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AMAC Supports Bill to Prevent the Sale of American Land to the CCP

This bill works to ensure our continued viability as a nation; helps America stay American, protects our future, and preserves our God given rights.



September 27, 2022
The Honorable Tom Cotton
Senator from Arkansas
326 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Cotton,
On behalf of the 2.2 million members of AMAC – the Association of Mature American Citizens, including over 25,000 residing in Arkansas, I write to offer our support for S.4703 – The “Securing America’s Land from Foreign Interference Act.”

Allowing foreign governments and foreign individuals to purchase land within our borders is not only a matter of national security but at a deeper, fundamental level, it is a matter of continued primacy of our national sovereignty. In allowing foreign powers to acquire American land, full property rights are conveyed to non-citizens whose intent may be to harm our nation and erode our sovereignty.

Over the course of decades, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has begun to exert its influence and ideology over our nation, and others, by purchasing property and ensuring its availability for potentially nefarious ends, including the imposition of a strong communistic influence on the culture of freedom loving Americans. This cannot be allowed to continue. The CCP cannot be allowed to prevail in this slow, cold, and hostile takeover of our valuable resources. Allowing the CCP to continue acquiring sovereign American soil constitutes an existential threat to our nation and way of life.

Your bill, should it become law, will ensure our continued viability as a nation; help America stay American, protect our future, and preserve our God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the people of the United States of America.

AMAC thanks you, Senator Cotton, for your vision and proactive leadership in introducing this important legislation to protect our country from foreign interference in our future.

Bob Carlstrom
AMAC Action

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2 months ago

We need to take back our land from ALL foreign countries ASAP!All Americans need to make sure your Senators and Representatives know we are sick and tired of allowing our country and our Freedom to be given to the enemy!

Susan Derome
2 months ago

We have to stop other countries from buying up our land especially near our bases. We need to make laws to protect our country.

2 months ago

Don’t the Chi-coms still own Rockefeller Center ? Don’t be surprised if they try to buy the White
House (maybe they already have).

2 months ago

Beautiful letter, beautiful cause. Sent to the right guy. Thank you AMAC
As a side comment, I think the govt is looking for any way to sell anything
including land to pay for more liberalism. Maybe the Chi-Coms have said
‘”your interest rate is now 12%” and our DC idiots think that’s too much. On that
point we have no idea what interest rate we are paying the Chi-coms and
NOBODY ever talks about it. To support my point, here in NC the Forestry
Service just sold 100 acres for $55,000. Heck, I would have paid $60,000
site unseen. Essentially, that land was given away. ‘

2 months ago
Reply to  GTPatriot

How do I get a deal like that?

2 months ago

Can’t the government just seize the US land purchased by hostile nations? If nothing else it is a National Security issue. Or is this simply so that a certain country can obtain the material from us to make the rope that they will sell to us and hang us with …

William C Smith
2 months ago

National security is, always has been, at stake. Those in positions of responsibility who ought to know better have betrayed the nation by their short-sighted behaviors allowing representatives of foreign governments and domestic globalists to purchase and rededicate our farmlands. Congress should recognize and deem such transactions criminally-inspired—and act accordingly. For once, do the job. Represent citizens who hired them to conduct the nation’s legislative and adminsitrative business.

2 months ago

Now we need another Bill to Prevent the Sale of American farmlands to Bill Gates. Why is Bill Gates buying up large amounts of American farmlands?

2 months ago

I only hope it’s not too late already.

anna hubert
2 months ago
Reply to  Schultzz

Yesterday was too late it will a lot of usual toing and froing and no doing

William C Smith
2 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

I got a kick out of your phraseology. I used to apply “to-ing and fro-ing” to descriptions of early western movies, which featured bands of riders on horseback scurrying around movie ranches being chased by “our heroes” of the moment.

2 months ago

Someone knows the names of those selling to China. Out them, and charge them with treason for aiding and abetting the enemy.

2 months ago

Should not only be CCP,but any non USA citizen or business that is not USA organized.

2 months ago

I believe that no American soil should belong to any other country as I know there is. I believe that we as a country should control all land within our borders. However, what I believe and what is actually happening is two different things. It is a situation that should be rectify but I know it would be as too many people in DC and state’s government and private companies are making big bucks off these ownership.

Patriot Will
2 months ago

The Red Chinese should not be allowed to buy any type of land in the US. The Red Chinese have a long and strong history of cheating and stealing extremely important products and military secrets from America. All land already purchased by the Red Chinese should be bought back by the US government, and the Chinese themselves should be kicked out if they are not American citizens. Our country should be looking out for America, not Red China. What has happened to common sense and patriotism?

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

China cant BUY any US acerage anyplace OK

Myrna Wade
2 months ago

How would this law prevent Chinese purchase? How can the seller of any property be certain that the buyer is not (however indirectly) Chinese Communist?

David Millikan
2 months ago

It only took them 30 years to do something.

2 months ago

It is nerve scalding to think any true American citizen would opt for any governmental relationship other than an alliance including other Nations who respect present status quo. Alliances to try to allow and support other Nations is okay unless, like China, where the goal is to steal technology from the non-Commie Nations of the world. The governance of China presently does not support non-Communist Nations except to the extent to steal from them.

2 months ago

Not just CCP, any foreign government, foreign company or foreign national. Next, citizenship! If you are an American citizen and you elect to become a citizen of another country, for any reason, you automatically forfeit your American citizenship.

2 months ago

This should have been taken care of years ago. I am very glad someone finally decided to take action.

2 months ago

This is just common sense to support this for our country.

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