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AMAC: Obamacare Medicaid Expansion Deathtrap Exposed

medicaid obamacare affordableIt’s time we try an out-of-the-box solution to help those in need

WASHINGTON, DC – “The Affordable Care Act has proven itself deficient on many levels since the Democrats in Congress enacted it in 2010, without a single Republican vote to be found.  But, Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion component is one of the most egregious examples of its failure,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

There’s growing evidence that many Medicaid patients throughout the country are dying as they wait for care as a result of the expansion, which created a new   category of patients—able-bodied adults, as young as 19 years of age, with incomes below 138 percent of the federal poverty level.  This, despite the fact that Medicaid was designed to serve the needs of the most helpless citizens including seniors and the disabled.

“A new study by the Foundation for Government Accountability may have exaggerated the numbers.  They say that nearly 22,000 patients have died in states that bought into the expansion scheme as a result of what some are calling the Medicaid Expansion Deathtrap.  Whether the number is inflated is not the issue.  There’s sufficient cause for concern that needy patients are dying as data collected by the Illinois Department of Human Services shows,” says Weber.

The data reveals that 752 Illinoisans on the state’s Medicaid waiting list have died waiting for needed care since expansion was adopted in that state.  And, the addition of able-bodied patients appears to have overloaded the system.  More than 650,000 of them have already signed up, twice as many as expected.  And, the enrollment pace remains steady.

“It’s a prime example of what is wrong with taking a ‘government knows best’ attitude toward healthcare.”

Currently, 18 states have opted not to participate in the Medicaid Expansion scheme because, as some healthcare experts say, it has been shown to have a detrimental impact on their budgets.  And, they say, it can also put a strain on the resources available to them.

Weber says “there’s little doubt that Medicaid on its own is not a viable means of providing for the most needy of our citizens when it comes to healthcare.  It’s time we try an out-of-the-box solution to help those in need.  AMAC has shown that by providing tax breaks to medical professionals who treat the poor for free it would result in millions of the poorest among us having direct access to health services when they need it.  We conducted a survey of several hundred doctors and 85% said that they are ready and willing to participate in such a plan.  If most family physicians took 20 patients, seven million needy people would be covered without the government getting involved in the decision-making process.”

The AMAC chief says the advocacy organization has been lobbying Congress to pass legislation making such tax breaks for medical professionals the law.  And, Weber is optimistic that it will happen, noting that he expects such a Pro Bono healthcare tax bill will be introduced in Congress this year.


The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] [http://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at http://amac.us/join-amac.

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We had county health clinics when I was young. States receive Medicaid funding from the fed gov’t so this could be an option. Stop treating illegal aliens would significantly cut the cost of Medicaid. If they are here legally to work in the agricultural industry then maybe include them during the time they are here, able bodied & able to work. End the anchor baby program also!!


BHOcare is not only a death trap for the poor but fallible and meager care for everyone. As a RN for 35 years I can assure the lay public you will receive a watered down thrown together care by physicians in diagnostic and treatment situations with serious and sometimes lacking or incorrect intervention. Medicare is better but no exception. They don’t check drug interactions, they don’t check care across specialists, they don’t have time nor interest. Of course this isn’t true for all cases but you must be your own medical advocate, researcher and pharmacist as you age. I have been taking care of my 84 year old mother now for 3 years and it’s amazing how much I have to protect her as well as myself and correct errors. It’s scary and we need to abolish this horrible care and reinstate competitive personal medical care as of yesteryear where… Read more »


Way back when Obama and the Harry Reid-led Democrat Congress began foisting the ACA upon us, I was still a practicing physician. The entire premise puzzled me. If the idea was to extend health care to the uninsured or those who couldn’t afford it, my solution was simple. Just make “pro bono” health care tax deductible to physicians offering it. (If Congress and the IRS couldn’t do that, at least come up with some sort of reward in alleviating the burdens of regulation upon the practitioner.) At that point, every doctor I knew was a professional who loved nothing more than providing care; that’s why so many volunteered at free clinics or engaged in medical charitable missions. Providing care in this manner wouldn’t have cost billions (Do I dare switch that “b” into a “tr”?) of dollars, nor would it have ripped the heart out of the spirit of doctors… Read more »


Geez, what a surprise! … Obamacare a disaster, who’d a thunk? … Then again, anytime the government, local, state or federal gets involved, the taxpayer comes out the loser! 20 years ago, I discovered that the medical community was in bed with the pharmaceutical industry and very quickly educated myself into natural health alternatives. Instead of chemical drugs to control my high Uric acid which caused my kidney stones, I used a tart cherry supplement which gave me an additional benefit, no more arthritic pain in my knees or cramping in my fingers. I’ve been using vitamin and herbal supplements ever since and am much healthier than any of my senior friends on medications. Now i’ve discovered Electro Magnetic Therapy and wow! I now expect to live much more healthier than people 20 years younger! There’s a reason Americans use 80% more drugs than the 30 largest counties combined and… Read more »


Obama TOLD US in his inaugural speech that he was going to Fundamentally CHANGE this country & he sure has. We just didn’t understand how bad it would be & we have yet to find all the hidden changes he made. He was the worst this that could happen to this country & WE allowed it.
Poor Mr. Trump is trying to get rid of all this evil & is being fought every step of the way.

Tom kaye

I can speak from direct provider experience as a pharmacist that operated managed care orginazations to provide RX benefits to receipants. Operational Dynamics of care delivery is controlled by CMS ( the government agency that also operates Medicare), under contract the states are paid to provide Medicaid services. The states pay a small portion of the costs if they obey the agreement and terms of services. Too often, the rule of unintended consequences develops causing payments and services to be made inappropriately. The states who used provide direct services , now because of payment sharing from the government and regulations which the states had no ability to provide. Fraud is and has been an issue for a very long time. A large amount of opoid abuse is from this program as the free flowing pain killers are easy available from marginal doctors. The substance abuse and reduction programs with the… Read more »


Any time the government gets involved in out health care they should have to be on the same thing as their constinuent’s.


I have read the whole book on Obamacare and I don’t think anyone who voted to pass this ridiculous piece of garbage read it. I think that since those who opposed doing away with it should be on it and then see how long it takes for it to be repealed.

Dan W.

Maybe Congress should leap into action and fix this problem.

Oh, it’s an election year ? Never mind.

J. Fast

The solution is several-pronged. We need the tax breaks for physicians who treat the poor for free (essentially doing that now with the poor reimbursement), we need to deport the illegals who clog our emergency rooms and urgent care centers with most getting free care there, we need to build the wall and TRULY ENFORCE our borders and the immigration system, and we need to elect fiscally and morally responsible individuals to go to our state legislatures and Washington so that we can have sanity in governance once again. Finally, we ALL need to get ready to do a little belt-tightening as these measures will cause some short-term discomfort. It is going to take money to build the wall, money to help rebuild the military, and some LESS moneys going to the fat cats in Washington and the power centers around the country (read hospital administrators, insurance companies, and lobbyists… Read more »

Ed Secor

OBAMACARE IS KILLING AMERICANS The biggest curse from Barack Hussein is Obamacare–it is killing us. Life expectancy in the USA had been rising dramatically every year. Since 1970 it had risen by 8.13 years until 2015, an average of nearly 0.2 years every year. It slowed to about 0.1 year every year during the early Obama years (In 2010 it was 78.54; in 2011 it was 78.64; in 2012 it was 78.74; in 2013 it was 78.84; and in 2014 it was 78.94). It was expected to rise to 79.04 in 2015. But in 2015 it unexpectedly dropped all the way back to 78.8. Not just a slowdown, but a reversal, a huge loss of 0.24 years from the anticipated rise to 79.04. (note: life expectancy for the entire world continued to increase, by 0.3 years in 2015.) In the US, this meant that over 86,000 Americans died in 2015… Read more »

Karen Lawrence

The unknown drain on the Medicaid system, which I saw while employed by the county social services agency deterimining eligibility, is the elder adults coming in through chain migration, sponsored by their wealthy corporate and professional children. The caseload of the elderly in my county grew significantly since the 80’s, and now well over half are legal resident aliens, many living with their adult children in the most upscale parts of the county. They mostly profess to own nothing and have no income. Many still are able to leave the USA and return to their country of origin, mostly China and India, for extended periods of time without letting the county know. There is evidence the coverage has still been used while the elder is out of the country, filling prescriptions. We have no way of verifying their statements about income and resources, but we suspect they either transferred all… Read more »


My health premiums alone are almost a third of my take home retirement income so why don’t we try something that will work. Medical facilities hate insurance because they get their billing rate cut almost in half or more. If you don’t have insurance they bill you the full rate. Why not eliminate the insurance and charge patients what they pay the insurance company. Medical and insurance billing is a scam and we don’t seem to know why except that we are just getting screwed. No real business runs this way. If I am wrong tell me why and what you would suggest! Something is seriously wrong with our system.


My adult son does not make enough to pay for health insurance and in NC he is not eligible for Medicaid because he is single and has no children. So how do these single adults get medical care other than through an ER?

Donna Medevsky

Excellent Pro Bono plan!!

Dolores Aams

Thanks to obama care.


Can we now charge obama and his minions with murder?


In the event of a radical left, big gov control over the population thru healthcare (the instalment of obumercare) all liberals have front-of-the-line privileges while conservatives go to the back of the line. It’s a case of classical conditioning that is entirely possible as so much personal information has been collected on individuals and everyone is properly typed into respective categories for processing.

Maria Rose

The power to service patients stands s with the practitioners, not the insurance companies who force the doctors to have a certain level of patients on a designated program to get approval for funding rather than allow proper diagnosis individually for patient’s needs.


Increased waiting times was predicted by the expansion’s critiques. It results from throwing more clients into a service that had few service providers to begin with.