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AMAC Opposes H.R. 3708 the Primary Care Enhancement Act

AMAC is on record as enthusiastic supporters of the direct primary care model as a novel way to lower health care costs.  H.R. 3708 will damage this cost effective, free-market practice model by restricting a direct primary care physician’s ability to dispense medications from their offices at a significant savings to patients. It also seeks to stifle choice and competition for patients by limiting the types of specialties allowed to enter into an HSA-eligible direct care agreement. The bill also restricts a patient’s ability to use their HSA account for their own health care. AMAC believes the direct primary care model should be expanded and not inhibited as it would be if H.R. 3708 becomes law.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy
United States House of Representatives
H-204 United States Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

CC: Minority Whip Steve Scalise, Chairwoman Liz Cheney, Chairman Gary Palmer

Dear Congressman McCarthy,

On behalf of the 2 million seniors and members of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), I write in opposition to H.R. 3708, the Primary Care Enhancement Act. This legislation disrupts a practice model proven to drive down health care costs while providing comprehensive care. It also limits a person’s ability to spend their own money for their health care.

One of the hallmarks of direct primary care (DPC) are the savings associated with physicians dispensing prescription medications from their offices that greatly benefit their patients. The cost of drugs is a noteworthy concern for AMAC members and seniors everywhere and H.R. 3708 restricts access to affordable medications for those DPC patients with Health Savings Accounts.

H.R. 3708 also caps monthly direct primary care fees. The DPC model is an innovative, free-market approach to health care. In addition to offering affordable care for patients, it offers price transparency and eliminates surprise medical bills, which supports two Congressional priorities for reforming health care. This unreasonable cap reduces patient choice by limiting the use of their own money they have saved to use for their health care in HSA accounts.

H.R.3708 also limits the types of specialties allowed to enter into an HSA-eligible direct care agreement. This is antithetical to the direct care model as it reduces patient options and curtails competition. If anything, HSAs should be expanded as they are in the recently released Republican Study Committee health care plan and not restricted as written in H.R. 3708.

AMAC is a passionate supporter of free-market solutions to reform health care. The direct primary care model represents an established, cost-effective health care solution that should be promoted and not inhibited by the price controls set forth in H.R. 3708. We respectfully ask that you offer no support for this bill and do what is necessary to prevent it from moving forward in the House of Representatives.


Bob Carlstrom
President, AMAC Action

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I would like to talk about Supplemental Medical Insurance to my Medicare . And Dental insurance