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AMAC Statement on Election Legal Challenges

AMACAs an organization working to protect and restore American principles, AMAC is fully committed to guarding the most sacred of US traditions, the integrity of our elections and our precious right to vote. AMAC encourages our members to support President Trump as he rightfully demands a non-partisan review of the documented irregularities and alleged fraudulent activity related to the November 3rd general election.


With such close margins in key battleground states, allowing these legal challenges to go forward and holding nefarious agents accountable cannot be of more immediate importance. AMAC understands that millions of Americans are concerned that governance in this election has been undermined and will not tolerate the corruption of their voting rights. We will fight to ensure that the veracity of this and future elections remain unimpeachable.


The Electoral College still has not undertaken the formal process of deciding the next President. Until all legal options are exhausted and a new President is chosen by the Electoral College, President Trump deserves the due process that is legally afforded to him.


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Louella J Madden
1 month ago

Can We The People file a lawsuit over election fraud? Can we not be heard by the Supreme Court?

Reply to  Louella J Madden
26 days ago

I was thinking this same thing…I actually witnessed numbers decreasing from Trump during election night and couldn’t believe my eyes.

2 months ago

We know that state election officials can’t be trusted. How do we know for sure, our jurists on the Supreme Court will uphold the law as written? Justice Roberts has repeatedly shown his waverability.

2 months ago

AMAC Thank you for sharing fair, honest reporting. I depend upon your reporting to “clear” the air and speaking the truth. I am praying for
President Trump and all the people working so hard to uncover all the lies, cheating and dishonest voting practices. Keep up the good work.

John S.
2 months ago

Keep donating to Trump! First $5000 goes toward paying his campaign debts, any money above that goes toward the recount fund. All worthy causes. Don’t waste your money giving to the GOP who betray us constantly! Only Trump!