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AMAC Supports Bill to Expand Healthcare for National Guardsmen and Reservists


The very least that we can do for these dedicated men and women who have traded their wellbeing and sometimes their lives for us, is to provide them with the best healthcare America has to offer.


October 21, 2022

The Honorable Andy Kim
3rd Congressional District of New Jersey
2444 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC  20515

Dear Congressman Kim,

On behalf of the over 2.2 million members of AMAC – the Association of Mature American Citizens, including over 5,500 residing in NJ-03, I write to offer our support for H.R. 3512, the “Healthcare for Our Troops Act.”

The primary function of government, to secure the natural rights of its citizens, stands on the foundation of a protected national sovereignty and citizenry. This essential function, recognized in our timeless Declaration of Independence to “… provide for the common defense …” is made possible by the service and sacrifice of our servicemembers in uniform. This invaluable contribution to the welfare of our nation falls not only on our active-duty components, but upon the shoulders of Reservists and Guardsman who took the same oath and have made the same commitment to serve our nation as their active-duty counterparts and deserve the same care.

In service to our nation, military servicemembers must, from time to time, necessarily be placed in harm’s way. They are asked, and by their commitment they stand between us and our enemies; and they sacrifice life and limb when they do so. It is the very least that we can do to care for these dedicated men and women who have traded their wellbeing and sometimes their lives, for us.

To ensure the efficacy of our fighting forces we must provide them the ability to focus on their mission; and part of that provision is the promise and duty to care for their medical needs. If we think about it, and if we provide for it, then they have that much less to worry about during the performance of their vital duties.

AMAC thanks you, Representative Kim, and your bipartisan co-sponsors, for guarding our servicemembers and ensuring the continuation of our American way of life by facilitating their efforts. AMAC is pleased to offer our full support for your bill, H.R. 3512, the “Healthcare for Our Troops Act.”


Bob Carlstrom
AMAC Action

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15 days ago

OK, the bill talks about Tri-care full time coverage for the member and his family at 28% of the annual actual cost. I believe making the reserves and guard more attractive in view of our declining active-duty recruitment might be a good idea.

1 month ago

The way things are I believe everyone is getting their fair share. Military budgets are based on active duty. When activated, you’re a member of the club. But, when you take off the uniform your membership expires. I don’t really see a valid reason to change that.

1 month ago

Please get this bill passed. These service members deserve better

David Millikan
1 month ago

Sounds good. We must take care of OUR Military Personell. It is the AMERICAN thing to do.

1 month ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Agree, we must take care of our Military as they continue to fight for us.

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