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AMAC Spokesperson on Impeachment Sham – One America News Network

January 27, 2020 – AMAC Spokesperson, Robert Charles, discusses the impeachment sham during the Senate trial.

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Witnesses!!! Witness to what?!! May be witnesses to the horrible lies with more lies. I did not watch any of this so called trial. I know our president’s patriotism and extremely hard work FOR the American people. Like he said, he does not need this job. Obviously he left the kind of life he is entitled to after the hard work building his dynasty.
This ‘party’ the democratic party should be abolished. The perfidious mainstream media should be severely censored until they know the meaning of TRUTH.

Joseph canna

It causes me concern that the left tactics are not shamed by all.Seems that the left maintains believers,in what is totally unbelievable. Lies,created “truths”,sick mind creations!!


I don’t understand how anyone can lie so recklessly. The entire impeachment was a fiasco. The Representatives and Senators who are telling lies and they know it should be penalized in some way. The news media that repeat these known lies should also be penalized in some way.


Nancy is now finally finding out that she is not the president. She truly believes she can outsmart anyone in DC which really dosen’t say much. Just like her infamous comment about Obamacare which was ” We have to approve it to see what’s in it .” Are we that dumb ? Apparently we are. Now she says “lets just get this impreachment bill through the House and let the Senate figure out what do with it ” Her love affair with Shifty has wrecked her. She is lovesick and senile. As a republican, I pray that Nancy is the speaker forever . We can be assured that Trump will never be touched. I wish for an incompetent Dem speaker of the House which Nancy surely is. The greatest advantage anyone can have is to be underestimated. Trump profits from this miscalculation every day. Every day. Please let me be… Read more »