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AMAC Tells GOP Candidates: ‘Seniors Feel The Pain of President Obama’s Energy Policies’

 The Administration Dithers While China and Cuba Tap Our Own Oil Resources –


BOHEMIA, NY, Feb 3 – “Older Americans are getting clobbered by the Obama Administration’s energy policies aimed at steadily increasing gasoline prices until they reach ‘the levels in Europe’,” according to Dan Weber, president and founder of the Association of Mature American Citizens . Mr. Obama’s aim is to wean America off of fossil fuels in favor of green projects, he explained.

 Weber has issued a challenge to the candidates running in the Republican primaries and caucuses in the coming months.  He called on them to “address this critical issue, laying out a plan that will counter the damage already done and provide energy stability in the near-term and the long-term.”

 The President and his Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, have established a “green agenda” when it comes to the nation’s future energy needs and they’ve already begun to execute on their strategy.  “The facts speak for themselves,” says Weber. 

 “Most recently, President Obama abruptly stopped a bi-partisan movement in Congress to okay the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada.  This on top of the impediments he has put in place to stymie domestic production.  The pipeline and increased drilling on shore and off shore would significantly reduce America’s dependence on oil from unfriendly sources who are able to manipulate prices at will, stabilizing prices going forward.

 “But, it was Secretary Chu who let the cat out of the bag when he told the Wall Street Journal: ‘Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe’,” the AMAC chief adds.

 It is important to note in this context that while the U.S. hesitates, the Chinese and the Cubans, two of the last Communist countries on the planet, have struck a deal to tap U.S. petroleum resources within sight of Key West, Florida, he notes.  “We can’t drill for new oil in our own territorial waters, but the Commies have access to it by building rigs just a few miles farther out to sea.”

 Higher gas prices have a domino effect on the cost of food and services that impacts seniors, particularly those who live on fixed incomes. 

 Weber tells the GOP candidates: “The pain is pervasive.  Consider the fact that some ‘Meals-On-Wheels’ and ‘Access-a-Ride’ programs for the elderly, particularly in rural parts of the country, are being hit hard by the rising gas prices.

 “What will happen if President Obama and Secretary Chu have their way and they achieve their goal of $8.00 a gallon?  Our older Americans can’t afford it; the nation can’t afford it.”

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on issues and topics important to older Americans.  Please contact John Grimaldi at [email protected] to set up a chat.

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Howard Kildahl
9 years ago

Throw all the congress out. Elect new members—limit 4 year terms–no pensions beside SS

Archie the Gopher Guy in Rural Central Washington
9 years ago

Things are getting better – – right? Driving the 10 miles from our home to the city I passed my Texaco gas station. Yes, the cost of gas went up. Up. Up. Up. My costs go up along with increased costs of elictricity, groceries, & my insurance costs. Property taxes go up because we all voted YES-YES in support of schools (we consider this a good investment). Property taxes go up to support “out of county” projects draining revenue from our rural county.

Oh My – – Too Many Issues We Need to Consider. Gotta go Eat Lunch!

Archie the Gopher Living Our Here in Rural Centeral Washington

9 years ago

Do any of you remember the last time gas prices went up like this?……I do, it was when Jimmy Carter took office. Gas went from less than a dollar a gallon to over two. Gas has doubled in price since Obama took office. Then he wastes tax dollars on green energy companies that fail. As my favorite talk show host says “If Obama gets re-elected we deserve it!!!!!”

Robert Poole
9 years ago

We have to keep reminding our friends who support Obama and his coharts to what he is really up to is
to disarm us no 2nd amendment and make us dependent on the government. No 2nd amendment and then
there is no freedom. We will then be to his mercy and dictatorship. He doesn’t even go to congress any more
just does what he wants. Please vote, vote, vote anyone will be better than him.

9 years ago

Obama green energy program is ludicrous. I am not against green energy, but the US is not ready for it and it is not something you can force to happen overnight. Raising prices on gas and oil will not make the US go green, nor will subsidizing green energy companies. First, of all for me to go green would require me to buy an electric/ hybrid car ($40,000). Second, I would have to buy solar panels to heat my home ($15000 appx + installation) I can not afford either on of these, especially after I finish paying for the gas to drive the car and heat my home.
There is one more point I would like to make about the electric cars. They are not exactly green, where does a majority of electricity come from, COAL
Also subsidizing green companies, assures that these companies will not be run efficiently. They are not using their own capital and so they are not emotionally invested in the out come.
The only way to save this country is get out and campaign and vote for the Republican nominee!

9 years ago

Obama is destroying the nations economy. No one feels that more than low to moderate income elderly and the young with low income and limited job prospects. Everyone is and will pay for the Obamanation pie in the sky fraudulent green energy scams and reduction in the use of, and increased cost of, conventional energy sources. Part of the Obama strategy is to make more people dependent on government, thus their colusion with AARP and AARP support of Obamacare. Obamacare pushed more buyers into the AARP programs, so they sold out seniors. The energy market or certain elements of it are doing the same approach, driving more people into government support programs! Lest we forget, we are still paying for the clinton taxation screwing of seniors on social security. Not that I saw any real compassion from the “compassionate conservatives” of the Bush socialistic regime to change it! Obama is marxist socialist heavy, Bush was socialist light.The bottom line is seniors and others will continue to pay the price for damnocrt and RINO regimes until our nation is returned to the Constitution it has abandoned and uncontitutional tyrants and there unconstitutional agenciess such as the EPA are gutted, defunded , and shut down and free market capitalism again allowed to flourish.

9 years ago

Think deeper – it is not just transportation for yourself and everything you consume that is shipped . You can add on heating, air conditioning, electricity, manufacturing… It is all about control. Reagan broke the Soviet Union by making them spend, spend, spend. The Marxist in chief is doing it to us. If you spend all your $ on necessities choice has been taken away from you and you are more and more dependent on govt. supplying you with what they think you “need”.

Roy Sisneros
9 years ago

The only way to get Obama out of office is to vote him out, but with more then fifty percent of the people getting
something from the government it is almost impossible to get him and his cronies out. This man is destroying our
country and our way of life, we have to stop him. Please people go out and vote save our country from this socialist.

9 years ago
Reply to  Roy Sisneros

You are so right.,50% of the people pay no incometax.Section 8 housing get free cable and now intitled to free cell phones.Why am I wotking at age 75 to pay my bill?

Darrell McGarvey
9 years ago

Sounds to me that Obama is nothing but a communist dictator. He doesn’t want a Congress, he wants everything for himself and his cronies. He wants us to die a premature death to keep us quiet! So VOTE with the ballot and your VOICE. Vote him out…seems we can’t prove he is not an American and shouldn’t be in there in the first place. Why has his FORGED birth certificate situation been covered up? VOTE HIM OUT!

9 years ago

I truly believe this president and his cronies are on a mission to destroy our constitutional freedoms and prosperity in this nation. What’s happening in our “republic”? Wake up Americans and take a look at the whole picture. Much is at stake, and now he is attacking the first amendment. Our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves. I truly believe that the spirit of the almighty is going to have to take over, because we can’t fix this mess on our own.

Mr. J
9 years ago

We have only one effective weapon to deal with our socialist dictatorial president and the socialist democrats in Congress. VOTE!

9 years ago
Reply to  Mr. J

I agree with you completely

Betty S Petty
9 years ago

The oil companies profit on a gallon of gas is 2-3 cents;a very large part of the price is federal and state taxes,and the costs to comply with government regulations. They are probably the most regulated business in the U.S.A.,
Don’t believe the obama lies about the unemployment rate going down,the statistics from the Bureau of Labor are revealing.
Workforce under George H.W.Bush-66+%
Workforce under Clinton-67%
Workforce under George W.Bush 66+%( the whole 8 years)
Workforce obama’s first year 64.6%
Workforce Jan.2012 ,63.7%
1.2 million people LEFT the workforce Dec 11-Jan 12
Recent closure of coal plants due to the dictatorship of the EPA will again cause our utility rates to go up.
Am so sick of obama and his corrupt administration,pray he will be defeated in Nov!!

James A Glasscock
9 years ago

Obama knows what he wants. He does not care if youand I are old and living in fixed incomes and endure rising fuel costs at the pump or for fuel oil to heat our homes.

Obama did not like his white grandparents or his white mother especially.

He looked toward Africa for his roots, as Alex Haley wrote about, and found Kenya, his grandfather, a black and member for one of two tribes, and the Mau Mau. He hates the Brits, for the most part our ancestoral roots, plus white Europeans.

He wants to extract whatever wealth we have and then bury us. He is merely a devout Secularist and a Marxist impatient to bring in a dictatorship of the elite.

Of course, given their Columbia and Princeton and Harvard law eductions, Michelle and Obama are the smartest couple to live in the White House. And may add the most craven. Between the two of them, I doubt both could match Thomas Jefferson in intellect and ability. But self-conferred honors are cheap but the American populace agrees with
P.T. Barnum on our tendency to be gullible.

9 years ago

Totally agree with everyone as to the need to end this presidency asap. There are several issues at play here with gas prices and fuel prices in general. First of all is the all the falicies surrounding the job claims. One only need to go to and see that only less than 64% of eligible workers are employed. Obama administration showing that initial job claims are down substantially month after month is possibly true in that more and more are just not looking for work or have eliminated all possibilities of a decent job in their area and take a low paying retail position. Wall Street sees these false numbers and thereby speculate that employment means more driving to jobs and invest in fuel and drive the futures up. In actual fact we have been become a net exporter of oil this past year due to low demand. That KEYSTONE pipeline was going to direct Canadian oil to warm water port and supply Europe as Brent crude is more costly than WTI and no doubt heading to China, more profit for BIG OIL.
Secondly, we have the “OUR” fuel producers maintaining higher prices by manipulating refineries. They only have to slow production in refineries to create a shortage and thereby keep prices elavated. A perfect example is look at heating oil prices. Heating oil is less refined and cost more than gasoline. If supply and demand were at play we would see a large drop in prices as the north east has had a very warm winter and useage is down substantially. Believe me oil companies should be tried for treason as they are stealing money from our pockets as they make billions in profits every quarter and line the politicians pockets even more. This is why we do not have any of them doing anything about the rediculous prices. Not to mention the taxes on fuels.
We need to take this country back from these politicans, oil companies, and all the businesses that are supplying our jobs to China. We need to start with substantial import taxes on anything not produced here. That includes GM that we just bailed out who builds in Canada and Mexico. Look at IBM, less than 30% employed from USA. These are not American companies anymore and should not be receiving tax breaks for being a US company. I can’t even buy a circular saw made here. Porter Cable, Dewalt, Milwaukee etc. even Stanley tools with their advertising, forget about it.
FLY THE FLAG people we need to start all over again and rid our country of these traders, politicans and CEO’s alike.

9 years ago

It is the duty and responsibility of the older generations to just die and go away.

A former Colorado Governor said so a few years back, and that idea was not lost on the liberals in congress.

IF all those old people that know and understand the true meaning of Freedom, Liberty and smaller, unobtrusive governments would just go ahead and die, then the younger generations, INDOCTRINATED by years of brainwashing in ‘public schools’ will not have a clue and be more easily led into socialism/communism/marxism.

DEATH PANELS are a reality, and even in the VA the process is quietly being pressed forward through ‘budget cuts’ and outright ‘refusal of care’.

Eric R
9 years ago
Reply to  GrumpyOldGoat

From one grumpy old goat to another: Although I fully agree, our voices are many and will be heard. Many private schools and colleges, such as Hillsdale College, are attempting to turn the tide by teaching young people the meaning of liberty and the moral laws on which this country were founded. Although we may not live to see such, these young people will have the foundation to turn our nation around unless it is destroyed before they arrive. Hopefully, they will not arrive too late.

9 years ago
Reply to  Eric R

Well, as a grumpy young stud (only 59) but married to an old goat of 60, I’ve found a useful outlet. At the public schools in my area, they have a day or week where they like to get in people from the community to tell the students about their occupations and how education aided them in getting and performing their jobs.

I always lie, and tell the teachers I’m going to tell the kids about accounting or insurance, then launch into an impassioned description of the American Way, the free enterprise system, and how all benefit from it once I get the floor. Dirty pool, you say? Well, the teachers’ union have been giving our children and grandchildren a dirty deal for years now and it’s about time they got a little balance, even if it’s only 40 minutes.

Bob Fritz
9 years ago

The religion of “Mother Earth Worship” aka man made climate change, is the cruelest hoax ever proposed by the secular humanists. The cost of their lunacy is disproportionately born by those on fixed incomes aka us and those who have lower incomes. There are many here in the Appalachian Region, and I am sure many other regions, who monthly choose between heat, food, and medicine. All in the name of an illusory goal of being able to do what only God has the power to do, arrogance, vainity, and simple stupidity have allowed a few (albeit a powerful few) to drive us to the brink of insolvency, lets be smarter than that and stop the insanity.

Betty S Petty
9 years ago
Reply to  Bob Fritz

Bob, super comment;especially like your last sentence,about the arrogance,vanity,stupidity of the few thinking they can be and do as God.
One way to help is the Christian Appalachian Project,I can’t give much,but feel my contributions are well spent.Lived at Pikeville 2+ years back in 1962-3.beautiful country and fine people.

Judy Crane
9 years ago

Drill more of our own supply. Gas prices go down. Creates jobs everyone is helped. Discontinue losing OUR money on green enrgy. It isn’t working. Allow the private sector to work on it with their own money and it may even become cost effect. Get the government out of our appliances also. Was told the government has made our newer refrigerators lives shorter with regulations. The current administration cares nothing about us and it’s apparent since most of what he does costs us and lowers the amount of the middle class. He’s taking us down.

9 years ago

Complain, complain—do you people not understand that you are getting in the way of Obama’s new order? Now roll over and go to sleep like the “Party ” wants you to.

9 years ago
Reply to  Lawrence

Would laugh if so many fools were not falling for it…

9 years ago
Reply to  alimolady

Ha…..I’m laughing my head off. But the fools that are not, are the idiots that still keep slobbering over Obama. I’d love to know what in the world they are thinking, and why they think he is so wonderful . Wake
up world before we lose it.

9 years ago

To Patriot,
The thought of adding another “program” through the govt is SOOO NOT the answer. That just adds to more government and overblown salaries. The true answer to the fuel issue is to get the GOVT out of the business of choosing who supplies the fuel. The minute it is announced that we are going to drill in the gulf or ANWAR prices in the middle east drop. Why? Competition. WE so need to get back to true CAPITALISM.

I run a small limousine business. The fuel cost is killing us. However, competition in the market place prevents me from increasing our prices. What you will begin to see happen is that the smaller companies will die out. This will leave the larger companies with less competition. Thus driving up prices for all people. It will not stop there, because it will then raise the cost of goods sold affecting the consumer. This same principle is already in place with the fuel issues. Corn is now used for fuel resources and are subsidized and this has driven the prices of every item you purchase.

We need to change the tax system to the FAIRTAX . And put the PEOPLE back in charge of the economy and NOT the government.

9 years ago
Reply to  alimolady

Talk about overblown government salaries. My friends wife just retired from a government job, at 55 yrs. old. Her pension is $70,000.00, a year ($5,833.00 a month), and her job was an average job, not a high official. The average person doesn’t make that salary when they are working. This is what the Unions have done to this country. And with Obama’s hands in the pockets of the Unions,( for the millions of dollars they give him for campaigning), it will never change. We need more governors, like Scott Walker of Wisconsin, to have guts to fight the unions.

9 years ago
Reply to  Joyce

I am from Wisconsin and I could not agree with you more, Scott Walker is the best thing that has ever happened to Wisconsin. We do need more Governors like Walker.

9 years ago

Good point “TaxedEnoughYet”!…..More Socialism surely isn’t the answer. All that does is put the burden on others and is not sustainable, as history has proven time & time again. We are above all that, regardless of what the liberal establishment believes.

The solution is to become free from those exporters that control our entire economy by dictating the cost of fuels. Think about it; our oil suppliers could simply demand astronomical amounts for oil and they would bring us to our knees. That could happen literally overnight.

The USA needs to position itself where WE are calling the shots and THEY (the suppliers) are dependent on US…

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