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AMAC: Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare Will Happen Because There is No Alternative

WASHINGTON, DC – Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, says he is confident that the Affordable Care Act will be repealed before year’s end because there is no alternative.  Weber is “especially encouraged” by the House Freedom Caucus’ decision on Wednesday to support a new compromise repeal bill.  And, he is hopeful that the full Senate will soon put the measure on its way to passage.

But, how hard will it be to replace it in a timely fashion with legislation that people want and need?

Weber says that the key to passage of an Obamacare replacement is likely to be an expansion of Health Savings accounts.  The IRS describes an HSA as a tax-exempt trust or custodial account you set up with a qualified HSA trustee to pay or reimburse certain medical expenses you incur.  if you greatly expand Health Savings Accounts by allowing increased tax-free contributions and the use of HSA funds to pay health insurance premiums, it can be extremely easy.

“We have been working hard to convince lawmakers in Washington that an expanded HSA makes good sense.  For one thing, there’d be less confusion among users.  They’d have individual agents to help them roll over their insurance plans into their HSAs in a seamless manner.  Under Obamacare most people have co-pays and very high deductibles for medical services in addition to high premiums.  Under our proposal, premiums would be paid through an individual’s tax free HSA.  In addition, it would provide for visits to local doctor with no additional costs and all deductibles would be paid with pre-tax dollars out of the savings portion of the HSA,” he explained.

Weber said that low-income individuals and families would be covered under the HSA utilizing government subsidies.  The difference between their coverage under Obamacare and their coverage under the HSA is that they would not have any copays and they would have funds they can use for deductibles.

The AMAC chief says there is an urgent need for a universal replacement for the Affordable Care Act.  He notes that there is little disagreement that Obamacare is crumbling under its own weight.  And, he adds, ACA users across the country have few choices in selecting suitable insurance.  The consulting firm, Avalere, has concluded that in 91% of exchange market rating regions in the U.S. those seeking insurance have only one or two plans to choose from.

“Insurance companies have been pulling out of Obamacare exchanges at an alarming rate.  It would be an absolute disaster if the few companies who are now in the insurance exchanges decided to get out.  Our HSA would be at the ready to provide coverage for those individuals and families who would be left holding the bag, including those who get government support.  The government support would simply go into their HSA accounts.”

As for catastrophic coverage, under Obamacare there is a $6,000.00 deductible that must be paid out of pocket.  “The savings feature in our HSA would be used to pay such deductibles.  Users would put in roughly $150.00 or more each month in order to accumulate funds in their accounts.  At that rate, you would have about $6,000.00 saved in about three years.”

What happens if you have only $1,000 in your account and you need $6,000?  The American Bankers Association says banks would be willing to write short-term loans, payments for which would be made each month automatically with a portion of pre-tax HSA deposits, according to Weber.

“As for those who can’t afford to pay into an HSA, our proposal calls for the establishment of what we call Pro Bono Care.  We conducted a survey and found that some 350,000 doctors and nurse practitioners would be willing to participate in the Pro Bono Care program, providing services for free to those in need.  If each one took 20 patients, that’s 7 million needy people who would be covered.”

Weber says that AMAC is gradually convincing more and more lawmakers and federal healthcare officials that its HSA proposal makes sense.  “It is fast, fair and easy to implement.  It provides a maximum amount of choice for users.  And, it provides universal coverage.  The healthcare debate on Capitol Hill has gotten contentious and sometimes raucous.  We believe that our HSA plan is an elegant solution that needs serious consideration.”


The Association of Mature American Citizens [http://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at http://amac.us/join-amac.

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joe del guercio
5 years ago

As a member of this organization, i am asking that you don’t wastre our money and time trying to make McCain change his vote. The man will not be back in the senate because of his illness. I would rather see you spend the money, time and effort on a true conservative senator or congress person. Mc cain is notheing but a democrat and has vote with them for most of his carreer. He can never be trusted every again.

5 years ago

Instead of subsidizing the Insurance Companies give the subsidy to the Health Savings Accounts of legal American Citizens over the age of 18 and let them choose what coverage they want and can negotiate with Doctors and Hospitals, on a cash basis !!

5 years ago

From what i have read some Republicans don’t want to repeal it they just want to patch it up with some amendments. And they don’t want to give states the option of opting out of certain mandated coverage especially precondition coverage. In that case you can’t really call Obamacare or RINOcare real insurance as you don’t file for insurance after the accident or condition occurs. You call it mandated govcare.

But Ann Coulter had the best solution:


Ann Coulter Proposes a Health Care Plan SO SIMPLE, Even Paul Ryan Can Grasp it!

For those who have preconditions congress could provide a subsidy for those who already filed under the old plan with a sundown clause for new applicants. Perhaps a special coverage government sponsored plan could be offered for those who need it. The rest can get a free market patient centered plan of interstate coverage. Competition is good. But Congress is going to have to realize that the over-regulated Obamacare solution will eventually fail and needs to be repealed. It’s all those regulations that make healthcare expensive as Coulter points out.

5 years ago
Reply to  Scottar

The one thing that should be banned is pre-existing condition clauses. It is deplorable that women who have had breast cancer cannot get insurance coverage for future mammograms!

Donald Janofskey
5 years ago

How about a health care program that doesn’t have government fingerprints all over it?

5 years ago

Such as?

Antonio Salazar
5 years ago

Are the few people in favor of keeping Obamacare actually getting Medicaid? Wasn’t that benefit supposed to be reserved for disabled and elderly, not able bodied Americans who should be working and receiving company benefits? So wouldn’t job creation solve these problems and thus eliminate the need for Obamacare “freebies”?

5 years ago

I’ve about had it with AMAC. There should only be repeal, not replace!

5 years ago

“IT’S THE COST, STUPID”. Why is congress determining insurance policy? It’s not for a politician or bureaucrat to decide! Each individual insurance company should decide based on their own cost structure for each policy they sell. Congress needs to repeal AHA totally and open up a national competitive consumer based free market. This will help drive down the cost so we can shop around for the best individual plan. I can go down to XYZ insurance co. on T street and meet with an agent regarding Vehicle, Home, Accident, Life and Disability policies today. In a couple of hours I can decide to sign on the dotted line or not. If I don’t like their policies plan, I can go over to Z street to another insurance co. and look at their policies. Because of competition, the cost has come down to where these types of policies are reasonable priced. So, WHY CAN’T WE DO THAT WITH HEALTHCARE???

5 years ago
Reply to  Duane

If we allow people to think, how would all the elites in Washington survive?

Matthew Taylor
5 years ago

I would like to know when did the “replace” become more important then the “repeal” part? When did we cave in to the idea that government MUST do something about healthcare? This plays directly in to the lefts agenda that government somehow needs to be involved in the healthcare solutions in this country and allows the left to control the narrative and, in their deepest hope and desires, give them the opportunity to get to their one payer solution “down the road”. Why can’t the Republicans just repeal the thing and be done with it? Let the market forces figure it out? Are we so brainwashed by the left that we actually believe that there will be children and seniors dying in the street? Hogwash.

5 years ago
Reply to  Matthew Taylor

Nobody will be in the street. EMTALA ensures that everyone must receive stabilizing treatment. However, hospitals aren’t just going to eat those losses when people abuse the ER for free care. Who pays then? I don’t have that answer, though for now I know it is suggested that those who do pay bills end up subsidizing those who do not pay.
This also assumes people without means are okay abusing the system. Some people have integrity and a lack of means. It’s why people delay care. Though that is ineffective as well, as your medical problems will catch up eventually and instead of the bill you could have had to fix the problem initially you now have a soul crushing, much larger bill you will not be able to afford.

R L Dreyer, RVT
5 years ago

Being old enough to have had healthcare before the ACA or as I call it “Obama Don’t Care”, and being on medicare now I can tell you it was so much cheaper to buy only the coverage you need rather than women paying for guys prostate exams & guys paying for mammograms & PAP smears! when the government in HHS & IRS combined got involved & Obama the democrats stole $725 Billion from medicare to support it for the first 2 years, it really screwed up healthcare, patient services & MDs have to spend less time with patients & see twice as many patients just to try to break even or make a buck, due to the burdensome regulations & new ICD-10 & CPT care codes make it more confusing & frustrating for healthcare professionals to get reimbursed = PAID! These codes were developed by the insurance companies in conjunction with medicare/medicaid to try to ID the symptoms( CPT) and treatment given or applied (ICD-10). If we make an over haul in healthcare, which HAS to happen, can we say please minimize or restructure the billing codes too to make it easier for healthcare to get paid but in the same motion make it nearly impossible for slimy healthcare providers to defraud insurance & the government providers? If we can do this and crush the ACA without gutting pre-existing conditions or cutting medicare/medicaid services to those whom TRULY need it( not scum bag gang members with no income applying for services or welfare cheats using “the neighbor kids” to defraud government service workers whom when they come for their annual visit whom have 2-3 kids but claim 8-11) we might be able to partially pay for the new proposed action in Congress by cutting out the waste! Also gutting government waste by downsizing the over-bloated HHS, Welfare, & IRS and many other agencies with too many employees( assistant to the assistant manager’s assistant’s secretary for example!), we can save a ton of bucks and rescue the government from excessive red tape at the same time! I

I worked for years in healthcare and one job at the VA opened my eyes as to what is going on there! There are too many “people” whom are preoccupied with saving their jobs & covering up their incompetence & fraud, knowing all the while that the government services union which many belong to will make sure they NEVER get fired or are held in account for piss poor services & just down right wrong diagnoses! If a new report is done on the same patient and the findings are obviously in conflict with the previous report, they make sure the new report is back scrubbed and findings changed to mostly concur with the previous reports! Forget about whether it could make a change in patient care or force a better outcome for the veteran in question, no make sure that CYA rules are covered so there is no question about prior or ongoing care being delivered! I saw this first hand and I think it is CRIMINAL what these slugs get away with in the game of maintaining the status quo!
All patients deserve this but especially our brave wounded veterans, whom deserve better than the sloppy inefficient care they are currently getting from self serving union slime, whom cover their ass first & provide patient care either second or even third!

Support the new healthcare efforts in Congress by writing your elected officials & making them aware of your feelings! You have no doubt seen or read or heard about angry town halls all over the country( most of them just paid rabble to disrupt & shout down officials in these meetings & they don’t even live in the district or even the nearby county!) be respectful first but let your people know you want a REAL substantive change and that 2018 is next year & if they won’t do it, maybe someone else will!!

5 years ago

Amen! Government should never be allowed to have labor unions who are in the business to collect extravagant sums of money from workers, then pay bribes to politicians in order to get what the unions want—which is more favors and rulings in their favor in courts. Labor union contracts can override basic laws and cheat taxpayers out of their hard earned money. First remove government from our lives and then the labor unions. That money alone would subsidize healthcare for all American citizens.

Stevan Silvast
5 years ago

The Federal Government has no business getting involved with and mandating individual insurance purchases within the health care systems of it’s citizens. We are Liberty Loving Americans, not just “workers” living in a communist/socialist country where everything is run by the “State” for our welfare because we are too ignorant to manage our own personal affairs. We are “Free Men”, responsible, and self-reliant. What ever the government gives you they can take away, but our true rights come from the Creator, read the Declaration of Independence. Government Welfare of any sort is modern day Slavery, making people dependent on a new Master, stealing their honor, pride, and self worth along the way. Just repeal the ACA, it was never legal or Affordable in the first place. We are a free enterprise economy as well, and if competition for goods and services is allowed to play its course in an open playing field, a fair and affordable health care system will emerge from the tempest. Lawyers and career politicians only serve to muck it up. Your efforts should be directed to opening intrastate competition, reigning in frivolous law suits, regulating malpractice insurance for all medical services, and providing a safety blanket for the poorest, but real American Citizens. You should really try to take better care of our Veterans’ critical Health needs, and end Federal funding of abortions. When you finish all that, move over and let someone new run for your office. The longer you are around the power of government, the more corrupting aspects of your job will steal your ability to serve your constituents, and erode your defense of freedom and our Constitution,

Carolyn Goodin
5 years ago

You say it will take about 3 years to save up $6000.00 deductible. That loans will be available if one does not have the funds to cover the deductible. Isn’t that going to put people in debt because this deductible occurs on a yearly basis. So if one can only manage to save $1000.00 a year, the first year a $5000.00 debt is incurred, with interest added on top. By year 2 owing 5K, for year 1 with another $1000.00 saved, the person is now over $10,000 in debt. How is this helpful? I’m not sure I understand how this works, but as I read it it looks like many people will be in debt having to borrow to cover their yearly $6000.00 deductible. To me this is a loser. Can anyone explain this to me?

5 years ago
Reply to  Carolyn Goodin

You understand it perfectly. If you have $5000 a year in medical bills but have a $6000 annual deductible and can only put $1000 a year into an HSA, you would need to borrow $4000 a year to cover your medical costs. Same for year two, three, four and on and on. You slowly bury yourself in debt. What’s not to like? The example put forth in the article is aimed at the 20 to 30 somethings, who usually have very little to no substantial medical bills at that age. Thus the HSA acts as a tax deferred savings account for potentially decades until they reach the “mature” part of life and start incurring meaningful annual medical bills. You weren’t suppose to notice that glaring fact. Oops!

5 years ago
Reply to  Carolyn Goodin

Hi Carolyn. This has been my argument about HSA’s since they first mentioned them. You have it correct. HSA’s are for the young & healthy as PAULE says. Their eyes will open when they have a major medical issue affect them or one of their children. I’ve heard the deductible has to be high to have an HSA so a $6000 deductible sounds low to me. Probably more like $10 to $15K would be more likely.

Also, I would love to meet some of those doctor’s who would be willing to treat low income patients for free. More than likely everyone else would be charged a higher fee for their visits than they normally would to cover the ones who are needy. As Paul Harvey used to say, “that’s the rest of the story”.

Thomas H
5 years ago

I’d rather the Republicans leave Obamacare alone to die on its own accord, and then come to the rescue with a better plan (the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute have viable plans).

Whiz kid
5 years ago
Reply to  Thomas H

It will not die…….it will just cause the deficit to double sooner

5 years ago

The word REPEAL needs to happen. The word replace should not be a part of removing obamacare because the government should never be in the business of our healthcare. Obamacare was a boondoggle from the start and we all knew it was going to happen. Our disillusioned liberal Speaker of the House Paul Ryan needs to be removed as Speaker as he continues to push his agenda of keeping the government in control of this and that is while he is covering the care he and all of Congress and government workers will have that will not apply to the everyday people of America. The only hope we have is that the Freedom Caucus will not be fooled by RINO Ryan and cave to what he wants. I will be sending faxes to them through GrassfireUSA as I have done throughout this process or get on the phones to your Representatives to stop another takeover.

Denise Wright
5 years ago

This is VERY naive. We have a HSA and there’s no way a pensioner can substitute this for a health insurance policy. Getting old costs $$$ more than they will have from a pension. No point in taking a loan to pay for cancer, etc. when you know you’ll never pay off the $100,000 it costs. The doc would tell you to write a will and not start any treatment. Banks don’t make unaffordable loans to folks. Where I’m from, bankruptcy lawyers are doing a good business with senior citizens broke from medical care.

Whiz kid
5 years ago
Reply to  Denise Wright

A pensioner (ususually lucky person) should have Medicare or they should not have retired at such a young age

5 years ago
Reply to  Denise Wright

I have studied the AMAC proposal and I think you have it wrong. Their plan includes a high deductible insurance plan which would cover all your bills over the deductible. Present HSA’s do not allow insurance premiums to be paid from an HSA, AMAC’s plan would change that.

5 years ago
Reply to  Denise Wright

You don’t understand the way the HSA can work. Its not intended to pay your direct health bills. You’d be able to have the best free-market health plan that you chose, with any doctors your chosen plan provided. Your HSA would allow you to significantly reduce your premiums by paying the premiums and deductibles.

5 years ago
Reply to  David

Well, HSAs are funded 100% by individual contributions. I don’t understand how expensive healthcare premiums can be paid with HSA money as well as deductibles and co-pays. Sounds like self insurance and few people can afford that!

Janet in Utah
5 years ago

I’m a big believer in “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”, and the original premise that after legislators made laws, they went home and lived under those same laws. Just like when sharing a cookie, one makes the cut and the other chooses which half to take.. this makes the cutter very precise in his division. I think any health plan proposed for the nation needs to be the same plan that covers all citizens, Congress and government workers included, no exceptions.. period.

Bill O\'Brien
5 years ago

How does HSA plan provide better access to quality health care? How does it incentivize insurance companies to participate at reasonable rates? Wouldn’t it be smart to provide a one time tax incentive to pay the initial $6000 to fund account?
More importantly, what assurances/guarantees does the plan have to guarantee access to the best care?

What happens to Medicare recipients with these same questions. How will access to quality care be assured for Medicare recipients? You should be advised that quality care organizations, like Mayo in Jacksonville & Phoenix, do not accept Medicare assignment.

Any healthcare plan that is Government sponsored, designed, etc. must broaden its thoughts on the whole society. BTW, Medicare age recipients incur the highest health needs than any other groups.

Dolores Adams
5 years ago

The government takes over too much of things that should go to states and ourselves.

Peter Koteas
5 years ago

Will all due respect, Howard Last is on the money when he asks his logical question, yet AMAC, like their major competitor, thinks we, their members, agree. All while this massage of the ACA is taking place in the offices of lobbyists and various sectors of the health care industry. I say this because, by now, most people should understand that bills are not written by Congress, simply voted on by Congress. Industry interests are served first, those of Congress next, the American taxpayer isn’t even in the equation because they get handed the result of what #1 & #2 desire.

It is a very sad day when so-called advocates agree to step far beyond the bounds of our Constitution simply to make nice. The answer is in the simple phrase, “personal responsibility”. That should be the end of any debate. I believe that a hand up when needed is fine, and accepted by a wide majority, a handout, on the other hand, is deplored by most. EXCEPT, of course, by the vote buying politicians!

AND, as a further insult, Congress exempts themselves from any distasteful sections of the law. Amazing and disgusting.

5 years ago

This is ridiculous. Go back to letting the people decide and choose their health care.

5 years ago

Repeal/defund/shut-down/eliminate…..YES Replace = NEVER

5 years ago
Reply to  Jarhead

The democrat party motto: Don’t worry, everything in the country will be free for criminal illegals just not legal citizen taxpayers!

Thomas H
5 years ago
Reply to  Farruk

Under ObeyMe, illegals were to be evacuated first should flooding occur in southern Texas!!!

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