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AMAC Sends Letter of Support to Senator Blumenthal for Standing Up to the GPO Lobby

Capitol Building Obamacare democrats sanctuary health care senator corporate tax rate spending Samaritan congress seniors medicare part dDecember 10, 2019

Senator Richard Blumenthal
706 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Blumenthal,

On behalf of AMAC – the Association of Mature American Citizens’ 2,000,000 – plus members throughout America, I write to congratulate you for standing up for Americans, particularly those Americans who are age 50 and older and comprise our membership, by urging the DOJ and FTC to shine light on the anti-competitive business practices of group purchasing organizations (GPO).

I am referring to your bold statements made during a September 17, 2019 Senate Antitrust Oversight Committee meeting to hold accountable those governmental bodies charged with supervision of the hospital supply chain. Your acknowledgement of the role of GPOs play in driving up hospital costs, including medical devices and medications, while stifling innovative product introductions and causing artificial drug shortages validates the data that AMAC has reviewed and shared with our members.

AMAC is part of the Free2Care coalition of physician and patient advocates, and our mission includes restoring health care to a physician-driven, patient-centric experience for Americans. Our membership, including many who live on fixed incomes, have related their concerns over the constant increases in health care costs. The Free2Care mission complements AMAC’s steadfast advocacy on behalf of our members to seek solutions to relieve the financial burden associated with paying for medical care.

While undertaking health care reform is a multifaceted endeavor, AMAC remains convinced that removing the middleman money from both the hospital and prescription drug supply chains, and the multi-billion-dollar savings generated a result of this action, is a common-sense place to start. The savings the Medicare program would experience from such action is of significant interest to our members.

You correctly identified this issue as being bipartisan and one that reasonable parties on both sides of the aisle should embrace. AMAC offers our full support for your efforts to compel the FTC and other governmental agencies to provide the oversight necessary to expose GPO business practices that skew the hospital supply chain and ultimately harms patients.

Thank you for standing up for patients, Senator Blumenthal, and for standing up to the dominant GPO lobby. We would be gratified to assist your efforts in any way we can.


Bob Carlstrom
President, AMAC Action

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3 years ago

Really, wow just wow. As a member I’m embarrassed you would give this p.o.s. a pat on the back. One good thing doesn’t override all the evil he has and will continue to do

J. P. Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  steve

Absolutely ditto re this low-life hypocrite!

Ron Yetter
3 years ago

Blumenthal the Vietnam POS Hero

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