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AMAC Supports Health Savings Accounts for All Act


This bill empowers patients and provides them with the flexibility they need to better manage their healthcare.


January 20, 2023

The Honorable Rand Paul
Senator from Kentucky
167 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Paul,
On behalf of the 2.1 million members of AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, and over 28,300 members in Kentucky, I write to convey our ardent support for the “Health Savings Accounts for All Act”. This legislation is a strong way to support all Americans and their healthcare now and in the future.

In this nation, we have the basic right to life, to liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness. Good health makes Americans able to exercise these rights. In this time of inflation and economic challenge, your bill assists Americans in managing their health by reducing their tax liability and opening a platform to save money for eligible healthcare costs.

The provisions of this bill are especially important for American seniors on fixed incomes given that the
current inflation rate is on the order of 8 percent across the board, and, because those over 50 will have the opportunity to make additional contributions to the account.

Low-income families will also benefit because access to HSAs will be available regardless of their health
insurance coverage, or lack thereof, making it easier to afford to pay for healthcare costs.

AMAC thanks you, Senator Paul, for enabling Americans to live well in the face of rising costs. We will all
benefit when the “Health Savings Accounts for All Act” becomes law.


Bob Carlstrom
AMAC Action

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4 months ago

Please, AMAC, publish an article explaining how HSAs work, It’s obvious to me that the few folks commenting on the current article don’t understand what an HSA is…

4 months ago

The USA has good medical facilities & most companies offer health insurance options. The biggest fear is if Feds control health plans, the costs will increase for all. Read AARP explanations of red tape for MEDICARE payments & it has increased health services to all of us. What is Rand Paul thinking of???

Philip Hammersley
4 months ago

The cost of college SOARED after the feds got involved; the cost of health care SOARED after the government got involved. Do we see a pattern? An average guy who ran for my district’s House seat against the man who ran the kangaroo court called Iran-Contra had a good saying: “Government aid is like giving YOURSELF a blood transfusion using a leaky hose.”

4 months ago

We have toyed with national health care for decades without really doing much about it. We are one of the few wealthy nations who don’t have some form of national health. The VA is national veteran health care and is about as close as we’ve gotten. They give free health care to a large population of veterans. But that health care does not include the veteran’s family in most cases. The VA Health Care System has come a long way and I use it whereas my family uses tri-care for life and Medicare. In actuality we do treat people that come into the emergency room regardless if they have the means to pay or not. But that’s not the same as the care you and I get who have some form of insurance. So, we end up paying for these people one way or another anyway. I see a real doctor rarely, 99% of my care is via a Nurse Practitioner. And to tell you the truth, even if national health care was available, it would go unused except for pediatrics. We as a nation don’t trust doctors, don’t trust hospitals, don’t trust the government.

Lieutenant Beale
4 months ago

Wh, wh, what??!?
Give me more flexibility to manage my own healthcare?
I thought the “gubmint” did that for me and knows what’s best.**

(** Parody, not to be taken seriously)

4 months ago

Personal choice and personal responsibility? What an alien concept…NOT! People really need to stop looking to government to be the magic savior / provider of all things. That is NOT supposed to be the role of our government at any level. Something far too many people seem to have forgotten. Government does nothing particularly well, except spend other people’s money with reckless abandon.

4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

How true but that is the way things are going — people are foolish enough to trust the government of corruption. I have a daughter who truly believes that the government would not place people into harms way despite the fact she came down with cancer after getting the COVID vaccine shots along with a friend, both can no longer have children.

4 months ago
Reply to  Max

Yes, it is shocking that despite all the harm the government does on a regular basis, so many people continue to insist that the solution to everything is “the government should do something about it”. Truly pitiful.

Sorry to hear about your daughter and her friend. Yes the side effects and fallout of an expermental vaccine, that’s not even an actual vaccine as it neither prevents infection nor cures the illness, have been really significant. Still both Moderna and Pfizer are pushing for their versions of the vaccine to be made Schedule 1, which would mean the government would add them to the list of government paid for annual shots and buy 100s of millions of doses each year. Thus ensuring both pharma companies each make hundreds of billions a year just off their Covid vaccines. It’s all about the money. That is how Washington works.

4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Yes, $$$$$$$.

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