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AMAC Supports Bill to Prevent Non-Citizens from Voting in U.S. Elections


This legislation would hold states accountable for allowing the practice of non-citizen voting and works to stop the disenfranchisement of American voters.

January 6, 2022

The Honorable Marco Rubio
Senator from Florida
284 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Cc: Senator Steve Daines (MT), Senator Thom Tillis (NC), Senator John Kennedy (LA), Senator Rick Scott
(FL), Senator James Lankford (OK)

Dear Senator Rubio,

On behalf of the 2.3 million members of AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens, including
nearly 180,000 residing in the state of Florida, I write to offer our support for S. 3403, the Protecting Our
Democracy by Preventing Foreign Citizens from Voting Act.

AMAC and its members have been highly engaged in election integrity issues for over a year and were
instrumental in getting election reform legislation passed in states throughout the country. Protecting
and securing our precious right to vote remains a high priority among AMAC members.

It is hard to believe that we need legislation like S. 3403 but given the current times in which we live,
AMAC is grateful for your diligence to safeguard American elections. Your bill would rightly withhold
federal funds from any state or local government that allows foreign citizens to vote in any Federal,
State, or local election. Your proposal would also require that the state or local governments must
certify that they do not allow foreign citizens to vote as a means to both receive federal funding and
ensure compliance with the legislation.

Thank you, Senator Rubio, and your cosponsors, for introducing legislation that works to stop the
disenfranchisement of American voters and holds states accountable for allowing the practice of non-citizen voting. AMAC appreciates the efforts of you and your colleagues to protect the hallmark of our
democracy and is pleased to offer our organization’s full support for S. 3403, the Protecting Our
Democracy by Preventing Foreign Citizens from Voting Act.


Bob Carlstrom

President, AMAC Action

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23 hours ago

I find it very telling that for Trump’s entire presidential term the Democrats could not stop yelling about how foreign interference from Russia in our elections would destroy the country and our democracy. Now those same Democrats welcome foreign citizens to be included in our election process. Proof positive they are self serving hypocrites

9 days ago

Thanks to Anthony Grimm’s wife !
That’s the way it was meant to be and should be! Mrs Grimm earned the right to vote ! Thank you Mrs Grimm!!

9 days ago

Can anyone imagine a US citizen trying to vote in China or Italy?
They would be arrested or deported for such an act! Legal
Americans are the only ones who should be able to vote in American elections!

David Louie
9 days ago

Unless you are a citizen, you have No Say. Dreamers should take the test to be citizens not automatically

10 days ago

There is so much corruption in every level of government, that it is going to take years again to just get to a tolerable state. In order for anything to be made truthful, it must start with a complete overhaul of the voting system now.

10 days ago

Thank you

10 days ago

You need to correct the title wording…
“Protecting Our Democracy…” to
“Protecting Our REPUBLIC by Preventing Foreign Citizens from Voting Act.”

Calling our country a “democracy” is just plain Ignorant. Ask Ben Franklin! ;-)

10 days ago

Forgot to add “Our Democracy” is a leftist trope to encourage mob rule (democracy).

Bob Barr
10 days ago

AMAC when are you going to look into nonsense ads being placed on your news site

Teresa DeSanto
10 days ago

Yes of course, Only AMERICAN CITIZENS allowed to vote in our elections, Duh.. Thank you!

Barbara Peters
10 days ago

It’s past the time for us to go on the offense. We shouldn’t be forced to exert most of our energy chasing the communist fires. Sharing the information about this Bill is imperative! Contacting Congress showing full support is necessary!

11 days ago

Term Limits and vote out Democrats

11 days ago

Sure would like to hear CNN discuss this problem instead of the non-stop Jan 6 obsession. But, alas, I know that will not happen so I will do what ? Read Smithsonian Magazine or improve my golf swing, or call relatives or take up woodworking or work overtime, or , or, or …….

11 days ago

This type of legislation is LONG overdue. It’s as much a concern as term limits. Now if we can get the job done it might make American future a little less cloudy. God Bless America????????????????

Dan W.
11 days ago

Since non-citizens cannot vote in any state or federal race already, why is this do nothing legislation so important ?

Barbara Peters
10 days ago
Reply to  Dan W.

Dan W I believe that non citizens have been able to vote in California for at least 5 years. Then there’s NY.Senator Lee proposed barring votes from any jurisdiction that allowed illegals to vote back in 2016 so that illegal’s votes couldn’t be counted when deciding federal government positions.

Dan W.
9 days ago
Reply to  Barbara Peters

In some California localities, non-citizens can vote in some local races.

However, California does not allow non-citizens to vote in any federal or state races.

Teresa Wait
12 days ago

Thank you AMAC! We appreciate you giving Americans an alternative to AARP, and supporting conservative values.

12 days ago

I really hope this works..we need to save our country from those who want to destroy it!

Anthony Grimm
12 days ago

I agree non us citizens have no right to vote. My wife who is a legal immigrant became a naturalized American Citzen earned her right to vote in the United States.

12 days ago

Since Washington Democratic Party wants to do away with the Electoral College, The Country would be better represented by counties instead of states for all elections.

12 days ago

Only legal American citizens should be allowed to vote in any American election ever!!

Johnny Bad
12 days ago

Just how are the Democrats gonna ram non-citizen voting down American throats. Looks like old Brandon has got all of us on a sleigh ride to hell

12 days ago
Reply to  Johnny Bad

They’re already doing it. Even now, States like California and New York allow non-citizens to vote; “got a green card, go vote!” It violates the constitutional provision preventing foreign influence in federal government. It is unfortunate that this legislation is needed, given that non-citizens already are prohibited from voting by the Constitution of the United States. This Bill would give that constitutional provision more teeth.

Dan W.
12 days ago
Reply to  PLGJ

Currently, no states allow non-citizens to vote in any federal or state races.

12 days ago

Thank you to Sen Rubio and the cosponsors for doing this. I always thought that it was unconstitutional for non-citizens to vote in our elections.

Dan W.
12 days ago
Reply to  Kat

You thought right. No non-citizen can vote in any state or federal race.

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