site compared to how I normally speak to the people I address. I can assure you that I do NOT sugar coat things when discussing matters face to face, I find it enjoyable to tear apart the various Progressive talking points via reliance on pure, verifiable facts. No anger or name calling. I leave that to them, since they usually cannot defend their positions via anything or substance. I simply dismantle whatever Progressive issue they choose to bring up by logic, historical references and a ton of facts. Whether it be economic, scientific or historical. I just wish more conservative people actually stood up for themselves, instead of worrying about being politically correct.

Excellent summation. I would add another observation: Though we continually hear that something must be done now to avoid the Obamacare death spiral, I see nothing in the proposed legislation that actually does that. The death spiral is occurring because insurance companies are incurring greater liabilities due to the requirements that they insure all comers without regard to pre-existing conditions or health status. Removing the mandate and IRS penalty collection–the only incentive many younger, healthier people had to buy coverage–while still requiring insurance companies to insure all comers would seem to aggravate that problem, thus forcing them to raise premiums even more, especially among the older population, where they now have carte blanche to charge five (rather than three) times the premiums imposed on the youngest portion of the population. Even should they do that, will that be enough to counterbalance the higher claim losses and lost premiums from those… Read more »
Hi Triche, The mandate remains with the provision that requires everyone to maintain continuous insurance. What the Ryan plan does is shift the penalty from an IRS fine that comes out of any refund you may be due to instead a permanent 30 percent premium surcharge from the insurance company if you go without insurance longer than the narrow window defined by Ryan. So it is just cost shifting the penalty collection mechanism from the IRS to the insurance companies. Here’s a copy of the original post from above where I explained it: As to the 30 percent penalty, it is applicable if you go without insurance for either 60 or 63 days (number of days seems to be under negotiation right now). The idea is to enforce the continuous insurance coverage mandate on everyone. Just change how the penalty mechanism works. So instead of paying a penalty to the… Read more »

Our kids had that catastrophic insurance when they were kicked off our plan when they turned 21…, they needed something til they graduated college and had jobs….it was relatively inexpensive to have…..we need to go back to the free market again as it used to be……we are irritated with AMAc……bad choice

Sadly, that is now off the table Brenda based on this week’s events. The Ryan plan is what is going to be rammed through Congress and unfortunately signed into law. Say hello to Obamacare-lite.

And don’t be surprised by the increased cost of Health Care, higher taxes, more corruption and reduced life spans. Suggest you peek at the massively corrupt VA Health Care Programs to see what the future will bring if ACA is not defunded/destroyed/eliminated…..

Exactly! If the majority of the American people were actually paying attention to the world around them, instead of whatever the h*** they spend their time doing, what has been going on for years at the VA would be a perfect example of why we should never let the federal government anywhere near the overall healthcare industry. Sadly, we have a very detached population that is oblivious to most of what goes on in this country and abroad.

This is not REPEAL it is amend. Most of the Obamacare law us not about what you talk about, but it is about centralized command and control of healthcare. Only total repeal will change this and the present bill is mostly smoke and mirrors, just like business as usual. “We the People” will never shed the shackles of the ruling class in Washington until we shed both the Democrats AND Republicans and elect independent citizen representatives

No new plan will work for seniors until the 700 billion (Some estimates put it closer to 800 billion.) dollars striped from Medicare is replaced. Medicare is paying doctors 46 to 48 cents on the dollar. A majority of doctors in the area that I live in will not accept medicare patients. Seniors have been thrown under the bus and that’s where they will stay until some people in Washington start caring for something beyond their own fat life style.

We said REPEAL ObamaCare. Period. We did not say REPLACE ObamaCare with RyanCare or anything else. Now that the election is over the GOP is trying to ram their version of government health care down our throats. One of the basic tenets of Communism is government run health care. Control people’s health you control their lives and you control them. So what happened? The Democrat Communists are screaming to keep THEIR version of Communist control on us and the Republican Scummunists are racing to clamp THEIR version of Communist control on us. And oh, yes, give FREE health care to everyone flooding across our borders. Right, and everyone who legally belongs here PAYS for it all. What’s the difference between the Democrat idea and the Republican idea???? Nothing! REPEAL does not mean replace! What is it about the denizens who infest Washington, DC that they cannot comprehend that? Oh, and… Read more »

I agree tom. I am so sick of people thinking that the government is the only answer and on top of that, most of the people elected into government believe they are the answer as well. That is why they think they can placate us with the dribble that Paul Ryan barfs up.

The bill takes away the mandate and replaces it with tax incentives if you buy the insurance. That is still coercion. The federal government should not be in the business of redistribution of wealth in the first place. The federal government needs to stay out of my Healthcare entirely. Noncitizens will also be sharing in the tax credits, giving taxpayer funds to Noncitizens. Repeal the bill and stop messing with a system the federal government has no idea how to fix. There are answers out there that are already working if you just open your eyes.

I hope the President sees through this scam and doesn’t just try to get “something/anything” to replace ACA. I have not figured out exactly how we went from a “free” employer benefit, or very inexpensive Blue Cross type coverage for self employed, etc. some 50 years ago, to the disaster many have lived with for 8 years. My suspicion is it is primarily hungry lawyers and the massive Medicare fraud, but then what do I know??

The problem is that the president supports universal health care, but he opposed ObamaCare. It doesn’t matter because both President Trump and President Obama want a single-payer system. This is still unconstitutional despite what Chief Justice Roberts says.

Why not start a petition to eliminate life-time appointments to the Supreme Court?

Just tell me where to sign!

No. All I hear is “older Americans will pay more”.So far that has not been explained. I’m sorry you are supporting this because I no longer will support you . I have had a minor problem with my right hand since January I have paid nearly $1000 for nothing . And I don’t see anything different in this new so-called American health care fix. Medicare does nothing for me and neither does my supplement because of the out-of-pocket and there is no fix for that . The Rinos pushing this bill have ill-served the president

And even worse yet they want to urinate on the American Taxpayer……just like Bath House Barry.

The president has stated that this bill has his full support; his fingerprints are all over it.

I agree with Jim we all need to be under the same plan. Congress and all the federal government system. It is like SS if we were under the same system the issue would be resolved. The same with term limits it’s Washington against the people who pay the bills. The total bill needs to be repealed. Ron Pauls plan seem to cover more and address the points than the Obama Lite plan Washington is pushing. Same rule follow the money.

Agree… Rand Paul’s plan is best – REPEAL it all, then Replace it with FREE MARKET INSURANCE!

Someone please show me where the Federal Government has any authority being involved in any of this! This is an individual states issue and people should stop looking to the Federal Government for anything. Any support of anything other than full repeal and removing all involvement of the Federal Government is support of Progressive Socialism.

Go ahead and call it Communism. That describes Progressive policies to a T.

What’s wrong with returning to the health insurance coverage prior to Obamacare? I guess the Trumpcare proposal is a step
in the right direction, but doesn’t go far enough away from ACA.

Before Osamacare became law, I always maintained that it would be better for the government to pay for medical services outright for the truly needy, instead of providing medical insurance for the needy. It may not be fair, but It would be cheaper. For most people, paying for insurance premiums is more costly than paying for medical procedures.

Without a fixed schedule for subsequent changes get ready for a new but last government attempt at controlling healthcare and say hello to aDemocratRe I controlled Congress