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AMAC Supports H.R. 781 – Medicare Identity Theft Prevention Act of 2013

by Andrew Mangione -Recently introduced by one of mature Americans’ most loyal advocates, Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX) drafted H.R. 781, the “ Medicare Identity Theft Prevention Act of 2013. ”  This important piece of bipartisan legislation prohibits the inclusion of Social Security account numbers on Medicare cards in order to minimize the opportunity for perpetrators to commit identity thefts.  With forty-seven million Americans carrying their Medicare cards with them in their purses or wallets on a daily basis, this bill takes proactive measures to shield seniors from the devastating and long-lasting impacts of this despicable crime.  AMAC appreciates Rep. Johnson’s leadership on this critical matter and strongly encourages Congress to stand behind H.R. 781 – safeguarding the personal identities and the retirement savings that older Americans have built over the course of their careers.  For these reasons, AMAC has proudly extended its support to the “Medicare Identity Theft Prevention Act of 2013.”

Read AMAC Letter of Support for H.R. 781


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Dudley Brown
8 years ago

It time for me to leave/quit AARP after 27years — they going wrong way renewn is up They done.
I have written– called about SS number being used not the way I understood it to be used.

Earnest Childers
8 years ago

I agree 100% keep SSN’s off Important documents

8 years ago

mr Hammond is correct though my ss card does not say for irs and social security only I have seen copies that do and yes we need to get back to not having it be used for id purposes. over 20 years ago a friend that worked for the social security office in Baltimore, md told me NVER PUT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ON ANYTHING CAUSE IF IT WAS RECOVERED YOU WOULD HAVE A BIG MESS GETTING IT BACK IF SOCIAL SECURITY FOUND OUT ABOUT IT. she has since died but more and more our social security number is being used and asked for and more and more identity theft is rising, doesn’t this tell you were messing up having people use ss number for id. len calderone you are so correct. brian rich says it so well in his comments. by the way military ids, even the commissary and other military programs stopped asking for ssn on checks and other id several years ago, so why don’t the rest follow suit.

8 years ago


Brian Rich
8 years ago

This is a needed development as it will help untold numbers of our elderly to feel at the very least, a little more secure in not having their identity stolen quite so easily. In this day and age, there is no privacy anyway but, with the government itself looking at elders who served in the military and trying to find reasons to either disarm them or reduce benefits for which they have paid all their lives while making things easier for illegals whose first act on our soil is to violate our laws, ANYTHING that slows or eliminates FURTHER POTENTIAL PROBLEMS IS A BOON FOR ALL OF US! No matter how inconsequential this may seem to some, it is a step in the right direction. May there be many more of them until this fraud and charlatan is impeached or thrown out of office and hopefully, a different leadership will actually try to solve our problems, NOT EXACERBATE THEM! One other comment: If we shut down the government, I trust it will also end the $6,237 billion in aid to the UN we give every year, in fact, we should insist on it and demand compliance from every sitting politician in Washington!!

8 years ago

We should have a separate Medicare card, with security like a credit card. My medicare card has my social security # on it. If it got lost or stolen, that would be a mess.

roger hammond
8 years ago

i still have my original social security card and on the front is says for social security and tax purpose- not for identification. just another government lie. where has the government of the people, for the people by the people gone to?

Len Calderone
8 years ago

Our social security number should only be allowed for Social Security and the IRS. There should be a law that prevents all other sources, such as credit card companies, to use our SSN.

Kathleen Hall
8 years ago

Are your poll questions accurate??? Mike Lee says the government would not be shut down but rather everything be funded except the UNaffordable Health Care Act.

Jeff Gibbons
8 years ago

Totally agree. SSN’s keep appearing on more documents all the time.

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