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AMAC Social Security Honor Roll

Please Thank Your Congressman!

The following Members of Congress have shown their support for senior citizens by cosponsoring H.R. 4140, the SENIORS Act.  This bill will give Social Security beneficiaries a 1% increase in benefits retroactive for 2016. Contact your Representative today about the SENIORS Act, and encourage them to cosponsor a Cost-of-Living Adjustment for seniors and veterans!

Rep. Frank Guinta [R-NH-01]—Lead Republican

Rep. Frank Guinta
[R-NH-01]—Lead Republican

Rep. Sinema, Kyrsten [D-AZ-9]—Lead Democrat

Rep. Sinema, Kyrsten
[D-AZ-9]—Lead Democrat

Rep. Fincher, Stephen Lee[R-TN-8]

Rep. Fincher, Stephen Lee

Rep. Webster, Daniel [R-FL-10]

Rep. Webster, Daniel

Rep. Gibson, Christopher P. [R-NY-19]

Rep. Gibson, Christopher P.

Rep. Nugent, Richard B. [R-FL-11]

Rep. Nugent, Richard B.

Rep. Kilmer, Derek C. [D-WA-06]

Rep. Kilmer, Derek C.

Please call the House switchboard 202-224-3121 to connect with your Congressman to thank them..
Let them know that AMAC is watching your back.

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I would like to see the tax on SS eliminated. After all, it’s money we paid into the fund that we are being taxed on. That would be better then a 1% increase.

brian quigley

social security should be privatized and taken out of the hands of the government.

C. W. Cooper

It is very disappointing to see Amac giving any recognition, much less praise to Kyrsten Sinema for her part in this. She is no friend to seniors, or any true American for that matter. She is a hard core socialist and has voted with Obama nearly every time, was a big supporter of Obamacare, and only does something like supporting HR 4140 if it will win her some votes. Trust me on this, I live in Arizona, and all of Arizona’s conservatives are working to get her out of office.

Lisa Peabody

I want to praise the people involved in putting a group together that isn’t afraid to stand up to others big bullies. for the people like me that are unfortunately living a disabled life and at the whims of a broken social security Disability benefits program.. We have been treated as third class citizens in our own country. as with any system yes it has been abused, but when i went through it to apply i was turned inside out humbled and humiliated at how much information i had to divulge about my self in order to prove to them i was not faking any disease, or diagnosis i had been given. i was ashamed to admit to friends and family the true state of my health and conditions i had ben living under. i had to hire help to understand what the government was wanting from me., I Thank… Read more »

John Sharpe

Retired people need to start banding together to form a powerful group who will contact via. email, letter, telephone, tweet, or any fashion of communication, their Senator’s and Representatives in Congress about any issues they might be concerned about. We need to pull together to make our voices heard. No raise to Social Security is a joke, 1% is a good start, but we need more. Congress needs to address, Obama Care, they need to address Prescription costs (big Farma), They need to address Medicare pay out. Retired people built this country and now we need to fight to keep our fair share.

Dan Zuverink

I thank , A.M.A. C. for standing up for we seniors, who will start the 2016 year with a lower monthly benefit, due to higher Medicare costs. I’d like my House representative, Bill Huizenga to co-sponsor the bill, but since I only have 250 minutes a month to call his office, It will have to be done in another way, and I’m not good enough to get another way done. Good Luck, DZ

Amanda Wilson

I just became 65 and what an eye-opener!! I believe I have been paying into medicare for quite a while out of my paychecks but now I pay more!! In fact, one payment, for one quarter, equals more than I paid for a whole year for my spouse and I for health insurance for a whole year. I didn’t know retirees got a raise. I must have been bypassed on that.
It is expensive to get old.

Terry Kammerer

I have paid taxes on my s.s. When I paid it in and now I am paying it again. Don’t like tax upon tax

John Fachin

Maybe I’ll get behind these folks if they push to eliminate Federal Income Tax on Social Security.
It’a interesting that none of the candidates have proposed this, but are more than willing to keep or increase
tax credits for people that don’t pay any tax. The SSA payments were already taxed before the dollars were
confiscated by the government. There are too many people not paying and should not be the major beneficiaries
of our tax dollars.

Richard Blair

Tax on tax so that Mc Cain, Hillary, Obama,and the rest can increase their own bank accounts

Ron Moore

Sorry hit the wrong key on my computer and took myself off the system. LBJ and the Democrats stole Social Security Funds in order for him to have the Guns and Butter ( you know, the purposefully winless war he got us into in Vietnam and his War on Poverty here at home). Then Al Gore cast the deciding vote in the house to once again tax us by taxing what had already been taxed ( I am talking about our Social Security we were forced to pay for). The chicken Republicans never bring these two items up whenever the Dems use this scare option on so many of my generation – to secure once again their vote. Under the PC Democrats we have fought a stalemate in Korea ( no victory) 39,000 + American lives and not counting allies. Lost Vietnam when we had an opportunity to win that… Read more »

charles frederic

When this country was founded it was their intent for congress not to have LIFE TIME JOBS in congress. Term limits should be 8 years like the President has. Any more and they only look out for themselves and not the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Carol Brown

It is disgraceful our government has used the Social Security funds for their own purpose instead of leaving it for the ones who paid in to it trusting that it would be there when we are seniors and need what we have saved for.

It is disgraceful the money that is sent overseas and our military men and women who put their lives in jeopardy so much of the time are underpaid and under appreciated by our government.

It is also disgraceful that our congress men and women get special health, special retirement, and are not governed by the same laws that we the people who put them there must live under.

Absolutely DISGRACEFUL!!

Paul Cliff

Kyrsten Sinema is a democrat congresswoman in my recently-redrawn congressional district (AZ-9) and is an Obama toady. She votes with the democrats on all their big issues so be very careful extending your trust to her as far as this HR 4140 goes. I think this is all for conservative consumption and I’ll believe it when I see it. This notification is, by the way, the first I have heard of it.

George Bogie

Term limits !!

Howard Last

I have posted the following several times and it still applies. I have yet to see a valid reason for keeping social security. Social Security does not need to be fixed; it needs to be repealed outright. The problem is how to make whole all our citizens that had their funds stolen over all these many years. Yes stolen, what else would you call it when something is taken under duress? Don’t pay your FICA and see what happens. There is a simple way to get their money back, just abolish all items in the budget not authorized by the Constitution. This would give better than 90% of the budget available to give their money back with interest. It would have an added benefit of getting Big Brother out of our lives. How many people are aware that Social Security was the idea of Otto Bismarck and that Adolph Hitler… Read more »


The real inflation rate last year was 4% as tracked by The government has not told us the truth – surprise – surprise!

B D Mendini

Laws that I feel need to be passed regarding the House and Senate!!!!

Term Limits, no more than 3

Retirement, Social Security and self-funded IRAs.

Medical, Assisted Obama-Care while in office, Medicare after that if age qualified.

Extra years can be added for Military Service.

After leaving office, none may use the titles “Senator” or “Representative” verbally or in writing without the word “Former” preceding it.

Hopefully this will reduce the arrogance we see from these people during and after their “service.”

Dorothy Branch

The government needs to start cutting back on non-essential expenses and pay social security back for all the funds that were “borrowed”. Social security
does need to be “fixed”. Anyone who has not paid into social security should not be given payments. If they are not citizens, they should not be given benefits of any kind. The stupid law of a baby being born in the United States becomes a citizen of the US and is put on welfare, etc., should be repealed. The parents
both should have to be citizens of the U.S. for at least one year. More investigation should be done before a lot of persons receiving benefits are paid. There
are a lot of ways Social Security needs to be “fixed” and it mostly boils down to our Congress “fixing it” which will never get done.


Although the Seniors Act may sound nice, what about the fact that Medicare would be increased more than that 1% being proposed? The Medicare increase would have been an approximate $20 bump – the only reason it was not enacted for 2016 is because there was no SS increase! Don’t do us any favors.