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AMAC President On Web Attack

Cyber attackers recently targeted  AMAC.  Over several days they made numerous attempts – some of them  successful  — to  shut down our website .

I want to thank all of our members who were so understanding and supportive during the time that our website was down.  I also want to  offer reassurance that every step is being taken to prevent a re-occurrence of this problem. Finally, I want our members to know we have engaged the top authorities in the field, and while I cannot comment further on their investigation, I can say  we look forward to finding and holding responsible those who engaged in this illegal act.

It is important though to see this sort of harassment tactic  as a form of flattery.  It  means  one thing — AMAC is being effective.  We are growing in importance.   Our membership continues to expand and our influence on national policy increases by the day.  This is a great compliment to our members and we  can all  be proud that our work is having such an impact in Washington and throughout the country.

Thank you all for your continued support,

Dan Weber


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janice Keenan
10 years ago

If we are going to protect our Freedoms, we need to be proactive.

10 years ago

Please keep up the good work. The AARP supported Obamacare and only cares about their insurance revenue and has lost touch with a growing segment of the population-knowledgeable Conservatives .

10 years ago

It certainly must be true that AMAC is having an impact. I regularly recommend you as an alternative to AARP for my patients. In the past patients told me they never knew there was an alternative, more recently I’ve pleasantly surprised that several have said they have heard about our group. That’s progress. Monopolies never like it when you take away their business.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for this justice department to investigate the cyberattacks.

Evelyn and Emery Kovach
10 years ago

I agree that this attack was a form of flattery. Amen to that!

Al Smith
10 years ago

For 10 years AARP has junk-mailed me with appeals to join their ranks along with the rest of the lemmings, but I resisted doing so. Early on I wasn’t really aware of their political leanings, but when I heard that they supported the Obamacare bill, I then felt validated in my holding out from joining. Several months ago I heard about your organization on the Mark Levin Show and decided to check out your website. I soon thereafter joined up when I saw that you represented the concerns of us ‘older Americans’ from a responsibly Conservative perspective. Thank you for being there and giving us sensible seniors an alternative choice.

Merv & Bev Schliefert
10 years ago

Looking forward to November when we can vote the Democrats out/

10 years ago

I refused to join AARP for years. In the beginning they were a voice for seniors and brought many issues to the table for discussion. I’ll give them credit for the good things they did…in the beginning. But I noticed as I got older their voice and message changed. Too liberal for me. I joined AMAC to become a part of the solution, not just another part of what ails this country. I tell all my friends and family too. Long may AMAC continue!

10 years ago

I quit AARP years ago because it is just a liberal shill. No surprise about the attack, the “Collective” hates us decent Americans. AMAC just keep going!

M. Reel
10 years ago

I think AARP was the attacker…

Pat Cain
10 years ago

Thnk you for Senior representation that gives us the benefits of large
numbers but not the embarressment of Libral political positions!

Stephen and Jeannine Wallace
10 years ago

We fully support AMAC. The ultra-liberal AARP has lost touch with real needs of we seniors.
Keep up the good work!

Stephen and Jeannine Wallace
10 years ago

We fully support AMAC. The ultra-liberal AARP has lost touch with real needs of we seniors.
Meso up the good work!

Cort Mankin
10 years ago

I heard about you while listening to conservative talk radio. Came right home and got on line to check you out. I have refused for years to join AARP and so has my husband. Anyway, that was during the days of the cyber attack. I figured it out so just waited. Tried again today and am glad to see you are back up and on-line. Going to research, discuss with hubby and then I’m certain we will join. We are Tea Party members and thank you for what you are doing.

Bob Andretta
10 years ago

I rec’d an email describing the attack and asking to forward it to all my friends. Please note that this email made me very suspicious.
Please let me know if this was actually from AMAC or is this another attempt by the dirt bags.

Bob Andretta
Marietta, GA

10 years ago

You can expect the attacks to continue, since your organization goes against those who fight dirty.

I am so grateful for your efforts, and glad I have your mailings coming in to replace the AARP propaganda I can’t seem to turn off.

Keep up the good work!

10 years ago

God Bless you Dan, and also AMAC. You have a GREAT web site.
I will always be a member of AMAC and proud to be among real

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