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AMAC: Obamacare’s ‘Domino Effect’ Has Broader Economic Impact

Hidden provision creates extra costs for consumers and small businesses

dan-featuredby John Grimaldi

WASHINGTON, DC, Feb 28 – Obamacare is having its own ‘Domino Effect’ creating a variety of unforeseen, extra costs for consumers—including pizza lovers—and new headaches for small business owners.

For example, the law requires restaurant chains such as Domino’s Pizza to list calorie counts on their in-store menus. The company says it will add thousands of dollars to the overheads of individually owned restaurants, which will be required to make up new menus every time the bill of fare changes.

“The provision, hidden till now in its 2,000 pages, is likely to have a negative effect in the long term on job creation, particularly among entry level workers. It is definitely an uncalled for burden in the short term on beleaguered small business owners,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Meanwhile, restaurants across the country are looking for ways to offset employee healthcare costs with some of them starting to impose Obamacare surcharges on consumers.

A group of restaurants in central Florida has begun imposing a one percent surcharge to customers’ checks, clearly labeling the extra cost as an Obamacare surcharge. The alternative, one of the chain’s general managers said, is to cut employee hours. “We just want to be transparent with that cost. We want everyone to know this is what it’s going towards. We’re not increasing costs just because. It is a fee that we’re paying,” he added.

On the west coast, in Los Angeles and San Francisco, a couple of upscale restaurants have added surcharges as high as three percent to customers’ bills to offset Obamacare’s higher healthcare costs. Restaurants and stores in other parts of the country are considering following suit.

“It’s bad enough that the law has created chaos among health care consumers and providers, causing many individuals to rethink their household budgets due to the unexpected higher costs of coverage. Until Obamacare’s implementation in the fall, we were all told that the Affordable Care Act would reduce insurance premiums by as much as $2,500 per household. But the truth emerged quickly when insurers began sending out notices that premiums would increase by as much as 300 percent under the new law,” AMAC chief Weber noted.

He pointed out that large employers and small employers alike were caught off guard when the law went into effect, announcing that they were cutting back on employee coverage or dropping coverage entirely due to the high costs of Obamacare plans. Some companies dropped coverage for spouses of employees, others dropped family plans and others imposed new surcharges.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue. Editors and reporters may contact John Grimaldi by phone at 917-846-8485 or via email at to set up a call.

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Deborah Friel

I can’t help but wonder if this is just the beginning… surcharges(taxes) from restaurants to a surcharge on fuel at a convenient store for us as the consumer to help pay for the insurance costs of the employees there, also??? Is that a flat out guess, or am I thinking ahead of their gamefilled agenda? Rising costs on food, clothing, etc., which are necessities. Are these also so-called surcharges, charged effectively in disquise for these socio-psychopathetics to become even more rich and powerful on our hard earned money? My quess? Yes. They are corruptively having us mind controlled in many ways. Through the news media, television and movies, that they, themselves, operatively and outright own. Then. also, through our health with food additives that are said to be ‘food enhancers’ discovered schemingly to toxify our body. Chemtrails that are purposely sprayed to disrupt our brain wave patterns by way of… Read more »


Run, Ben, Run!

Both parties are corrupt. We need someone without political party ties!

Stephen A Bilinski

The truly sad part of this debacle concerning the roll out of Obama care is it was all sold to the public based on lies and misinformation. Sold by, so called, honorable public servants and elected officials. This is so disheartening. I believe that 99 % of those who voted for this legislation had absolutely no idea of the full ramifications it would foster on our health care system. Now that its rearing its ugly head and all the BS is coming to light, now everyone is whining about it, including some strong supporters of this piece of garbage legislation. I say that the only way to fix it is complete repeal and start a total reformation of its intent without destroying the whole system. We also need to bring our Lying President to task over his actions and unconstitutional acts. We need reps in the house and senate that… Read more »

Ivan Berry

No way do I want another Bush, Rich. No way.

Rich W

After spending the last hour reading ALL my fellow americans statement’s and concern’s regarding the total failure of the Republican party to unite and stop the never ending bickering for power at the money pot. (our tax dollar’s) for their gain and awesome benefits they have bestowed upon themselves and, not thinking of the voter’s who put them there in the first place – I say enough !!! With our nation at the turnstile of printing and throwing money to all user’s of the system (thanks to Obama) for future voter’s at the poll for the Democrat’s. eg: since 2009 15% more disabled worker’s drawing, 25% more food stamp enrollments and with just a 4% employment increase, THAT IS RIDICULOUS AND MUST STOP !!!!!! Solution for God fearing hard working tax payer’s like ourselves – maybe !! For the Republican Party to beat Hillary in 2016 and put our country… Read more »

David K

I think that adding a surcharge to the bill is a great way to let people know what the ACA/ Obamacare is really going to start costing everyone. As this law continues to cost more and more this might be the only way for some people to finally wake up and start complaining to their lawmakers or maybe vote them out of office.


Look at who the Demorats want us to trust next ! Hillary “what difference does it make now” Clinton !!! Wow great to look forward to !!

Harold Smith

Well I guess Obama wants to destroy businesses, families and this country. He and the Democrats are doing a good job of it and it shows the American people that you can not trust the government. We must keep informed of what is going on in Washington and stop statements like good old Nancy said ( we must pass it so we can see whats in it ) and they passed a law without knowing whats in it? What more can I say about our so called leaders

Van Hamlin

I think this article is a bit of a reach! Most eating establishments fall into two classes; we serve booze or we don’t serve booze. The places serving alcohol probably have enough profit margin to afford healthcare for employees. Remember, many states reduce the minimum wage for servers because of income from tips, which is always underrepresented on the employee’s income tax return. Those places not selling alcohol, places like the Deli where you eat breakfast, is another story. Not much of a tip on the $5.00 breakfast special! There is not much margin of profit after the landlord and or Uncle Sam get through getting their portion of the profits. Obamacare will certainly have an impact on this type of business. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to tip 20% and pay a 20% Socialist health care surcharge to the little old lady that brings you that morning coffee! Your bill… Read more »


Well, no more tipping!!!!! It’s about time, I am tired of people who have a job and think they should be tipped 15 to 20% just because they are their do their job. And I will not buy a pizza from any place that starts adding on a % to the bill because of Obamacare. We have enough of are own costs because of Obama. He took 716 billion from our medicare so he can just deny us our health care coverage. Well let’s face it, we die, no more payout to our social security, medicare, disability and food stamps to us old useless people. Oh my friends it is just starting and we can thank all of you who voted for him…….not only once……. but how dumb can you be to vote for him twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Obamacare reminds me of the time my grandson came over and pushed all the buttons on my TV remote control. When he got hold of the remote I thought, “What damage could he possibly do?” The TV has been out of control ever since.


Dingbat Pelosi said they would have to pass it to see what’s in it – and we are STILL finding out !!!
I hope this coming November will see a shortage of moving vans in the Washington area when all Democrats and RINO Republicans up for reelection get shown the door.

William Melby

I Have come to expect Democrats to piu a spin on everything to make it sound better to the voters. Manipulation is how they get things done their way. I think the Obama care surcharge is probably what the writers and Obama expected all along. give out more entitlements and get the public to pay for it. I hope people look at that surcharge and consider it to be the method that the Obama administration had planned all along to redistribute some more of the makers wealth I operated restaurants for 20 years and the margin is just not there to finance a really good medical plan. A restaurant has so many employees and they are not permanent,
moving on constantly., other than a small core. So keeping up with insurance is a real problem.

Ivan Berry

Marx knew what he was doing to destroy the middle class, the bourgeoisie, in his ten planks of communism: the graduated income tax (we got that in 1913); monetise the debt through a central bank that controls all credit (also 1913 with the establishment of the FED; free education in public schools for all children (control and funding of which have been in effect and growing since the 20’s or so; and the best sure way to cementing power in the hands of government, take over all health care. It is coming to pass as we sit and wait. What the establishment Republicans and the Tea Party need do is to get some common goal in place. The one area that would make the most sense is the Independant Payments Advisory Board which is supposed to be beyond Congress to repeal before Jan. 2017 or after Feb. 2017–just on month.… Read more »


This is all well and good Mr. Grimaldi, but what seems apparent is that no one is looking at exactly who wrote that bill in the first place and when it was written. This would go far in figuring out why insurance rates went up over 80% when only 15% of the populations didn’t have any insurance at the time of passing. While that knowledge may only be circumstantial it would at least lead in the direction where it is obvious that cronyism had run amok, and convince the general public to JUST SAY NO ! I also believe that ObamaCare was written years before it was introduced to congress by the lawyers in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. A bill that is over 2000 pages cannot be written overnight and takes hundreds of hours for research and editing. This bill took careful consideration on just how those two industries… Read more »

Steve West

this current administration the Obama administration and its policies are killing me . I have been unable to sleep for months at a wack I really need a chance to breathe it is much more than just discomforting it is quickly becoming fatal God please intervene soon !!!..

Steve West

this government this Obama administration and their policies is making me so sick I can no longer sleep for months at a whack .I need a chance to breathe theyre killing me and it’s much more than just discomforting it’s becoming fatal and I know its just gonna get worse , please God intervene soon !!..


How about just charging the people that voted for Obama that upcharge but make it enough to cover the rest of us!

duane jensen

We need everyone to pray for our country each and every day…..We realy need the Lord’s help[ in November…

Michael Rae

The ACA (alias Obamacare) is not about health care. It is a ruse to get control. Ronald Reagan warned about this method of obtaining control of the people. It’s even easier when you have an illiterate voting public who is more interested in who’s on Dancing With the Losers tonight on TV than they are about important things in their lives. It’s still the same numbers, basically, that won’t have health care. Even if they get it, they can’t afford the premiums or deductibles.

We watch the shell with the ACA under it while the IRS is granted more control of us. Doubt it? Try not playing the ACA game when it really gets going. The IRS will be into your most intimate details like white on rice.