AMAC Supports the “Defund ObamaCare Act of 2013”

by Andrew Mangione – To date, AMAC has received over 117,000 signed petitions from members calling for ObamaCare to be defunded. It is in response to these demands that AMAC is pleased to indicate our unwavering support for H.R. 2682 and S. 1292 – the “Defund ObamaCare Act of 2013.”  Introduced as companion bills by Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), these bills deauthorize future appropriations and withdraw prior funding for the implementation of any provision under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or “ObamaCare”).  Stripping PPACA of its power to enforce a number of troubling provisions – including the job-killing employer and individual mandates – H.R. 2682 and S. 1292 establish a clean foundation on which real health care reform can begin.  Should ObamaCare continue to go unfixed, economic vitality, consumer choice, and access to quality health care will be significantly impaired.  AMAC is proud to present a letter in support of these important bills, which act as critical legislative steps necessary unburden the American people – particularly mature Americans and seniors – from the harmful impacts of ObamaCare.


AMAC Letter of Support for S. 1292                                                             AMAC Letter of Support for H.R. 2682  

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Thank to our r-senators for defunding obama care, we really need to get rid of it. We also need to get rid od AARP, they are with the Obama Organization, and are not helping our seniors.

I’m so glad to have an outlet for the frustration that I feel over this and many other issues of this administration. I am terrified of this man in the white house, Clinton, Johnson even Carter didn’t scare me because I knew they loved this glorious country, not so with this man. I don’t know who he listens to, but it isn’t the people. We can’t afford another cash cow for the gov to squander our tax dollars we’re in trouble already,

I can’t understand how so many people have closed their eyes and minds to how crooked Obama and his administration are. Our poor country is going down the toilet and these people can’t see it or don’t care. We need to find a candidate who can run and WIN against Obama. Also, I too would like a list of all the Republicans who are supporting Obamacare.

When the actual time comes for a vote – most of the cowards will vote for it – wait and see. There will be some who hold to their principles — but most of the ball-less lemmings will not rock their boat. That includes Coburn, Cornyn, Corker, and those who have spoken against it at one time or another. This forum is a lot like Congress – it allows us to vent and talk out our frustrations, but that’s as far as it gets. Congress talks until the sky is yellow with their fumes, but nothing ever comes of it.

I can’t understand how so many people have closed their eyes and minds to how crooked Obama and his cabinet are. Our poor country is going down the toilet and these people can’t see it or don’t care. We need to find a candidate who can run and WIN against Obama. Also, I too would like a list of all the Republicans who are supporting Obamacare.

I appreciate AMAC for giving conservative seniors a voice in the political dialogue. I must disagree with AMAC on this one, however. The only way to get rid of Obamacare is to repeal it, and that cannot be done without control of the Senate and the White House. Action to defund ObamaCare, like the repeated House votes to repeal the law, are ultimately futile in that the Senate as currently constituted will never agree; thus, their only practical effect is to give credence to the President’s claim of Republican obstructionism. Republicans cannot win over voters by constantly saying “no.” We must come up with alternatives that are true to our principles and are also attractive to a wider spectrum of voters. Rather than tilting at windmills, our time would be much better spent in designing a market-based plan that would not only extend care, but would also achieve some control… Read more »
Mr./Ms. Stadius, That’s been tried. I believe it was Rand Paul who had a pretty good plan. The Republican establishment wouldn’t go for it. I’m truly in fear that without a clean sweep of ALL the Washington insiders, we are doomed. What will it take to get that done? It will take exactly what it took for the Founding Fathers. Our all. “Our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor.” So, how many of us old folks are willing to do that? Will you go door to door in your neighborhood saying the same things you are able to say on this safe site: knowing that you’ll be ridiculed, called names, banned from social gatherings? What percentage of your income will you give to truly conservative candidates who are running in vulnerable districts? How many of your conservative friends will you gather with to not only discuss important issues, but plan… Read more »

I am thrilled with Ted Cruz and Mike Lees efforts. As an immigrant and not only having experienced universal socialized medicine first hand, but still listening to family members recent stories of care when one is older, or should I say lack of care, is why Americans need to wake up and smell the roses. They refuse to listen to others who have known, and stick their head in The sand just because they are democrats !! The complacency, disinterest and ignorance, brings me to my knees in prayer for Americas future. I do hope that more republicans and moderate democrats will do their job and represent the desire of a majority of American citizens by refusing to waste anymore of our money in this colossal nightmare otherwise we will definitely become AMERIKA!

Just wondering when you will get auto insurance for Alaska. I’m a recent member and hope to get rid of hartford soon.

Please make the list of all republicans who are supporting Obamacare so that I will know who to vote against-
before Sept 1, 2013. THANK YOU

Excellent suggestion.

Watch,and see how fund raising goes for Sen. Cruz.The establishment will see to it that he won`t get any,because he doesn’t tow the line.He needs our support.

I have been very impressed with Ted Cruz. I’m glad to hear others are standing with him, like Tom Graves and Mike Lee, on this issue. I didn’t realize that Sen. Cruz’ father is (or was) a pastor/minister until I watched his recent speech, and what a speech he gave! He (the senator’s father) has raised a good man and potentially a great leader for our country! I am praying for Senator Cruz every day, along with the states of Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, N. Carolina, S. Dakota, and W. Virginia – all solid red states that have liberal Dems whose seats are up in 2014. I am praying for solid conservatives with godly values and lives to come forward and run for office. I am praying for Michele Bachmann, that God would continue to guide her, and that He raises up a godly replacement to run for her seat.… Read more »


I joined AMAC recently and proud of it!! I look forward to the States US Constitution Amendment gathering “If not now, when. “If not us who” Can you post a list of 2014 Senate Rhino Country Club Bankers Club members up for re-elction The Mitch Mcconnel Lindsay Graham etc. they got to go!!! If not there will be a lot more Rotunda memorial services hanging on to see who can not serve the longest!!!!!!

TV advertising is expensive and not all that effective when it comes to lobbying. TV advertising is effective in reaching out to the public to get on board with contacting their representatives, but don’t use TV to try to directly influence elected officials. It won’t work.What elected officials best respond to are personally written letters, phone calls and visits. Staff does keep track of emails, letters, phone calls and personal visits. Don’t “rant and rave or threaten!” Be polite while giving your opinion. If there is a bill number you support or oppose, give it. Be as precise as possible. Make your contact count.

My wife and I just joined AMAC we are 65 and 69. We are very hopeful that AMAC can make a difference for America. We are not happy with OBAMA CARE or any of his communist policies. Thank you for supporting Ted Cruz and Tom Graves in their efforts to restore America.

After the election, the president kept reminding us how the people had spoken on his mandates. Now we must let him know that the people are speaking about this awful piece of legislation called the “affordable health care act”. The majority of the nation does not want it and a large portion of the population don’t even know what it is. We need to take every measure to stop this and defunding it is the first step. I just hope that we can overcome the liberal media blitz that will take place when it happens.

Thank you,

Thank You! I would never have believed one person could have impacted this great land so negatively in such a short period!

Can you send me more information?
Thank You

I have never joined AARP – I’m 73 and on SS and SSI. I want to join AMAC and wondering what the organization can do for me. I am very willing to support AMAC by joining. God bless you and yours…