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AMAC: Obamacare ‘Victory Lap’ on April Fool’s Day Was Premature

There are numerous issues that will continue to have a negative impact on the success of the law

WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 4 – “Was President Obama making an April Fool’s joke on Tuesday when he touted the alleged success of Obamacare,” asked Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Weber said the law has been “exposed over the past six months as one of the most flawed pieces of legislation ever enacted.  It was intended to provide health care insurance for the uninsured and half a year later there are more people without health insurance than ever before.  Meanwhile, the lives of just about every American have been disrupted.  Their original policies have been canceled to be replaced by new plans offered on the Obamacare exchanges with higher deductibles and premiums.  Many of us have lost access to our physicians and hospitals.  Finally, the law directly and indirectly targets the elderly, making it harder for them to get in-home care and life-preserving drugs.”

The AMAC chief noted that the president, himself, has implicitly acknowledged the “folly of the so-called Affordable Care Act by using his Executive Powers to make dozens of last minute changes in the law.  Meanwhile, his liberal minions in Congress are disassociating themselves from the president and Obamacare lest their constituents turn on them in November.”

It should be noted that Congressional Republicans have consistently been under fire from liberal supporters of Obamacare for their criticism of the law.  “Yet the president has adamantly refused to sit down with them for a serious and open-minded discussion of the weaknesses in the legislation.  This has made it almost impossible to fix the law, for the time being and without a major, bi-partisan solution it is possible that Obamacare will crumble under its own weight.”

Weber pointed out that there are numerous issues that will continue to have a negative impact on the success of the Affordable Care Act.  He cites the contraceptive/abortion mandate, which is under review by the Supreme Court, and the anticipated spikes in premiums, even for those eligible for subsidies, as stumbling blocks.

“Ultimately, the joke may be on the president and his ill-conceived band aid that he pridefully calls Obamacare,” Weber concluded.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors and reporters may contact John Grimaldi by phone at 917-846-8485 or via email at to set up a call.


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Debra Miller aka TROLL: Obama has shown by his UNPRESIDENTIAL actions that he does NOT represent ALL the people. He represents a select few and all of us know who those select few are. One thing about Bush is he had class which Obama does not.


Somewhere in the comnstitution it is required that any bill presented must be read in full three times both in Congress and the Senate before it can be voted on. The ACA was never even read once in either house. Therefore all who voted either for or against it were breaking the constitution and should be charged with treason. . Also since it was not read three times in it’s entirity the vote was illegal. Therefore we The People have a constitutional right to declare it null and void.

Lawrence D.

The Democrats claim that Obamacare is too far along in its implementation to undo, and that trying to reverse it would cause major turmoil and upheaval. Well ….. implementing it to begin with has already caused major turmoil and upheaval. Repealing and unwinding the whole thing may be painful, but the country will benefit in the long run. We cannot allow the Kenyan imposter and his Democrat sycophants to saddle the country with a set of rules and mandates telling Americans what they can and cannot do regarding their own personal health care. Obamacare’s control over the American people is a form of Communism … pure insanity!!!


The point of the matter is how quickly the pointing out of lack of supporting fact or evidence and the rush to claim a non existent goal, it was a delusional and compulsive quirk exhibited by this no transparent illegal administration lead by the WH Faker, who at best is a maybe in the category of truth…….trust but verify…

The best scenario for all concerned, is to repeal a illegal tax law and unaffordable HC act created by the left for consolidating power and control over American lives and property……..

Kevin Seitz

Did Osama bin Obama make an April Fool’s joke? Nah. He’s not intelligent enough to think up something like that. What happened is that he’s told the same lies so many times that he actually believes his own lies these days.

Van Hamlin

everybody needs to start supporting local candidates for the house and Senate. DO NOT give money to either the Republican or the Democrat national committees. Elect a snail before you send a corrupt Progressive back to their job of selling us out. Obamacare is here to stay as long as the Progressives are running government.

Charles Williams

How successful can it be when in a nation of 312 million people only 7 million registered. That’s only about 2 percent of the populace. And “registration” is a more correct name for what is going on. One signs up for little league, but in the case of this Government Edict you betcher booty it is registration.


All it takes for hismajesty to get the cooperation of the oppositionleadership is to show them their FBI files.
Is there any other reason why Boehner, McConnell & their underlings have caved?

I doubt it!

Ron Miller

Let us remember to lay blame where blame is due, and not forget the justice Roberts and the Supreme Court ruling that allowed “Obummer Care” to come in to existence in the first place. The court’s activism is playing a huge part in undermining the Constitution that was written to protect has from unlawful administrations such as the one which is currently leading us to destruction. The supreme court is no longer a protector of the people , but and extension of political pandering …

ben gremminger

according too the media, the people who voted for the nimrod in the white house is, still (some) LOVING him. the year 2017 some will say he did a good job. 90 % will have nothing to do with it. ( in the w.h.) they will lie ,say what? who-dat.? like the 90%-basketball loony’s.

P. court

Hang on ,the best is yet to come .As the freebies continue the borders will swell with future voters .The college grad’s will bail and leave it to the elderly to pay the bill. This ship it sinking fast !! We may have one last chance in November. Then watch for the rat’s in DC looking for high ground.


Joseph was right. These long comments are just restating the obvious, are tedious, and I don’t have the time it takes to read them.
There is NO opposition party, so wake up and stop expecting the Republicans to save us. All they’ve done through all this is cower in a corner as this imposter dismantled the Constitution, and our Speaker colluded with them. Now these geldings want you to up their pay.

Lawrence D.

I pray that we get a patriotic American, i.e. a Republican, in the WH in January 2017, and a Republican majority in the Senate. At that point the Republicans we can begin erasing the painful memories of this 8-year Obama national nightmare. The new president’s first act should be to issue an Executive Order temporarily waiving every mandate, requirement and new tax in Obamacare until they can get the “glitches” fixed. Obama established the precedent of unilaterally changing Obamacare, so the Republicans can do it too. That will stop the insanity and give the Republican majorities in Congress time to repeal Obamacare in its entirety, and replace it with something that is workable, understandable, fair, and non-punitive toward those of us who already had health care plans and doctors that we liked and wanted to keep. Finally, even if the Republicans don’t have a filibuster-proof 60 votes in the Senate,… Read more »


If the government really wanted to help the uninsured they should have just insured the uninsured instead of changing the whole damn system which affects us all thanks for nothing once again dems and liberals for costing us billions of dollars for nothing.


Obamacare victory? … Oh yeah, and the President forgot to mention that the “Chicago Cubs will win the pennant” … “Hope and Change” has become “Hope for Change” … as in the next Presidential election!

Let’s elect Dr. Ben Carson for President !!!


Yet when I came to you all for insurance (I have NONE) your people sent my husband right to the Obama website to sign up and then back to my state to see if they would pay first. I still have NO insurance and BTW the state’s health system denied me. I chose you over AARP and was rather surprised at this.


The present government is rife with worthless people. Even now we have overpaid representatives saying they need a pay raise. We (those that actually read and listen to multiple sources of news) have lists of trash that the politicians and their henchmen are pulling on America. I suggest that each American research how their politicians voted over the last few years (it isn’t that hard) and if they disagreed with any of the votes make the next vote cut them out of office. If on the other hand they have a voting record that is really great and supports our Constitution and Country support them and vote to keep them. It doesn’t seem that hard to figure out. We have a worthless potus and his litter that I have voted against twice and the uninformed people or the crooked voting system have put back in. We need to change this.… Read more »


The government is in the insurance business, even before Obamacare. Should they be? Is this all from the “general Welfare” clause of the Constitution? I have given-up hope for the great experiment of Liberty.


Please SHORTER comments. I (and many others) just skip over l-o-n-g contributions no matter how brilliant. We are constrained by time and eye limits. Please; just make your point. Thank you.

Chet Hiatt

Appropriate day for inappropriate celebration!