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AMAC Opposes The Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019

amac membership Americans refuge core values country great equality act health care AMAC Action capitolThe Honorable Frank Pallone
House Energy and Commerce Committee
Washington, DC 20515

The Honorable Greg Walden
Ranking Member
House Energy and Commerce Committee
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Chairman Pallone and Ranking Member Walden,

On behalf of the 2 million seniors and members of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), I write in opposition to the Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019, H.R. 3. This legislation would negatively affect seniors and the private sector health system.

This legislation demands that pharmaceutical companies negotiate drug prices with the government. The requirement amounts to accepting a mandate from the government about what prices to charge, further removing drug sales from the private sector. If a pharmaceutical company does not comply with the prices set by the federal government on medications where there is no generic or biosimilar equivalent, it could face a massive penalty on each drug.

The price fixing policies in H.R. 3 would severely damage private sector research and development of new potentially lifesaving medications. The legislation would limit the availability of existing medications. Americans are currently experiencing artificial drug shortages due in part to the business practices in the hospital and outpatient prescription drug supply chains – this bill would exacerbate an already serious situation while failing to address the structural issues with drug pricing.

H.R. 3 resurrects policies that have failed in the past, limits therapeutic options for patients and virtually guarantees the destruction of private drug therapy research and development. AMAC is dedicated to protecting the rights of mature Americans. We strongly oppose a government takeover of healthcare d rug processes and urge you to consider both the political and economic repercussions of the Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019.


Dan Weber
President and Founder,
Association of Mature Americans Citizens

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There is one simple and easy way to fix the drug pricing issue and that’s a favored nation status where no price can be charged for a drug in the US for more than it is sold anywhere else in the world. No need for thousand page documents with dozens of amendments. No need to strong arm companies. Price fixing is not the answer as those of us can remember from the Nixon era days of long lines for gasoline.

Sandra Lee

AMAC is correct. If you read H.R.3 and I have, it is clearly giving power and authority to the “government bureaucrats” to regulate pricing and take away more of our freedom. Yes, the pharmaceutical companies are gouging but when any “opening” in the marketplace happens someone just a little smarter, jumps in to fill that void. Example, Good Rx, Blink Health, etc.
Blink saved me hundred of dollars on ONE script. There are more and more companies being started by this “opening” that big Pharma has created by being greedy. Don’t be so anxious to give away a basic freedom necessary to our society, i.e., entrepreneurship. The market will regulate itself. it is our life blood.

Robert Couchman

Simply look at the VA medical care. All new drugs are unavailable to vets. If it is new and pricey, you cannot have it. That is government cost control.


Look before obamacare came to be I never paid as much for my Non generic medicine, it never cost me over $20.00 even for my pain medication, that worked better than what I can get now, I pay $250.00 a mo. For just my pain medication ,and we are retired so it hurts even worse, get back to where we were before illegal obamacare came along, he even cost us our nest egg, we had FREE medical, and Medicine, I was not old enough for Medicare so we had to us our nest egg to in’s. Me for 3 years at $70,000.00 that took our nest egg and cost us way to much, so the government owes us all that money with compounded interest, for allowing this illegal garbage, I know we are not the only ones obama screwed take his money and assets along with the democratics that Forced… Read more »

Terry Zychowski

As a senior American, I don’t want the government meddling in my Health Ins. any more than it does now. My husband, a 30 year, now retired, police officer has: Heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Kidney Disease. He worked in a profession that is driven by adrenalen. He worked out and kept himself in shape for most of those 30 years and after he retired. In 2002, he had open heart surgery. His Diabetes was already on board. Between July, 2017 thru Dec., 2018 he was in and out of the hospital for various reasons. Today, he’s doing OK. Were it not for the Health care we have, I’m not sure where we’d be financially. This past May I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. Had 2 breast surgeries in June. Thankfully, the cancer was stage 2. I have 1 more radiation treatment and then meet with all Drs. on board… Read more »

Kathy Thompson

I like this response to the “Lower Drug Costs Now Act 2019 – HR3. I agree with everything that was said and urge those pushing this act to cease and desist. I want government out of our business rather than trying to regulate everything. Thank you. Let the States manage this.

steven jacobs

time and time again these meds are shown NOT to extend life expectancy. Indeed, very often they have side effects that can dramatically reduce quality of life
kidney problems
What they DO accomplish is bankrupting the nation-we need fewer meds not more, and certainly not more expensive meds.

Dan W.

Medicare (the CMS) is the largest buyer of prescription drugs. Under current law, Medicare is not allowed to negotiate drug prices with the drug companies. The result is higher drug prices for seniors.

Simply lift this prohibition and allow Medicare to to negotiate with the drug companies. Then drug companies could choose either to negotiate their prices with Medicare or to forego accepting payments from Medicare.

Elena Tellez

I do not worry about Big Pharma’s future research. They are highly profitable, corrupt companies who do not care one iota about people… their customers’ health or finances. Most of them are foreign-based and in business SOLELY for profit. We in America should not pay one penny more than the drugs are sold for in Europe and other countries. The big pharma companies can scale down their luxury salaries and wasteful spending… and if that is not enough, seek alternative means of financing their research & development. MOST new products that come from their research are similar in effect to much cheaper ‘me-too’ drugs which have existed for years, even decades… and doctors are pressured (even bribed) to Rx the new drugs. Some older ‘tried & true drugs’ are safer. Also, America needs to look more at chiropractic, acupressure, acupuncture and other natural & herbal remedies. They often (but not… Read more »

Laura Carder

I have a better idea. Promote chiropractic care rather than most back surgeries, natural remedies, nutrition, etc. rather than drugs most of the time. Force the pharmaceutical industry to compete. Then they will have to lower their prices. If sour honey produced in the Amazon is far more effective than chemo for curing cancer, let’s prove it.

Joseph canna

Do not understand AMACs position.Govt thru Medicare sets pricing,for. Medicare services and it works fine.Govt negotiated drug prices should have been done at that time.I believe it was not done due to stronger pharmacy lobby vs medical.If not wrong I think the lobby got a law preventing govt from negotiating.Instead of another law they need to drop the non nego – law that is on books.What does A MAC recommend to lower drug costs?Please post what A MAC recommends for our evaluation Why or how is it possible to get same drugs cheaper from Canada?Why not let let us buy from Canada or any country that is cheaper.

Bryan Greenwood

Most new drugs have the same efficacy as older versions. Just they are more profitable. Big pharma is all about big profits, they don’t care about your ailments or ability to pay. Research will not suffer at all by reducing costs in big pharma or ANY healthcare related industry. We have all seen the greed recently in big pharma. REDUCE PHARMACEUTICAL COSTS NOW! They should be reduced by 2/3 at least. The pharmaceuticals of the past work just fine, they just aren’t as profitable to big pharma. Case in point. Lidocaine used in reducing irritability of the heart is cheap. However a new drug recommended by a Doctor on the board of the American Heart association, is now used. It has the exact efficacy as Lidocaine. This same Doctor is also on the board of the pharmaceutical company that makes the new drug!

Laurie White

We don’t want the government to have control of anything else.


The markup on many prescriptions is 10,000 per cent. This is ludicrous and needs to be changed. Most store markup is 30% to 50% and that is plenty. Do you home work buddy, we the American Citizens are being SCREWED OVER by the Drug Companies. Time to Wakie, Wakie.
So my question is how much are you and/or your organization being PAID by the drug lobby. And you wonder why the more intelligence among us are buying from Canada??? DUH!!!
Blessings to you and yours.