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AMAC Statement on The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act


AMAC – the Association of Mature American Citizens, comprised of 2.3 million American citizens 50 years of age and older, strongly opposes enactment of the pending redux in the Senate of the 116th Congress’ H.R. 4, the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.”

This is an inherently more atrocious and dangerous proposal than S.1, the fraudulently entitled “For the People Act.” This rendition of H.R. 4 also proffers a federal takeover of all elections in the United States – federal, state, local, and other special elections – but, in this instance, uses the “preclearance” processes of the Voting Rights Act amendments to federal civil rights law. 

This means the federal government would have control over all 50 states’ elections and the power to stop every state from adopting certain voting provisions, like voter ID and how voting rolls are maintained. Every state’s new voting provision could be overruled by the federal government once enough special interest groups sue them to trigger a “preclearance.” H.R. 4 opens the door wide for left-wing groups to target specific states for political reasons and sue them to manipulate their voting laws.

Under the Constitution, the states have primacy for establishing the procedures for, and conduct of, elections – not the federal government, and neither the Congress nor its Executive Branch administrators and staff.

This legislation violates that Constitutional premise and indeed limitation upon the federal government because it would hand over every election decision in the country to the apparently partisan left-wing attorneys in the Department of Justice’s Office of Civil Rights Voting Rights section. The result would remove all election decisions from the states, which, under the Constitution, establish, implement, and oversee election systems in America.

In sum, this sequel to the original H.R. 4 is nothing other than, and indeed an insidious and more direct, attempt by its proponents to accomplish the federal takeover of elections objectives of S. 1 and its HR. 1 counterpart, this time shamelessly under the guise of civil rights.

Like S.1, the provisions of the so-called “John Lewis Voting Rights Act” should never become law.

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10 days ago

China’s dem socialist puppets are a pathetic cancer to this country!! Actually, the whole world!! Get involved, speak up and take action to stop the liberal destruction of America as we know it!!!

Tim Kelly
11 days ago

This law must not happen, it is very simple, one vote for all legal American citizens with the proper requied State personal identification required. Why is this so hard to grasp.. Thank GOD, I am no longer a registered Democrat. The Democrats of today are an embarrassment to the Party.

12 days ago

Do not let this happen!! I want to continue to have my freedom! The democrats are trying to destroy America! They need to be voted out of office, they’re sick thinking politicians!!

BARRY Thomas sr
12 days ago

Named it after John Lewis to attract the POC VOTE. TRUE VOTER SUPPRESSION!

12 days ago

Biden and his steal the election!!! He even said it before the presidential election-we don’t need your vote, we’ll cheat like there’s no tomorrow!!!

louis bailey
12 days ago

does not Article 5 of the Constitution of the U.S. give WE THE PEOPLE the final decision to amend our Constitution with issues such as this esE THE PEOPLE severpecially when we have a corrupted small amount of oppressive tyrants consisting of traitors and tratoriours dems and rino sellouts know better and do not care!!
Read the U.S. Declaration of Independence – which speaks of “WE THE PEOPLE … ” servering ourselves from the likes of an oppressive and tyrannical government now in power and beholding to both U.S. domestic and foreign enemies of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

14 days ago

The Socialist party of the United States, otherwise known as the Democrat party, will never stop pushing for Marxism in this country. Not when they are so close to the ultimate victory they desire. That the American people continue to ignore that fact and either think “That can’t happen here” or “We’ll just win in 2022 and 2024”, without first ensuring every single state’s election process is a lot more honest than 2020, is truly amazing. The Democrats are spelling out for you how they intend to ensure they never have to worry about losing an election ever again.

LtCol John Murillo
14 days ago

The party that created the Ku Klux Klan and wrote out the Jim Crow laws and fought tooth-and-nail against equal rights (1964) voting rights (1965) and fair housing (1967) has to defend and depend on election fraud because their socialistic policies are so unpopular. The party of racism, Democrat, has to fight for the opposite of election integrity and accuse the truth-seekers of Democrat sins while doing it. Beijing biden is a Godless fool, as are the activist regime media protecting this decrepit pants-wetting weakling. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is no fool, President Trump is no fool and about 80 million American citizens like me are not fools either.

14 days ago

Amen to that brother.

13 days ago

Amen to that

14 days ago

It is truly disturbing that this devious activity is occurring within OUR United States government! It is disgraceful that OUR representatives from the Democratic party are deceiving the American citizens with their false narratives and outright lies to push a Communistic Agenda! Be mindful that their are still some true Democrats who should be stopping this nonsense along with our Republican representatives! This activity needs to be haulted immediately! ALL American citizens need to know the truth!

12 days ago
Reply to  Deborah

I have heard nothing but lies from those in congress. They act like ruling kings. Jerry Nadler said their philosophy best when he said “God has no place in congress.” It seems God no place in the Democratic party either. So sad for the country.

12 days ago
Reply to  Deborah

True, Deborah, every American does need to know the truth. At a deeper level, Americans should place their accountability to God by reading and knowing the Bible so their hearts can properly handle the truth.

14 days ago

we know how and who it is that brings about such evil legislation it is the God fearing people of this country that need to stand together to stop it.

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