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AMAC Supports Bill to Repeal the NEA’s Charter

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The NEA has devolved from its mission of promoting education into an arm of the Democrat National Committee and is no longer worthy of its federal charter.


April 19, 2022

The Honorable Scott Fitzgerald
5th Congressional District of Wisconsin
1507 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Fitzgerald,

On behalf of the more than 2.3 million members of the Association of Mature American Citizens – AMAC, including over 7,100 who reside in WI-05, I write to offer our support for H.R. 7510, the National Education Association Charter Repeal Act.

AMAC members have steadily expressed their concern over the quality of education their children and grandchildren are receiving in our nation’s public schools. They are expressly concerned about the indoctrination of students to radical race and gender curricula, among other matters.

Your bill would remove the National Education Association’s (NEA) charter, and with good reason. H.R. 7510 states that the NEA “has drifted substantially from its core mission and become a massive political operation dedicated to electing Democrats and imposing a radical progressive agenda on America’s schools.” The legislation also notes that union members voted to support “expanding professional development for educators to help create student Gender Sexuality Alliance clubs” in 2019, and “critical race theory, calling it “reasonable and appropriate,” and to spend $56,500 on researching and shaming organizations fighting the inclusion of critical race theory in schools” in 2021.

Moreover, one only need examine where the NEA spends its millions of dollars to understand their loss of political objectivity. As your bill states, “According to disclosures made to the Office of Labor-Management Standards, from September 2019 to August 2021 the NEA spent over $116.7 million on political activities and lobbying, and in the 2020 election cycle, 95.7 percent of candidate campaign contributions by the NEA went to Democrat candidates.”

AMAC agrees that America’s children need not be subjected to radical, Marxist ideology like critical race theory and gender confusing curricula. The NEA has devolved from its mission of promoting education into an arm of the Democrat National Committee and is not worthy of its federal charter.

As a member-driven organization, AMAC thanks you, Representative Fitzgerald, and your co-sponsors, for standing up to the powerful influences of the NEA and supporting America’s school children. We are pleased to offer our association’s full support for H.R. 7510, the National Education Association Charter Repeal Act.


Bob Carlstrom

President, AMAC Action

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John Alise
9 months ago

This is great news. My wife and I totally support this bill. Our sons and daughter been thrugh much indoctrination and less education. It took more of our time and money to rectify this issue and it shouldn’t be. Our taxes pay for an education not for socialist to warp the minds of our youth.

9 months ago

Thanks for the great work.

Dr. Jerry Blake
9 months ago

Read it!

10 months ago

This is a good start! BUT we really need article 5 action
Convention of States amendment

10 months ago

I agree. They are to far left.

Mike Fredrickson
10 months ago

Get rid of teachers unions and tenured teachers. I read that a lot of teachers support and are members of antifa. If true why are they still employed. Explains why they cover their faces.

Karen Locke
11 months ago

Critical Race theory ( which only promotes more racism) And gender identity curriculum ( which is so evil) has no place in any school!! Schools are to be teaching our kids English, how to say and write a correct sentence! Spelling, math, American history, science!
They should not be teaching “sex” or “Race” at all!

Randall Jones
11 months ago

Government unions should not exist. Unions between companies and employees have a place. It is adversarial and coming to an agreement is how you resolve things. Government employees and government supervisors are on the same side, against the taxpayer. therefore government unions are just a tool used by government employees with the help of government leaders to suck more from the taxpayer.

John Samples
11 months ago

When a political agenda is adopted then public funding should end.

Josephine S. Goodenow
11 months ago

I am an AMAC member and I also agree with every statement made in the article and every comment made. Thank you!

11 months ago

Very well written. I would certainly vote for abolishing the NEA, as well as a number of other Democrat Unions. Unions once had a worthwhile purpose, but now have grown too big for their pants and have become mostly political rather than functioning as they were intended. The NEA has certainly turned into a massive pipe organ for the liberal extremists to promote the destruction of the USA. We need to rid our country of most or all of them.

11 months ago

Thanks, AMAC! I support your position of repeal of NEA’s Charter 100%! Seems that NEA is just a liberal club to fashion education to please the DemocRat Party’s Commie control.

Thomas Hermansky
11 months ago

The National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) are two of the most powerful unions that influence how our country is governed. All teachers if they should leave the local union in their school district if possible. They are not doing any patriotic American any good. A good, researched article should be completed for teachers to give them other options besides the protection of these unions. The majority of money collected from teachers’ salaries are used for the democratic agenda. Elections are won and stolen possibly with the assistance of this union financial assistance.

Anything to curtail and mitigate the power of these two unions should be front and center in our effort to fight the radical left!!

Thomas Hermansky
11 months ago

My comment should be corrected: “All teachers if they should leave”, Should be “All teachers should leave”.

Bill on the Hill
11 months ago

The teacher’s unions are treacherous in holding onto their WOKE inspired classroom training beginning now in Kindergarten all the way through the 12th grade…Right here in the small state of Vermont, WOKE indoctrination lessons are being taught in a n. central K-8 elementary school & it is all so conveniently listed in their latest School Board Budget under quite sophisticated names most parents remain blissfully unaware, i.e. ignorant of what it all really means…
Yes, both of the above listed teacher’s unions have a nationwide chokehold on individual state government budgets, mostly in the form of ” PENSION DEBT ” that will NEVER get paid off in our lifetimes…
Here in Vermont, both the NEA teacher’s union & the State Employee’s Union swings their weight around as well…The NEA in particular OWN’s the Montpelier, VT Capital Building & all those that reside within it, both parties, with the Democrats in FULL support of CRT in Vermont…Our RINO governor, Phil Scott has done NOTHING to upset the Democrat’s apple cart. Phil Scott vehemently hates Donald J. Trump & yes he did in fact vote for Joe Biden whilst he sat in is basement awaiting the Inauguration Party with people from the world over to witness event of the century, NOT…
Bill… :~)

11 months ago

Bravo! Awesome letter.

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