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AMAC Supports Commonsense Bill to Clean Up Arizona Voter Rolls

voterThis bill provides an efficient method for managing early ballot lists in Arizona.

March 23, 2021

The Honorable Michelle Ugenti-Rita
Arizona District 23 State Senator
Arizona State Senate
Capitol Complex
Room 306
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Dear Senator Ugenti-Rita,

On behalf of the 2.37 million members of AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens, including over 72,000 who reside in the state of Arizona, I write to offer our support for your legislation to reform elections in Arizona, Senate Bill 1485.

AMAC members have voiced their concern regarding the allegations of fraud in last November’s election and have placed election integrity at the top of our legislative priorities. Senate Bill 1485 certainly addresses our members’ concerns.

The legislation includes a significant provision that allows a county recorder to remove a voter from the early voting list if the voter fails to use an early ballot in both the primary and general elections for the two most recent general elections for federal office after notifying the affected voter.

Thank you, Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, for your leadership in ensuring the integrity of Arizona’s elections. It is commonsense legislation like yours that will enable efficient maintenance of voter rolls in your state and thus reduce the opportunity for fraudulent voting activity. Your legislation should serve as a template for other states and AMAC is pleased to offer our association’s full support for Senate Bill 1485.

Bob Carlstrom
President, AMAC Action

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Judy Kerrn
1 year ago

We MUST have voter I.D. – no question. We know why Democrates do not want it. Citizens use their I.D.s every day, no problem.

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