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AMAC Statement in Response to the Call For A Million Muslim March on the 12th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

dan-weberIt’s an ugly act of provocation, disrespectful to those 3,000 plus American citizens who were killed during the attacks –

American Muslims need to condemn the Million Muslim March scheduled for this year’s anniversary of the attacks by Islamic extremists on September 11, 2001.

Such a march, on that date, would be an ugly act of provocation, disrespectful to those 3,000 plus American citizens who were killed during the attack.

We call on our fellow-Americans who are responsible leaders in America’s Muslim communities to demonstrate their own commitment to America’s civil traditions by condemning this ugly act of provocation and by publicly censuring those behind it.

On behalf of the 750,000 members of the Association of Mature American Citizens (, we strongly protest the ill-conceived Million Muslim March planned for September 11th, the anniversary of the brutal attacks committed by Muslim extremist terrorists.

The march is the brainchild of a discredited anti-Semite, M.D. Rabbi Alam.  Alam has consistently described the 2001 murder of more than 3,000 people as a Jewish conspiracy—an absurd notion at best and a blatant insult not only to the American Jewish Community, but to all Americans of good faith.

While the organizers claim to be protesting discrimination against Muslims, they know full well that their march will be construed as a “Victory March” by other Muslims throughout the world who dislike the USA.

We demand that the march be canceled. We further urge the organizers to issue an apology to the families of the victims for the heartless slaughter caused by members of their faith.

In the name of common decency we urge the organizers to be sensitive to the feelings of almost all Americans and reschedule their march to another month.

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A "GOOD" Muslim

You people are kidding me right? All of you are so blinded with ignorance that you do not realize that the kind of things you are saying make YOU seem like the bad person. For everyone who is saying that the 911 was done by Muslims are too dumb to figure for themselves that by now the truth is coming out. It was NOT done by Muslims. I am a Muslim myself and reading your comments makes me cry to know what kind of people are in this world. You people make me sick, I would NEVER think of hurting anyone, I can’t even hurt a fly (seriously, they scare the crap out of me) Also Islam means “peace”…literally so please stop making up bullshit and WAKE UP. The extremists that you guys are talking about aren’t even Muslims. HOW CAN YOU BLAME AN ENTIRE RACE WITH A FEW PEOPLE’S… Read more »


I hate to rain on your parade, but as your gun rights are protected by the 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution, their freedom of speech rights are protected by the 1st Amendment. I don’t agree with the march, but it is YOUR CONSTITUTION THAT GIVES THEM THE RIGHT!!


And we’re not clean in all of this… Let’s look back at G.W. Bush’s ILLEGAL IRAQI WAR … Do any of you know how many of their innocent civilians were killed, how many of their children were killed in cold blood, how many of their women raped???? What about the military cover-ups in regards to torture?? We destroyed over 90% of the country’s infrastructure. We ILLEGALLY INVADED A SOVEREIGN NATION!! That said…when it come to cold blooded killing … we are no better than Muslim extremists.


People must have respect for themselves, before they can have respect for others.We can only hope the good LORD will
come into their hearts, and show them the way.

Yukon Jack

No muslim was involved in 911. NONE. Better get to studying what actually happened. Israel did 911, if you haven;t figure this out yet you are no patriot but a disinformationist and a fool.


America is asleep, content with Obama lies, content with how the nation is run. Do you honestly think that Obama would deny permits to these people?? What ever happens, know that regardless of feelings against them, they are ensured the right to assembly, as long as it is peaceful. We cannot do a thing about that. However, a march to show solidarity against their silence of proxy would be good.


I hope there will be clowns and you know who from Missouri shows up.

Dennis Lowry

I am deeply offended by this march and also believe it should be cancelled. It is an insult to every decent American. I also endorse the idea that the Muslim community in America should be vocal about their disapproval of the element of the Muslim faith that has hijacked this religion. If they do not, we can only assume they approve of it. What else can I believe?


Million Muslim massacre has a nicer ring to it.

Veatrice S. Bennett

All the Muslims want Sharia law to be the law of our land; They want to “kill the infidels,” and take away our freedom of religion. They should not be allowed to even live in this nation. I’m afraid that in the future they will outvote us and make Sharia law the law of the land, if they keep coming over here. We need to stop them from even coming to live in our free nation.

Lloyd Dalton

This march plan on September 11 is a direct challenge to all Americans. They are trying to get us to react in a negative way and we must not fall for it. Any government approval of this march by issuing permits would be a serious lapse of judgment and as far as I’m concerned it would also be tantamount to treason. I urge all to think this thru and for cooler heads to prevail. Enough have died on this date…….

Joyce Taylor

I do not think this march should be given the go ahead. 9/11 is the day we honor those we lost in those terrible attacks, and I do not think a muslim march is appropriate.

Kevin O'Brien

There are a few good Muslims. A very few. Certainly not a million. But even many of the good Muslims would like to see sharia. Not all, but many. The Muslims taking part in this march are not “good” Muslims by our definition of the word “good”, but they are according to theirs.

Kevin O'Brien

This march is being held on 9/11 to have the same impact that the ground zero mosque was supposed to have. Symbolism is EVERYTHING to Muslims around the world, and these people know it. The mosque project, called The Cordoba Project, was to symbolize a triumph over America by building it at ground zero. It was named Cordoba after the Christian cathedral in the city of Cordoba, Spain where, after the Muslims invaded and conquored it, it was made into a mosque to symbolize the subjugation of the infidels. The march on 9/11 is for the same purpose. To show the Muslims of the world that not only can they attack us and hurt us, but can then march down our streets, in the capitol, symbolizing their increasing victories ove the American infidels. Even the founder of CAIR (Counsel for American-Islamic Relations, whose very name equates the religion “Islam” with… Read more »


Time for the next “Million Man March” on DC. When AMERICANS take back this country!!!

alice snyder

why do we have to fight this every year !!! always one thing or another onthis date . quite frankly i feel they have taken money from our gov. to run hotels gas station conveinent stores ..$ou cant get clean room or treated fairly .they get pd let get run down by the time their cotract up it needs tore down!. why dont the white or affrican community get these offers were poor too at least money would stay in america an we would keepthings up & clean ! but no they move on send money to their contry an then a cousin bro inlaw come an gets another grant to do same thing ! this is a victory for them that is breaking the united states .!!!! they need to leave our country we wouldnt have to defend this one day for lost lives ! more americans wouldnt be… Read more »


There is a Tea Party protest also scheduled in DC from 9/9 through 9/13 asking for Oboobs IMPEACHMENT and a bunch of other items on a long list. Not sure how many have committed to attend and it sure would be great to have a staggering number present. Would like to present a strong showing and put these inconsiderate freedom stealers in their place. If you can attend look up The Patriots Guild.

Jim Walker

I wonder what would have happened had the Japanese Americans attempted to march after the attack on Pearl Harbor. I consider this no less than an provacation of War and if War is what they want then so be it, lets give it to them!! I’m sure there is still more than a million bullets left is this country!!


We need to march them right out of the United States of America. Islam is NOT a religion, it is a form of totalitarian government & therefore should not be afforded the protection of a religion!

Paul Van Why

I see they are also calling for 2 million bikers to converge on Washington the same day. Lets see what the government will say about that.