AMAC Says Don’t Raise Debt Ceiling Without Balancing Budget

AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, has issued a petition which states that in exchange for raising the debt ceiling one more time, the Obama administration must agree to a 2% across the board budget cut for 2014.

The 2% budget cut would be based on 2013 spending levels. Each Department Secretary will be responsible for making their respective budget cuts which will be subject to Congressional approval.

If we receive 25,000 signatures by 2/14/13, the White House will issue an official response to AMAC. Don’t delay, sign the petition today!

Please note – this petition was created by AMAC but resides on the White House website, therefore, you will be asked to create a account in order to sign it. When you create your login you will be offered the opportunity to receive additional emails from the White House, if you do not wish to receive these emails Do Not click this box. The reason we have posted this petition on the White House website is because we want the administration to know how AMAC members feel about the debt ceiling and budget crisis. 




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m marra
8 years ago

do not raise the debt ceiling again. stop spending. begin with the pay and benefits of the president et al in his administration and then go to the judges; then the senators and then congress.

Dexter Barnes
8 years ago

First, lets get a Balanced Budget passed and ratified, then, based on revenue coming in determine how much each department has to be cut. We should also consider eliminating some departments, like education, and turn that back over to the individual states.Also on your list of 2016 candidates for the Republican Party, if you exclude Rand Paul, you are trying to split the party. I do not want to see another Clinton win because of a third party.

8 years ago

Smaller government !! And a government that follows the Constitution ,it is not that hard. I believe we the people will wake up . God bless our men and women who have and are serving in our military.

Jon W
8 years ago

Waste within our federal bureaucracy is rampant. As someone suggests in another comment we have some federal departments that should be completely abolished and their original charges turned over to the private sector for implementation. Carter’s Department of Energy was charged with reducing America’s dependence on foreign energy more than thirty years ago. And their efforts have been fruitless.The Department of Education has never been the function of the federal government and should immediately be abolished and their original charge placed in the hands of the individual states where it is best managed. The Department of Homeland Security fails us daily as they have permitted the unfettered entrance of millions of illegal immigrants into our nation. We require a Border Patrol Department charged with securing our borders and enforcing our current Immigration Statutes unfettered by the whims of politicians seeking new voters and more power. They should be a special detachment of our Armed Forces, perhaps the National Guards.The EPA has become a servant of the political party in control of Washington, DC charged with forcing politically motivated schemes. The function of stewardship for our environment should be managed at the state level with mutually agreed upon goals for managing our environment responsibly. No more ties to the dictates of the United Nations. We should immediately reduce our financial support to the United Nations by two-thirds of the current level and force those Nations who tout its virtues to pay their fair share.All financial aid to illegal immigrants in America should be halted as the practice clearly violates our current federal Immigration Statutes. No more food stamp cards, no more free health care no more free education no more housing assistance. We have tens of millions of needy legal Americans in desperate need of those benefits who do not receive them. A plan from the Congress that must be agreed to by a national referendum to immediately reduce the ludicrous number of federal laws that accomplish nothing but robbing Americans of their freedoms For every piece of new legislation passed two existing laws must be abolished.Use a small fund to employ a private firm to identify how many subjects and plans are currently being worked on by more than one government agency or department and defund those activities by all but one federal agency. The current administration and many in Congress want Americans to believe the problem with our national debt is strictly Entitlements. The administration of those entitlements is the major issue. Unwed mothers of illegal and legal citizens who live as baby factories off of society. Illegal immigrants receiving Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are the root-cause of the shortages along with the Government robbing the funds for years. Less government is the answer to America’s debt problem, not more IRS revenue.Many of these issues are just as bad at the state level.

Lawrence Wood
8 years ago

We need to cut the size of government and eliminate the departments of education and energy.

Jim C
8 years ago

I believe there should be a 10% cut accross the board for all government agencies, STARTING WITH CONGRESS AND THE WHITE HOUSE FIRST (excluding support workers such as cooks and cleaners). This should be accross all supplies and hiring. THE ONLY EXCEPTION SHOULD BE MILITARY !!! They should be cut by 3%. That should avoid or be made to avoid drastic cuts in military research and development. No further cuts in military size or preparedness should be aloud. NO new projects or new research projects !!!

Delbert E
8 years ago
Reply to  Jim C

I agree with a 10% cut in all agencies, balancing the budget is law and the President and the elected leaders have broken this law. Congress and the Senate should not recieve benefits that are better than Military, they do not sacrifice as much as the people in uniform.

Wanda S.
8 years ago

Why not begin by ELIMINATING the MANY agencies and programs that are unnecessary or duplicate others. Then
cut the remaining ones by no less than 3-4 percent Agencies and programs will spend whatever is available–just like Presidents and other politicians.

8 years ago

It appears to be a good move for the House Republicans to increase the debt limit for only three months. In the meantime they should get to the floor the spending bills with at least 3% reductions in spending for FY 2014. They should have a vote on each bill and then let the Democrats and Obama be cast as the big spenders that they are!

8 years ago

NO to a balance budget ! We need to end each year with a surplus for emergency just as any smart family finance should be.. I hate being a slave to a lender unless the loan allows me to make a sure quick profit.

Don Hejda
8 years ago

I firmly believe that all government employees, other then the military
should forego a minimum of 4% and at least a 2year freeze on any raises,
as well cost of living. This does not include social security, if you recall
we had a freeze on our cost of living for 2 or 3 yrs. I don’y believe the
military should have a cut in pay, though they don’t need a cost of
living benefit.

Vicky K
8 years ago

I would prefer a 10% budget cut across the board budget cut spending on 2012 spending levels. As you know all agencies usually increase or ask for a 10% increase in spending each year. If they do not get this they will then say they have cut their spending by 10%. There is most waste, spin and fraud all levels of government. Asking for an increase in the debt ceiling is really like a family making $25,000 a year with a credit card debt of $100,000 asking for an increase in their debt limit. The President says asking for an increase in the debt ceiling does not mean they are going to spend it. What planet does he think we are from? Congress and has created this mess we are in today. They and the Presidents Administration should be the first to take a cut in pay and expenses. He threatens delayed checks for SS and Veterans. All Seniors and SS and Veterans should be offended by this tactic.

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