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AMAC Survey Shows Seniors ‘Overwhelmingly’ in Favor of Sequestration

AMAC Dan Weber The Association of Mature American Citizens AMACPresident’s budget cut fear-mongering may backfire on him and cost him allies – 

BOHEMIA, NY, Mar 8 – “President Obama’s attempts to blame Republicans for imposing allegedly onerous federal budget cuts may ultimately backfire on him.  His fear-mongering raised so much interest that even some in the mainstream media now acknowledge that Mr. Obama was the author of sequestration, as it is called, in the first place—not the House Republicans,” Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens said.

In his third Presidential Debate last fall, the President stated that the sequester was “not something that I’ve proposed.  It is something that Congress has proposed.”

David Gregory of NBC, not widely known for being tough on the administration, challenged the president’s chief economic advisor Gene Sperling on that point in an interview last week.  After patiently listening to Sperling’s lengthy attempt to sidestep the issue, Gregory forced Sperling to admit that yes, the president did not tell the truth, Weber explained.

“Nor did he tell the truth in the days leading up to the sequester’s initial implementation when he and his surrogates publicly repeated several times a day that the sky would fall and that the budget cuts would have far-reaching effects on us all.  The sky did not fall, his efforts to pin the blame on the GOP failed and, as it turned out, most people think the imposition of budget reductions is a good thing.  In fact, many believe that the cuts do not go deep enough.”

Weber cited the “tepid” reactions of the three major credit rating agencies, Fitch, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.  They told reporters that sequestration will have little or no positive impact on the country’s credit standing.  They indicated that a lot more cutting needs to be done.

Seniors seem to overwhelmingly agree with that notion, according to Weber.  He pointed to a new AMAC Web site poll, which asked members and visitors whether they believe government spending via the sequester was good or bad.  “An exceptionally high number of responders took the survey – 5,877 of them – and an overwhelming majority of them, 97% of them – said it is time we cut spending.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a call. 


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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Judy Robertson

I feel sorry for the military and federal employees who will be “cut” by 22 days a year, but, I am an ordinary citizen and when Obummer got into office and the economy started going downhill, my job got cut by 2 days a week, for a total loss of 104 days a year! I and many others had to learn to adjust, they will too. Be thankful you have a job, and only got cut 22 days a year! Get rid of this bum and get a president that works for America, not against it!


I want to see Obama gone. But this sequester has cost me a lot of money. I’m not rich; I’m a wage worker fixing government airplanes. Now I’ve been cut back to a four day work week. Believe me when I tell you this sequester will be taken out on the workers who can ill afford it–not the high up salaried workers. It has also all been dumped on the DOD civilian work force. The Washinton government workers, the post office, and most other federal agencies are exempt. Obama chose where the cuts would be taken out. I didn’t vote for Obama either time. I also think he cheated to get in again–through mass voter fraud. I want to see him gone. I’ve worked hard all my life and for what? I just hope I don’t lose my house. I gave 31 and a half years of hard work to… Read more »


I’m afraid we’re well past the point of no return. By the time the “stupid” majority who elected this traitor figure out what they’ve done, he will have destroyed the nation and entrenched himself as supreme Dictator for life..
As I don’t care to spend my retirement in a re-education camp, I’m planning to move out of country and leave this mess to the “stupids” who voted for it.


In this so-called climate of sequester (“confiscating property until a debt is paid”…the real meaning of sequester), we need to be reminded of some things, and maybe take some action…1) Social Security is NOT funded by everyone’s tax dollars! Is it not funded by those of us who are required to pay into it from our wages?! And has not congress “confiscated” and manipulated the Social Security monies to PAY for some programs other than the retirement of the seniors who paid into that fund?! 2) Federal employees DO NOT pay into Social Security. Right?! But when federal employees reach social security age, do not they too have to “sign-up” for Medicare??? (So says my sister-in-law, a retired high-paid federal employee.) 3) Federal employees have their own, separate retirement program, not Social Security. Right?! Well, not to go into a long diatribe, I’ll get to my point!…I think ALL federal… Read more »

Gary G

If you want real solutions from DC I suggest you join, support and vote for the candidates of the Constitution Party. Swapping out candidates from the same 2 parties every election day is not solving problems. It is only creating problems. Our allegiance needs to be with the Constitution Itself not the 2 parties in power that do nothing but lie, cheat and corrupt.


It seems a shame that thousands of children are on ‘spring break’ this week and in the week to come, many traveling to Washington DC to see the “Peoples House” for the first time; my 2 grand children are in this category. Now there, it seems they can scratch off the White House tour, thanks to our wonderful administration. This sequestration and the results of the cut backs are a drop in the budget bucket for the country; but for others like myself, facing a furlough it is money that will effect our personal budgets, to a great degree. Some budgets are effected by more than a mortgage and car loan combined. And being government workers we also have to maintain our ability in holding a security clearance, with finances being a huge hindging factor. It may not hurt all of us now in that aspect, but it could many… Read more »


I feel in my heart that Obama is doing his best to under mind this country and we have sit back and let him do it. He does hat America and all it stands for . He has no Respect for us and never will. I feel that he tinks he is King and we should be greatful to just be alive. I feel that he is trying to make us another 3rd world. I feel that any one sick or old should be done away with, as they are coasting him money.I feel his trying to take America down. Why can’t he cut back on the BIG Parties that he gives and not take a Vacation at my expense. He will not cut back on Galfing or anything else he does. Just cut back on sick children and old people and poor ones as well. What is left? He… Read more »


I haven’t looked at it but I heard that this $89 Billion is basicly just part of the increase requested by Federal departments NOT a cut. It is a DC cut which is if you ask for a ten dollar raise and get five you’ve been cut five dollars. Out of $1 Trillion $89 Billion is sales tax, 9% for crying out loud. If they operated last year they should be able to do the same without cutting people or hours because inflation is only a third that high. I haven’t had a raise in years, had the same inflation happen, and I still pay the bills and eat with a roof over my head. They should be able to do the same.

Mary Jean

I have never heard a good word about Obama or obamacare from anyone I talk to…so who are all these people who voted for him (50%) or so ? … It is very discouraging that he is acting like a dictator and yet blaming the Republicans. Now I don’t think the Republicans are so great either, but I would feel safer with them knowing our country would not take a left turn to a real socialist state.


Obama is evil. He is a very bad man.

Les Siegel

How come not any congress person has offered to take a pay cut, or the president stop taking vacations, or at least pay for them out of his pocket ? I dont even have a full time job, let alone a paid vacation.

Guntoten g-pa

I’m 70 years old, I have never seen a president so intent on causing division within a country. WHY????


The rich will do just fine is correct; also polititians will do just fine; the lower income people will probably
do somewhat the same as now in using mandatory E-R services, so with the hugely bloated costs in
supporting what will eventually be “single payer” I’m sure that medicare seniors will be the ones screwed!

Peter J

Well, as a federal government employee I will tell folks that we have not seen the impacts of the sequester yet. Those impacts will begin to kick in next month. Employees will be furloughed many for 22 days in 2013. As the sequester is a permanent reduction to all federal bureaus we will not recover in 2014 or beyond. In fact there may be more budget cuts to the government in 2014 if the Administration (comprised of incompetent boobs) and Congress (a ship of fools) cannot pass a budget. Now we need to take a step back when we assign blame. The blame for this mess falls squarely on the shoulders of the American voter. Why would we have retained any member of Congress or the President given the mess both created. Congress has not passed a budget in more than 5 years. Try running your household without a budget… Read more »

Jim Cherry

Not sequestration; an immediate $1 trillion reduction in spending. Next year, an additional $1 trillion reduction. Focus on getting rid of the things that are not authorized under the constitution.


Since the religious right have hijacked our party, we’ve gone downhill fast. The problems of jobs, economics, debts, and deficits are far more important than abortion, birth control, and gay rights. Unless many conservatives get off their high holier than thou horse and focus on the truly vital issues of the day, we will go down the tubes. Most inteligent folks on both sides know very well the current financial situation will destroy our nation. The lesser important social issues will not.


We beed to cut more and more – this should be just a start. Cutting Foreign Aid – which is about 1% of the overall Budget of about $37 billion dollars – would be an excellent start in cutting the annual deficits and thus a downpayment on lowering our Debt which is now about $16.5 Trillion dollars. Closing down the Department of Education would be another $75 billion or so – which is one of the most useless programs in America. When i started school there was no Department of Education and no Teachers Unions – and we actually learned how to read, do math, and writing. Today our kids can’t hardly read when they get out of Middle School. Other Departments should also be eliminated – but too many to list.


Lets all remember – Obama didn’t get re-elected because he was to stupid — he got elected because the people who voted for him were stupid!


Why haven’t our taxes been cut 2% too?


I’m somewhat split on the sequester since I live in a very small town that has two military bases. But I really wonder if Obama doesn’t actually want the sequester. Look at what he said during the 2008 primaries (about cutting the military). I find it hard to believe that his ideals have change much. However, I rant sometimes about government spending…and let’s face it…this sequester is actually cutting government spending. I say this is a good thing and if Obama does too then this will be the first time that I agree with him.